Osomatsu san

New episode today, let's see how it goes

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>special skit in new dvd
>Oso broke his leg
Fuck I need it.

Are there gonna be new skits in each be set?

>comfy slice of life stories
>brothers bonding
>most chapters actually end in a punchline
>no toilet humor

Why is the manga so based?

dsgstng.com/ onair now

It's a shame no one cares for it

Damn, of course it had to be a dvd special.
If it wasn't for the import ban, I would've actually gotten it just to see it.

Dayoon laughing at everyone's misfortune was a good gag.

Forgot about that, fucking Avex.
Hope someone uploads it.

Neet correctional facility

>Import ban
Where do you live that nip DVDs are banned?

So what happened in this ep?
>Neet correctional facility
Uh oh

Outside Japan so you need to use forwarders.

Choros mouth looks more retarded than usual

It's very easy to get around if you wanted.

They aren't banned in my country, Avex are just cunts.

I know, but it's honestly too much effort and money for a single skit, so I'll live.



>So what happened in this ep?

Looking at this makes me really glad san doesn't have merch like this

Thank God we have quality merch like this instead.

This has the interesting voice acting Irino mentioned in Shee Wave

>So what happened in this ep?
Karapino won.

Are these toilet seats?

They're bread bag holders

But I wouldn't be surprised if matsu toilet seats exist.

Karapino best matsu

I'm still waiting for matsu anal beads

Today is Nakamura's birthday. Say something nice about him.

He voices my husbando

Why is his hair defying gravity?

Karapino is best matsu.

I have no context for this screenshot, I just saw spoilers for the episode on twitter.

porn when?

Hey, that was me just now

Does anyone know what that rabbit thing is supposed to be? I've seen it in art before and I can't figure out what it is

Just plain dildos would be enough for me.

I wanna poke that belly.

Usapen. It's from a merch collab from last year.

Legit muppet mode

They're getting more muppet like by the minute

You sound so similar to me it's starting to weird me out a little.

Maybe I am you user. Have you experienced any lost time recently?


Kinda ruined when all the "cute girls" have the same damn face.

Welcome to modern anime

They finally did this
Also why is the girl animated at 3 fps?

It's not that, in Osomatsu-san anyone can look like just about anything as youve seen from background characters. But whenever a girl is in focus its the same face. It feels extra weird when the sextuplets being sextupleys is supposed to be unusual.


Welcome to the real life where all the ugly asian girls look different but all the beautiful idols have the same face.

Not really.

This. The ugly ones look pretty much the same too.

Real deal in Korea where it's normal to present a plastic operation as a present for 16th birthday.

Maybe that's way all those k pop girls look more European than asian

Episode was kinda meh. Some jokes didn't even have a punchline.

Why did Dayon get mad when the horror skit began?

Holy shit, this episode made me laugh out loud several times, this show hasn't made me do that for so long.
Second cour is going great so far, I hope it continues.
Also, was Osomatsu just swinging his dick and slapping it against his thighs or what was that?

What was the punchline of a Totoko maze skit?

Totoko maze skit was disturbing.

Is this thread died?

I love this episode.
What the fuck was up with that sakuga in the proper rangers skit? Was not expecting that.

Collective autism prevents people from initiating discussion.

I don't think it was a good episode, so maybe

>5 episodes left
How does this make you feel?

Is this the ultimate result of Totty bullying?

Is Kara confirmed grower not show-er?

But I think there will be a third season. It still makes enough money.

Choromatsu should really add some more fiber to his diet.

Sad. I hope it will get 3rd season.

The seasons been overall disappointing in my opinion (1, 2, 4, and 11 we're good, along with some skits in other episodes). In all I'm just gonna really miss these threads once it's over. The majority of the anons here are all so nice and fun to discuss/shitpost with. It's a shame I didn't go on Cred Forums when s1 was airing, or any of those art sites during that time. It's been lovely to interact with people who like osomatsu that aren't the stereotypical western fans. At least I got a decent amount of art saved now. But yeah I'll be genuinely upset when it's all over

They kind of jokes about how it's not that popular anymore in the show. I think the staff is burned out. S3 looks dim

>Choro blushing

I love Osomatsus obsession with dicks.

I'll miss discussing with you.


