Nanatsu no Taizai

How do you feel about this Gary Stu?

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Wonder what's Arthur's role in this.

He's probably going to get BTFO'd next chapter. Still if there's no drawback to using that sword, then that's fucking dumb. He just shit on 4 of the strongest character in the series. I get that Nakaba is trying to hype him up for his own manga, but there's a limit.

>Literally named after a legendary king
>Been set up for years hyping about his hidden powers
Not much really, it just follows how exactly a legend in the making is going to be. He is King Arthur anyway, next comes the Knights of the Round Table.

True, but I feel like nips wank Arthur in general a little too hard. HIs downfall was anything but graceful and heroic.

Thing about King Arthur is that his downfall was all the more tragic in light of the potential of his kingdom and the majesty of his own personal prowess (at least in the versions that have him as Britain's greatest all time ass kicker before he's forced into a desk job or too old to handle the work himself).

If anything, it's better to laugh at the autistic screeching coming from Melfags.


own mango?

Not as bad as Escanor.

It can't be helped, people love Excalibur too much so whenever it appears in a work, even in asia, you have to expect it to be the most powerful awesome thing to exist ever.

what now?

nanatsu no taizai: havens feels or unlimited hunt fest works when?

Escanor is a bitch now. He's nothing compared to Arthur.

Go away you cumdumpster, daddy doesn't love you.

>whenever it appears in a work


Yet he's still one of the strongest weapons even in Soul Eater. Though the author got around that by making him the most insufferable and annoying being in existence, so only a "chosen one" aka somebody with legendary amounts of patience would be able to wield him.

Will Mordred appear in Nanatsu?

>get stared into submission because you sad something negative your crush's son
So this is the power of the self proclaimed pinnacle of humanity. Truly amazing.

What did he say?

maybe in the arthur´s spin off?

>goddamn I hate that Umaru bitch being plastered on all Korean-scanlated mango, what's with this site and its boner for this gremlin
No doubt.

He isn't even able to flirt with her even when he is at his maximum power, what did you expect?

>Next chapter they go into super-mode and stomp Arthur
It's always the same with demons.

>That slight blush from Escanor
Truly a maiden in love.

More like a faggot who was emasculated.

Where's the rest?

Ban 2.0
Galan 2.0

Wow great movie incoming

that is just a fan art r-right guys?
its obvius what that movie will be the edinburgh arc

Pretty fucking good just raw human will power is going to BTFO Angles and demons

The only good thing will be the fight against the Indura.

chapter when?

>In the end nobody used him

galand and grayroad are real demons?
they looks like experiments than real demons

Did you have a stroke while writing this?


Didn't BlackStar use him once so that he could get rid of him?

Nakaba tends to add something completely fucking dumb for every 2 or 3 things he does right I feel. Most notably the one that irked me the most prior was just giving a numerical value to fucking powerlevels to reinforce how strong someone was

>Arthur now is One for All

You mean All for One

Escanor just ruined his chances with Merlin by insulting her shota. Good job. Not that he had a chance, but still.

I'm going to need the correct translation on that niggerstream ass shit nigger sentence

He's the third strike. Nakaba will either have to pull some amazing ideas out of his head, or this'll be yet another shounen with wasted potential.
First strike was Merlin bringing numerical power levels on the table.
Second strike was hyping the 10c and then using them to wipe Escanor's ass, failing to set them as credible threats.

Every time he has a tight situation he can't have the 2 opposing factions face off neatly or go full zetaubou, he always has to introduce a massively overpowered device/character to resolve the situation.
Sad, really, because NnT has top notch art and concepts.

As for Arthur itself as a character, he's beyond boring. As much as I hate to admit it, even Escanor is more interesting if only for the fact that he has an actual personality (actually 2). Arthur is just a walking, talking shounen MC trope.
Laughable that his power is literally using the powers of others, since he's a complete fucking shitter on his own.
>inb4 Escanor/Mael bs
Spare me.

Thats just niggerstream being niggerstream. Escanor isn't dumb enough to say something like that to Merlin. Especially since he knows how important Arthur is to her.

Arthur needs others to wipe his ass for him.

