Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains

Are you looking (go) forward for return of THAT voice?

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Is Vrains good and if not, why do all you faggots keep following it?

I like it, others say there's nothing on Wednesdays.

God the newest episode blew dicks. Really? Mirror force? Why the fuck don't you just have every villain run raigeki then?

>Is Vrains good
It is the most mediocre anime I've watched in a while. Not bad (Getting there), like Arc V, but incredibly mediocre.

>why do all you faggots keep following it?
I love Yugioh and will watch whatever garbage it puts out. Also, I'm somewhat invested in it at this point.

shines brighter than an atom bomb.

These threads keep dying for a reason. Vrains is boring and has nothing going for it. Not even any standout characters.

There have been big stretches of episodes in several yugioh series where there is no standout character.

Not this long. Every previous series had stand out characters early on. DM had Kaiba, GX had Ryou, 5Ds had Jack and Crow, Zexal had Kaito and Shark, Arc-V had Shun and Reiji. Vrains has nothing.

The world duel carnival premlinaries had no standout character, GX post yubel had no standout character, Pre-WGRP 5DS had no standout character.

The fuck are you talking about? Those shows had standout characters from earlier in the show still around. The standout characters don't just disappear. Shark and Kaito were still around with IV and III being introduced. GX had the whole cast still around and Judai had just went through a huge change. 5Ds still had Crow and Jack around with Yusei. Vrains never had any stand out characters at any point.

if they were so standout, why was not much happening?

Becausr you don't pay attention. Zexal always had shit happening and while GX and 5Ds did move at a slower pace, they had things going on.

It was going through the motions mostly

That's not what a standout character is. A standout character is popular even without much going on. People want to see them regardless of what they're doing. Shun and Reiji didn't do shit for most of Arc-V and yet were really popular. People wanted to see them.

Yugioh is a dead franchise. RIP

Because 5D's was a really good watch so I'm now hooked onto Yugioh.
Arc-V threads were fun and had a lot of nice content and discussion so I'm hoping for these threads to get good at one point.
We've also got 2 Cred Forums sings for Vrains

I guess were coming at it with different definitions then.

I'm having hopes for Revolver to turn into a great rival.
Kaiba, Ryo, Yusei, Shark and Shun are all great examples of standout characters.

It's at a lower point than usual.
It had the potential to rise again with Arc-V but that crashed pretty hard.
There's a reason everyone calls it wasted potential: the show.
I'm just staying for the legacy support for modern Blue-Eyes.


the only thing that's dead is kisara.

Explain further

Seems like the non-vocal part of his music has changed significantly.

Oh, yeah, the singer that id Overlap op song for the first Yu-Gi-Oh series, for the past Egypt arc.

The only thing that makes the franchise money or keeps it alive is nolstolgia and though nolstogia sells the franchise it doesn't sell trading cards.

It's nice to have the singer for one of the best DM openings back.
Makes you really wish for Masaki Endoh to also return.

I wouldn't call it dead instead I would say It's rather hard to invest into.
Most who are involved with it only know DM/GX and watched it back then casually while it was airing.
I would reccomend you to watch the first 3 shows subbed with BBT or read the DM Manga.

Don't worry it's getting better now with the new opening and the next arc.
We're getting an upgrade for Borrelload Dragon and a big Gouki next episode with the next arc hopefully bringing the AIs.
We're also getting the Perfect Rule Book 2018 for the OCG on March 23rd.
As a note, since the printing of the Perfect Rule Book began, a new significant card mechanic or interaction is usually introduced in March or April that is mentioned and explained in that year’s edition of the rule book. Previously it’s been the introduction of Xyz Pendulum monsters, Synchro Pendulum monsters, Fusion Pendulum monsters, and the New Master Rule rule set.

So it would not be unlikely if something new came up in and around March or April.
Which could probably mean we'll be getting a Firewall upgrade with the newer upgrade to Link Summoning.

All posted songs were made 2004-2006. He did nothing more on anime scene since then.

that's fine by me

stockholm syndrome

Not from those songs, just in general, I don't think we should necessarily expect a rock type backing.

But aren't all trading cards slowly dying?

>Judai's huge change into a melancholy faggot makes him standout
If you want to go about it like that fine, but I wouldn't.

S-sauce? Asking for a friend.

I've watched all of Yu-Gi-Oh!
If I managed to go through Arc-V, there is no point in stopping now.


More dedicated than me

The only reason these threads ever stay alive is through samefags posting the exact same shit every thread, vrainlets that can't handle any sort of legit criticism, notalgia fagging and talking about other shows that are not vrains, sometimes vanguard

Overtly inoffensive anime like kofuku graffiti are mediocre. Vrains has even less entertainment value so I'd call it one step below average for a Yugioh.

Because I survived Arc-V (somehow) and want to see how Vrains ends up. It's meh at the moment but could go in either direction (or remain meh, I dunno).

>why do all you faggots keep following it?
I don't know user. This franchise is holding me hostage. The next series could be worse than Arc-V and I'll be here.


Are you saying more people should post Aoi?

Seems to be working for the nips who have increased the amount of Aoi/Blue Angel fanart in the last couple of days for no apparent reason

>sometimes vanguard.
So this is what you fags who can't get even a proper thread here believe.