They should make a new Jump fighting game for the Switch.

>no 50 year anniversary gaimu

> They remembered Iori

perfection indeed

You'd better believe I was spamming Black Koma Dio online back when this game was still active

>no Saeba Ryo

Amazing game.

I can't argue that

>it has been 12 years since it was released and it has yet to be topped.

Hope you like smartphone games.


We forgive and forget so easily.

>spamming Black Koma Dio
So you were that kind of player, huh. I hated every single one of you, black-koma fags.

To be honest, I never tried to do it because I didn't know how to.

>styling people off-screen with Killua's yo-yos
Nothing feels better.


>Japan doesn't care about pedophiles
What a surprise.

>No Naruto
I can understand Bleach not being there, but seriously?

The worst part is they keep including that obscure character from Chinyuki that literally no one cares about. Hell, he wasn't even included in JUS, it all started on Victory VS and I don't know why.

You're a subhuman.

Literally worse than the gaijin hunting japs.

>tfw dead online

This game turned me into the disgusting weeb I'm now. And I regret nothing.

7 koma Don Patch was the shit.

The only thing this game did wrong was leaving out a lot of the fun combos from the original Jump Superstars.

hiei was op