Do you prefer yuri stuff to be full blown romance or do you prefer yuri bait without any real romantic developement?

Do you prefer yuri stuff to be full blown romance or do you prefer yuri bait without any real romantic developement?

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sfw yuri is best yuri

I'd prefer disgusting yurishit didn't exist. Such a waste of perfectly fine wombs.

I prefer when yuri questions are kept to their own board which exists for a reason

I like disgusting yurishit e.g. girls drinking each others piss, giving each other rimjobs, cunnilingus etc. the more perverse the better.

user, they are not real. They don't exist.

i think i need to reread this


Yuri bait, romance leads to drama.

I only prefer yuri as prelude to FFM threesome.

whatever just give me the precious yuri juice


What about slice of life yuri stuff with 2 loving dykes?

Full blown romance with lewd of course.

It's okay to be gay user.

i prefer anime without any romance. just friendship

I love that, yeah.

I prefer the yuri with girls getting turned straight with dicks. Yuri is pure degeneracy

So delusional dj drawn by butthurt waifufag.


Such a nice manga.

>So delusional dj drawn by butthurt waifufag.
>butthurt waifufag
Are these just mashed together buzzwords? Or are you trying to say something?

>wanting to see women perform their natural role and give birth to children is somehow gay

Full blown romance for me, but real romance, not this kind of shit you only see in tv and movies instead just two people going out

Just saying how it is.

Full blown romance, people who like being baited are cucks.


Did she ever get the romance she deserved?

Pretty much. I also hate vague shit.

In my headcanon, she got over her fear of boys and got fucked hard by Maria.

I'm still waiting for a season 2 of pic related.

Both are fine
Like all things in life, yuri is at its best when there's a loli involved


Full blown in your face Yuri
Citrus is the thesis of yuri
Hibike Eupho is the anti-thesis of yuri

How is this thread on Cred Forums?
Move it to


The girls in citrus are god awful though.

Why did Citrus get a full cour but the superior yuri manga can only get a single ova?

Do you think fat heterosexual characters belong to /u/?

Love can't exist between men and women
Yuri is supreme

Yagakimi is better than citrus.
I like both

>those thicc thighs
Mamma mia!


If you two were girls I'd ship you

Why aren't all franxx threads banned and moved to /m/?

Because It's not mecha.

KYS tripfag. May you forever be filled with a sense of longing on discontent.

And then by your logic how would a romance anime/manga with yuri in focus not be allowed on Cred Forums?

I prefer yuri when it starts casually with three friends talking, then two of them ask the one with glasses why does she wear pretty lingerie despite her age, and it turns out her aunt is a full blown rapist that can't keep her hands off her, but the girl ends up liking it and her relative starts giving her undergarments during their escapades, which she loves to wear.
Turns out the doujin is a prequel/gaiden to another in which the three of them "assault" their teacher, if I'm not wrong. Not as good as the one above, though.

Are you retarded? That's the point you imbecile.

As long as it's sfw and not just spamming pics I don't see why it can only be there. Going by your logic all anime with straight romance belongs on /h/ and shouldn't be discussed here.


>on /h/

I think you meant /y/

I like obvious het stuff that /u/ cries about when the het stuff happens.

Yuri is only good for creating girls that make even better hetero porn. Lesbians getting dicked is the most satisfying fetish.

delete this


I think both are fine in their own way and I can enjoy them both. What I really dislike is this stupid meme that everything made by Kirara is yuri just because they tend to have really vapid yuribait in them sometimes. I can enjoy shows that yuribait too, but don't call them yuri.

This user gets it.

Makes me wonder if fujos have an equally delusional and pathetic fetish with straight guys getting dicked until they are gay.

They do.

Have you never heard about forced-feminisation? You don't have to be a fujoshi to understand the appeal of breaking an integral part of someone's character through dominance, user.

Neither, both are trash. I like my yuri whereby yuri doesn’t define the entire show. All they ever do is full blown yuri or yuribait. Absolute trash.

Well not surprising since it's the same delusional shit. Although I think fujos are just doing it for porn, while the other seems to be created out of butthurt.

Look, user, we get it. You're boring, that's fine, but sexual fantasies are sexual fantasies, not delusions. I'm sure someone like you's fantasised before about getting a girl way out of your league, no?

Found the butthurt /u/fag.

i have never seen a yuri anime but masturbate on yuri pictures

Not being delusional doesn't mean boring, it just means someone is not retarded. Also if you are talking about dreaming about getting someone who isn't into the same gender, then no. I automatically lose interest, because it's a waste of time.


Found the butthurt hetfag/fujoshit.

Romance. No lewdness required, just people being upfront about their feelings.

Because fantasizing about things is the same as genuinely thinking you can do them? You're getting your definitions fumbled, user. Fantasizing is just that: fantasizing, people do it for kinky shit that they don't actually have any plans to actually act upon. That's why power-fantasies are a thing.

Nigger I like yuri, het and yaoi. I'm just not obsessed like you /u/fags are to get upset over seeing a yuri-girl getting impregnated.

I want yuri to be raped by based negros with massive phallus. I will pay money to commission such an adventure.

I will support you in this endeavour, user.


I've enjoyed some romance and relationships, but nowadays I want my yuri to be hardcore. I don't care if it's consensual or not, I want to see some ladies reduced to quivering masses of flesh and bodily fluids.