>First strike was Merlin bringing numerical power levels on the table.
I never understood the fuss abotuut all of this, it literally changed nothing

It's not wrong though. He constantly needs Mommy Merlin to wipe his ass, and even his newfound power is just borrowed powered. Arthur on his own is just a weak little shit with zero personality or presence.


Probably something along the lines of "someone who's wet behind the ears" or some such.

Niggerstream niggers apparently just can't stand normal speech. I still vomit at the thought of that one Bleach chapter where Unohana tells Kenpachi someing like "you have verbal diharrea", while the actual line was "you're awfully chatty today". Not to mention actual nigger speech like "kingin' like kongz" and so on.

I still miss RedHawkScans bros.

>i one shoot u!
>no i one shoot u!
>no, i now one shoot youuu!

NnT is a Fairy Tail tier trash.


>How do you feel about the King of Kings?
Absolutely happy for him. Now I can't choose between him and Escanor.
Please Nakaba, when Ban comes back, demostrate how powerful he has become by making him tear six of Mel's hearts out from across the globe. Please!

So NNT is basically Fairy Tail now with Arthur being that red headed Mary Sue. Good job Nakaba.

>Hey Arthur has the potential to be the super duper stronkest and Excalibur is the shit
>100 chapters later Arthut becomes the super duper stronkest

>assraped by estarossa
>assraped by escanor
>assraped by arthur
Is there anything left for meliocucks?

Whatever quality the manga had ended after the Hendrickson fight. Then you get power levels, power ups via feelings, and dead people coming back to life.

Next chapter esCHADrossa kills arthur and saves the day, calling it.

So wouldn't escanor grow stronger now so he doesn't feel looked down on by arthur?

Expect Arthur was shit on a few times, we were told about his potential, and he had multipe training arcs, and is also using the most OP sword in fiction (which by the way has a nice explanation behind it in NNT).

Now the two brothers are going to get 100% serious and push him back. Not beat him, but make him retreat.

I hope Escanor dies soon. Power of the sun my ass, he's just a pussy whipped white knight.

Have Ban defeat him when he comes back. Then he gets back his ST right after raping Meliodas.

>tfw Escanor poster portrait was miles better than what we got
>tfw skinny creepy Dolor, Octololi and eyepatch Monspiet were much cooler than what they are now
>tfw the kings of the past not only look fucking based, but they're infinitely better power/skill wise than Shithur
Fucking Nakaba.

assraped by diane


Diane is a miracle of the universe

Why do nips have such a hard on for Arthur? It's like they read his rise to power and his golden years but then refuse to acknowledge his downfall that started him his best friend cucking him and running away with his Queen.

The Swrod is literally just One for All. How much more of a hack can you be Nakaba?

Lancelot >>>>>>>>>> Kekthur

I'd be ok as long as it only passes on skill and not strength or abilities ect.

Why not both, humanity is going on a demon and angel hunt.
They are going full neutral.

For someone who supposedly had 40 volumes and a sequel all planned out beforehand, Nakaba really shit the bed when it came to powercreep. I couldn't help but laugh when he said in one of the volume omakes that that was the reason he didn't reintroduce Zhivago's son or the fat giant Diane was friends with.

shit chapter

kuso chapter

Reminder that King Arthur is canonically a cuck.

Its fucking Excalibur, and he’s fucking King Arthur.

This is the point where he kicks ass with the sword.

>it's a jobber who isn't even the best of his time
What did he mean by this?

Galahad >= Lancelot >>>>>>>>>>>> Cuckthur

>he’s fucking King Arthur
You mean a failure of a King who got his wife stolen by his friend, lost his kingdom and then proceeded to get killed by his own bastard son? The same bastard son that also fucked Arthur's wife? What a great hero.

The sword chooses the wielder. I'd guess at this point it's no longer a matter of power since the sword is already uber powerful, but but the pureness of heart and the willfulness to wield the sword's power responsibly. Others may have the pureness of heart but I they may say "this power is too much for me, I shouldn't wield it"

>gary stu
Eliodas is Gary Stu too

And how does this affects his hero status. It's not that it was his fault. Lancelot was a traitor, Guinevere a cheap whore and Mordred a bastard raised by a fucking witch.