Wallet skit was hilarious

>It's a shame I didn't go on Cred Forums when s1 was airing
I'm not sure if i miss having a new thread made everyday.

I loved that choukei content.

Kind of sad, but I think a longer rest is needed if we are to get a third season, it seems like even the staff knows they've lost the edge.
I'll definitely miss the threads though.

I'm gonna miss these threads, that's for sure.
Despite all the negativity surrounding season 2, there has still been some fun eps and I genuinely hope we'll get a third season.

Same user here, Season three and movie will be hopefully, Osomatsu-San won 2nd place in Tokyo Anime Awards.

There is no way they will end this cash cow here. Most likely there will be a another season.

I don't think season 3 is a great idea, but I'd love to see a movie. I wonder how long that'll take though

Osomatsu is getting a third season! Coming to a tv Tokyo near you in 2020

good episode
I liked everything except the labyrinth one

It's like one year or more. Similar did the popular animes getting season three.

Neat episode. Osomatsu's little dance specifically gave me stitches but that's my shit humor for ya

I want to get a phalloplasty just so I can do what Oso was doing there

Some san anime purists think Shitara only writes shoujo trash and doesn't make the brothers evil and trashy enough.

They don't get what happens when an anime project spawns spinoff manga, where they'd be lucky if it resembled the series at all.

The Proper ranger sequence was too fucking funny.
Jyushi's slightly worried face as he falls forever especially.

I'll admit that skit cracked me up. Especially with choro going up and down out of the house when on the toilet

Some people don't get production and everything takes time. Even if the writing is blase, who'd want more -san if it had the shit look of Berserk 2016?

Personally I just don't like her art very much. I'm not a fan of the line weight variation being all over the place (making the boys look extra flat) or the expressions as much. I think some of the charm of the anime is that it's everyday scenarios that have dynamic animation (or did, at least), and the manga misses that. It's not terrible, though. Just kind of cute.

This is what happens when you make Totty do the straight shit for too long.

Is this series worth watching? Are there any cute girls?

This is so cute I have to share it. twitter.com/junkei_mochi/status/965300413770559488

Was there a nyaa-tan cameo this episode? I couldn't find anything.

There's only 3 cute girls, it's mainly all about cute boys. If you like South Park season 1-3 and non-anime artstyle, Than yeah I'd recommend it. but start from the first season

Yeah, but they always use the same face for every generic cute girl.

If was fun but it's a shame the animation quality was so poor.

No Nyaa Chan cameo in that ep.

Well osomatsu doesn't have super animation in general (neither does most anime unless it's sakuga centric like mp100)

guess its shit then

Enven kinko had more character than nyaa, she's a pretty shit character

>that episode preview
Totty's coming closer and closer to going postal

No stream will load, so what happens in the tidbits?

Dayoon was very distracting watching some skits. I am glad he kept walking off.

Osomatsu-san used to have pretty awesome sakuga (see: We Got Sick or Iyami's Counterattack). It would last a while too, not blink-and-you'll-miss-it stuff.

There's your problem
give it time
Also was the raccoon scene with totty supposed to be a rascal reference?

Imagine a regular kara the size of that sumo one. He'd be a tiny ball of squish.

This has probably been said before but I really don't get why some fans see Kara as someone who works out, if its anyone who's slightly toned it's jyushi.

The new years cards he made and the fact that we saw his dick like 4 times this episode, he really does have the mentality of a 10-year old.

The Totoko skit was terrible, but anyone else think that the person who trapped her there should've at least been Nya-chan? Dekapan made no sense

I am assuming the joke for the proper heroes were the fact they weren't proper so they couldn't properly transform.

Karafags themselves are often the ones who understand his character the worst.

Don't forget the dick towel as well in that same ep. Was he this dick oriented in the first season?

As much as I like Choro the tax skit was pretty the worst since it didn't go anywhere.

He made the bathhouse dick-guessing game, but other than that I don't think so.

What does it say, something about twitter?
The one good thing about this skit is that we saw more smug uppity choro, I need more of him

Season two has had those moments too, like in the skit where Dayon chases Dekapan.

Well, there was this skit in Fesmatsu where Dekapan listed traits that were ascribed to him (old man, wears only bottoms) to Totoko and asked if she would date someone like that. He was giddy each time Totoko would say yes, much to Todomatsu's revulsion.

