Both transformations have been revealed in the same week

>the absolute state of the "father" of the shonen

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snakeman shouldve been boundman. boundman looks pretty miserable

Did anyone mention how Snakeman looks like the Monkey God Awakening shit?

>"father" of the shonen
isn't that astroboy?

>caring about op in the current year
>expecting anything out of db other than the color palette swaps we've been getting as of late.

That is no what shonin retards says desu.

Goku is so boring

Still waiting for LGBTQ Goku form

The fuck is that Luffy transformation? I thought Gear 3 was buff + steel arms. What does 4 add?

>One Piss

who cares lmao

its LGBTQQICAPF2K+ now, get with the time grandpa


>who cares
>about the number 1 shonen series
I think a lot of people care friendo.

Waiwaiwaiwait wait wait... the Goku Blanco meme became real? Holy shit.
Monkey god has red glowing stripes, glowing eyes and is covered in haki. Snakeman is just the slim version of Bounceman so no.

>father of shonen
Isn't that Hokuto no Ken?

*in japan

>goku blanco (forma incompletado)

I thought that preview was just an effect, are you saying that white hair transformation is actually a new transformation? Why the fuck would they make 6 different (red, blue, rose, blue 2, UI, blanco) sayian transformationsin one series?

Is it just me, or does anyone else see transformations as a lazy way for the author to say "hey, this character who's close to losing suddenly got more powerful out of nowhere at a convenient time, so his victory is justified!"?
A character is in a pinch and needs to win? Just throw a new transformation, problem solved.

welcome to the world of shonen

One Piece is getting good again now.
People with taste do.
Best-selling manga in the world, not just Japan. In b4
Maybe try not to be a nigger who starts shit and denies fact when told otherwise next time.

>out of nowhere at a convenient time
Pretty sure most of shonen heroes got their new power-ups as results of training.

Ultra Instinct is observation haki?

Boundman improves his entire body, Tankman focuses on enhancing defense and Snakeman empowers offense.

So Snakeman hits harder and faster than the others but at the cost of not being able to trade blows like Luffy would in Boundman.

>DB fags cry for a new season for decades
>the new season end destroying the credibility of the series

Says you, I was just fine with my games and shitty movies