>itt /y/ and /u/ screech at each other
This is why everyone dislikes you.

>linking to nsfw board

Well your first sentence also already explains your delusional fetish.

What fetishes do you have, user? Is your favourite position missionary?

based angelise-sama


>Is your favourite position missionary?
He can fuck off to /d/ if that is the case.

Well at least you're not entirely boring, what is it then? Or do you not fantasize about lewd things at all?

Muh holding hands was ok at first, but now it's boring. I don't need anything hardcore, but it needs to be lewd.

full romance/love with some lewd anyone mind making a quick list to watch with this?

NTR Yuri best yuri

As long there is age gap included I don't care.

Now add bulges to OP pic

forgot to say something cute/happy that sad thread from yesterday got me

Age gap and height difference. Sometimes a great dynamic is good enough as well.

depends wether I want to please my dick or my heart.
In case of my dick I'd go with yuri bait and masturbate,
in case of pleasing my heart I'd read straght vanilla doujin involving impregnation

>Mentioning straight vanilla in a yuri thread
Fuck off? Yuri girls aren't made for those sorts of things.

Is it bad I get a bit upset seeing straight porn of yuri characters? Just seems homophobic to me.

>Do you prefer yuri

>in case of pleasing my heart
Go back to /d/ you fucking freak.

>he calls this degenerate
You people have issues. Seek help. And meditate.

But user. Through dick, unity. Why do you deny this?

reaction picture scum must leave

Suck on this, user.

don't reply to me, fucking whore

Smug faces are the most embarrassing, because it's pathetic if you need to back up your arguments with them.

I'm going to bully this user!
How about something cuter instead?


>people on an imageboard shouldn't use images
What are you both talking about?

>do you prefer yuri or the lack of yuri
Well gee user, I don't know.

>Through dick, unity
That is literally the most cringey meme Cred Forums has ever come up with. Prove me wrong.

>Read that just now
>That apex level vanilla


The truth isn't a cringy meme, user. You can't beat the cock.

Actually I just find smug faces embarrassing during arguments, for the reason I mentioned in my previous post.

That sounds pretty gay.

That depends on the writer, you can have romance without heavy drama.

Oh yeah? How about this, you can beat my cock any time, user.

The smug isn't used to back up an argument though. It's to point out the other persons lack of one.

>it's a "yurifag tell people are gay because they read/watch hetero porn" episode
Can we get some new scripts for the next season here?

Doesn't mean the one posting them actually have a good argument. Usually the ones posting them sound kind of retarded actually.

Kind of hard to sound more retarded than you, user.

At least we all agree yuri dorks are the worst, right?

Full blown yuri of course.

>want to become little girl
>if everyone become little girl there won't be any dick
>just yuri
It was always the end game user, it's like communism is just transition state to dictatorship, you promise carrot to people then hit them with the stick after you're done.

I want to impregnate Hibike.

If you posted good arguments you wouldn't get smuged so much user.

I rarely get smugged but in the rare occasion it happenes their arguments are retarded. Also, seems like I have upset two smug faces posters now.

But only one of us posted a smug face? I don't think you are as good at arguments as you think you are.

Cross Ange S2 when?

What do you mean there's two smug face posters? Do you have double-vision, user?

I prefer yuri to be mff.

I see you are user of taste, also!

>two girls making out over the head of a guy's dick

Good enough I don't feel the need to post smug faces to back up my arguments.

That's bi shit and not yuri anymore.

Silly user, you've just been told that smug faces aren't meant to back up arguments, but to point out the lack of yours.

Neither am I so where are you getting the multiple smug posters from? Or are you one of those who makes things up to win arguments cause that is just as bad to be honest.

Light,but emphasized, Yuri for normal anime, heavily >implied sexual for manga
Straight up sex for OVAs or mini series’s

Just because someone is posting them doesn't mean he actually does have a good argument though. Going by your dumb logic someone automatically has a good argument just by posting them.

I'm not even trying to make an argument at this point, I've already masturbated to this thread so I'm just seeing what straws you're gonna keep pulling on.

>two girls
Retarded bifag

I meant mff, don't bully me!

Anime fucking when?

I was talking in general, not just right now. Seems like you really are retarded.

Why are you so upset by pictures of smug gook girls on a taiwanese paper-drawing board, user?

Is being bi a bad thing here on Cred Forums?

>Do you prefer yuri stuff

The only people who're upset at bisexuals are closet bisexuals.

I prefer hardcore Yuri porn with lots of perverted scenarios and final enemy, huge cock fucking both of them

A lot of people want it to be pure yuri. Kind of like some hets or homos don't want to date bi people.

I am not a yurifag but if you go down that route why not go all the way? Half assed things are the worst and make neither fanbase happy.

Yuri is the genuine choice and the best choice


>wanting to see men perform their natural role and fuck girls is somehow not gay.

there's nothing women impregnating other women

did you know there's actual history women did declared she was the father of that child

Uh really?

Why is there so much yuri bashing recently?
I remember old Cred Forums being very pro-yuri.
Is it fags?
Because for some reason anime is a fag/tranny attractor, and I know this board is full of actual fags.

Nah, autistic yurifags ruin everything, just look at Madoka and Love Live threads, its all just shipping cancer and shitposts.

There's no plot left for a S2

Just sneak to your mom's bedroom and jack off you faggot.

