Name one (1) Fate girl who would make a better girlfriend than Rin Tohsaka

Name one (1) Fate girl who would make a better girlfriend than Rin Tohsaka.

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Luvia. She's Rin but with breasts and money

One who doesn't pleasure old men for money

Sakura. Better woman, better lay

>Medea is better wife material


Ufotable Rin Tohsaka

She’s a loyal wife with an educated pussy, a true national treasure

Her sister, Caster, even Rider though not housewife material.


It would be fun marrying Rider. Lots of potential gap moe there


>a true national treasure
If you're into insect, I guess.



But Kotomine removes them, secondary.

Seconded. The Christmas cake teacher trope is the best.

Nice coin slot nose.

>Powerful Magus from Age of Gods
>Gets btfoed by simple physical attack

I have a dream, a dream to ejaculate onto a beautiful woman’s beautiful foot


>Powerful mage from a 300 year old magus lineage
>Shit poopy water onto the floor because you can’t into the bidet


>I want desutroy Jeanne's defenseless....



You know it to be true.

Out of my sight peasant.

Rin and Kotomine aren't so different after all.

>canon screenshots

Like i said, go to

Please. That's easy.

so how i do get into Fate? whats the best way?

FSN VN > F/Z Anime or LN > UBW Ufotable > FHA
Theres no easy way if you dont want to become the cancer like on the other fate thread.

Has there EVER been a writer so utterly content with just pulling new rules out of his ass as he goes as Nasu?

You don't, Fate sucks
>t. got memed into reading the VN

Patrican VNfag route: FSN VN > Fate Zero anime >Whatever you want
Plebian anime only route: FSN anime > Fate Zero anime > FUBW anime > Whatever you want

Nasu thinks that Rin would be the perfect girlfriend "for someone as pathetic as me"

She didn't, the reason Rin has money problems is because she takes care of her mother. She's just never seen in FSN


Proper route: Fate Zero to get hooked up > FSN VN after so you dont uninstall it during Vanilla route > rest

Fate Zero > Fate UBW > Wait for the HF movies to go online and then > wait for Ufotable's Fate route. If you get hooked play the VN.

This is the supreme god alpha chad patrician method of watching Fate.

>Fate Zero first
That's like watching the star wars prequels first.

That's because Kotomine wasted Tokiomi's money for fun.

Literally nothing wrong with the Edelfelt

This is the cancer i told you about.

Except 80% of the cast of F/Z doesn't show up in FSN and FSN spoils the fuck out of F/Z. While F/Z only spoils FSN in the form of character backstory.

Kill yourself.

>Rin Kills
>Bad End
>Rin Dies
>Dead End

Her mom probably to brainlet to live & her mom probably didnt die in the end of F/Z because they dont want to Break Rin further after that Knife scene.

Every TM girl except Ciel is better than Tohsaka.

Objectively correct answer.

Spoils the MAJOR spoiler of Heaven Feel

Fuck every other shitty waifus

Shrou is the superior wife, agreed

>the mystery who is Gilgamesh must be kept hidden otherwise immersion will be ruined

No one gives a fuck about spoilers. Good poster don't need guides.

Rin and Sakura are also based on his older sisters.

once you go worm you never return

Which is wierd considerng it would sound like Sakura would've been the sister that was nice to him, yet he prefers Rin.

Good poster never listen to any advice on Cred Forums.

No one likes pushovers with no personality.

The King of Heroes is the best thing about Fate, yes.

This is true.

or maybe Nasu is just tsundere himself

Not all the worms.

I want to Fuck Tohsaka

Sakura has a pretty mean side to her.
She bullies and bellitles people in a few ocasions. It's never overt, it happens (it's specially noticiable on F/HA).
Rin puts up a strong front but she is pretty soft in the end of the day.

Possibly. I mean, Shiki is a male tsundere, maybe it was based on himself?

I swear, were the HA scenes written by someone else? They're too hot for Nasu


>F/Z spoilers in FSN
The ending
>FSN spoilers in F/Z
Sakura and Rin are sisters
Gilgamesh survives the fifth holy grail war
Iliya's relationship with Emiya
Kotomine is evil
The holy grail is all sorts of fucked up

>this is what wormsluts believe in

The only one remaining was the main one in her heart, which Sakura removed later on.

