Ryuuou no Oshigoto

New episode subs out

lolibros welcome

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=christmas cake girl


Ais a best.

Ginko a shit.


Sorry, minnasan. From today onward, and due to monetary problems, some irrelevant characters will be replaced.
But don't worry, we made sure to spend all our money on interesting, cute, and totally relevant characters!
Please keep enjoying our show!

Stop it. All girls are best.

I want to become Ai.

>old shiity hags volume and thread

Reminder that blue Ai only lost to red because she was disturbed after being cucked.
Now she is better so she obviously could curbstomp Leila which Red couldn't do to lack of experience.

I want to pick you up.

To keep showing how inferior is Ginko to them.
Author is S

Yaichi's promised to marry three different women so far.
wtf is wrong with him?

Ginko also was a child along with Yaichi and had LEs restrictions compared to Ai.
She just took Yaichi for granted and faced the harsh reality years later.

Shirabii's art is amazing. I'm kinda happy Project No. 9 was able to somehow at least replicate it in a way that you still see that it's Shirabii's art.

Wonder if 86 will get an anime adaptation soon.

Get off the internet, Ai.


How long?

Please keep derailing autism within that thread.

Not if they adapt loli himo first.

>Wonder if 86 will get an anime adaptation soon.
It's starting to get hype, so it's only a matter of time. Military action with cute girls LN is on the rise, anyhow.

down the line, Ginko will realize that her attitude does her no good and only makes her a non-romantic option to Yaichi.

she will then know that she missed the chance for happiness.

Needs more volumes.

He's just afraid of Ai-chan's great qualities. Give him some time and he'll accept her love sooner or later.

This, but unironically. I like Ginko, but she has absolutely no-one to blame but herself.

Keika acting like Yaichi is just being dense is stupid, it's not that. He's literally terrified of the thought of dating Ginko, of course he doesn't realise she likes him, she's pushed it way too far.

I like Red Ai.

Who? Oh, yeah, that one. I forgot she existed. Sorry, user.

You better.

I like Char.

She's the cute girl who just got fucking annihilated by Keika this episode.

Yaichi is dense though. It's definitely a factor at least.

My condolences, user.

>having to use off board tactics to beat an elementary school girl

I want to bully Red Ai with my shogi.

Too bad that denseness is only for Ginko.

Maybe she lost because she didn't drink her milk in the morning.

Who will win the Ryuuobowl

I like Ginko

Dumb hag.


Old hags are truly revolting.

She aged.
Dumb hag

Loli Ginko is the only Ginko for me. Want nothing to do with old and busted Ginko.

What's so good about 86 anyway? I just don't see why they don't kill all albas or even fuck off somewhere else.
I remember some reasons in the novel but they're concentrated bullshit.

To add: the art is gorgeous and it's not isekai which is good. But come on the plot is meh.

I'm confused how ranking works. How does Ryuuou compared to Meijin and the gay guy?

My condolences.

So vol 8 is about those two?

The plot is okay, but its the premise that kinda reminiscent of Valkyria Chronicles III is the real attraction. Also, because Shirabi.


Ryuuou is a title. He won it in a Ryuuou tournament. Meijin is a different title which has a different tournament, except it's split into 5 leagues C2, C1, B2, B1 and A and you need at least 5 years of promotions to even have a chance to challenge the Meijin, so it's much harder to win.
Gay dude is playing in the highest A league of the Meijin tournament so he's very strong, even if not very talented.


A man of culture.

Why are Stinko posters in here?

The problem is you're basing real world rules on another world. It's heavily explained in the LN but you tune it out because you can't take it in yourself to accept that that is how things are done in it. That's why it's underwhelming for you.

I'm actually fine with it. Volume 1 actually was there to explain what is what and why it is that way. That's why I was able to accept it for what it is and roll with what the countries and citizens do in it. If the author didn't do it properly, then it would have easily taken me out of story. Luckily he did.

They are masochists

The better question is why is a shitposter like you here to begin with?

>when she's 25 in present

Loli Keika is cute, CUTE!
Though if her father actually cared about her future after losing his wife, maybe he should have prepared her for a more stable career.

We're getting less and less Char with each new episode.

I'd pound the cake so hard and take responsibility.

Shark teeth is very moe. It's a shame it belongs to a girl who isn't a JS or JC.