Yes, anime characters are literally made to be shipped. Do you expect anything better/different?

Name please?

Anime characters are literally made to be sexualised and lusted after.

I would literally prefer to have the "My wife Chino is so cute posters" in every thread rather than autistic yurifags. Makes me so fucking happy gochiusa threads have no shipping.

Oh and on that note, My wife Sharo is so cute.

Chiya please

Lewd. I-is that Homu and Meduka?

>sexualised and lusted after
Degenerates fuck off.

>My wife Chino is so cute posters
These are the types of people that will die alone.

>These are the types of people that will die alone.

So the typical user base of Cred Forums. Sounds like you don't belong here.

Who in his right mind prefer to get baited? What a fucking retarded question

It's been like this since around 2011/12. Did you just leave prison since then or what?
I miss old Cred Forums bro. I'm pretty sure it's tumblr.

How to spot a newfag in 2 posts.

>How to spot a retard in a single post

My ideal Yuri show would be two girls who like each other spilling spaghetti with yuribait moments along the way until one of them eventually confesses. They start dating and the show transitions into a genuine romance that continues for some time. None of that ending with confession or "by the way everyone's actually a dyke too". Just two lesbos finding each other and falling in love.

suwappu suwappu

You didn't have to use yourself as such a good example.

Shit am fucking retarded. I meant to quote instead.
I fucking love Swap Swap

/u/shit is just garbage in any form. either you have "subtext" where the characters are just friends but delusional /u/shitters insist they're carpetmuching off screen, or the awful trope with a wimpy girl who probably isn't even a lesbo getting seduced by a "prince" dyke that still probably doesn't go beyond tepid foreplay at most. if you're going to put lesbians in anime I want it to be the voyeuristic porny kind.

I love comfy shit

Who needs unity faggot?

Reee, niggers get out.

Maybe, but he's right.

>There's no plot left for a S2

Fukuda there's strong interest for S2 and Cross Ange has been SRW for two years straight. I do expect new toys and merchandise for more Cross Ange this year. Whatever the plot it brings will show open worldbuilding and new challenges up ahead against Ange.

I like yuri as a flavoring to something else. Like a fantasy adventure or sci-fi story that just happens to star a raging lesbian.

What's the point? Poor Hilda lost to fucking Tusk. I don't even know why. She didn't deserve it. Ever since Claymore the 'Raki' character has always just pissed me off.

>yuri stuff to be full blown romance

hate this because its so fake it hurts

>Ever since Claymore the 'Raki' character has always just pissed me off.
Raki was truly shit. At least he had nothing to do with best girl Galatea.

It kind of makes me mad too... does that make us both pussies? Do people get upset when they see hetero characters in fag or dyke pairings?

>Do people get upset when they see hetero characters in fag or dyke pairings?
Yes, they do.

>guy is just tied up and forced to watch
>alpha dyke fingerblasts his girlfriend until she can't think of anyone else
It's bretty good.

Reminds me of a real story from /fit/

Cafe Ange slice of life

Hilda is part of Ange's harem. Ange's love is big!

Yeah. Raki got 'slightly' better later on but by that point the damage was irreversible. I wish Claire had just found a young girl like Theresa had found her.

Yeah. I use to have that whole thing saved but I lost it a while back. Fucking dude was a dumbass using advice from any board on Cred Forums about something like that.

Ange didn't get a harem end though. I'd have been okay with that, so long as they all got equal rights to Ange. But she ended up running that damned coffee shop with Tusk.

Tusk is working as cashier while Ange is busy fucking Hilda silly.

... I see. So Hilda is the BULL? That makes it even better. Tusk is literally such a sissy, a woman makes a better man than he does.

>hate this because its so fake it hurts
>it's a phase, being gay is a phase

Stop you must had a gay relationship and it was halted due of family issues right?

Tusk is the male femdom for Ange. He knows his place in line.

She ended with "Mariya"'s "brother" for sure.

Why does yuri have to be either cute, comfy yuribait that goes nowhere, or dramatic and angsty romance that does deliver on the yuri?
I want a story that plays out like it's just fluffy yuribait, but then at the end everyone confesses.


No way, they're the cutest;

Yuri dorks are definitely the cutest, but they need a strong Alpha Dyke to keep them safe from the boys and other, more malevolent Dykes.

Imagine loving cocks this much.

I don't care about dicks at all because navels are best. Therefore, yuri is the far superior format, since both parties involved are cute girls.

Yuri is only good when one of the dykes is NTRed by a man.

>Such a waste of perfectly fine wombs.
Men are soon to be obsolete, women can finally impregnate women and with IPS technology.

>I don't care about dicks at all.
Are there any doujins with this concept? Dyke-dicking is so fucking rare its criminal.

are you fucking kidding?
of course there is

>literally swishing Tusk's cum around in Hilda's mouth
>people try to pretend it's yuri
Oh and
>cross ange
>fluffy yuri bait
Dude, what are you smoking? Dick?

Is that stupid smug reaction image supposed to mean "I don't believe you," or "I'm better than you for being sexually attracted to penises?"

It's rare because it's a shit tier fetish for lonely people who are upset that they can't self insert into a character for their waifu to fawn over.

Waste of quads, man.
Spoonfeed an user here, please, got any good ones?

More like insecure betas who can't handle the fact there are women who don't want them.