Caster is literally a top tier housewife

Her impregnation scene was 10/10 and it's not even my fetish. Saber's scene in the bath was good too.

Really? It has been years so I don't remember properly.

Take your stockings off, Tohsaka.

Don't be a faggot

Nasu never writes the sex scenes. The tsukihime ones are made mostly by Takeuchi (even if Nasu had to expand on Takeuchi's draft) while the others are written by random TM employees. The more employees more variety and more chance of a better scene.


>top tier housewife
>can't cook
No. She is cute though.

What the fuck are you saying you fucker?


>can't cook
That's moe

>Removing the MAGIC
Homo detected

>cant cook

Medeafags are delusional to the highest degree.

I forgot how edgy F/SN can be.
Like Sakura tears a chunk of her own heart while gloating to Zouken.

Well whoever wrote the HA ones needs a raise

You know at this point Sakura Mana is basically infinite, right ? She can survive Gil attack before, Removing Zouken main worm is easy after she become Dark Sakura

Needs to go back to Russian clay


>jackhammer mcloli fucker
>a homo

I bet Issei masturbates multiple times a day while thinking about Caster

Issei is literally gay.

Not to mention he actively dislikes Medea

>Fucks Caren
>Get Boned (Literally) instead

Dunno man, he has a weird magical buddhist monk thing going on that allows him to "get a feel" about people. He knows Caster is Neutral Evil

Only in HA, he likes her in FSN.

kill yourself with that stupid meme

In FSN she used her magic in all the monks in the temple

Because she's not open about her affection for Souichirou.

>She can survive Gil attack before

Regenerated from a brink of death because king of jobbers decided not to throw a few extra GoBs in. Gil's arrogance is literally THE reason of everything bad that happened in HF.

Violet Evergarden


Its his weakness, his arrogance.

Tohsaka literaly 10/10 in entire FHA
All of her scenes are golden



This one is my favorite.


This. Gil literally doesn't work as a character if he isn't cocky and underestimating. It's what separates him from Gilko.

Sure she's girlfriend material maybe, but not wife material.

Zel's Box Scene & Kaleido.Ruby


The only thing 10/10 is how many old man dicks Rin has had in her clam hole.




She's fucked more woman than men throughout the course of F/SN.


Both the Tohsaka Sisters can get really bitchy, but Sakura is scarier since she's subtle, wounds with a smile and is kind of nuts. Like Kohaku. CP shows when both of them are really mad over Shirou picking Saber, they both get fake nice and torture Shirou slowly.

Thing is, an angry Rin yells at you and hits you. An angry Sakura turns into an avatar of Angra Mainyu and tentacle rapes you. In CP, Sakura even holds the grudge after Shirou apologizes, so he gets dickworms for breakfast and dinner.


Keep telling yourself that you fat fucking dyke.

>Using CP as a reference.
Post ignored.

>hundred replies
>0(zero) Shirou menti-
A man of taste.


Get out of here ugly


But she's a violent bitch in it. Even Shirou gets sick of her bullshit.

Kill yourself.

pro version:
name a good fate girl



You had literally over a hundred girls to choose from, and you chose one of the worst ones possible. How is it possible to have such bad taste?

Aoko was in Extra, does she count?

>Will kill your child if you betray her.
No thanks. The fact that she can't love the child all by itself is a big red flag.

So she comes with built in birth control? Sounds like a plus to me

A mom is a better kind of girlfriend.

But i didnt choose Medea.

>implying they aren't both garbage
Nero is just the worse of two evils. Your smug sameface emperor is the mark of supremely shit taste.


What is your unpopular Fate opinion?

I just finished the VNs and zero why did they make all this weird alternate reality shit i dont understand any of it

I don't like Sakura.

Taiga should've replaced the wormslut route

He said unpopular user.


although shes more "wife material"

archer got off way too lightly for how much of an ass he is

should have suffered more

It is. Sakura haters are just a vocal minority.

Medusa is basically perfect

I don't understand how anyone who isn't mentaly an 11 years old can unironically like Archer.