>I'd pound the cake so hard and take responsibility.

Hold the fuck up, Yaichi just told the cake he love her? Really? Does AI deserve better than this cheating loli king?

That was fast. Didn't vol 7 only just come out?

Cute loli!

If Yaichi gives up on the loli, I'll just take them for myself, I'll show them what a true loli king is.

>puts on glasses
oh shit he's serious
>takes glasses back off

>eyes go weird purple gradient colour

He's got those eyes though.

This show is mediocre as fuck. Both Ai's are great but it focus way too much on boring shit and characters nobody cares about.

Even shogi matches are boring.

Realistically, it's not possible for him to make that comeback, is it? Some shogi user was saying he was 1 move short of doing anything last week.
They might as well drop the whole Shogi pretense and focus on loli.

10/10 girl but the guy is meh. Vol.1 was nice with her as MC but supposedly dude is the MC in 2-3 and a lot of people didn't like it. I can see sales and reviews nosediving.

I was expecting shogi Saki but it's not even half as good as Saki was. Shame really.

How long until both AI get upgraded and sleep together?

Never because it's a crappy harem LN.

It's got good lolis at least, something Saki is really missing.

No stitches yet?

This one too.

>old hag episode
>red ai lose
Pretty shit episode.

She deserved better ;_;

Blue Ai won though.
Red Ai had to lose at some point, a loli that smug shouldn't be allowed to exist.

She has a lost more matches than you thing. Anime simply skipped it.

Beg pardon?

just wait until he puts his glasses back on again

Yaichi takes Ai to Kyoto to the final of Yamashiro Ouka tournament to see the hot-blooded battle between female pros. Machi is the current holder, Ryou is the challenger. Probably some more drama, but hopefully it'll give more time to Ai too.

>a loli that smug shouldn't be allowed to exist
I beg to differ.

Most of the matches and events are referencing some real life matches and events, so maybe this one too.

Shinobu breaks the laws of nature, you should know that by now

Would be nice if they had more then 5 minutes of screen time per episode.

Red Ai's outfit in this episode was perfect.

>only he and his disciples have those eyes

Shut up Makibro

I wonder if Yaichi actually likes Keika or if he’s just teasing her because she’s an old hag.

Why is Ai-chan (Blue) so perfect? She improved the whole shogisode!

Nice blog, autist.

I want to research cake butt.

I think this was my favourite episode so far.
Plenty of Ginko and some story progression, it also made me like Keika-san even more.

into the trash it goes.

Red Ai > Blue Ai

>triggered reaction because of the above post
I wish you went into the trash, shitposter.

Blue Ai > Red Ai

Char > everyone

shit > Ginko

Saki has way too much asspulls it got stale.

Too young

No such thing as too young.

Ginko > Red Ai > Blue Ai > *

>ginko above anyone

I can sympathize with Keika as a character, but she honestly does nothing for my dick that accepts JS and JC only outside of rare exceptions.

Stay mad.

stay pleb

The good thing about Keika is that she was a very cute loli, which means any loli you make with her will be on a similar level of cuteness. On the other hand, she also has the boob genes.

Eat shit

Unironically read the LNs.

The LN are absolutely drowning in Shougi. Yaichi is constantly giving Shougi anecdotes, metaphors, or comparisons. He's always giving you the insight of a Shougi pro, and it read like it was written by one (with embellishment). They're actually some of the best LN I've ever read.

>boob genes
The enemy of all lolis.

>so mad he replied twice
Typical shitposter.

Fuck off

Is that what you get if you win a match against her?

One can only hope.

Okay, can you explain it?
As I read it the author gives three points why 86ers continue to defend their oppressors:
1. Muh honor.
2. Relatives taken hostage.
3. Nowhere else to go.

To which I answer:
1. Bullshit. Why would someone want to go back to live together with people who put them into intermittent camps (if not concentration camps)?
2. Since it's kids time, relatives are already dead. But also this hostage approach works personally. Here it's employed en mass. What happens when you defect? They can't kill their camps cause they take soldiers from there, so they need at least a semblance of normality and purges of traitors families would not accomplish that).
3. If there's a will there would be a way.

In fact that this commander/squad structure exists to the day is the most astonishing fact. No alba (besides heroine) is interested in what their squad is doing at all. The squad also knows that they are there to die cause they're to good to be the ordinary cannon fodder.

