Give me one reason why IchiGOAT won't win

Give me one reason why IchiGOAT won't win.

She's trying too hard.

Lol when will they learn

because Hiro is a manlet beta. She can do much better.

Beta womanlet.
Can't compete with a real woman.

the script has been written that way



It seems like ichigo's sole purpose is to lose the hirobowl, at least thats what the writers are making me think
>why are we here just to suffer

>why are we hiro just to suffer

You can't win if you lose. Hirobowl is a meme.

she will win

the gorobowl

goro will be the first to die, mark my words


Nah I'm starting to think Ichigo must win. 02 is going to betray Hiro. All she cares about is killing dinos due to her identity issues, shown in her thoughts at the end of last episode ("I need to kill more dinos").

Because she already won as much as she could. Shes treated as lovely sibling and she can be happy because Hiro is happy.

>she will win the gorobowl

That is wrong though.

She is blue. Blue never wins

They wouldn't do that to Goro. Unless he kicks the bucket, he's gonna end up with her.

Idk, they could very well kill him to conveniently make room, but only after he helps ship Ichigo and Hiro. Or kill someone else and play musical chairs. As it is, Ichigo doesn't want him so he'd be better off without her.

Hiro also doesn't want Ichigo. She'd also be better off without him.

Don't watch this, but this is such a cute design. From the looks of it she was the childhood friend with the unrequited love or something similar and is therefore bound to lose. I hope she can find happiness without the MC, who is probably shit.

>the MC, who is probably shit.

>entitled Ichicucks
This is why you get bullied.

Goro deserves better than Ichishit.

That's because Ichigo hasn't won him over yet. Once 02 betrays him he will understand she was a crazy dino lady and then look elsewhere.

It's more likely that would be an area for character growth for 02

Nah. 02 will be shown to be totally immature with and identity complex and obsession with killing the dinos who represent the part of her she despises. Hiro will learn not to trust girls who suddenly throw their naked bodies at him and call him darling. Ichigo will succeed at winning Hiro. And Goro will die tragically while always putting the mission first. Screencap this.

Because pic related.