Why is Citrus so popular? Every thread hits post limit

Why is Citrus so popular? Every thread hits post limit

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Citrus SUCKS!. Even Netsuzou Trap iS better series than this

They don't end up together.

You're welcome.

They both end up finding regular boyfriends and forgetting about their sinful homo phase.

You're welcome.

Anime when?

Because God wills it.

Threesome appeal.

Sorry, meant to quote OP though it may apply to these girls too

I hope not :

It's /u/ shit. What did you expect?

But it's proper /u/, not disgusting yuribait aimed at fat otaku like this guy:

It's fat and disgusting men the ones who fucks the most girls in hentai.

>in hentai.
Because it's easier for pathetic brainlets like those to self insert if the one doing the fucking is a pathetic fatso like them.

I know its bait, but hopefully soon

>proper /u/
>no actual sex just kissing
>no pee
>endless pointless drama

>no actual sex
>no pee

Why are they holding each other like that?

The manga isn't even over. It gets a new chapter in April.

If they adapted it now, it would've LITERALLY zero yuri in it since nothing happens until very late in the game.

I think it'd be pretty hard to adapt with that of nothing ever happening and whatnot. The motherfucking play hasn't even started yet, for crying out loud.

Because they wuv each other. In a romantic and sexual way.

Why does everyone assume Matsuri studies at the academy now? Didn't we only see her sitting outside the school on a bench? She came there to hang out before just to meet Yuzu, I don't see why she wouldn't skip school now too just to see her friends.

It's just a phase.

Maybe because of her school uniform or the fact that she is scared of Harumis sister.

Look at her uniform.

She wears the Aihara uniform and hangs out with Harumin and Yuzu on school hours (Nene doesn't count, she's a parasite). Also, Himeko scolds her about her appearance.

Yeah, they'll get over it some day and go marry each other.

Trim down worst girl's plot, and you could move things a bit faster.

Reminder that Harumin is straight.

I've just found out because of the flipflap dude that Citrus averages 125k+ per volume.

But Touko is one of the main characters, sadly.

Is that good?

Les love, les sex, les hand on les leg

>tfw western fans and spics send Saburouta threats
>meanwhile the nips
>神無月の巫女を観てから百合姫で #citrus 最新話読んだせいなのか......すごいダメージ大きすぎて涙が止まらない。芽衣ちゃんは本当は柚子と一緒に居たいのに......学園を継がなければならないし。続き早く読みたい。名作百合になるでしょこれ。みんなの表情からいろいろ伝わってくる苦しいな。

So is pasta.

That was very a heartfelt and touching thank you. Based Japanese fans


What was the point of this bonus chapter? To show that those two don't like each other?

Just like tripfags.
Negative attention is still attention and the haters keep these threads alive.

It's just like with trip fags.
Negative attention is still attention and the haters keep these threads alive.

The two of them
Damage? What?
Why must moon runes be so hard, god damn.

YH reports more than one million copies sold for 8 volumes (before the anime) so at least it's quite a lot of money. If we count the regular versions at ~900 yen it's at least 9 million yen, so Saburouta is comfortably sitting on ~$9 million right now.

They both had lonely lives in small little worlds until one miracle of the universe showed up.

Eva reference.

Harumin should've said what Matsuri suggested.

Season 2 when?

Matsuri was just being annoying since Harumin wouldn't spend all her free time with her. That girl is super clingy to people she likes.

>9 million yen, so Saburouta is comfortably sitting on ~$9
Pretty sure she doesn't get a 100% of that.

I don't think it works like that ,user

NEVER EVER. No, really, maybe this fall or next winter?

First nip says that she re-read the last chapter that morning and cried. It was painful but touching, looks forward the next chapter, thanks Saburouta for writing an omoshiroi manga.
Second nip says that this (I think the crying, I don't know) didn't happen to her since Kannazuki no Miko, the tears won't stop and this is gonna be a masterpiece.
>meanwhile this side of the pond

I would demand my money if I were a mangaka t b h

I'm pretty sure they get a nice cut, but not all of it.

Do mangaka get advances, or different business model?

>>meanwhile this side of the pond
And i wouldn't have it any other way.

That's not how it works at all. And if that number were Japan only ,then every Citrus volume would have ranked on Oricon since the beginning. So far no volume has done it (1-8). Citrus reported 800k copies sold worlwide when volume 7 was releasing, so that 1million must be worlwide, not Japan only. That would explain not ranking on Oricon or Amazon top 10 when a new volume is out. To rank on Oricon top 50 you need at least 10k volumes sold in a week. It also explains Citrus popularity overseas well. You are also ignoring how much money mangaka receive from sales and stuff.