Bait is superior,

>being a guy
>being more attracted to a penis than girl navel
Seems like you might be gay my dude.

>pathetic self-insert NTRfag is also a filthy saucefag

>scientists making parthenogenesis into humanity real

The future is really female

Why do people over-generalise fetishes like this? Not every gay self-inserts as the male in those scenarios, all it comes down to is power-play and the taboo of breaking something that someone else considers to be an integral part of them.
I can't stick my dick in a navel dude.
Don't bully me you navel-sniffing whore.

>don't bully me
It's too late for that yo-you... fa-faggot!

I didn't come to this thread to be bullied. G-Go fucking kiss someone's belly button!

Loser! I bet you smell like a garbage bin!

Yuridiots doing cute things with close to no character development.

>autistic yurifags calling other people lonely, insecure and beta

I shower once a day thank you very much! I bet you only look half as cute as the pictures you post here, nerd!

What the fuck is this thread

Fags and dykes deserve the electric chair.

I prefer yuri to have one of the girls be a former boy!!

You're a demon!

Are you a thief? Because you stole my fucking heart! Give it back!

Give me full blown yuri, non of a that yuri bait bullshit

>guy gets turned into girl
>still likes girls
>gets the girl he originally liked because she was a lesbian too begin with

>Can't shower daily because circumcised penis dries out from soap

Make me, nerd.

>Circumcised penis dries out from soap
What fucking soap are you using? My dick's smooth as hell.

You leave me no choice. I'm going to have to steal YOUR heart now. Say your prayers, belly-sniffer!

How often you shower has very little to do with how you smell.
Your odder is defined mostly by what you eat.

I avoid meat, chocolate, fish, coffee and pretty much everything with capsaicin.
While I do eat a lot of fruits, berries, tea, water and fenugreek seeds. So I smell good no matter what.

I still shower pretty much every day, because I do martial arts, so I shower to get the sweat and grease off my skin.

Mine's red and scaly on the right side.

>a single ova
might as well end it all now i guess
its the one thing im looking forward to most this year

I prefer my romance to be heterosexual

When did this become a blogshit thread?

Just try it, oh 'evil' one.

You smell better if you eat a lot of fruits? Huh, guess I should do that.
Might sound weird but use women's shampoo, specifically ones that help smooth your skin after some time like L'oreal.
This thread's a rollercoaster

Alright- watch this. You're cute, user! Please be my cute girlfriend so we can nuzzle eachother's bellies!

that's gay, user

>the saucefag actually thinks he's ERPing with me now when it's really some other fag

Okay. (this is becoming really autistic though, even if it's fun. does that mean I'm autistic?)

I much prefer yuri romance. Also i just completed Hoshikawa Ginza I liked it until some of those last chapters, but I'll add that to the author being rushed to end the series. I still liked it. Any good recommendations for ongoing yuri manga

Does shampoo even clean your body?
Like, does it do away with germs and shit like soap does?
Dumb question I know but I'm a dumb person.

>Trying to save face when some other fag's pretending to be me too.
You do realise how disgusting navels actually are, right? Stick your pinkie in yours and tell me if it smells good, fucking degenerate.

thoughts on age gap?

You're right. (although I'm not a fag.)

I like Age Gap when it's a highschool girl 15-15 and a teacher in her mid 20s.

Thank you, wife. (Yes, it's very autistic. But fun, and better than whatever's being argued right now. Looks like we're both autists.)
It's... not exactly being translated steadily, but it's pretty good.

I think it does? I don't know, it makes me smell good and feel clean a fuck right after so it must be doing something right.
Not a fag, but you've got it.

Why would that mean anything when I'm not a girl?

i like it
chapter 7 when

Because girls' navels stink too you faggot. Fuck off we're all little girls here.

I like the kind of /u/ where both of them look like girls

Alright I'll look into but
>not exactly being translated steadily
Man isn't that case with yuri manga. I just wanted one besides citrus to read, it'd be nice to have a consistent manga to wait on and discuss. I'll add it to the list of manga to watch like Don't become an otaku Shinozaki.

You have good taste then, friend. Shiz/Nat is GOAT.

>Not getting addicted to sniffing smelly stinky things
I do what you said as a hobby. If I could sniff a girl's stinky smelly naval or her smooth little pits you bet I'd get hard enough to leak precum like a faucet.

>look like girls

*are girls

>girls' navels stink too
You are wrong, and that's all I'll say about that.

I like it usually.

Delicious, but I'm rather thinking about them being 20 and 30 years old.


name, she looks really familiar.

I like it when a dyke claims her pet from bullying.

Those two are from Akuma no Riddle.
This is a classic. I assume you've read it?

Akuma no Riddle.

New Mai Hime series when?

If Sunshine knew what would make them money, it would have already gotten a new one. We can still dream though friend.

It was Akuma no riddle, weird I don't remember I guy in it. So I assumed it was someone with similar hair. Then again I only watched the anime never read the manga.

Yeah. Shame that this was his only good yuri piece. His ryona is alright though.

There weren't, besides the teacher I think. Probably just some random friend or something. (although it seems like the setup for a bad ntr doujin.)

Have you read any White Angels have no Wings yet? It's a korean one, but it's really, really good.

>weird I don't remember I guy in it
The guy you see next to the girl is her gay father.

