Toji no Miko

Miko Miko armpits!

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Because it doesn't have gimmics that normalfags like in anime.

Did somebody mentioned miko and armpits in the same sentence?

Reminder that all tojis belong to Mihono and her harem includes even the villains. Best girl.


Not even Mihono is dumb enough to believe that.

I still believe in Kanami and Mai.

Mai has her cute autistic daughterwife to shower with love and cookies now.

Dumb user can't even post in the right thread.

And post webms.




I don't know whether bad raters dropped or rating is increasing overall but I like to see that.

Don't you sully their pure friendship.


I'm the cutest.


Translate it

How new are you?

I hope one day to wake up and see Yume making smug, slutty faces at me from outside the window.

i just heard that VA Taneda Risa do voices in the future episode(s).


You mean imoutowife.

Mai already has an imouto

Sorry if i don't understand youtube from the moon

Nothing wrong with a little polygamy.


And now she has an imoutowife.

>he can't read katakana and basic kanji

You don't breastfeed your imouto, she's her dautherwife.

82.5% thought it was very food.

Say something nice about this useless piece of trash.

Can't read moon runes but IIRC it's something like this:

1: Very Good
2: Good
3: Regular
4: Bad
5: Very Bad

Her owner is beautiful.


My bad.


>very food
What does a Miko taste like, Cred Forums?


Like cookies.


She did her best.

Look like they started to like it.
The important question is what saved the show. Yume kick people's ass or Sayaka got gay disease?

Who do I self insert as?

Mihono will save you, if she's lucky rerolling gatcha.




Why is she locked up?

The gay.

Delet this.

Is this new "why is she in a washing machine" meme?

Why do people like her again? or is everyone just memeing?

Delete Mihoon.

Why is she so smug inside a cage?

Mihono is cute and cool, hating Mihono is the meme.

Your fanfiction sucks. I want a refund.

Her design is cute and she's shown as a dork in the comic strips. Good enough for me

The cookies look. They knew what they were doing and it's working

Why dorks are so best?

appeals to protective instincts

no u

She is bulliable dork with short attention span and a big sword.

AW HELL YEAH. Now I see it, best girl.

What exactly is that? A video or a poll? Link pls

Step on me Yume-sama!


>user-kun~ fill up this cup for me. I want a protein shake with my heart medication!

You just know Yume is going to get an Asanagi doujin. I can already see that kind of Kashima/Ajax shit face he draws.




You can have multiple imoutos and you can only have one wife, but then how many imoutowives can you have?

She's going to get femdom ryona doujins with Mai and Sayaka. I'll make sure of it.

You can have many wives when you're a cute lesbian, you silly FAGfucker.



With Yume as the bottom, I presume.

Sadly it's down to 5.7k people still watch it.

Sanity broken
My heart's barely working
I've even forgotten my school
I don’t know the season
Or what is the reason
I still haven't killed all these fools
A desolate place
Without any trace
It’s only the cold wind I feel
It’s weak that I spite
As I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real
There will be blood-shed
Yume in the mirror nods her head
The only one alive
Will stand by Yukari-sama's side
The Aradama don’t give back what they take
Oh no
There will be blood-shed
It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

What do you think about Elite 4 then and now?



Do lesbian nations secure peace by marrying into each others harems?

Maki: Ikemen badass -> Unstable and as strong mentally as glass
Suzuka: Who? -> Who? that keeps the Elite Four at least somewhat functional.
Yomi: Creepy weirdo -> VERY creepy, but extremely devoted weirdo with absolutely zero regard for her own well-being
Yume: Obnoxious little shit -> Cocksure prodigy who can only feel alive when she's on the verge of dying

These are my favourite threads of the season because you can actually feel that people who like anime are here just from the amount of OC

How would Yume become a yuri bottom without it being OOC?

Yume deserves to die, Yomi must be saved. Regarding the other two nothing yet, way too generic but I hope at least Susuza joins Mosuka, Maki is very unstable, it won't work.

Maki: Handsome ikemen -> jobber extraordinaire
Suzuka: Literally who -> literally who
Yomi: bookkeeper/Yukari's bottom bitch -> Cuts McGee/Yukari's bottom bitch
Yume: Psychotic loli -> batoru obsessed best girl

She's got some masochistic vibes with the way she reacted when Sayaka launched her into the wall. You just need someone strong to rough her up.

>Yume deserves to die
What's wrong with doing the job and telling losers they are losers?