It won't depend on the BDs if that ever happens since they're literally at the bottom of the production committee.
Ichijinsha > Children's Playground Entertainment > Crunchyroll > Lantis (music) > Klockworx > Tokyo MX (national channel) > Sotsu (ads) > Happinet (BDs) > AT-X (cable)

The flipflap guy explained why Citrus didn't rank on Oricon yesterday.
>Q: with those #s, how did Citrus not rank on Oricon? Bad timing? Too niche? I know of two yuri manga who managed to rank, but they're not published on yuri magazines but very popular shounen (Dengeki) and seinen (Young Gangan) ones. They probably reach a broader audience.
>flipflap guy: That's just how bad Oricon print reporting is. It's useless for measuring lower-tier series that sell slowly over time, and its thresholds are so high (often 20k+) that making the weekly rankings is difficult, and making it more than once is even harder. If Citrus gets to its ~125k/vol selling 4-5k a week over the long haul, it'll never show up. And even when you do sell enough to rank on Oricon, its reported numbers are always much lower than the publisher's shipment numbers. Their coverage of print sales is a lot less comprehensive than their coverage of disc sales (which certainly aren't perfect, but are still a lot closer to reality). Also it's never quite clear if digital sales are included in these publisher numbers. I tend to think they are not, but either way, Oricon isn't able to track digital.
Volume 9 probably will t b h

I like the nips' composed reactions. I mean, if I were an author, I'd like to read impressions and opinions and not monkey screeching.

Yuzu is a very cute lesbian

The problem is that people over here has no patience whatsoever. They're too accustomed to instant gratification, they don't know how good is the healing after a rough journey.

>Zero yuri
I guess you mean yuri = kissing and touching each other like Citrus. They have done that too, just not so much like Citrus has since the latter has more fanservice. But they are in love and the focus is in their relationship, so the only thing missing is the that they become official. Anyway, nips like it a lot, and it's not exclusively focused on romance, so it may get an anime. It's been heavily promoted too, so I would't say it's impossible.
I love Citrus and more yuri is always welcome. Except for NTR trash.

Citrus is saving yuri after NTR killed it.

Yuri needs to die again before it can be saved by that.

>Flip flap guy

Tachibanakan will save yuri

My daughter Yuzu is not a filthy dyke. She's just goijng through a phase.

You know her real mother actually supports her, don't you?

I meant that if it were to be adapted now in the 12 episode format, there'd be zero yuri in it because it wouldn't cover it since shit happens very late. Maybe after the play arc, but that stuff has been going on for too long and honestly takes too much space in a yuri manga.


I love Mei!

I believe in Mei!


We should throw Mei into a volcano.

>inb4 Yuzu puts her ring inside the notebook, and sends both back to Mei

>tfw next chapter is Mei POV while writing the letter



Can you imagine if in subsequent chapters Matsuri casually starts calling Harumin by her name and viceversa?

That's a terrible explanation. Every series starts selling a lot when a volume is released and then the numbers flop little by little over time. Saying Citrus starts selling 5k in a week and then reaches a 125k over time doesn't match with the way sales work in Japan and possible everywhere. Is there any logical reason with Citrus is a slow-burn when it comes to sales? By that logic volume 9 won't make it either. And I've seen the top 50, you need 10k to rank #50. Not that complicated. Even if the explanation is correct, then Citrus volumes would be ranking high on Amazon top 100 a few weeks after a new volume is out. It doesn't happen.
Anyways, I just checked again the interview when volume 7 was out and it explicitly reports 800k sold worldwide. The tweet regarding the 1 million didn't specify whether it was Japan only or not.

The suffering never ends.

Mei would totaly deserve that.

Amazon only reports kindle.

That'd be lovely.

>there's people who think this cutie is evil

To be fair, the past 3-4 citrus thread after the release of chapter 36 were full of civil discussion, speculation and comments.


After the initial burst of rage, common sense kicks back in.

Selfish child who doesn't think about other people.

We need to talk about Mei's fashion sense, because holy shit it's even worse than Himeko's.
Mei dresses like my grandmother for fucks sake.

That only makes her cuter.

But she's a sexy grandmother.

What would be Mei's reaction if she comes back after a year to look for Yuzu after gramps is dead and ask her to get back together only for Yuzu to reply that she doesn't love her anymore?
>Yuzu, all this time I couldn't stop thinking of you...
>Mei, I suffered a lot at first, but I realised it wasn't worth it and moved on. I didn't know you would comeback since your letter felt like a final goodbye. I'm sorry, but I don't love you anymore.