I like it.

These power ups always get a pass for me. Maybe because I don't think this will actually stick, otherwise he would be way too powerful. But for a moment of defiance, the "collective powers of humanity" BTFOing these monsters is a good literally device. It's like a kind of anti-powercreep since all monstrous fighters in this series are technically non-humans, even Escanor is being implied to be some sort of divine-power wielding dude now.

It's gonna be two or three chapers of Arthur whooping ass and then something's gonna happen either to him or the sword, or some sort of drawback is revealed and he'll have to exit the battle.

Yeah I'm pretty sure this isn't going to last very long. It's probably why Merlin wants to go help even though she should know how capable the sword is.


There's that too, now that you mention it. So Merlin probably knows something.


>all these spergs assblasted that king fucking Arthur is OP with excalibur in hand

Will melfags ever recover?

>merlin would rather be with a kirito mary sue who needs a special sword to do anything
>rather than a character who is part of the main cast despite his flaws is one of their greatest allies and have contributed a lot more than "the chosen one"

Nanatsu no one dies


>Escanorfags getting this BTFO by the real peak of humanity
This chapter is the gift that keeps on giving

People are upset because the way Escanor puts it. He has to rely on others to be relevant and has never had any flaws, challenges or a foot to stand on his own. He's a cardboard cutout of a 3rd rate shounen protagonist.

Pretty much, it would have been great if he had some more screen time after Meliodas death so we could start to like him and know him better.

>Excalibur is the sword-version of One For All

It a little more hardcore though, it seems that you have to spill all of your blood onto it.




Japanese wank on Arthur is annoying, he was nowhere nearly as impressive as Gawain or Lancelot and of all people i expected Nakaba to understand this.


Well gawain abd Lancelot might be even stronger when they are introduced or atleast stronger than Arthur without excalibur.

Arthur for dragon sin when

Merlin is best mommy gf

>Hurr don't underestimate humans
>Hurr this is the power of humans
Oh yeah, the power of a gorillion super duper special snowflake 1 in a billion who actually was born with more than 10 of a powerlevel humans combined in the specialest snowflake of the generation is truly the epitome of your average human. You sure showed us Arthur. Next up Jericho is gonna solo the Demon King because muh humanity, oh wait, she won't because humans are complete shitters.

How the fuck Nakaba writes this shit with a straight face? I don't really mind humanwank when done right but trying to pass off just one guy as muh humanity like if it were a collective always pisses me off.

It was great. Like a MC who happens to be a side character.

I'm glad Chandler and the other guy got wrecked. Watch them revive next chapter tho

Nakaba now copying Boku no Hero Academia, Excalibur= One for All.

>Over countles milennia
If Zeldris remembered the first two users, it can't be older than 3000 thousand years. That's not a countless souls.

In fiction with other races humans are always crap with a few outliers who are heads above every race which humanity groups around. Thats supposed to be the power of humanity.

>Boku no Hero Academia, Excalibur= One for All.
I don't think BNHA invented the power inheritance thing.

>Boku no Hero invented stacking power
Boku no shitters deserve to be gassed

so Holy Sword Arthur is now the third strongest character in the manga? wonder how peak Escanor will fair against him.

It feels like after the first major ark Nakaba had a really fucking horrible understanding of where to move the manga. That's why you get shitty chaotic pacing, powerlevels out of ass, some plot lines being dropped entirely like Mel supposedly being "mixed", all revelations about Elizabeth being handled too bluntly and without fully realizing the potential of the first part's setup.
Thus said, he can still write likeable and interesting characters, it's just a shame that global story is an absolutely uninteresting and poorly handled clusterfuck jumping from one thing to another.

Come to think about it, kongou banchou had the same problem in second half. Nakaba just runs out of steam.

The same as every Dex vs Str match up ends.

>tfw the journey from those fun first hundred chapters to now

why nakaba

At leas the first part will always be good.

What the fuck are people expecting from this manga? This nothing new, this is literally the style of this manga. Power levels, constant asspull power-ups beaten by another asspull power-up the next chapter. Been like this the whole time. That being said I'm glad it was my boy Arthurs time.

