Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

EP7 Shopping

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When will this nigga realize that she is into him? You don't just take random people shopping for swimsuits with you.





You know I'm really surprised just how much Megumeme as Takagi grew on me. Though I can't say I like her laugh very much. Apparently that's how she actually laughs.

make a bed











thanks for the images

why is her head so big

Takagi is so ugly

loli is wearing the most sexy swimwear

>Apparently that's how she actually laughs.
It's all just part of her public persona.

>Almost no shapes
I like that they didn't forget she's just a child even if she's in a swimsuit.

I recognize that bulge!

>Little boy gets mercilessly bullied by a girl and can't do anything about it
Why is this allowed?

He impregnates her at one point, so it's alright.

> it's the swimsuit episode


Does she bite her thumb at me?

Her voice was far better in the manga.

Remember to keep your loli in the closet



this boy is gunna be preggers

Wanna 'study' on the bed?


What the fuck

Do Japanese houses not have dining tables you could do your homework at?

enjoy the ban, cocksucker


This was a really adorable episode. Can't wait for the next.

Those eyes. All I can see is this now.


lewd butt things

not really

Are you a anime mc? Takagi doesn't want to leave his room

Time for cock.
And tissues.

25 minutes pass after her finding the manga collection

>Middle schooler screws himself over: the series
why am i watching this again

enough time for some snu snu

>that fucking "room" bleeding in


>i have plans in the afternoon
>okay, we'll study till noon
>leaves at sunset

This episode is too hard to watch, Takagi went in full force today.

W-what are we gonna study on the bed?


>pomf =3

poor girl can't compete

it's hard being a horny 11 year old girl.

boys that age are so clueless

#1 or #2 Cred Forumsnons?

>she caught him buying 100%UL AGAIN
I didn't really realize it when reading the manga but, Jesus Christ, think about how Takagi-san must feel.
She didn't plan to meet him there, she was genuinely surprised. She immediately saw all the permutations when she spotted him but still, what fucking grace of the universe to give her the chance again.
She must feel like she's mainlining the secret truth of the universe.

this hurts me deeply

So they did the swimsuit shopping ch. I doubt we'll see the double date at the pool that results from it, given how many chapters later that is.

They could always reorder things.

>Mom tells her not to get anything showy
>Buys a two piece swimsuit
She needs better parenting.

Pink frills is better

Oh god my fucking dick.

Japanese middle scool covers grades 7-9, so shouldn't they be 12-13 years old?

What's with the massive foreheads in this show?

It's too lewd imo, the yellow one-piece is more conservative.

That's an actual page from the manga? How lewd.

They're cute.


>ywn have Mina as your wife
why live?

yeah, they start out in 7th grade, and later in the manga are in 8th.

Yellow doesn't help her, though.

Frills compensate in the chest area, one-piece accentuates on lack of curves

It's painful to watch at this point, Nishikata is such a retarded piece of shit. He doesn't even try to improve mentally, he must've given up on that back in kindergarten.
I'll probably ragedrop it after this episode.


I think you're projecting yourself in Nishikata and that's why you're so angry at how stupid he is. Try to get in Takagi's shoes next time.
You might have more fun bullying this autistic child that being the autistic child.

How has the author managed to come up with such a perfect teasing female.

why? what did he do wrong?


I don't get it.

that's too much even for me

>not getting the "handholding is lewd" meme
you can't be THIS much of a newfag

Wow that’s so funny XD

They are being ironic, pretending that hand holding is lewd

Friendly reminder. Why no screentime?

inb4 ban get fucked

Takagi fucking bitch

Yeah but:
Mina = gay
Takagi = straight


>dat butt
Was this really necessary?


dealing with pussey and scissors
dealing with some greasy disgusting deeckos

Mina all the way

But what if it was your dick she was dealing with?

then she blushes and Nishikata wins


I just asked my penis and he said it was.

So would you get a vag just for Mina to deal with it?

I would deal with a vag myself if I had one
for sure

Mina isn't gay. She's just young. She wishes to become sexy when she grows up which shows a subconscious will to be desirable to males.

She only wants to look sexy for her husband: Sanae-chan.


Being young and naive does that to you. Just wait till she gets to college.

Goddamn it, take my money


>ugly girls: the anime

go watch your generic ecchi bullshit then

But I love ugly girls

sorry to break it to you user, but most girls are average at best. you will never ever have a chance with someone even slightly better than average. The best you can hope for is she isn't a fat whale. And so, personality comes to the fore when it comes to being with someone long term.

Does he ever win against this little whore?

>7th episode
At least you tried, have your state sponsored (you)

Strictly speaking no

What it is even the point of this show, kids dating? Who is the audience for this

I'll never understand why people have issue with takagi's voice when nishikata's so grating and unfitting


Yes but he didn't noticed so it didn't count.

Love the manga but this really doesn't work in anime format.

