Game recommendation thread

Just ordered this yesterday and its already here, whats the first game I should play on it?

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>fell for the nvidia ruse

good job man, you just burned $500 for a card that can't handle 4k or 144 fps, and actually gets outmatched by AMD's piss-tier 480 in dx12 / vulkan33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Enjoy upgrading to nvidia's new $500 goycard this time next year.

>fell for the pc "gaming" ruse
enjoy your $2000 Cred Forums machine

Overwatch if you have a +60 Hz screen.
Doom is good too.
Divinity Original Sin 2 if you want to try the Early Access and like CRPGs

Anyone know if a 1060 is worth getting to replace a 4gb 770?

It's not

You'll wish you waited for volta if you do it

Will be kicking your ass a year from now when everything's running vulkan and your 1060 gets nothing out of it or performs worse

I payed $410

I'll probably just play some OW since that's the most recent AAA game I own

Everything will certainly not be running Vulkan, more likely DX 12 though and the rx 480 doesn't get that much of a boost compared to the 1060. Higher end AMD cards do though.

The 1060 is however a load of wank.

1070 it is then.

Yup, that or wait for AMD's next big thing out Q1 next year. Sadly the dawn of a new API really fucks things up.

I have a 1070 myself but am pondering returning it and getting an rx 470, sell that around March next year. I entirely understand though if waiting is doing your head in.

My impetus on getting rid of it is the fact that besides DE:MD there's only low end stuff I want to play.

1070's gonna be the exact same boat as the 1060.

Seriously, skip the 10xx cards, you're going to fucking regret it in a year just like all those 970 owners.

I think it's only regrettable from the API side of things, not so much the same as the 970 which had a memory bottleneck.

Really though, Nvidia cards don't age that much worse or AMD that much better.

AMD rumormill already going stupid with the leak saying the RX 490 will be getting 12 tflops - 25% better than the 1080, AND it's got HBM2
and this is the card that's supposed to be the 1070 competitor, not the 1080 competitor (which is going to be a dual-490 type of card)

Basically AMD skipped this gen and went straight to competing with Volta in 2017

Throw in the fact that nvidia has to make an architecture change to get async compute working, which they might fuck up, and the safe bet for the next gen cards is amd. Hell the safe bet right now is AMD - their last couple driver updates improved the 480's performance 5-10% putting it on par or just below the 1060 in dx11 and ahead of it in dx12 and vulkan

Nvidia is not the horse to bet on right now. Volta might end up being fantastic, but Pascal is getting btfo when it comes to futureproofing.

Watch this if you're worried about the upcoming APU's

Basically there isn't a huge performance leap for vulkan on the 10xx cards since they weren't designed to use these new apis considering theres only 4 games that are out that use Vulkan

The only budget card that will serve you well for the future is the 480 since the vulkan support but chances are vulkan supported games are going to be slowly rolling out for the next 2 years and if you buy a budget card you might have to replace it then anyway

If you care about future proofing you really cant future proof a GPU unless you're going to buy the 1080 or above since the raw power will carry through the next 3-4 years.

>fell for the human experience
enjoy your pointless fucking existence and degrading into a shell of a human as you grow older and more senile

Yeah, it's not even fanboyism as my last 2 were Nvidia, however I feel itchy at the though of a company known for getting drivers out months later than day one.

For autismal reasons though I'd rather get a 470 so it's quieter and cooler due to being able to get a better branded one for a cheaper ratio than a 480.

I i remember correctly, the 770 is roughly the same as the GTX 960. If that is true then, it is not worth the upgrade. The 1060 is like 90% faster than the 960 but costs a bit more.

I couldn't give a fart about Vulkan, it's an amazing concept of not being tied to Windows 10, but no bugger is using it whereas Dx 12 games are coming out everywhere.

On the other hand all I play is low end stuff or older AAA stuff.

My 750ti has lasted me 2 1/2 years at £90 I think an rx 470 could do me well.

the fuck are you talking about? Vulkan's being used by fucking everyone

dx12 is locked to win 10 only, not even win 7/8 can use it, that's a tiny fucking part of the market.