Hes literally the strongest human WITHOUT excalibur

This was cemented and stated since the beginning of the series

>Oh yeah, the power of a gorillion super duper special snowflake 1 in a billion who actually was born with more than 10 of a powerlevel humans combined in the specialest snowflake of the generation is truly the epitome of your average human. You sure showed us Arthur. Next up Jericho is gonna solo the Demon King because muh humanity, oh wait, she won't because humans are complete shitters.
No, this is all about what strength humans always had: numbers. A few generation of humans live and die in the lifetime of a single demon, making humans unable to train for long periods. But when you manage to add the small the small fractions together (like through Excalibur), the sum total can compare to elites of other clans.
And it's not like humans were considered super weak. There are much more than 5 clans, humans just earned to be one of the 5 noteworthy clans. Probably the weakest of the five, yeah, but counted in the five none the less.

3000 years is a long time for human standards

That was one of kid's guns, patty i think.

I thought it was cool. The idea of passing on power is something I've seen before, most recently in BnHA, but the passing on of specific sword skills is a bit more distinct. The aesthetic with all the kings standing behind him as spirits is also really nice. Of course I would be disappointed in this kind of development if it happened at the end as an asspull plot device to defeat the villains, but seeing how Elizabeth still has 2 days left, Estarossa is loose and Stigma is about to assault Camelot, this arc is far from over. Mel is basically guaranteed to defeat Arthur in a chapter or two.

As a side note, it's funny watching all the demonfags/melfags/powerlevelfags lose their shit over this. They genuinely think Arthur is now demon king level.

so the sword is letrally one for all


Arthur is literally just outskilling them with the special ability from Exaclibroken

NO! this is a power stolen from the manga - to you the immortal! god



looks like the anime is worth watching

is that a girl at the bottom right, or a trap

>be born into royalty
>become king
>be strongest human doing nothing but being breastfed by mommy merlin
>be strongest fighter by wielding le magic sword of holy truth

Rest in peace Nanatsu no Taizai

It's too bad the anime had to end before the latter arcs, it was great to see the main cast get genderbent.

>chilling like a villain
Is this real slang? What does it supposed to mean?


It's a shame that almost entire later soul eater is a fucking shit, it had easily the most disappointing drop in quality i can remember out of all shounenshits, it's like author has stopped caring around the time shitty Not! started coming out.

What the fuck did i just read? dropped

>Ain't no shame in kingin' like a kong

God this still makes me burst out in laughter after all these years



Bad, this shit keeps getting worse and worse.

>Picks up a sword
>Suddenly on par with the demon clan's strongest


It's not that bad, but yeah it's shit.

I hope Arthur ends up in the sex dungeon of Peronia once it's revealed the thing Caith ate was just a puppet.

OK, that's it, I'm dropping this shitty manga. How could it fall so hard? It went from literal perfection to 'Six Deathly Shits and a Broken Man'. Up till Hendrickson's defeat, this was THE best shounen of the century, and now it's a sad parody of itself. What Nakaba is doing to Meliodas, his own creation, is beyond evil. That man was doing everything to save his friends and his lover against all odds, and yet everyone stands in his way, and Nakaba humiliates him at every opportunity. First he was beaten by the walking plot hole, manga Hulk, then his ungrateful girlfriend, the one he would even protect if it means harm to his friends, leaves him. And now, the ultimate humiliaton: a random powerless 16 year old kid beats him up at his peak. I can't take it anymore. This is torture.
And the sins are not better either. That shitstain Ban was willing to kill his best friend to revive a whore, and King was suspicious of his captain when he should have listened to him. And Diane choose that arrogant fairy instead of Meliodas. Merlin caused half the problems by taking his power because she is untrustworthy whore, and Gowther isn't better at all. And there is Escanor, the sin of being a directionless shit character only there as a plotdevice. No wonder Meliodas quit.
To see the hero of my youth humiliated this hard is too much. Bye Nakaba, may you rot in hell!