Literal cute autism. She doesn't even use cellphones.

But that'd never happen. It's been 6 months and Yuzu is still a mess, also I don't understand why people think that it was easy for Mei.


This would please me

Yurishitters circlejerk. They turn every series they like threads into neverending generals. Even Watamote threads are now full of that cancer.

>easy for Mei.
No does user. That's not at issue.

Active threads don't mean you have a circlejerk user, are you mad your favorite show has dead threads? Are you?

Watamote had lesbian molestation since day fucking one, dude.



They aren't active, just necrobumped in last moment
Threads weren't full of yurishitters and chaining for few days until last year.


Look the number of posters. Threads are fast lately because of the last chapter which was a shitstorm. Citrus threads on /u/ are dead too, so /u/ has invaded Cred Forums which could also explain all the " how do you like your yuri" threads recently and Watamote being ruined by yurishitters

>2 hours ago
>100 posts
>not active

Well it's got actual lesbians now. What were you expecting?

I never been into /u/ stuff but I like Yuzu

Mostly every Citrus thread ends up having around 100 posters by the time it hits bump limit.

I don't read Watamote but if it's yuri now what exactly are you expecting? And the "can girls love girls" threads have been here since forever, how new are you?

>Watamote is yuri now
What? Should I read this? I dropped it and back then it was not yurish enough.

Yuzu a pervert. A PERVERT!

I have no idea, I don't read it, but apparently it is now so the complaints are retarded.

Cute pervert

It's been getting more yuri since the class trip when Tomoko made friends with Yuri and Yoshida. The emoji girl ended up with an obsessive crush on Tomoko after Tomoko weirded her out.

Evil is always the loser. It's the victor who has justice.

Because it's about a pure and good relationship

If people who met Saburouta said she looks like an older and 3dpd Mei, was the girl who broke her heart an autistic gyaru?

>Watamote became yuri
Is this the power of yuri?

Kuroki kinda got female friends now and 2 of them want to bang her.

>Every thread hits bump limit
False, I've seen threads autosage a couple of times before, but after chapter 36 the threads are faster and lively again. Bravo Saburouta

You mean naturally die. Autosaging is a different thing.

I thought she based Mei off of the girl she crushed on in real life? It wouldn't make sense for Saburouta to BE Mei.

The threads were fast for about a week after the last chapter too.

Imagine when they fuck.

Yeah that. I'm retarded
Yup I said they became faster after last chapter

Look at those granny clothes. She's too cute.

You mean her cousin and emoji, right? Since Yuri's just clingy with her friends and Yoshida likes to beat her up.

I need more yuri. I like Citrus a lot but I need more. Will we have more yuri anime? Recommend manga please

>Yuri thread on Cred Forums
>It's moved to /u/
What does this mean lads?

Knock yourself out, pal.

I mean Emoji and Yuri, who is almost yandere for her. Her cousin is just her cousin. And Yoshida never showed any interest. She could very well end with the little brother, since they've been interacting a lot lately for some reason.

Go read bright and cheery amnesia. It's some great stuff.

I'd be fine with it as long as yaoi/buyfag/isekai threads are removed too

>Manga about a girl extremely socially awkward
>She starts getting friends (female)
>friends want to bang her
I wish this happened irl. I'm sure many of us are like Tomoko yet we don't have cute girls wanting to shag us

You mean that thread derailed by a shitposter talking about politics that hit 496 posts but was moved to /u/ even thought it was going to die on Cred Forums right in the next minute for hitting bump limit anyway?

I love Mei!


Yes that's some really heavy mod bias considering fujos get to have their own threads

>Will we have more yuri anime?
Of course, in about a 100 days if I remember well.

Don't ask for recommendations on Cred Forums, newfriend.

I know Yuzu, I know... :(

She was so fucking cute there. In the raws it's even cuter because the text is smaller to indicate that her voice is low and she's embarrassed as fuck.

the Mei does not deserve kissus.

Her mother totally knows. I can't wait to see what she thinks about it.

Mei has suffered a lot too. She deserves kissus, hugs and headpats.

She probably already suspected it here.

Mei belongs with the Yuzu

Didn't she walk in after Yuzu yelled ow when Mei was autistic and bit her?

