How good are you at fighting games

How good are you at fighting games

i can do a hadoken

I got to seth on a single credit today at my local arcade.

I still block low 90% of the time.

i can beat krizald sometimes

Average. I can beat my friends but do poorly online.

Very but Jojo is shit, SNK master race reporting in.

Decent, I can beat the average player at best. I know enough about the general things like zoning, proper spacing of normals/specials, priority, punishing unsafe shenanigans, etc. But not enough about specific matchups or a deep level of any meta game to really dominate.

The road to victory is a never ending one.

Did you beat seth though?

Decent enough i suppose. I can take a round or two off really good players occasionally, and beat my friends who don't really play fighters all the time, but still generally have a low win rate on netplay.

Probably doesn't help that im still pretty new comparatively in the ones i play the most.

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I've played them since I was in middle school and I'm still absolutely terrible at them. I can maybe mash together a standing poke combo if I'm lucky.

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I play only with AI and lose frequently.


bad, I can do basic inputs but I'm terrible at actual strategy and think that the actual play of a fighter beyond a casual fling is really boring (especially practicing moves/combos/etc. over and over).

Back in the Arcades days? Quite good, then I became adult and moved on


I won a local SFV tournament a few weeks after it launched. I played SF4 occasionally online but never seriously, but I rented SF5 and played a lot. I mopped the competition, and made some cool friends. Too bad I hated SFV and I lost interest in SF4 after only a year.

Basement King at the popular stuff, and Kusoge King of everything else. I won/t deny that I'm nothing special, anyone with real talent can whoop me easily, but man do I fucking love me some fight games,

I love them and I play them the most.
But I actually suck at videa.
So it evens out, Im decent.

Pretty good at tekken. Especially the Tekken Tags

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What is the best JoJo fightan I can play?


ive won over 3k on sm4sh, ez-est installment in the franchise to master

the one on fightcade probably

Good enough to make playing against casual/average players really unfun for them
Bad enough to make playing against people who spend the majority of their time in training mode really unfun for me

So I gave up on them, without someone else you know trying to get good at them it's a very dull experience and my friend gave up and went back to other genres. I miss that back and forth where our battles would improve every week.

I understand them, but am generally trash. Not deep enough into any to start memorizing combos, I just generally try to go light-medium heavy for most characters I play.
When I first wanted to learn more about them I played through the Skullgirls tutorial please don't hurt me.
Barely get to play them with anyone, much like table tennis, which I also wish I was better at.

I am the one who always chooses the carachter he likes regardless of the tier lists and tries to master it

There are only two of them. Play All Star Battle.

>The road to victory is a never ending one.
Sure, if you're willing to waste all those days of your life for no reward.

Half decent

Not that good, any above average player can beat me in long sets.

As long as you're having fun, then it's not wasted

i am quite good in 3s play it everyday on fightcade just not playing nowadays due to work but except japanese people have made a lot of people rage quit and clean sweeped them