Literally nobody asked for a second season and a movie

Literally nobody asked for a second season and a movie.

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sales disagree with you

i did

>shit content gets sequel
every time

fuck you soyboy

I never expected it and already forgot about half of what happened but I'll take it.

I didn't ask, but I'll take it.

>more LE HESTIA BESTIA cringe
No please no. I thought the cancer stopped it’s been three years.

Sales of S1 was decent but not terrific (5,200 average) while that of Sword Oratoria was on flop territory (1,316). The way basically everyone stopped caring about Sword Oratoria should be a big sign that S2 and movie are going to not be very financial viable.

The state of Cred Forums.

Didnt they adapt like 5vols into 1 fucking season?

How can the fans and the author be happy with another season butchering the source material?.

I'll take it

hestia is best though stop being gay

I just want to fug the flat amazon.

I wish the mods would do something about these "people".

Thought it hit like 8000? Going check now... It was on everybodirs mind when it came out

I did bitch

The cancer never left.

Nobody gave a shit about Oratoria because Bell and Hestia werent in it

domo, Nobody desu.

There are better girls in this show.

>Hestia Defense Force already in full action
Sad that Hestiautists will defend this shit adaption that attempted to sink 5 volumes into 12 episodes because of their flavor ribbon-under-breasts cartoon crush
Just give it up. Oratoria was a huge flop, people literally only cared about this butchered adaption because it had a FOTM waifu. Nobody will care now. J.C. is a total mess production-wise.

Nope it's right must have been thinking first volume...........meanwhile konasubs barely had a drip going from 11k to 10k

close but not enough

I did but over 2 years ago, I forgot this even existed.

i did

I did so I can get a sequel to this

You forgot the temper tantrum stomping, OP.

Ehmm... It's not like I used to fap to it like every week...

I wish people stop thinking dvd and BD sales are everything when most franchises moved from that deprecated model since ages ago, merchandise can make up for most or even more of a series revenue. And for danmachi that's the case the games, cheap merchandise and figures sold like pancakes.

Why can't the japs hire people to sub their BD's in english and spanish with actual quality and sell them outside of japan cheaper?.

Because that's not profitable. Simple as that. Most optical media produced in Japan is still manufactured nationally, meaning retarded prices when compared to production on other Asian countries or even western ones.

I want moar Hestia. She is bestia.

>ener thread
Fuck you morons.

Explain further

I imagine the author is happy with his moolah

You are basically asking why can't they just throw away their money by investing more resources and then sinking their profits.

The western market is a tiny fraction when compared to the Japanese one. China is actually the largest market besides Japan.

Mean to reply to you

When you have some autistic prices from importantion into the west, you might not want to even try buying a single BD from japan.

Why does Lili walk around with her belt undone and pants unbuttoned?

No Hestia no life

Yet plenty of people still import. Why spend time, money and personal resources to have subs when the market won't be buying your merchandise? And no lowering the prices for such a niche market is not a viable alternative, the purchases don't grow linearly when the prices go down.

And that's why Japan doesn't bother selling or making the merchandise friendly to the west. It's just not profitable, they rather get flat royalties and let others do the distribution

I haven't watched this anime, but I guess I won't.

yeah, because the success of an anime series solely depends on disk sales...

The later volumes also sold over 100,000 copies.

Yeah except for me.

I asked for a second season, the movie is really just icing on the cake

>Those filenames.

I did, actually.

I don't care one bit for stone-faced-mary-sue. Give me more Bell and Hestia.

i did

I couldn't care less about some Hestia movie. But I'm all in when it comes to the second season.

The remaining novels are quite bad.

The remaining novels are all better than what the anime has covered so far.

Too bad we didn't get Ryu's side story animated. I guess there's still not enough material.

whose cat-chan

I did.

I wanted a season 2. A movie is a bonus. Need more oppai loli.

they will insert Lefiya in the series, right?

I been asking for for 3 years already, nobody asked for the movie though.

>Literally nobody wanted them to adapt the best arcs into an anime and make an original movie

t. Brainlet

The point of the anime is to sell the LN, and the first cour got the LN sales pumping.

There's no chance for a S3 because the numbers won't be as high this time (there's always a drop off, since you have to have seen the previous one to watch it) but it definitely had a good case for a second season.

Season 1 didn't really butcher it. It skipped over some details and you've got absolutely no idea what the fuck Freya is up to, but it made sense and worked fairly well.

I actually can't remeber any major scenes that were completely left out. Maybe Ryuu's heart to heart being cut down and them losing some flashbacks about Bells past. But the part with Hestia unleashing her powers was way better than in the LN.

Wait, there's Danmachi games? Are they any good?

two mobile games, a webbrowser RPG, and a PS4 game, but I only know Memoria Freese (mobile game) - the main story line retells the events of the anime series and it's fully voiced, but there are also other quests and events that are original. But it's still a mobage, really repetitive and most of the time I don't know what I am doing. It will be translated into English soon.

I did

I'm so happy I thought after that horrible spinoff we wouldn't get a season 2 but we did. My faith is restored

So disk sales is not important to a series health? Have Stalker threads been feeding me false information?

about time

Anime exists to boost sales of the manga/LN. If it makes money ontop of that, great.

Spinoff was so bad that even the artist didn't care enough to make another doujin.

Yes, stalker threads are cancer and your obsession with hating this show is unhealthy.

Big Hestia tits

the show appeals to incestfags who are into son - mom.

Nah, I actually want to see the war games arc

I want more PUNISHED Bell adventures so no.

Just what?

It doesn't really matter if an adaptation "butches" things as long as the anime make sense overall.
IF they skip things that make the show hard to understand, its certainly a problem, but if the omission doesn't affect the comprehesion of the anime doesn't really matter.

I asked for a second season. That's where the Bell suffering ball gets rolling.

I wonder how they will manage the adaptation. I've been told that volumes 9-11 are the same arc and there is no way that they can put 6 volumes into 12 episodes.

So either they stretch volumes 6-8 with fillers or they cut vols 6-11, in either case, not very promising.

I wonder if they will show Bell's broken arm and then him burning people with firebolt?

>6 volumes into 12 episodes
There are adaptions who did that. Just hope they don't do it.
They could stretch up to the upcoming volume 14 and make it 2-cour (they won't).

They can always end it with Bell fighting the revived minotaur and getting Ox Slayer skill.. or when he gets ashsmed

I didn't ask for this but all the girls were top tier so I'm happy.

I really miss when 24 episode series were the standard and 12 episode series for certain things.

they can cut most of v08 since it is only a short story collection and use the material for BD only OVAs, for example. That leaves 5 volumes for 13 episodes, just like the first season.

But I want to see Bell fire bolto punch prostitutes!

She would be part of the Familia if it weren't for Hestia and Lili who started to behave just as bad as Hestia in the LN.

This tiny amount of Lefiya art makes me sad.

I thought I got over Hestia long ago, but this news reignited the flame and I can't stop fapping to her again