I agree, if anything it's the fans that are applying archetypes onto the brothers due to laziness. Even more frustrating though is that muscular Kara is popular among both the west and the east.

This episode reminded me of Season 1 where the skits are all fast-paced and actually funny

I thought Totty slowly guiding Jyushi away from Choros delutional rambling was pretty funny.

I like them at times, but I prefer slice of life skits that sort of develop the character. Still some of the skits are a hit or miss for me.

Having Dayon in the corner is kind of cringe, it feels like a slient laugh track.

I didn't mind it but they kept repeating animations for him.

It was supposed to be a parody of those japanese game shows, but yeah it was a bit bothersome

I really want totoko to step on me in her heels. I wish there was more lewd of her.

Yeah, that was the most annoying thing about it for me. What's the point of having him there if they were goin to use the same three animations or have him go away?

Literally everytime someone comes up with "diverse" body types for the matsus it's always the exact same things for the exact same reasons:

Oso: A bit chubby because he's lazy, probably has a beerbelly
Kara: Muscular because he cares about his looks and is the manliest
Choro: Skinny because he's like a scrawny nerd stereotype or something
Ichi: Fatass because all people with depression are fat slobs I guess
Jyushi: Ripped as hell because of BASEBAWL
Totty: Skinny and smaller than the rest of his brothers because he's feminine

Do you think this will reach the bump limit, or are people still tired from yesterday's thread?

Yeah, it gets really old. I imagine they're all varying degrees of soft. Fuck the stereotypes.

Sometimes you'll also get contrarian Todo headcanons who'll say he has to be the fattest one because he thinks he's so cute and feminine with moobs. They'll cry about how fats can be popular and fancy too, but forget that a fat Todo in Japan would be a big joke.

I mean some of them I can see (like the Oso one), but others I just cant

>Fats can be popular
Projecting much?

>All hunch slightly and cover their dicks
That's pretty funny, shame the text made it so easy to miss

What if it was:
Totty: a bit soft but not with a belly
Juice: more skinny than fit. mostly just not fat.
Choro: incredibly plain and unremarkable
Kara: the kind of body where he sucks in his gut all day so he looks just a bit bigger than he actually is
Oso: The nicest body because life is unfair.

this episode's eyechatch cards were pretty nice

Which side character do people want to return for another episode? I'd love to see Eitarou return and emulate one of the other brothers.

Matsu monday's threads always tend to hit bump limit, but today it's been kinda slow.

>Kara-bun, Choro-bun and Totty-bun are empty
What did they mean by this?

too lazy to come up with something for Totty and choro?

>Ichi: Fatass because all people with depression are fat slobs I guess
Not to mention, Ichi's smelly and totally unhygienic apparently. Even though he typically spends his time either indoors or in the shade of the alleyway, some self-projecting unhygienic people color him this weird ass olive color and suggest it's really dirt or something

Even if Ichi's listless as fuck and hangs around with cats, he doesn't neglect to shower. He follows schedule to an extent, as he's the one who reminded the other bros that the bathhouse would be closing and gets uptight over tidiness when pushed.

This interpretation seems to closer to canon imo. Ichi always seemed a little auschwitz to me, and it wouldn't surprise me if Oso was magically the fittest just to piss the others off.

They're all really shallow people who only care about appearances. Also they're all dumb as shit even when compared to the other three.

I don't get why people complain about many people having the same headcanon. It means that a lot of people are interpreting the characters the same way, which indicates that the character has consistant characterization in the show. If everyone had wildly different headcanons it would mean that the character doesn't have concrete character traits leading to nobody being able to agree on what the character is like. Similar headcanons are the result of strong character writing.

If you think popular fanon is misinterpreting a character, or you just don't like the popular fanon then you may have a valid point, but complaining about headcanons BECAUSE they are common and therefor uncreative is a retarded argument. The point of headcanons isn't to be creative, it's to deepen your understanding of an already existing character.

I know it was for the sake of the skit but I find it amusing that Ichi has such girly hands considering how much of an edgelord he tries to be

>It means that a lot of people are interpreting the characters the same way, which indicates that the character has consistant characterization in the show.
But what they think about Kara came right out of someone's ass and spread to all of them. He's never shown working out. Jyushi is shown to be stronger than him. Kara is an artsy nerd who wishes he were more macho, not literally macho.