>should have suffered more
But he is still suffering user. He is stil a CG killing shit left and right.


A woman who can't cook is not wife material.

I meant that honestly (even if I might have been more inflamatory than needed). Explain it to me.

Lancer is the best character

archer is just faust but hot and whiny

the only source for medea being a bad cook is obviously biased

Except the part where she's ugly

Delete this.

>Disregarding the purest expression of Type Moon Fandiscs in anime form

You disgust me.

That's the Manjuice talking.

Just read this, I purposedly avoided the h scene after finishing HA, Its...
Hot And Cute as fuck.

>purest expression
>literally an infamously terrible director cutting half the Tsukihime material and deleting the actual humor from the Sakura episode to awkwardly shoehorn in his own anti-Sakura delusions
Just read the source material Take Moon instead.

t. mad EOP shittyhime fan

Literally the only the best H scenes of all Fate.

The only right answer

I can't

You wouldn't even have Fate if not for Tsukihime you little shit.

Man, how I wish this had some form of stronger canonity. It was way too cute for Fate.
Inb4 F/GO protagonist are actually Shirou and Rin son/daughter conceived on that HA scene

>which Lancer
The answer is all of them. Lancer best class.

CP was okay in parts but it completely trashes the majority of the Tsukihime characters and shits all over Sakura. I'd hardly call it the purest expression of Type Moon.

I'd like for attention to shift away from the servants a little more again and focus on magi and their shit. I'd like a Fate story that's more about the events leading up to a war or the aftermath of one. Maybe frame it so that the events of the HGW itself come to light over the course of the story. Servants, while cool, have become too big as the face of Type-Moon when there's a lot of other cool shit worth addressing.

Saber's is better.

The Sakura one in her room is the best, not just for the sex, but the beautiful cherry blossom pottery.


True, Sakura got some of the best scenes throughout FHA really.

That statement followed by secondary is ironic to say the least when Kotomine said he burned his crest and still couldn't remove the crest worm completely without killing her.

>implying a single worm inside her heart is relevant in the context of the discussion

These kinds of people don't have the best reading comprehension after all.


You asked for this user, i`ll post best girl right nao

...Name one that wouldnt





Kotomine never had a crest to begin with it was a complete lie.

best doujins around

Fucking hell this made me laugh hard.
Why is Shirou a midget here?



>no Saber
There you go.

She's beaten Saber too, though.

Why do wormfags always sound so bitter and insecure?
It's like they have to constantly reaffirm to themselves that Sakura isn't a shit girl (which she is)

Is that a fact?


Spotted the bitter insecure Rinfag.

>Shits on Tsuki characters
You mean uses their Melty Blood/Tsuki Mats gag characterizations?

>Shits on Sakura
That is a TM pastime.

Illyasveil von Einzbern is the ideal girlfriend (wife) (imouto) (onee-san)

I think he meant to say they mostly ignored the Tsukihime parts of Take-Moon and focused only in the Fate parts.


Rider and Caster are the best girls.
Saber is a doormat, Rin is a bitch and Sakura a slut.

>Heaven's Feel exclusive
Is it true that worms can survive up to 2 or 3 nukes? I think winning can be easy when you're the only one left standing on the Earth.

>i-it doesn't count, it's HF-exclusive!
I mean, if you're going to be that way, the fact that the other two routes barely even have Sakura in them justifies that she wouldn't get the same amount of votes as characters that have roles in all three of them.

If that's the case, we can say the same thing about Je'anus or any character. :^)

Luvia exists to give Rin another blonde girl to sate her lusts with.

Luviagelita Edelfelt

Bazet, taiga.

Bazett best waifu.

back to where you came from, secondary-kun

>rhino tears
Rin being a heartless bitch is nothing new.

The VN is trash written by an utter hack whose only saving grace is in making an interesting setting for better writers to expand upon.

>Rin and Kotomine aren't so different after all.
Except one is an interesting, well developed character and the other waifu bait, albeit with enough focus to make it "passable"?

That's a mean thing to say about Kotomine.

Good lay, fit body, fun and enjoyable personality, smart, can play anything you want, will cook you best dishes daily, good sparring partner. More people should be gay for him.