This is Irene "Rally" Vincent, a bounty hunter and gun shop owner from Chicago

This is Irene "Rally" Vincent, a bounty hunter and gun shop owner from Chicago.

Say something nice about her!

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I've seen her naked.

I want to rally her Rallys.

Mass shootings can only be stopped by another assault weapons ban.

t. ATF

You're really cool, have great gun/car taste and I respect your asexuality, now where's your loli prostitute life partner?

>that subtle middle finger

You can't be that brown and be asexual.

She has a really hot friend!

Nice taste in cars

She's gunsexual.


This bitch looks like such a fucking whore.

She does enjoy kissing girls, so she's not completely asexual.

Branch Davidians did nothing wrong.

She worked in a brothel.

remember to defend your home from intruders Cred Forums

She's really cute.
I don't like CZs though and she shouldn't have worked with the ATF no matter the circumstances.

Isn't her name actually Larry?


Because she is.

Half-POO, half closeted duke, would still colonize.

Is anime Chicago at all like real Chicago?

Her skin color is a good match for the people you'd find in Chicago.

>trash anime
>trash "say something nice about her" forced shit meme
When Persona fags post the same garbage way as you, you should re-evaluate your life

Diet penis

She got me into brown girls and encouraged me to learn more about guns. She's cool in my book.

Fluffy hair!

She got good taste in guns

Traffic in anime Chicago is better.

I like how much she and her crew got naked in the series.

Everything she did before BURST was pretty awesome.

Rally and May are super great. Gunsmith Cats was a shit ton of fun to watch and read.

Delicious brown is the work of God.

90s anime sucks cock.

Rally is a perfect 10/10.

Yes. It's written in English on a fax that she gets at one point in the manga.
Also, it was her father's name. She took it so she could continue to fraudulently use his gun licenses.

>dude hates rally so much he wants to rape her
>Girl hates rally so much she rapes and mind breaks her but not before giving her PTSD attacks

I honestly didn't expect this given the first few chapters.

Waifus, they don't make them like they used to...

Yeah, but thing is Rally Vincent is such a sexier name than Larry Vincent.

A rose by any other name is just as sex.


The cuter gunsmith.

You have the best hairstyle of all mangas and animes! Also, delicious brown skin!

This. I mean burst was ok, but the original run was fantastic.

Also, while not as good as the original music video, GSC Sabotage is pretty awesome.


There's nothing sexier than a woman with a man's name.

Girls in uniform/suits are sexier

No, guns are legal in anime Chicago.

Have you seen girls?

What's your point?

Nobody is that asexual

I´ve seen her pubes

why did your manga turned into yurishit

Reminder that they lost everthing at the end.