>He gets turned on from sniffing smelly things
What a fucking faggot. Same honestly.
Don't be in denial now boy, you know it's true.

... Right, that was a thing. Man, I need to rewatch it. I remember how fun the Cred Forums threads were for it.

>gay father
Don't exist.

The manga is much better. The anime cut a lot of good moments and focused more on action.



Also shhh, don't post those things, it makes sickos actually draw such scenarios.

Does anyone know of anything similar to White Angels have no Wings?

He adopted her when she was still a little child, after killing her abusive parents who were about to let her starve to death.

Thank you for the commission idea!

I believe it, the anime was haphazard and all over. Is it still ongoing, I'm not even sure if the anime had an ending or if it was to be continued ending.


That pocky is so close to her belly button jesus christ just put it in already.


I really really like that picture. It gives me esthetic pleasure beyond any words.

Why are yurifags such babies? There's nothing wrong with indulging in hetero porn for these girls.

I won't judge, but you have a let's say interesting, palate/taste when it comes to your sense of taste in eating.


>yuri bait
Like this?

It's a western thing, japs are ok with you wanting to fuck them, that's why dakimakuras and overly erotic official art of yuri girls exist.

Sorta, it would be if it wasn't so clear those two want MC. To me it's more like training for them to both be imoutos that marry/date MC. Which is ok I prefer chances of some sorta harem ends for harem manga at least. But I don't consider it yuri.

I see the 'gay for you' trope more often. Where the character only is in love with the one man - a lot of the times a pretty childhood friend or something..

The Japs got it right.

It's probably because yuri is more niche than the typical self insert het stuff that is spewed out every season. So us /u/fags have to cling to what we have, only for some people to draw them getting dicked. There's already so many girls for them to draw, why do they have to do it to our /u/girls?

That's not bait, it's threesome potential.


You're a moron, some yuri girls from yuri manga got the dick at some point, pretty much like real life lesbians.

Because they're far more desirable if they're lesbians?

Well Sunshine is flopping there's a possible chances for Mai Hime revival with spinoff even more ShizNat.

We are getting closer to that movie

Just look at the Cred Forums, its all just fapping cancer and shitposts.

why are the legs so long they dont look human

So? The point is we hardly ever get ACTUAL yuri shows, and even when we do there are tons of the inevitable faceless men gangbang art that overshadows the yuri art.

I just want a diverse ensemble cast of well developed characters(some can be less) interacting criss-cross(Not "muh designated pairs") and getting into wacky situations that sometimes leads to lewdings.
Pic sadly not related

Suck it up lad, guys are the ones who make up most of yuri show viewership and those guys are the ones who buy doujinshi involving those yuri girls, so of course the porn's going to appeal to them. I just wish there was less bald fat men fucking dykes and more studs doing the act. Makes it more believable at least.

I like overt yuri and het.
I hate yuribait and fujoshit.

More Mai-Hime stuff would be great at this point I'd even settle for more Mai-Otome stuff.


No shit, that's because they want the money from waifufag neckbeards who buy that shit. Well some dykes probably buy that shit as well.

>faceless men
This is the fault of the own shows where they avoid drawing guys and when they do, they're faceless. If anything the artists are true to the source.

I guess. Supply and Demand is a cruel mistress. On a side note, it's hard for me to see old, bald fatmen as anything other than hardcore rapists now.

>waifufag neckbeards
So the normal anime audience then.

I really like both, since I think the best kind of yuri is at the stage where they are evolving from friendship into romance. But the pushback against "yuri bait" has made me prefer more overt and established yuri romance just so the idiots would not show up in the threads.

Why draw faces for people unimportant to the plot of the show?

Likewise. I'm a degenerate through and through and I love hardcore shit, but fuck the huge amounts of bald/faceless/middle-aged guys in hentai doujins. Is it too much to ask for the guy to be attractive too? Just looks nicer.

Because Kyoani shows exist.

The manga is finished and the ending is far different from the anime. Well the anime ended way before the manga did and it was terrible.

Guys overly handsome are fujoshit material, not heterosexual porn material.

No the fucking ending is Maria and her sister/brother leav somewhere and she is left alone.

The drawing looks pretty ugly.

I'm not even asking for overtly handsome. Just make them less than an obese fuck. If I want to see a guy overpower a woman and fuck her brains out I at least expect him to look like he could actually physically do it.
Asanagi comes to mind for actually doing that pretty well with his guys honestly.

ok I'll add it to my reading list, I assume start from the beginning since the anime probably fucked up half the content.

Yeah, but fat, bald old men aren't nearly as likely to get as much sex in real life as they do in doujins. How bout a man who's at least moderately handsome, or rugged or some shit?

I am just being annoying. Most yuri the girls are too cutesy for me to be interested in so I tend to avoid it.

U have aids

The fat bald men are the worst.

To each their own. It's just got a typical manhua 'feel' to it for me. I think the art is okay-good for most of the story.

I've never had sex before or even an intimate relationship with another person so that's not possible.

Yeah I think I may be spoiled because the only manhua I have really read was Nobelesse and the art is really good in that one. I read some kind of Wizard of Oz one too, but I never finished it.

(also if we want to post manhua , do we do it here? Also what if you want to talk about Korean dramas? Cred Forums? )

Lol you got it from dirty toilet water

You're right. It's not aids, it's SUPER AIDS. Seriously though, your dick should not be scaly, and you should seek professional medical help.

