Death March

>"Hey, Master, have you noticed?"
>I gave an affirmative to Arisa's question.
>Zena-san who's surrounded by her friends has gotten a new title.
>Satou's Fiancee.

There you go anime only fags, the author gave your temporary best girl a gift. Satou has willingly taken a girl as his fiancee, Aze's stranglehold is finally weakening.

She's not even the first girl the politicians have foisted onto Satou.

A new WN chapter to read, Liza's chances are increasing as Aze's monopoly declines.

right, Sistina was foisted on him. He went up and took Zena on his own.

Zena was foisted on him too, with barely any more subtlety.

What's her appeal?

New chapter? Nice. Great to see the girls removing tree hugger taste from Satou.

> [Plunder] skill acquired
> Title [Plunderer] Acquired.
> Title [Love Hunter] Acquired.
> Title [Soulmate] Acquired
So Zena is his soulmate? And Plundering other guy's fiancees is a skill?

Zena is a cute maiden, she did nothing wrong.


I'd take Aze over Zena any day. Though I guess you could be looking to actually good girls getting a chance.

That's because you have shit taste. Anyone's better than tree hugger.

Is it wrong to want to fuck Tama?

You should wait a few years for her mental development that has been stunted by slavery to catch up to her age.

Wanting a loli catgirl is never wrong.

I'm glad he's getting more fiancees, but you know best girl won't get proposed to till the very last because the author is a hack.

The author may be a hack, but at least his taste isn't as awful as yours.

His taste is better than liking Aze.

Aze is low tier, but not terrible. You're just butthurt about her being in the lead.

That Earl played Satou good though, he left him with no way out(Of course the King wouldnt try the same "knowing" Satou´s identity)

I just want to see the earl shit himself after the king discovers the shit he pulled on Satou

Satou's acquired skills can only do so much, he has no talent for things like like acting or chanting.
Aze's help with the children requirement may have failed, but that was the only thing I liked about her. Zena is still a bit boring, but not as bad as Aze.
I doubt we will see that much development in the WN even if a few more years pass. Pochi and Tama may end up married to him anyway just to be included, but they are the least likely to be treated differently over time.

It's wrong not to.

He had plenty of ways to get out of it. He could have just kidnapped Zena, used his authority as a minister, revealed himself as the hero and said she was one of his companions and untouchable, or even just destroyed the place. Satou is too passive to do any of that obviously, but the Earl shouldnt know that.

Someone mentioned Dungeon Defense in a past thread and I read the first volume in a single day at work. I'm usually too ADHD to do that, but I had a lot of fun. Lapis is my ideal waifu, too bad fan art is almost non-existent.

Dungeon Defense is actually good, unlike 99.99% of isekai.

Well yeah, he´s motherfucking Satou, guy could had just traded some anti-demon lord golem army or something for her, the thing is that he was caught in a dilemma he didnt even see coming where he had to openly show his care for her and going against etiquette with his public persona
Revealing the Nanashi deal is about near endgame material and its amazing it could come close to it

Some already suspect that identity anyway.

No, I just don't like how the reason Satou likes her is fucking terrible.

If you think that of DD, you have read nothing

How come every time someone makes a claim like that, its about a series that has "rape" as a tag?

Well he can just stage some grand battle he gets killed in and fuck off everyone they dumped on him any moment. He had such a plan in store for Nanashi at one point after all.

Let me guess, you're about to say that Mushoku Tensei is good.

I doubt anyone important would believe he was killed, they just wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Why are you trying to force some bullshit correlation between story quality and subject matter?

He doesnt even have to do that, he could just fuck off to the elves' forest or to the bottom level of that labyrinth and no one would ever bother him again.


He has access to other planets and parallel worlds as well, escape is easy, although Arisa can contact him anywhere.

This one image defines the entire series. MC with two lolis on either side of him preventing thirsty adult girls from getting near him.

Arisa looks really cute as a blonde.

Has he done anything with that yet? I seem to remember him saying that he thought he could get back to Earth after Hayato returns, but he put off testing it for later.

He went to Hayato's Earth to buy junk food for Arisa.

Those aren't the ones stopping him though.
He travels to Hayato's world, and in some of his random searches finds a post WW3 Earth he uses to help some people later. I don't think it's explained how he sends things to random worlds without first being there.


>although Arisa can contact him anywhere
A fate worse than death

He needs more to become familiars, then drunk Mia can talk to him also when he is away for too long.


Mushoku Tensei sucks balls.

How happy would Arisa be if MC ever fucked her? Do you think she would mindbreak herself out of happiness?


She would cum and mindbreak the instant Satou's dick even made contact with her.

It's one of her goals in life. She should be last.

Pretty sure she would be out of commission with even the slightest bit of foreplay, and would need several tries to even get close to actually getting the dick

Don't under estimate a girl's willingness to be utterly destroyed by the D. She might be in a puddle of her self before getting to the main event, but oh boy, she will get there.

If she was an OS, touching Satou's dick at this point would be an instant BSOD.

She might have been okay if she was successful on the first night, but now her unsatiated thirst has left her like a shriveled mummy.

Nah, that was a plan before he made all the connections he has now, he cares too much about his relationships to do that shit to people who know him.
Well it could happen down the line when his life reaches the normal human life span or some serious shit happens with the Gods, but he would make sure most people that even know him be in the know

Oh no doubt about it, but Satou would not let her push too herself too much and would take some sessions for a while to actually reach the main event

...Though I could see her(maybe Satou helping her too?) spamming Elixir to help her keep up

He did decide not to activate those skills he acquired, although his other stats are still high.

Nah, he is in the safe side since he first free Satou from any previous obligations and then let him make outrageous demand like taking someone else’s fiance for himself. Really, the whole thing came about due to Satou halfass attitude and none committed to the women around him. The Earl basically saw the hole Satou had dug himself and call the buff he wouldn’t throw himself in it.

Probably just that he's obtained a soulmate.

Next soulmate won't win him a title.

It's awesome when stories use magic like that, casting heal on a girl just to have her not pass out, man, we really need magic irl.

Ideally she would BSOD while jumping on top of him, and her body would continue on pure instinct.

Satoo has no STDs. He literally cures a whole building full of prostitutes every night. He's performing a public service, don't throw shade on his slut sanitization quest.

He may get a related title the next time he accepts another willingly, just not Soulmate. I doubt we will see him test the effects of the title being active.
Maybe she put some skill points into related skills in preparation for that day.

>He may get a related title the next time he accepts another willingly
Gained Title [Soulmate Harem]

Best girl got proposed to first.

>Satou has willingly taken a girl as his fiancee

"Mwu. First."

How many individual weddings will he end up in? I can't see them all happening at the same time for political reasons among others.

Not to mention Never Give Up and Overboost.

Satou wouldn't like her risking that again. He may need a different method to cure her a second time.

Sharing orgasms in a loop through [Familiar] most be nice.

Do we know if Satou can block anything sent that way? Arisa could have uses for that connection.