You posted this pasta already

Well to be fair he said this to two demon princes who are literally descended from a god and their teachers who are also extremely high ranked. When you're up against 2 demigods one of which is the strongest non-gimmick fighter born in the last 4000 years, you don't really have to think about average demons or humans. Not to mention all the clans have grown weaker since the war. Merlin mentioned a swordsman from the holy war who even the demons feared, so maybe humans back then were actually worth something.

I liked it

>be the demon king's firstborn with his god genes flowing in your veins
>be born with a magic that everyone calls a cheat and even the gods desire
>be born with a piece of a god that makes you powerful at noon without any effort on your part
Every really strong character is strong mainly because of factors outside of their control. Being born special trumps hard work. Pretty realistic actually.

It's literally one of the oldest and coolest powers in fiction.

Also, the reddit tears are palpable. The same people who forgive anything the literal parasite infested dogshit that is Tokyo Ghoul does are losing their minds over this. Arthur's been hyped from the very beginning, with even Merlin getting wet for him and hanging around him like a pedo on a kid, and literally has more setup than any other power up in this series, of which there are countless, and this is the thing that breaks the camel's back?

But it's not just about what power you have, but also how do you use it. Imagine someone like Jericho with Infinity, she wouldn't be OP with it, Merlin knows how to utilize it properly.

Can't wait for Arthur to unlock his super OP magic

>Melfags and Escafags SEETHING


It's Full Counter (spirit variant).

>asspulls are okay as long as it pisses people off
You are the worst.

It's okay if you don't like Arthur but come the fuck on Nakaba beat our heads with this time and time again

>when it has been foreshadowed to hell and back that the excalibur is OP as fuck.

Thread theme

>bad storytelling and illogical bullshit is acceptable if it was foreshadowed

So are you gonna explain why is this bad or are you gonna throw more buzzwords now that you're backed into a corner?

>Arthur gets Excalibur

Yes user, Nakaba wrote the Arthurian legends.

gotta hate the excalibur trope

>excalibur trope
>The Arthurian legends are now a trope

Absolutely fucking OP asspull sword/ability. Is he now the strongest character in the series? Could he beat Escanor?

Yes, yes Arthur very well HOWEVER

>Thus said, he can still write likeable and interesting characters
>The Commandments
>The Angels
>All the rest of the Knights who don't do anything

Arthur is a side character at best with almost zero screentime and zero development. Yet now he solos elite demons and Meliodas who is not just the MC, but supposed to be at his peak, comparable to DK levels. In fact, if he can reach DK level with the commandments, which hold half of the DK's power, Meliodas right now is at least half as powerful as the DK. Yet a 16 year old nobody with a rusty sword beats him up. What's next, Guila solos the SD with Indiana Jones' whip?

>Mel supposedly being "mixed"
That was never the case. Just Hendrickson theorysed it, but it should be obvious that Mel is 100% demon when talking about advanced darkness powers to Hendrickson.

>all this worthless shitposting
Have you forgot the fact that this twink got the OP sword effortlessly? The only thing that was a setback was his pet monster getting ruffed up but this faggot just easily waltz right in like a disney hero, grabbed the sword and did a total 'nuthin' personnel' scene to show off his plot device.

>pet monster
I'm really intrested in how the Arthur slaying the murderous Cath arc will play out in the sequel.

How the fuck did this nigger beat Mael with the exact same power as escanor.
Is he fucking dumb he didn't recognize Mael's power the moment he faced Escanor?
What exactly is his plot?

Gee it's like sunshine has a downside to it or something

This, Authur stomping with Excalibur is a nice touch since its basically saying humanities strength is in numbers and though we have short lives, across generations we can flourish. hell when the 10 commandments first awakened Galand even commented how strange that the weakest of the races survived the holy war and managed to spread throughout Britannia. But it in no way means they are defeated. I mean how many times have we seen both the sins and the demons get bodied only to come back chapters later stronger.

I swear these speed reader redditers like are retarded, people really think its over, I'm not even a Mel fag and I know that's not anywhere near enough to kill them they obviously were just caught off guard. PLUS MEL CANT EVEN DIE ITS LITERALLY HIS CURSE AND THE POINT OF THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS, I fucking swear nu/a/ is full of babies first shounen watchers, literal children, and fucking spics, its infuriating

>show off his plot device.
Suddenly this is a problem in this manga for you?