Yep, they cut some interesting bonding between the girls, so I would start from the beginning. I can also recommend the official doujin drawn by the artist.

I don't mind yuri but after spending so long with annoying /u/fags it's fun to see hetero porn of their favourite girls.
Agreed. I get it's for self-insert purposes but most of the time it's just fucking hideous.

I'm pretty sure we can talk about manhua's here... maybe? And the dramas definitely can be posted on Cred Forums, I don't know how many replies you'll get though.

I'm not sure if scaly is the right word but it's so dry it's rough to the touch.
I've been trying Aveeno and it seems to help a little but not much.


>or do you prefer yuri bait without any real romantic developement?
What sick bastard actually seriously prefers this?

Still, it probably shouldn't be like that. Then again, I got jewed at birth so I wouldn't know whats normal for a uncut peepee.

>Cred Forums - yuri, penises, ERP and manhua

Maybe you have eczema / other skin issue on your peen?

No I said I was cut.
It was a tight cut too. The skin used to stretch and hurt whenever I got erect.
I did some stretching exercises and now erections don't hurt anymore and the skin actually glides while masturbating, but that's when the rash and dryness started.

I'd only ever accept a threesome if the girls love each other more than they love me and see me as nothing more than an object, which is not the case with harem anime

We have a chance Sunrise is looking to do more sequel with older shows that can bring huge impact and Mai Hime Pachinko has been very successful as of late. Still hope for a mobage games in the works.

Googled it, looks a lot like it yeah.

Just cut it off, user.

You're a good man, sacrificing yourself to make the girls love deepen.

I think I may have autism. but my autism is yuri related, I like it so much it's preety much the only thing that's interesting in my life

You must be boring as fuck then. Come, let's read doujins about dykes getting NTR'd together.

Do you want to be a girl? That might be part of why.

I'm not sure what kind of ointments you can use on that area. The stuff I use for the rest of my body is strong enough it can thin your skin and you can't use it on face or genitals.

Sounds autistic to me. Yuri is good though, so it should all be daijoubu.

Well yeah, I think girls should love girls and if guys (me) were to ever have sex it would be exclusively for sexual pleasure with no feelings involved or for the purpose of breeding


Nice, you gotta a link, yes I can cross fjords, so that works. Also is non ero, or is it ero? Since it's doujinshi it can go either way official artist drawn or not.

What's that? Sorry, I can't hear you, I'm busy compiling my favourite doujins!

No, I'm not a jealous fuck of the pure love beetween girls like you, which is something you'll never achieve

I don't want to be a girl

You remind me of the guy from Yuri Danshi. A man who loves yuri, but knows that if he were to be apart of it, he'd be the worst part.

Jealous? Why would I be jealous? Sex between dykes can't compare to a girl's love for the cock.

The doujin are called "Small Riddle of Evil". You should find them on dynasty, together with the official manga. Sadly they are not ero, but still nice to read. Also, nice to see you have good taste and like Isuke/Haruki. The artist lovingly calls their ship "team sexy".


Now, I'm sure dykes love poon as much as a straight woman loves dick.

I've been using Aveeno, it says, "For dry sensitive skin"

Yes you are jealous, if you weren't you wouldn't be wasting your time here and would be fapping to doujins without lesbians in them, but alas here you are trying to convince me you are not jealous of cute lesbians

The ones making up yuri viewership are girls

Maybe you should fap every two hours

Damn, sounds harsh. I have it on my hands and it's awful but eczema on the dick sounds like a fucking nightmare.

Can't beat the cock, user.
Why would I be jealous? I get off to the idea of tainting pure things, so lesbians are the perfect, vulnerable kinds of girls to fantasize about. If anything I admire dykes all the more to want to see them broken.
You don't count, user.

I feel the same about it as I feel about romance anime in general: I'd like it if there were more shows about two people in an actual relationship rather than entire seasons os shipteasing with not even a winner at the end.

>franxx poster
can't say it wasn't expected

they're both shit.

You just admitted you are jealous of their purity and want to taint it because you'll never be as pure as them, and that's terrible

I try to keep it to every 2 days but that just makes it worse. It only gets better temporarily when I go for a week without doing it. Even then when I start back up it gets worse instantly.

My cute daughter Hibiki and her girlfriend are so cute together.

Does it ever actually go somewhere?

I've beaten off to 02 numerous times, haven't even touched the show nor do I feel the need to though. Nice try.
But I don't want to be pure. There's a delicious satisfaction in seeing something so pure get defiled, and that's exactly what makes yuri girls the perfect victims.

I like sfw yuri teasing.

I prefer whatever Mochi au lait is doing. I don't like when it's presented in a too sexual, lewd way because I don't find it arousing. Cute gayness is when it's at.