>It means that a lot of people are interpreting the characters the same way, which indicates that the character has consistant characterization in the show.
Tell that to the people who make stuff up based off of nothing or exaggerate. Do you think Totty is trans, then?

>Karamatsu gave one strum on his guitar
Yay! My prayers have been answered. Confirmation that the roof song wasn't a one-off and he does actually play that thing sometimes.

God their muppet heads really clash with those realistic bodies

>Do you think Totty is trans, then?
No, but in that case you should argue that the fanon is misinterpreting the canon. My point is that creativity isn't the goal of headcanons. I could have a headcanon that Jyushi is a devout Catholic that goes to mass every Sunday and it would be creative, but that wouldn't make it a good headcanon. In fact, the less creative a headcanon is the better, since that means it's pulling almost entirely from canon characterization. Totty being trans is a bad headcanon because it isn't based on anything in canon and even contradicts canon, not because it's uncreative.

That's much better.

Dem veins.

Ichi's looks fine.

It's not that they don't make sense, it's that it's all mostly based on stereotypes rather than character observation, i.e. Totty is petite and feminine because he wears pink and has a skincare routine, despite him being shown working out more than Kara.

All talk, no substance.

I wanted Choro to be full of bullshit.

Well, my argument is that Kara being muscular isn't a very strong headcanon, because the people who say so usually make weak arguments such as "he takes care of himself" when he could just as easily (actually moreso) claim he's already got the manliest body (read: walked into a gym once and was so intimidated he ran out). The guy's a big eater since the -kun days and was never a jock type. He even makes his own fashions but many fans don't bother to notice that and see him as 100% vapid and talentless.

Sometimes, headcanons become popular because they're popular, or they're what a bunch of people find more attractive (ex. more people who like Kara want him to have a sixpack/more people who like Ichi want him to be a fatass).

TL;DR: Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's correct. A lot of the time what's popular isn't actually the truth.

They take the idea of chubby a bit too far as well. Apparently chubby means giant shambling blob of filth and grease and cat piss with hair and flies.


Is Ichi actually the most prissy matsu?

I think those people are afraid to use the word "fat" or, well, "obese." Still bugs me that the tag for bigger matsus is "chubbymatsu" and not "fatsu."

This amount of bimbofication I will accept.

Anyone know where this outfit came from? I'm seeing Kara drawn in it all over twitter.

This is the weirdest bit of offical information that's ever come out.

Ichi murdered a bunch of kids or is that still not edgy enough?

The new paper doll book coming out (the first one had the nurse outfit, apron, etc)

It's an Anan editor thing, not of the director

I think it's crafts and fun stuff in general, not a whole book of paper dolls. Dunno why I worded it like that.

The truth stings I guess

I first remember "chubbymatsu" getting used by a blog to describe the fatter 80s designs, but not surprised it got picked for the kink tag since "chub_" is popular.

I was happy to hear the return of FukuJun's edgelord voice at last. He's been too quiet this season.

I use the word to describe what's bigger than chubby. Plus it sounds hot, "chubby" is more cute. I don't get why it's seen as more offensive when to many people it can be attractive.

Fuckin adorable man. I'll take six.

>Oso and Ichi stealing Kara's paafecto fashion

>you will never see a skit with the seiyuu doing cute kid voices as actual younger matsus for a "what if -kun was like -san" deal

Isn't there a coloring book too? Personally I think that'd be pretty kiddy but whatever

If they did that kind of skit I'd prefer they'd use different seiyuus to do more child like voices

Yep! It has a cute cover.

Is Kara drawing in realism or cartoon style? We'll never know ...

which matsu has best feet and why

So I guess I am not the only one that wants to rip off their dick and wash when it randomly gets itchy.

>Doesn't want to hear these seiyuu princes doing cute nasally kid voices
What's wrong with you? Just listen to Sakurai in this clip:

Whoever is your favourite. You're the one with the foot fetish, I'm not into those.

That was fucking brilliant.
>those subtle effects on his voice

Totty probably gets pedicures and files off the caluses, but he also works out so they get all sweaty. Ichi is always barefoot and mostly stays inside so his feet might be dirty, but they are probably soft and dry.

Nah, I prefer my kid character having realistic child voices. This doesn't look like someone who would have a nasally man voice

Kara again proves to be pretty talented at art.