Alternatively anons who are nostalgic about idealized middle school days.

>Who is the audience for this
Nishikata. Me.

Nishikata has horrible taste in manga. What kind of boy reads sappy romance

Lesbians can't breed

I never self-insert and I always root for the main couple, if there is one. So it's fucking perfect for me.

>What it is even the point of this show

What did he mean by this?

They can, using the power of science

>Who is the audience for this

Notice from the public pool:
Summertime open pool available from 8/1 to 8/28.
Sundays and holidays are closed.

I understand now, thank you user

Just watched the english dub out of curiosity and oh boy that shit's awful.
Only voice that matches the character is Yukari, if just barely. Mina is the fucking worst, sounds like a sassy adult woman, so unfitting.


for some reason American voice actresses aren't able to make themselves sound young


i do get it though, he wants to swim with takagi so he can admire her new suimsuit and then fapping at night before sleeping

The stuff at the bottom is a checklist for radio gymnastics and an information for 50% off for students watching movies.

Go on.

and what's the biggu paper?

I disagree, there's some instances of good loli character voices in english dubs. One recent example I can think of is Himiko from Danganronpa V3, she sounds adorable.
Still, that isn't the case with here. I guess they just chose whoever was available at the time, that's the issue with simulcast dubs.

The calligraphy from the beginning.

>current year
>not liking dicks
what are you, gay?

It's the paper Takagi wrote for him, showing he kept it and even put it on his wall.

Nishikata is retarded

thank you anons

Was wondering how they'd keep this fresh with such a similar gag, but they somehow manage, one of my favourite shows this season.

Still feel sorry for Nishikata though, poor guy

>poor guy
Are we watching the same show?

well he's clearly retarded, retardation isn't always the fault of the retarded one though

I hope they make a spinoff with Chii's Schooltime.

Looks like her mother at that age

But with the character of her father.

And she sucks at teasing

Me too. But what would it be called?
She's not a Skilled Teaser, and she isn't called Takagi either.

So few shows get me to smile like an idiot for the whole duration but Takagi-san is just so good.

Finally he gets it

She isn’t even subtle in the slightest at this point. How can he not see?

He thinks he's just being bullied. I'm sure he also thinks the jock dude in 100% Kataomoi doesn't actually like the MC either.

Takagi, you ruined your genes forever.

The lolis from A Centaur's Life last year nearly all had awful dub voices too. Bit disappointing really since those cats were the best part of the show by some distance.

Unskilled teaser Nishikata-san.

People who like cute romance. I unfortunately hate romance and flirting etc, but adore Mina, so I'm a bit conflicted.

Kids who refuse to grow up. Also people who grow up, discovered the shit reality of the world and want to go back in time to their childhood but can't and use this shit as escapism.

Baka Nishikata-chan.

God dammit, this fucking episode.
I can only imagine how their teasing grew and got more and more sexual over the years.

Takagi: Whoever orgasms first has to do what the other says!
Nishikata: Deal!

When has her teasing ever not been sexual?

i hope her stupid forehead explodes from anger
litttle piece of shit

To be honest I think Nishikata would win this one. He has a strong body, so his thrusting would be really good.
Still, Takagi might try something dirty to make him cum first.

>more and more
Use your imagination, I know mine can only go so far.

>You're preaty good, Nishikata. But you're nothing against my special technique: THE LEGLOCK!

This is getting increasingly lewd.

Calm down, Nishikata.
I know you want to lick that forehead, no matter how much you say otherwise.

>eats white bread

Sometimes I actually feel sorry for Nishi. With the 100% manga he always feels like shit when she brings it up yet she does it every time.

Takagi is such a slut!

>gods trips
>calling pure girl a slut
you are going to hell

so that little slut really tricked him to impregnate her, huh?
it was probably a bet
if you cant impregnate me, i will win
ha ha

She likely dared him to last as long as possible without pulling out, and then tricked him with a leg lock.

little whore

That hit a bit close to home

I disagree. A whore does tricks for money or cocaine!. Takagi only does it for bulli. Her motives are pure.

>she doesnt even get money
your are absolutely right!
she is lower than a whore

>When will this nigga realize that she is into him?
She explicitly told him this episode
>Your room is like you
>I like it


You have no idea how thirsty she is, Nishi.

Face of thirst.

What exactly was the sound she made here? Sounded like some mix between laughing and sobbing.

It wasn't supposed to be like this

This is why I love JCs. Their thirst is unquenchable.

Last line should be changed to
>Eats pumpernickel bread
>Eats black bread
Only filthy pigs eat white bread.

>Study till the afternoon
>Sky is orange


Why wait?

This week's ending theme is great.
Nishikata probably skipped out on his plans because he was enjoying Takagi's company so much.

This was a great episode,but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if Nishikata was the one trying on swimsuits while Takagi watched.