There are guys who like yuri just as one of their fetishes (i.e. most of men, at least most of Cred Forums) and do not want it to meddle with something more important to them (like relating to male MC getting laid, because normal men can not and must never relate to a bitch).
And then there are these horrible degenerates who cannot take pleasure in identifying with boy lusting after a girl, or worship the prick. Or even have some disbelief in hetero relationship altogether (actually very possible for those who are indoctrinated with Cred Forums sexual mythology, but rejected its ethical values). Those find a great rejoicement in lesbian romance, and upon discovering yuri foolishy think it is their promised media land. So they start celebrating it wherever they go – often annoying the general public, although waifufags and fappers also cause such feelings. And then the three aforementioned groups clash with each other (but on Cred Forums waifufags and fappers are mostly the same.
But then it turns out the overwhelming majority of yuri are just slight hints that go nowhere, even if situation is nonsensical if you take the hint (and sometimes if you don't take it, either). But yurifags can't just drop yurifagging, so they struggle against the inevitable blueballing, gradually becoming more and more bitter.So /u/fags become fanatical – and possibly more intrusive. To them, however, it seems that hetshippers are at least as fanatical with their obsessive pushing of hetero pairings. Yes, they actually consider /u/ an equal to het. What a wishful thinking, isn't it?
Oh and then there's that waifuing and waifupandering (you know, those bland fags who are worse than a literal faggotry, however you regard it, yet get themselves a whole harem) is objectively worse than any kind of shipping. Anime girls deserve better. At least better boys.

You're not very convincing, considering you asked to be spoonfed doujins of the very scenario you're describing.

Sorry, link to was a mistake.

Yes you want to be pure, purity is the peak of the human condition, but since you can't you want pure beautiful beings to step down to your level

You're confusing me with someone else, user. Did you miss the part where I said I'm already stockpiling doujins to share? I've got a pastebin full of them if you'd like to see.

Then go see a fucking doctor. Tomorrow.

Don't watch it. It's probably shit. Even if you do, you'll still feel despair in the fact that it will NEVER compare to Gunbuster or Diebuster.

Bloom into you then. After Citrus it's one of the most popular ongoing manga right now. Also Kase-san that's getting a OVA this year and A kiss and white lily

>Can't beat the cock
How about you test it on yourself first?

Yuri has three problems.
One is a common one which involve het as well. Writers seem to have forgotten how to write solid romance. Most is just twilight tier bullshit, and the worst thing is, it is forced on every genre, be it comedy, action, adventure, romance is always present.
The second point is, it get's kinda stale. In the vast pool there are only a few mangas that truly excel and are actually memorable. Usually it's just "read one read em all". Due to the time it takes for the chapters to be released and properly translated, you have already forgotten the plot and can't arse yourself to reread it.
And the third point is purityfags labelling stuff yuri which never goes beyond bait and subtext. You have no idea how much time I wasted believing these assholes just to sit through a below than mediocre piece of crap.

Adult couples with daughters of their own is the only true way of yuri.

Why would I want to be pure? I've already taken more joy in enjoying things I'm not supposed to like, there's nothing more purity can offer me in those regards. You should try looking out for it sometime, you'll get bored of nothing but pure girls together after a certain point.
Well obviously it wouldn't be able to compare to Gun/Diebuster, god damn thanks for reminding me I need to rewatch those.
What're you implying, user?

He is obviously a faggot and now projecting.

Adult couples with daughters of their own make for the best doujins too.

That's a general description of modern entertainment.

You're welcome friend. I just rewatched both about two months ago. NoNo is to good of a girl(robot).

Dicks aren't too bad, but wanting to see dykes get fucked by men makes me gay? Whatever you say.

What doctor do I ask to look at my dick?

Breaking such a cute couple and family should be illegal.

Best family.

Oh you'd be fuming at the ending to the latest doujin then.

Whatever fucking doctor you're parents health insurance pays for, my dude.

Purity is to be protected, if you ever had a daughter would you give her to fat old men because of your fetish

Why, it's just a doujin

They are not even trying to be subtle anymore.

In your case probably a dermatologist. Or just visit general practice and they will point you in the right direction.

I like it regardless.


I'd recommend you give it a read to find out for yourself. Even as someone who enjoys that sort of stuff, the ending had a bit too much suffering for poor Nanoha. A family-threesome would've been perfect.
I don't plan on having a daughter, so I wouldn't get any gratification from doing such a thing to begin with. Seeing a perfect relationship between two girls get deflowered by a man however sounds quite enticing.

Fate and Signum are best dads.

I pray to Madoka that that won't be the last time we see Fate in all her glory

So you can't respond to the daughter question because you'd agree with me, it's basic empathy, if you had a pure daughter you wouldn't want her getting defiled

Roger that, thanks.

>A family-threesome would've been perfect.
Nanoha should have killed the fat guy and reclaimed what was rightfully hers.

This thread is pure autism and you should all feel bad.

That's a daughter though; someone who I'd actually have a personal attachment to. Can't say the same about a pair of dykes however, so seeing them defiled would feel quite delicious. I used to be similar to you in having a huge appreciation for yuri, but what I'm into now is far more fun and pleasurable to think about. That said, your stance on purity is quite adorable.
After what happened in that doujin, I doubt she could do anything yet alone talk to her wife again. Pretty sad ending, though it was worth it to see how slutty Fate became.
I do, but it's way too late to start giving a shit man.

I had to suffer through a dick related problem in the past so let me add something. Don't chicken out. Just go to a doctor, say you have problem with your cock, show it to him in all its disgusting glory and be done with it. Doctors see crazy shit all the time. Your pecker is probably not even worthy of second glance to them so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The cutest yuri the better with a maximum of 2 drama arcs.

There is room in life for both but a mixture where it leads up to the filthy parts is ideal. "Filthy" being relative to the story in question which could make hand holding, kissu with tongue, or hands under skirts and Yuri Salute.