Nanatsu no Taizai?

More like Nanatsu no Byebye to any meaningful development


>be Estarossa
>be the weakest highest tier demon
>be asleep while rest of the family sneaks out to fuck their girlfriends
>suddenly need to pee in the middle of the night
>go to forest near frontlines
>suddenly a goddess
>four fucking huge wings, must be an archangel
>attack and kill it with a single slash
>'I'm the best', smug smile
>why didn't he use his grace though?
Fast forward to present time
>shitty human wants to fight me near noon
>but I'm the best


Arthur singlehandedly destroyed this series with his plot-weapon

Pretty sure that was the literal power level detecting trinket introduced way back when. I guess that was more a harbinger, but it wasn't a nice thing to see and really undercut my faith in the story.

>What's next
Ban with shitty hax power up bullshit
This manga is beyond salvation

>Ban power up
Oh shit, that would be unexpected enough that I can see the madman Nakaba actually do it.

Estarossa commadment.
>"Those who stand before him with hatred in their hearts will be rendered powerless to harm or inflict damage on anyone else".
Mael got affected by Estarossa commadment and got anal raped.

>King Arthur gets the weapon that is stated in his legend to be the greatest sword of all time
>The sword is hyped up even more by Merlin
>Actually has a pretty cool backstory

>10 chapters Ban shows up
>jobs again
>everyone gets together to beat him
>another 10 chapters later an even stronger enemy shows up
>hahaha I'm the strongest of x, I make y look like an ant
>Ban appears to job at first
>just when he's about to lose he instantly beats the shit out of the enemy who can't even raise a finger
>H-How! You were a jobber!
>who said I was even trying when I fought y?

>>Also, the reddit tears are palpable. The same people who forgive anything the literal parasite infested dogshit that is Tokyo Ghoul does are losing their minds over this
Cool strawman bro.

I'll never understand why Japanese media loves the muh hard work theme when 99% of the time the one born special will always be ahead no matter what. They themselves defeat the point they try to make.

Merlin was also born in a place which allowed her to exploit her power to the maximum efficiency.

A peasant could be born with Infinity and die never knowing because he never had the chance or opportunity to learn something that would allow for proper use of her power. There's more to things than just being born a special snowflake with a strong power, you also have to be born into a good family, have good teachers, good opportunities that allow you to grow, etc. Imagine how many people out there in the world that are super talented at something and could never find and will never know because, say, they were born in a third world country with an alcoholic father and a sick mother who they love too much to leave alone so they work dead-end jobs all day and night just to support her. Imagine how many kids could have been masters at snowboarding but were born in a tropical country. Or this one kid who could have been a great jockey but horse-riding classes are fucking expensive so his family couldn't afford them anymore.

Life is the greatest and most important gacha of them all, and you couldn't even decide if make the roll or not, someone else did it for you.


>liz was a literal whore once
How fucking cucked was Mel?

Lel, such garbage. Kid's basically VAC and none of those powers are his own.

Holy shit i didn't notice. What the fuck Nakaba


Back to Cred Forums with you

It doesn't look like he could cut through Mel or Zel, so, no.

t. roasted shit taste


A lot of stupid in this thread.

He will probably lose within the next couple of chapters.

>Latecomer to the series
>Constant dicksucking from everyone, even the villains
>He did nothing wrong
>Free powerups to even rival gods´ weapons
Is Nanatsu no Taizai´s Arthur becoming Sieg from Fate: Apocrypha?

>this knowing that Arthur will get the Excalibur later on

a LOt oF StUPiD iN tHIs ThREaD

fuck Athur go join team Hendrickson

>that Q&A
Am I being memed? Did you do that or did niggerstream do that? Because it's different on the page I saw.

Isn't that what everyone's complaining about?

On another note, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be hyped for this arc. The archangels are back sure, they've never really had a great showing. Maybe I'd buy this whole villain meliodas thing if he'd actually done something villainous by now, or if nakaba was properly setting up someone specific to stop him in a fight, rather than this nebulous "we're going to save our captain" situation we've got going on.