Vulkan's got linux, mac, windows, consoles and even fucking android on your goddamn phones covered

on top of that literally every major engine developer is working on vulkan or has already got functioning vulkan done

even unreal's working on getting their engine to work under vulkan

Win10 is not a tiny part of the market. Just look at Steam stats
>OS Version
>Windows 10 64 bit
That's what happens when MS basically uses malware like tactics to get people to upgrade on top of offering the OS for free.

I bought a 470. I like it, but I'm getting a lot of driver crashes.

That's 47% of the market vs 100% of the market

It is not a case of, well 50% choose A, and 50% choose B; it's literally "if you pick A, you get 50% of the market, and if you pick B, you just go and get the whole market, PLUS development across platforms is 90% easier"

The only developers who are going to make dx12-only games are the ones getting paid off by microsoft to do it.

Gonna be picking up a 470 soon myself, I'm pretty hype as I've never had a card this strong before.

Hope it doesn't get bottle necked too hard by my CPU.

What games even use vulkan as of right now

>AMD only just getting 480
>bought a GTX 480 S I X years ago

fucking top kek AMDrones will defend this

Games can support multiple versions of DirectX. Often they used to support 9 and 11. Now they'll support 11 and 12.

>NVIDIA went from thousands to hundreds years ago
>AMD doing it semi-recently

Wish GPU companies would stop doing this shit it's so confusing sometimes.

again but with a bit more effort


Minecraft, but modded until it looks good.

No, now they'll support dx12 and vulkan

Literally no reason to support dx11 when that's handled by vulkan already

tough shit for nvidia's dx11 specialized cards

They'll just support vulkan

Why the fuck would they bother with dx12 at all?

>Hmm we can spend more development time on dx12 so the game can run on win10 and ONLY win10
>Or we can spend that same development time on vulkan so the game can run on win10, win8, win7, linux, all consoles, macs, and hell android phones too because why not

like come the fuck on, this isn't rocket science anyone developing for dx12 only is a fucking idiot

Vulkan helps with any card that is being limited by the CPU.

Watch a complete piece of shit reach 60 frames per second.

that's just id and carmack sauce at work

like come the fuck on, this isn't rocket science anyone developing for dx12 only is on the microsoft pay list
There, fixed for you.
It runs at 30 something at Open GL 4.5, and using an Nvidia card that are known for having a good Open GL performance, but hit 60 when vulkan vulkanises everything.
But the secret is that his CPU is horrible.

To be a bit fair, DX12 is out for longer, since the Win10 launch to be specific, while vulkan only got released in the middle of this year.


dumbfuck like you should check that list again a year from now, you might learn how stupid you were today

Pretty defensive there, bud

fuck you google

>The only developers who are going to make dx12-only games are the ones getting paid off by microsoft to do it.


The only games that do this are the Xbone """"exclusives"""" that are also getting Windows ports.

>I just bought this GeForce™
>Please recommend me some games for my new GeForce™
This is a known pattern of Nvidia shill threads. Nvidia has been using them since the 970/980 release.
Do not fall for them.
Do not bump them.
Do not allow shills to take over this board.

That's a quite shitty strategy as you could quickly demolish the card with "there's no game that requires it and you made a bad decision."

man, I have a gtx660 and there's almost no games out there that I want to play but can't

devs are more interested in pumping out 16bit indie shit than good games

Total Warhammer

The lack of the A game market hurts.
The choice between complete indie garbage of "safe" AAAs that copies everything wrong with the games on the last 20 years is awful.

Of course, there are some examples here and there, but there are probably more people willing to have sex with herby the vw beetle than good A games released this year.

Thats a good card for 1080p 144hz gaming. You should play some battlefield 4 maxed the fucked out at 200% resolution scale. Then turn it all down for 144fps.

Holy shit i figured out this exact thing recently. I was gonna get a 1070 but after looking at a shit load of benchmarks and reading about DX 12 vulkan etc. I came to the same conclusion. So now im waiting for the 490 and got plenty of time to save up money for it. I know that card is going to be the true successor to my 290.

I have Oculus Rift and would buy the RX 480 but I need a DVI port. Fuuuuck. What should I do? Buy 1060 or lurk for a used GTX 980 Ti?

most, if not all of the RX 480 custom models have DVI ports.
Only the reference model doesn't.

Oh yea, it seems so. Gonna go spending that gold.



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