We were breaking ground with this scene but then got phoneblocked, reeee

Citrus may or may not end soon, but can you imagine when it ends? All the fun we have in the threads will disappear because after a series is finished threads die since there's nothing to discuss (unless it's fucking Evangelion). Of course one thread could pop up once a month or something to remember old times, but it won't be nearly close to what it is now. I'll miss you guys. And I'll miss discussing this manga with all of you.

It's probably ending soon, it feels like the final arc, yuri series normally get adaptations when they are near the end for some reason, I just hope Saburouta's next work (if she makes one) is yuri too

I literally don't give a fuck about Citrus. I don't even know why I open these threads, I barely read them. To me nothing of value would be lost. What's more, Citrus ending would mean YH can start another serialization, hopefully less trash than this.

Go to bed, Yuzu!

>Saburouta's next work (if she does one)
>she has done het and yuri
>decides to try yaoi now

At the very least we still have 5 months more ahead so let's just keep having fun together!

>She deserves
Not right now she doesn't.
You don't get headpats just for being sad when you're making everyone miserable.


I'd honestly feel betrayed

She didn't walk in on them, just after Mei bit Yuzu, but her mom sense tingled immediately.

It's not her fault she was raised in a family of jackasses.

>Go to bed, Yuzu!

Yuzu saved the situation by saying she asked Mei to do her makeup and Mei poked her in the eye

You have my notebook.

>Oh shit, is somebody fucking my daughter?

God damn.

>Desk folded up
>Half the shelves are empty
>Alarm clock gone

Sabu has a great eye for detail.

I understand Mei took her things away, but why did the desk disappear too? Wasn't there one in that corner?

Its not her fault how she was raised, but it is her fault she wont change.

Would you change if that meant killing your own grandfather?

No you don't

If it meant being with a cute lesbian? Hell yes.

Yuzu smashed it in a fit of rage.

Double the suffering.

Just realized Yuzu couldn't figure out how to spell "love", so stuck with Japanese.

>Mitsuko mention

Yuzu is an angel who deserves better than Mei.

That's too cute.

She is an angel, and she'll save Mei.

Mei is beautiful, smart, cute, can make Yuzu cum just by saying her name, she's literally all Yuzu would ever want

>save Mei
She already did.
Then spent the next year giving Mei the strength to save herself the next time. Its not going too well.

jeez Matsuri.

If she shows up in volume 4 finale, then yes. But plenty of anime do sequel hooks and don't have sequels.

Just save her again, save her as many times as necessary, I don't care if she's an autistic baby she's gonna fuck Yuzu

It's kinda counterproductive to make an anime sequel about a niche manga that's (higly probable) already over

You can go the Marimite route and churn out some OVAs.
I personally think it'll end at Volume 12 but that's just me. 4 chapters aren't enough to end this.

It depends. Volume 8 doesn't come out in English until this coming September. So the manga won't end until at least 2019 in English speaking countries.

Don't get my hopes up, user.

Saburouta is the master of the anti-climax. Her entire series is solving problems in 4 chapters.

>mei will soon have to push a broken Yuzu away when she tries to initiate sex with a cold blank stare

You owe her this Mei, don't you dare

I'm not really, but there were many people who thought that they'd skip mentioning Mitsuko entirely.

Kill yourself frogposter.

You're right, even if it's unlikely there's still a chance.

>this is all you want, right Mei?
>this is what you came back to me for?
>don't worry, I'll help you prepare for your honeymoon

If they want people to get into the manga, skipping the teases of Mitsuko in the early arcs would be a mistake.

>*pushes a winebottle up Mei's ass and burns her with a candle*

>It's just me and grandma here, Yuzu.
>wtf, Nee-san's home?

I think the anime shouldn't have added the detail about Harumin living alone with her grandmother, since a sudden older sister she lives with seems out of place with that.

>it's episode 12
>Mei and Yuzu have another BIG DAMN KISS
>everyone thinks the episode is over
>suddenly Mitsuko in all her glory

>punished Yuzu a gyaru denied her Mei

I'd love it, but anime onlys would probably be pissed, since no second season has been announced. Now if they announce a second season when the anime finale airs, then people would be overjoyed.

What if Mitsuko has her own place but just came to visit?

Didn't Mitsuko just come to visit? That still looks like grandma's house.

Just read the latest chapter. How do I deal with this, lads?

Join the waiting game for chapter 37 in April

She's clearly living with Harumin as of volume 4. She's also in their house in volume 5 in the late evening, and they go grocery shopping in volume 6 together.

Saburouta tweeted the house in the manga is different than the one the anime showed when asked about it. Anime house is grandma's, while manga house is the main family house.

Best protagonist
the elite yuzu aihara takes what she wants baby