Female character refers to herself as "boku"

>female character refers to herself as "boku"

is bokukko just an extension of the tomboy archetype?

It's a shame we only heard her use it once.

>female character is a loli and uses nanoja

Yeah, that's hot, but not "Ryougi Shiki using ore" levels of hot.

>female character refers to himself as "boku"

Has the whole nosebleed thing fallen out of use as of late?
I can only recall a couple shitty anime that actually used it post 2015

>cute effeminate boy refers to himself as "boku" instead of the disgusting, bara sounding "ore"
I instantly orgasm

>male character refers to himself as "atashi"

>Female character was boku

What’s the problem?

Most bokukko are tomboys, but not all. Some are just a bit eccentric.

That story was pretty damn cute.

Best bro becomes best hoe.

>cute effeminate boy usually uses boku
>but when he gets really mad he switches to ore

>cute effeminate boy uses ore to salvage any shred of masculinity he has remaining
>but when he gets cornered, put on the spot, and flustered he switches to boku


I wished this was a regular manga after I read it

Reverse trap!

>Best bro becomes best hoe.



The best.

Seems kinda common for strong little girl characters.

>MC: "boku wa..."
>drop anime
MCs should only use ore


Makoto is a cute boy.



If only Wakaba Girls was more popular. Nao's introduction was her trying to stop saying Boku and say Watashi. Pic related is her fumbling.

>female character crossdresses but is still totally a girl