Takagi stop posting

god hes so lucky

What if Nishikata and Takagi were the supporting characters and it had been Mina and her friends trying on the swimsuits?

Why is her head so big?

He somehow manages to be ten times more flustered than I ever imagined him to be from the manga.

Half of every episode are closeups of Nishikata's face while he blushes. The show pushes his cuteness harder then Takagi's



oh my god that's lewd

I just realized they didn't animate the cowboy episode.

That's sad, I loved that one.

The way she stands, her eyes movements and how she tilts her head. Her mannerisms are lewd as fuck. I don't even know if its intentional

It definitely is.

MUH. I want to see her break already

Full season when?

I want to see her do something other than be thirsty for an oblivious retard.

>You will never impregnate Mina
Why is she so hot lads?


The closest you'll get.

Because she has an exceptionally good lewd.


This and Nozaki-kun make shoujo manga look so interesting.

I'd rather a full season of Robot Zombie.

Oh, good. Has that guy at least learnt his lesson and stop downloading from mangafox.?

How about a full season of Hoshiiro Girl Drop? Shizuku must be pretty thirsty if she failed all her exams because she couldn't take her mind off Sosogu.

nowhere is safe from this bulli creature anymore
not even your own bed

It's just about robots that are zombies. That's not interesting at all.

And a generic shoujo is?

Shoujoshit is so meta.

It is. For me.

Fuck off 3DPD.


Why does Nishikata remind me of Eren Jaeger?

Why aren't there Takagi-san ASMR?

Same VA?

100% Unrequired Love is not generic! The characters are charismatic and the relationship buildup is very well done. It's a modern day masterpiece!

Who is this?

Because it is the same voice ...

Shut up Nishikata.

So perfect.

N-Nishikata? W-who is that?

>Mina doesn't even consider romance to be a thing that exists
How does she just keep getting better?

Huh, I didn't know that.


The one time he won, and it was still grounds for more teasing.


Probably in high school and then they fuck like bunnies.

The more I read/watch this series, the more depressed I get that I never had this kind of relationship as a kid and that I wasted my youth being an insecure faggot too afraid to even talk to girls

Kill me, Cred Forums

This is VERY lewd but also accurate!

Reminder that they fucked.

Chapter 73 with Chi was great.

huh? what chapter is this from?
I don't remember seeing it.

What does Takagi-san's breath smell like?

From the spin off.

Chapter 29

Sardines and ginger.

You're right. This show should have been about the Japanese education system instead. Lectures on the intricacies of teaching, showcasing some unspoken goals and challenges from a teacher's perspective. Lectures on the impact of the current system itself as it is widely known to to impress considerable stress on students. Lectures on— Oh just fuck off.

Nishikata can cum on her forehead whenever he wants.
Is it worth the bullying?


this anime is retarded and unrealistic. this particular type of romance trash (in school) doesn't happen with kids in real life and especially not in japan. Kids are dumb and unrefined.

What is going on in this chapter?
I stopped reading this series but is this a sort of "what if" chapter or something?
Honestly much cuter when Takagi is the one being teased. Nishikata being embarrassed is just cringe while Takagi being embarrassed is cute as fuck.

I don't remember Eren sounding like so much of a faggot. I guess it has been years since I've watched SnK though.

It's not Nishikata and Takagi, it's their daughter and a classmate she likes and who teases her. It's the second chapter in the main series that's set in the future.

This is the daughter and her feature boyfriend. Boyfriend is the typical teaser, and it looks like unlike Nishikata, Chii knows she has a crush.

Chi is Takagi done right
Hopefully she doesn't turn into a smug bitch like her mom via "character development"

That's their daughter getting teased during her middle school years.

she's perfect


It's a cute, gentle laugh. Not mean spirited like an actual bully would have.

Note that he genuinely surprised her there, since all she noticed was that he was acting suspicious, but he missed that.

Cornucopia chan is perfect and no one could say otherwise


Too much drugs
Plus burger women have naturally more masculing fugly voices

Why would anyone want to say otherwise?

These are cute lolis. Should I watch Centaur no Nayami for them?

Episode 3 is generally considered to be the best episode and it's mostly about them, so I would recommend watching that and then judging whether or not to watch the rest of it based on how much you liked that.

I've never experienced childhood fancy. Cut me a break senpai.

The final BD volume comes out on Friday, so hopefully once that's ripped somebody will go through and put the English subs together with the uncensored footage, the censoring being at its worst in episode 8, lots of mermaid breasts they had to light-beam away from our sensitive western eyes.

Wew, maybe I should pick this up.

But why did she hide?

She didn't want Nakai to see her in her swimsuit I guess. Or at least see her first. before Nishikata.

Because she knows that other girl wants to bang the guy and doesn't want the guy seeing her superior body.

What would sex with Mano-chan be like?


inpure, like taking a shit on a church, you're staining something sacred