>Yume would react extremely strongly to a nice, hard harapan
As expected of the show's lolibitch.

She needs to be spanked by old ladies.

>erodama subbed as pervert
Even EOPs would have gotten the joke.

Post smug bitch right now

>enjoying a good batoru is being a masochist
I'm sure she'd rather be the one doing the harapan to someone not boring. Maybe Kanami.

Maki: boku girl/born2job
Suzu: who?/who!?
Yomi: dumb birb/punished dumb birb
Yume: I hurt others/to make the pain inside go away.


>fanart CGI animation
>nice and fluid

>CGI anime series/movie
>shitty 15 fps garbage

cool --> meh
>other one
generic --> cool but still generic
>blood aradama
shit --> cuddle
smug --> jobber

Warning: The cute Mihono you have seen in that webm is canon. Viewer discretion is advised.

How is she a jobber? She *teleported behind you* everyone in this episode


That's from the game. It's not fan-made

she didn't get sayaka and she was visibly injured

She did get Sayaka though. It's just that the hag told her to fuck off


Watch the episode again.

so she didn't get her in the end

She literally let them go.

Wrecking Sayaka, 'slaughtering' a bunch of other Tojis, then walking away not giving a fuck doesn't count as jobbing.

Game release fucking when?

She didn't accomplish her objective. That's jobbing.

She got hit once, shrugged it off like it was nothing and oneshotted Sayaka right after that, disappointed by her performance.

Only because she let them go. Probaby to spite the old hag for ruining her batoru.

You might want to rethink your idea of jobbing.

>shrugged it off like it was nothing
>clutching her chest while walking away

We all know she "won" now so that Sayaka and Mai can beat her later when it actually matters.

Sick, not hurt.

Okay, user.

>Sayaka and Yume duel to the death after Sayaka takes in noro and becomes Sayaka the Ripper
>Mai watches from the sidelines
It's gonna happen.

She didn't get hit in the chest. She got knocked back completely into a monument. If anything it's her back that should hurt, not her chest.

>tries to stab Sayaka
>as she pulls the blade out a cookie is stuck on the end


She literally beat everyone and *nothing personnel kid* walked off. That's like the absolutely opposite of jobbing.

Losing is only half of jobbing, the other half is looking FUCKING INVINCIBLE at first so that it will mean something when they push her shit in later.

>24 episodes
I hope her demise doesn't come too fast. Let her cut Kanami before that happens.

I frankly don't care whether she's a masochist, I just want to see her get spanked by all the school cakes.

Only went for Suzuka=Akari but ended up filling them all.

If it means something, then it's not jobbing. Jobbing means to be hyped up as a great fighter and either losing to someone way weaker or just to make someone else look stronger. If you actually train and get better to fight someone who won against you once and can now beat them, then they didn't job. You just got better than them. Yume didn't job by letting them go. If that's jobbing, then she did so in the first episode, too. If you want an example of jobbing, it's Sayaka for letting Kanami just take her sword.

>Mai throws cookies into both Sayaka's and Yume's mouths midfight
It's gonna happen.

Perfect, 10/10

Kanami already trains for the eventuality!



All we're missing now is a bingo chart

There was one made before the show aired but it had a very pessimistic outlook since we didn't quite know just what kind of show this would end up being.



Yume is actually using aradama juice because without it she'd be dead.


Like her heart?

>this 4koma
>she actually does train while sleeping
Nice foreshadowing.


>this 4koma
>Kanami (and everyone else) likes Mai's cookies

I fucking love Mihono. She is the cutest and best Toji

There are 4 panels though.

Patrician taste.

>me in charge of being able to count to 4

That's Ellen and the 2nd is Kaoru, but she comes close after them

No, Etanaru Pettan Onna is the cutest.

Go eat your toothpaste.



Why does Kaoru bully her when she doesn't like being bullied herself?

She knows some people exist just to be bullied, and that Yoyo's one of them.




Is what Hiyonyon is.



How is it foreshadowing?


>tfw Reimu gave me a major armpit fetish
Stupid poor shrine priest.

Catharsis. You make someone else a victim to feel a sense of superiority over them.

Who will save this cute autist?

Mai's cookie.


Yukari-sama's big sword.

If a characters ultimate purpose in a story is to lose to make another character look good, then that is jobbing. It doesn't matter if it's well written or not, if it fits with the characters own story arc or not, or if fits with the overall story or not; it's still jobbing. By definition.


