Why are the yurus so CUTE?

Why are the yurus so CUTE?

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Because that's how they're designed.

It's the uniforms. They wouldn't even be half as cute without them. Provide evidence to the contrary. You'll be unable to.

I don't understand. I thought it was a documentary.

Season 4 when?

Why is Akarin the CUTEST of all the Yurus?

Nope, still cute!

>implying they're not cute in their kigus


Yes, the documentary was designed to show only their good sides.

Chinatsu is cute but also very very sexual.

what do her nipples taste like

Someone should edit nipples on Akari like for China and Sakurako. I tried but couldn't get it right.

>like for China and Sakurako
Pictures like this exist?


ey do indeed.


The Saku one is rare, I always see China instead

You can't post little girl nipples on a blue board!!

Now someone edit nipples on Akari!

This one's kind of messed up, her right nipple looks too close to the middle of her chest

Before he can even say it.

I want to molest every inch of Hanako Oomuro, age eight (8).

Too old for me.


to attract mates and breed


who hurt you? oh wait, i can guess

Akari and Brat a bests!

what if chinatsu peed on you


I would very much enjoy Chinatsu urinating in my mouth.

>not wanting her to pee in your butt


me on the bottom

I want China to spray my face with her lewd pee.

>tfw you will never be able to lick her legs and feet

Chinatsu will NEVER pee on you.

I love Ayano!

Switch places with me, Akari



>you will never bury your face in Chinatsu's warm, sweaty, urine-scented pantsu

Why is she so CUTE?

because pic related

>me trying to figure out how everyone is a Bratfag instead of Ayanofags

Why is she holding Akari's diploma?

Can they share it?

>Akari lets Ayano share her diploma
Truly best girl.

Did you guys know that Akari is soft? Because she is soft.

Why is she so soft?