I tought you liked seeing pure stuff getting defiled, how sad you really are just jealous of the purity you can't obtain on your own, I've been a yurifag for 6 years and don't plan to change my stance

I do, but there's a difference between tasteless defilement and tasteful defilement. Though, I do admire how far you're standing with your stance on purity. This thread's probably going to die soon though so, throw me your discord, it'd be fun to keep going.

>implying I'll ever want to interact with you again

I'll be reading cute yuri intead

Post some examples so I can research this.

I love devil Flonne so much. I need more Disgaea games in my life.

Gay girls are disgusting.

This is porn but it has the suffering that makes NTR good.

This manga was pure evil

>wanting human legs
Go back to your disgusting 3DPG, I'll be here where girls have legs for days.


Yuri is fine.

But can we all agree age-gap yuri is fucking disgusting?



Bait. Full blown romance is degenerate.

No, age-gap is great and it's even better when it's OneeLoli.

You are the disgusting. Two female on each other is sexy, and beautiful. You are 100% gay if you don't agree with it or you have lack of self confidence.


no, that's the greatest thing ever.

Why is she luring that little girl?

You're degenerate scum. Yuri will be raped by males. I will see to it.

I Will put an end to Yuri.

Wew, I feel sorry for this dude named Yuri you hate so much.

Then we WILL put an end to Het.


mfw all the porn

Itou Hachi is a miracle.

Loli yuri.

Sounds like a cute title and thanks user. It's been awhile but they are definitely one of my favorite ships from the series. I saved the most pics of them for sure. Also I like this artist seems to enjoy the characters they draw wish is always good to hear.


Yeah I'm reading Bloom into you as well, I love it, but I'm keeping pace with the official volume releases same with Citrus int hat regards. But I'll check out the other two, thanks. I think they were on my to buy list.

Loli yuri is always so cute.

I love this, I hope if we ever get more LWA that the VA's keep pushing for more Akko and Dianna's relationship.

Actually there wasn't much if I recall correctly.

Heterosexual is a degenerate term. We are normal.

Because most dykes are pedos, fags too.

Yuri = dykes

Yuzumori-san is pretty great

I love Mimika so much, she's so relatable.

>Don't become an otaku Shinozaki
Choice opinions. I bought the last three volumes just to read myself when I wasn't finding translations. Anime fucking when?


>so much controversy over yuri
I don't understand. The only reason I can think of is if the yuri fans act like fujoshis and constantly force gay shit that isnt there but this doesnt happen
From what I can tell all the yuri hate stems from muh natural order

Yurifags take their bullshit too seriously
In reality teenage girls are just "lesbians" until graduation, hell that's what Class S was about originally after all.
Which is where yuri came from

>In reality teenage girls are just "lesbians" until graduation

Why did OP get banned?

Was he? How can you tell?

Ban list in the archives

Are we still conflating 2D with 3D? Really?

what does that prove?
My point is that women's sexuality is much more socially determined than men's, and that women aren't really ever "lesbians", they just become that way in certain circumstances, see Class S romance, and "lesbian until graduation"
Your image confirms what I'm seeing since most women date men and ultimately have children with them. They can still be attracted to other women and like treesomes with a woman and a man, it's just perversion
Hell, consider that much less women than men watch porn so that graph is only representative of the kind of woman that watches porn regularly, which kinda confirms my point even more.

>In reality teenage girls are just "lesbians" until graduation
>My point is that women's sexuality is much more socially determined than men's
>and that women aren't really ever "lesbians"
You will need to provide evidence for those statements other than your anecdotal experiences and personal opinions.

>Your image confirms what I'm seeing since most women date men and ultimately have children with them.
You're misreading the graph, it doesn't represent that most women watch lesbian porn, it's just the most popular category in that demographic.

>Hell, consider that much less women than men watch porn so that graph is only representative of the kind of woman that watches porn regularly, which kinda confirms my point even more.
That's a fallacy, your assuming your previous conclusion is true to prove it's true.

You're not a lesbian over the age of 18 so whatever bullshit you say doesn't count.

It says banevading. We had a similar thread like this one 2-3 days ago, maybe he got banned for that one aswell?

This is also a fallacy, the truth value of an argument is independent of its source. But for the sake of the argument lets pretend for a moment that your logic is sound:

>whatever bullshit you say doesn't count.
I didn't make any claims of my own, I only pointed out that none of the statements I quoted have met their burden of proof.

>You're not a lesbian over the age of 18
You will have a hard time trying to prove that.

>>In reality teenage girls are just "lesbians" until graduation
>>My point is that women's sexuality is much more socially determined than men's
Yes, exactly. There is no contradiction to what I said. Class S is just a social phenomenon.

>You're misreading the graph, it doesn't represent that most women watch lesbian porn, it's just the most popular category in that demographic.
Exactly, because it's a perversion. Arguing that lesbianism is common because of that is like arguing that most men want to fuck their step mom, their step sister or older women

And I'm not going to post charts showing that men prefer younger women because I'm not gonna waste my time trying to prove something obvious.

The correct reply to that was "you're not a woman over the age of 18 who was previously a lesbian so your opinion doesn't count either" And it was easy user, are you new in this? Now the reply I had prepared is useless. Dont do this again, it's irritating.

Only 2 or so months left until we get the best yuri anime we'll be getting in a long time.