To sum up I expected to the end that this will go full guerrilla with heroine as a mole. And not this "I'll sacrifice myself&my squad for the sake of my oppressors".

No matter how angry she makes you due to projecting reasons, Ginko is adorable and is at least somewhere in the top 3, or top 5.

Why are you using my pic and why didn't you use a 86 one?

She'd made a fine alba, so it's okay.

Also you have:
- Mecha for yourself
- Squadmates with mechas
- Relatives taken hostage
- Shitty remote boss who doesn't care what're you doing

Your actions:
1. Protect shitty boss (and his colleagues)
2. Break-out your friends & relatives

I can't believe MC would choose 1, much less general populace.

>muh samefag
Eat shit

Go jump off a shogi table.

>now 3 replies
This shitposter is serious.

inb4 it becomes > than 3.

So 86 is actually a thing?
I was holding back myself from buying it after I bought the previous gold award winner (Valhalla Dinner) on a whim and it turned out to be a letdown.

Get the fuck out

user. Is antagonizing really the way to deal with him?

>ginkofags can't comprehend that there can exist more than one people that don't like shitko

I want be Yaichi in this very moment.

Ginko a best.

all me

>puts on glasses BOOSTO!
>takes off glasses BOOSTO!

Ginko is moe.

Ginko not a shit.

Why MC did not ask Gink to continue the massage.

>samefagging as usual

Hello, THK.

Ginko indeed a shit

>Ginkohaters can't comprehend that there can exist more than one people that like Ginko

I guess those were some good 100 or so posts before children found the thread.

Red Ai a best. A BEST.

>pick up for the lolis
>stay for the shogi and old hags
Not even mad, this is totally the surprise of the season for me.

Same shitposter.


feel good cake episode
>she is also my wife

legit one or two retards and the entire thread went to fucking ass. Mods just end us please.

She's now also a mother.


The retard who can't stand others calling his favorite girl a shit.

who fucking cares, that meme is gay anyways. Just jerk off to ur lolis and leave that nigga be bruh. Ginkos like 14 she might as well be a loli too

Just keep reporting the obvious retarded posts and hope for the best.

i guess thats the only way to do things if you want any hint at actual discussion. Lord forbid you actually wanna talk about the LN or something

I never read the LN after volume 2, but I got the impression that they adapted the whole third volume in two episodes again, or am I wrong ? The pacing was too fast in this episode.

86 is a letdown too. Don't buy it. Buy shogi loli.

dont bully the cake

But she bullied the loli

As expected of ginkofags

Damn, Keika is max cute here.

>Ryu has a busty-neesan and a ton of loli's at his disposal
GOAT harem.

I always wanted to know... why cake?

Finally starting to get the hang of identifying shogi pieces.

>Ginkos like 14 she might as well be a loli too

Exactly. In almost any other series the people hating on her would be drooling over her, since she'd be the token loli

THK hates her because of her tsundere-like behavior. LRD hates her because 14 JC is too old for his pedo taste. This is a lose-lose situation regardless.

urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=christmas cake girl

I want to take AI home.

Like I said in another thread, Ginko would've been fine in any anime but not here, she's surrounded by one digit lolis so of course lolicons would prefer the younger ones.
Same with Nono in Mitsuboshi colors.

Mitsuboshi Colors isn’t a generic harem LN, though. Nono’s fine. She just needs to show her panties more.

That's not the problem. There was hardly any problem until "those" shitposters" came in our threads.

But Nono is a JK. she's cute, but would never be a top girl for me.

Nono doesn't trigger THK and since Mitsuboshi Colors is a cute girls dong cute things without a male MC, LRD doesn't get triggered.

But with a body of a JC.

I love bullying.

Well of course this thread gets more shitposting because it's a harem, but you get what I meant, the irony is that if LRD and THK stopped shitposting about Ginko, I don't like her either, then she probably wouldn't even be talked that much, since she's spammed only to trigger them in the first place.

Thanks, user

It has been mentioned several times already, but yeah, they discuss Ginko more than her own fans do. They are literally obsessed with her despite how much they hate her. And since this is Cred Forums, people like to mock and make fun of them and trigger them by posting Ginko even more. It's poetic irony.


best butt

Talentless old hags OUT

>wrecked your shit

dumb useless cake, only good for rough sex and breeding!