Why don't they show it in the show properly?

He made a beautiful ice sculpture.

I actually bought it but can't bring myself to colour any of the pages

>been waiting for fanart to appear for this outfit
Yes, I want to see Kara more with them legs in those heels.

I wish the Choromatsu bun's inside was semen because of the fapping

Meant to reply with this

Now I can only see the image of choromatsu jizzing into a bun

Happy birthday Nakamura

This outfit is so nice.

Karapino is fucking adorable. I better see merch of him I wonder if we'll get to see more Karas in fairytale setting. He was Hansel in the previous episodes.

Is that a sparkly undie I see?

>doujin of KaraHansel being spoiled by a witch never

It's actually been on my to-draw list since the skit aired. Chubby KaraHansel, at the very least. Things have been so packed that I'm too tired once I get home ... sorry guys

>Karapino is fucking adorable
Indeed. I need art of him as soon as possible, I hope nips will deliver

>You will never spend a wild night of fucking with lumberjack Kara in a wood cabin.

I feel like Kara would get tired and maybe not be able to literally fuck all night, but there's be a hell of a lot of kissing and cuddling.

I find funny how Karamatsu would actually translate to Karapino in Italian. Nice little coincidence

I don't care if Karamatsu is chubby or muscular or a thin little soyboy. They're all cute. Even the gross improper obese version.

i want to do unspeakable things to totty's feet

I lost it so hard when he showed up at the end.

It made my night. Even Dayon is happy for him!

The gattai thing had me dying

>winter olympics skit

I'd expect some funny lewds of him

disgusting. Totty is for bellybutton penetration only

is bluray osomatsu-san full of dicks

It was a nice end for the olympic skit. M. Night Shyamalan'd my ass.

At least there is one bizarre AU that Kara won something.

What if you fucked improper Totty's bellybutton

Would you let any of the improper Matsus oyster dive you?

That was really nice of Kara in the wallet skit, trying to be discreet to help Oso save face. Of course, it was funny how he only noticed it because how damn shiny the wallet was.

Mm, yeah baby.

Inb4 karafags say he's such a pure angel

None of the Karafags in these threads do that, so you're only making a fool of yourself.

Yeah, I guess that's more of a Tumblr thing

Nobody should let Jyushi do so, he'd vore you from that way or suck out your innards

If he was a pure angel, he'd be boring as fuck. In fact, if any of the sextuplets were. I like my neets downright shitty and hopeless virgins.

Imagine what he'd do to your nubnub like how Racoon Jyushi did to those yams

Sounds great to me

That's probably one of the recipes in his cookbook.

>Ososan cookbook
I need this so badly, if they did make one what kind of recipes would be in there?

Karamatsu tanktop cake

I bet it would taste like flowers. And not in a good way.

Ichi's onigiris.

Osomatsus appetizers- cocktail sausages and cherry tomatoes arranged to look like a penis.

Whoops, was meant for

This please

Do the boys look good with chubby cheeks or not? I think they look great personally

Weekend thread was more active than new ep thread. What gives?

Oden for sure

School night maybe.

Or work. I feel like Osomatsu punishes non-neets by coming out on Monday.

I have to get up for class at 6:30, but I end up on these threads until they stop (usually around midnight or so) so I get shit sleep, but hey these are a lot more fun than biology


Oso watched this video and wanted to try it.

I'm debating whether I should make this my phone wall paper or not. Should I

This, I would love to draw but I'm way too sleepy.

Requesting a gif/webm of Oso dick smacka. Bonus if it's uploaded to wsg with the spiderman theme

Ep was pretty good.

Go for it

If only there was a way you'd hear the slapping noises Oso made while he was dancing like that when you unlocked your phone. The noises that come with his dance is what makes half of it.

Do it, user. Do it for Oso.

Do it for Oso's dick.

It doesn't look that great but I'm okay with it. It's a shame the stupid Google assistant bar goes over his head

I laughed a lot at Proper Rangers skit. The best

Choukei stronk this season.

Ichimatsu looks really good with that moustache and hair.

He looks hotter

He looks really similar to Karahiko here but hotter.
Stupid, sexy bedroom eyes.

Why is Ichimatsu so depressing?

I hope we can get more sadist Ichi with this version.

What's with their body proportions here?

Well goodnight