>sure thing give me 30 seconds.
>here, you have your protein shake i made it specially for you so drink up

>If a characters ultimate purpose in a story is to lose to make another character look good, then that is jobbing
We really don't know what Yume's ultimate purpose is to lose and possibly die later in the story. As of right now, she's essentially the wildcard, willing to backstab others for the sake of her own personal goal (a good fight).

Reminder that Yukari did nothing wrong and is the good guy, while the villain is a certain girl that is using Hiyoyon vengeance as an excuse to fight and burn down the country.

mais cockie

Going down the list;
>Always a good concept
>Tough but kind
>The crazy one
>The goofy one who is actually reliable
>Bunch of losers that need to just be eliminated already
>I MUST WIN autism
>AradamAIDS addict
>Boring, overpowered for the sake of being overpowered


If Kanami does turn out to be the main antagonist, I'm going to lose my shit. She gives off nothing buy Yuuki Yuuna vibes. Honestly, I still don't trust Ellen.

Ellen is a good girl who just wanna have fun and kill some daemons.

there's no saving her anymore, the aradama-aids is terminal

>I still don't trust Ellen.
She's a good girl, I'd trust her with everything.

Yume will convert to the good side, then will save her. I feel like they would make a good couple.

She just needs more aradama juice from Yukari-sama.

There's no saving her. She's the antithesis to Sayaka. Best you're going to have is one last duel between the two a la

Sayaka parallels Yomi as well but I guess Kaoru's the one to be her final opponent w/ the way they set them up.

Nah, she's a cute girl with bird hair, she'll be fine, will learn friendship, how to smile and all that after a few episodes of suffering.



Mihono will gladly accept her into her harem, after she saves the day in the second cour.

Go away, Mihono. You're not the protag of this.

Mihono has a cute girlfriend.

Mihono has many girlfriends.

Why is Mihono so dumb?

Mihono has many tardwranglers.

That's true.

Give up and embrace the love for Mihono.

Only her hair is dumb

Mihono is cute, but Kanami is cuter.

>Mihono is cute
Not particularly.

At this point I understand you are just tsundere for her.

>Gradient hair instead of braincells.

That's pretty rude.

It is proven that the less braincells you have the better of a sword wielder you are.

Then explain Kanami.

Only someone with no brain would leave Mai.

So that's Yukari's secret, she does the grunt-work and the aradama handles the thinking for her.

Mai pls.

Kanamin plushie when?

season 2 when?

Until all the FAGs in stock get an human master.

I want an Ao FAG.

Wakaba please.

Nene would love her


Why is kaoru so mad here? Even Hiyoyon already got over the bandages thing earlier.

Are all submarines that spacious?

The episode where she dreams about them being real was actually pretty fucking sad because it made me realize that actually she just spends all of her days indoors and has basically no friends at all.

Is the mobage out yet

>has basically no friends at all.
Bukiko's her friend. She's a pair of Kotobukiya Godhand Nippas with massive tits, but she's her friend.

Fuck you guys
This show is actually yuribait

There wasn't enough Bukiko in the show.

That's why I put the basically in there, because it's not completely "none". But she still spends all kinds of festivities in her apartment completely on her own.
Whatever would make you say that?


Fuck off.

Ao is literally me.

>This show is actually yuribait
>girls shove their long, hard swords deep inside of each other for 24 episodes straight
Futa Fencing version of TnM when?

But cute.

Im still at work. Give me some Yume to make it trough the day

You're fired.

Just scroll the thread you lazy fuck.

I think you're lying. I doubt you're a cute anime girl.


>Yume's face when you're not being productive at work

well, her face is going to be stuck with that expression then.

>Kanami deep in thought about the kind of batoru she'll be able to do with that gear




I never expected these two to get shipped so hard.

That's quite impressive to have been swordfighting one-handed without spilling her ice cream cone.

The ice cream is the real weapon since nobody wants to get close to something so disgusting. The sword is just for decoration.

MaiSaya doujin when

If they can cut aradama with their swords, they can cut ice cream.

But then you'll have disgusting ice cream on your sword.

Dumb tojis. I bet I could choke the utsushi out of them. Then I could easily steal their swords. Swords are wasted on these dumb miko.

You don't have the necessary stats to wield Kaoru's big sword.

After the canon KanaMai doujin.

It's time to move on.

>that wink

Shit, I love Mihonon or whatever her name is now

I want to bully her.


Chibi Mihono running away is ridiculously adorable.

Oh Mihono

It won't give you AradmAIDS.


Please KanaSaya with Mai getting NTRd