Speaking as a lolifag and DFCfag, I narurally like all three girls, but my favorite is Red Ai since tsundere brats is near the very top of my fetishes. But I loathed THK because of what he has done in many other threads, so I often up up posting more of Ginko at times just to rile him up.

But I'm here for loli.

>There are people in thread that wouldnt take responsibility

Based mc, confirmed cake is definitely in harem

She resorted to off-board tactics! Doesn't count!

>aging hag with no future

Wow, rude.

Abe is strong in this anime, is he funding it?

I want to wombpat her at my home.

She's 9...


Yes, it's over. Now the real fun starts.

Too old.

>a path with no future

I know right user, she's old, Char is much better.

>able to have children and therefore pubescent
Not a true loli

She's giving birth to future lolis so it evens out.

I've got to give it to this guy. I figured when he lost he would do the full homo "NOW I'M SOOOO INTERESTED IN YOU!!" shtick, but he took the loss maturely and reflectively.
I hate that I've been conditioned to think that was the probable response. This was a really good episode on several fronts.

It was also nice that Yaichi finally stopped jobbing.

In the LN Yaichi BTFO him even harder. First he was boasting how he has spent over gorillion matches and months researching it with Meijin and after losing asked Yaichi how much did he spend, to which he replied 2 weeks.

yeah really, when does yaichi start to live up to the "top 5 ever ryuuo alien shogi player" thing? he just sucks

In V2 he beat the eternal Meijin and took Red Ai from him. The anime just takes out the stuff that make him a credible Ryuuou.

>Cake episode
>MC actually loves her
>Ginko suffering

10/10 episode

what has the anime adapted up to?

Volume 3 so far.

There is movement, unable to. Out of my skillset.

>and took Red Ai from him
Are they gambling with lolis?

Yeah, at the end of V2, Yaichi and the blind man had a shogi match where the winner got to have Red Ai as a disciple. When asked why he's challenging him for Red Ai, Yaichi just says, "I just came to want her."

As expected of the Loli King.

How fat is Yaichi's wallet?

no one takes a dragon kings treasure

so in upcoming volumes do we get more blue ai and red ai interactions?

so far they seem to be pretty damn distant not even at rival level interactions

Empty. Professional shogi doesn't pay.

so they completely skipped him beating the meijin? and totally changed how yaichi came into contact with red ai? and they're building up the meijin as DA STRONGEST when yaichi already beat him in the source material? what in the fuck?

ryuo gets an assload of money

You're confusing the Eternal Meijin with the current Meijin.
Eternal Meijin = if you held the title 5 times.

>Mystic Eyes of [search] Depth Perception

that's not what sangatsu says

the eternal meijin is the only one mentioned in the anime so far i think, so who else could i be referring to?

Eternal Meijin is the blind dude. He is not the Meijin anymore and the anime skipped Yaichi beating him for Ai.
The current Meijin is the master of the blind dude, and he's in the OP as well.
Remember those flashbacks with some dude in the back having brown hair? That's the current Meijin.

>blind dude
I meant gay? dude, the one Yaichi beat in the current episode.

Fuck the new episode. I don't give a shit about old hags. Where my lolis?

One of them was wrecked by the hag and the other beat her.

>Cred Forums calling young adults "old hags" because they aren't single-digit prepubescent children
God, at least try to hide your pedophilia.

The loli was inside the old hag all along.

Nobody here sees them in a sexual way. They're just seeing them as daughterus, I'm sure

Lads I really want Red Ai on my lap

Ah, I believe magna mentioned it in his summary, but the match Yaichi won is based on this one.


And regarding 86, current plan is to continue after June.

Red Ai would probably be gorgeous with 10 more years.

Could Yaichi beat Sota Fujii, the real life guy who recently beat the Ryuuou?

There is a shota introduced in volume 6 whom Ginko managed to beat, somehow. This shota is based on Sota Fujii.



The hag can't beat anyone without using dirty tricks.

I want to fuck Blue Ai!!!!


That was shitko

As expected of Ginkofags

Are you retarded? He's talking about Keika. Even Ginkofags call her a hag.

Dub dubs don't lie.


Ginko a feces

Her bodyguard agrees.

Takes one to know one. Perfect for you.

>Her bodyguard agrees.
Because she knows what's up.

Bodyguard best girl.