>Latecomer to the series
>Arthur's first appeared in chapter 62
>it is now at chapter 255

he didnt even go sacred treasure release

Do we even give a shit about sacred treasures this far into the power creep of the series?

Honestly, stupid at it may sound, everyone just feels like a jobber. There's no tension at all, it feels like we're just going through the motions.

You say that, but humans have controlled Britannia for the last 3000 years while all the other races got majorly fucked over. So yeah, humans are the best.

>Honestly, stupid at it may sound, everyone just feels like a jobber.

It's not stupid, Nakaba can't or wont draw even battles, everything is a stomp, and whenever a character's power level rises high enough to have an even battle, he introduces a new enemy, ability or character with an even higher power level so things can be a stomp again. Like how the moment Diane, King and Gowther powered up high enough to be relevant he introduces Chandler and Cusack and the commandments that could be a challenge for them just switched sides, died, became retarded(hur i'm a snek now) or just dropped off from the face of the earth.

What was Merlin doing during the holy war 3000 years ago? Maybe I missed it but did they even touch on that?

>Demons and Goddesses got sealed
>Fairies and Giants are isolationist autists
They won by default because everyone else dropped out through external circumstances, not because they were the best.

removes best part of Escanor. Hands it to his forced mc. 2 chapters to ruin it all

>dropped out
That's a funny way of saying BTFO


Arthur had multiple kids throughout the land, none of which were proper heirs, but he never once denied them being his blood.

Lancelot on the other hand never once acknowledged Galahad as his son even knowing well the bitch he bed, claiming she tricked him, was a virgin. He also lost his only son too for being a dumbass who didn't accompany him on his trip because "M-muh lady Guinevere!"

Galahad didn't ask to be born or be treated like shit by his own father. At least had he lived, Arthur would've made him his heir since he wasn't aware of Mordred's true relation with him.

>being mad that Escanor and Arthur are single-handedly saving this series after the Hendrickson Saga

Be thankful that Nakaba knows which two characters can save his shitty series with it's bullshit decline.



Everyone knows Lancelot is a faggot and a bitch. What else can you expect from a French fanfiction character made out of sheer butthurt that the English were better than them?

So if Arthur is getting his own series like Nakaba planned, who the fuck is going to fight him? Or is Nakaba going to pull a Toriyama and say that there were secretly these super strong beings that nobody ever mentioned that make the ten commandments look like ants in comparison?

Arthur will be the MC from now on. Please understand.

King arthur in japan

Isn't Gawain supposed to have the same ability as Escanor? So Escanor either dies/loses his power or they just start handing out blessings?

The absolute state of Zelfags

>that girl in the corner who's like "my feet hurt"

>there were secretly these super strong beings that nobody ever mentioned that make the ten commandments look like ants in comparison?
Doesn't literally every shonen do that though? Sure Toriyama is one of the earlier examples, but it's not exclusive to him. Remember the final arc of Bleach where the new set of antagonists were so fucking ridiculously broken compared to all the past ones?

>Zelfags BTFO
>Melfags BTFO
>Escanorfags BTFO

Power creep in shounen, and honestly, most fiction, is borderline inevitably. You can count long-running series where power-creep is not an issue and powerlevels remain balanced all the way through with one hand. and still have fingers free.

Will we see hot shota on loli incest?

Man, Nakaba's style in black ink on white paper is amazing, but his color choices suck ass.


Was Lancelot not in the original King Arthur story?
What even is the original King Arthur story? I know that there's many different variations. Is there one where he doesn't get cucked and lives a happy life?

Lancelot was added into the Arthurian mythos much later by French writers.

There are actually two Escanor's in the Arthurian legend. Escanor the Large and Escanor the Handsome. The first one had the same powers as Gawain since they were born on the same day. So it's still likely that Nakaba can introduce Gawain in the Arthur manga. Maybe he'll be Escanor's son or just someone that inherited Sunshine should anything happen to Escanor by the end of this series.

>What even is the original King Arthur story? I know that there's many different variations. Is there one where he doesn't get cucked and lives a happy life?


Leave it to the French to add cuckshit into the Arthurian legend.