Post great Isekai anime/manga/LN


>the only good Isekai was when girls were the leads


fuck off

I'd agree with you if it was 100 episodes shorter

Seo’s next manga


What is top left?



Fushigi Yuugi


unironically this

Fushi Yuugi, MC is girl with a harem


Did Yuri and Wolfram actually get married? I didn't even finish it back when it was airing on animax.

Seriously, what's up with that? Are most guys incapable of writing a male isekai MC without turning it into some bland power trip?

Female isekai stories are even worse about this.

Rance is a weird case. It's an isekai world. Miki is an isekai protagonist from real world Japan.

inuyashas not isekai its literally time travel, similar concept though. Although ill fold on digimon.


What's so great about self-insert disgusting fat otaku getting reincarnated into shota that can get all horny girls?

nah their engagement was broken off but I don't remember the reason now

Rance isn't really a Isekai,their have been a few characters that our from another world but that's not the main plot.

I came to post this. It's great because the story doesn't revolve around her, she's more of a support/observer. Also Guymelefs are the fucking best

Does anybody watch this?

World building and characters.

What is Ragna doing in that show?

Juuni Kokuki