Shiny hunting was a mistake

Shiny hunting was a mistake

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Then don't do it?

This doesn't make sense. There's no way you could encounter a legendary more than once.

Its shiny locked unless you see it shiny the first time you see it

I saw a shiny weezing in pokemon mansion once. Also a shiny graveler in pearl.

You can guess what happened.

Did manage to snag a shiny Geodude and hatch shiny Magnemite in the same game.

Welcome to ORAS
The game that literally hands you one of the Eon twins mid-way through the game and if you have an Eon Ticket, you can get the other one. Eon Ticket one stays put until you catch it, you can run from it as much as you want and it resets each time
Multiple sources say otherwise, the only shiny locked leggos are story-relevant ones (Kyogre, Groudon, Deoxys, and Fug)

I'm in too deep to turn back now
Might as well see this through to at least the 600-750 mark


Even with everything in your favour you could get you only had a ~25% chance of finding a shiny with only that many encounters.
Come back and cry after you've got over 2000 with no shiny because then that's statistically significant.

I've played through most pokemon games and I haven't found a single shiny.


its just dumb
>finally get a shiny legendary
>its the wrong nature

It's a /vp/ meme for Rayquaza.

>Shiny legendaries

For what purpose?

>mfw shiny charm and jap ditto
>Can get a decent shiny of basically any breedable pokemon in a few hours, complete with the correct nature and workable IVs


I'm fully aware this is only the beginning
I'm planning on MM-ing a few guys I got via GTS/ WT, namely Larvesta

>get shiny
>has a shitty nature and IV's aren't 31

I've played through gen 6 games 4 times and found no shiny without heightened odds, that's like 8 games worth of pre gen 6 odds.
Just pokeradar something and stop being a bitch, random shinies are always a tentacool or some shit anyway.

got a shiny rotom on my 100th egg so its not bad for me

honestly have no idea how you guys do that shit without wanting to kill yourself

it would actually be easier and faster to just get a minimum wage job and then pay someone like 10$ to do it for you

He's probably using a Pokemon with the right nature + synchronize as his lead but that's still only a 50% chance.

I soft reset Heart Gold AND Soul Silver for a shiny starter; Heart Gold got me a shiny Feraligatr (which is the one I wanted) and in Soul Silver I got a shiny Cyndaquil, I gave that one to my ex. The wild thing is, the Sudowoodo in her game was shiny, so she gave it to me.

Crazy bitch was so fucking lucky. But after all that soft resetting I got so burnt out on Pokemon that my brain eliminated about half of their names from my memory.

I don't do it going in expecting a super fast shiny, it's just something to do while I watch something, or want to play a game to chill but have basically zero mental strain.

I completely forgot that was a thing, but it so happens it's the case right now.
I always train a Gardevoir

>not just injecting them

>Bought a Powersaves
>Hack shinies

I don't play battle online because of spotty Canadian mountain internet, but I usually make a bunch of Wondercard shiny clones and trade them in beginning areas.

I mostly hope it makes kid's days.

>finish pokemon
>well I guess I'll make a comp team
>start doing research
>start breeding and shit
>make like ten eggs
>fuck this shit
>go to pokemon showdown
>start doing research
>start putting a team together
>fuck this shit

every time

That's pretty much like giving the first line of coke for free to encourage addiction. You monster.

Not whining, never really understood the hype around shinies.
Just saying.

I bred about half a dozen competitive-ready shinies back when Y was new. The only one that really made me want to kill myself was my shiny Sneasel which took 80 boxes.
Never again, but it's not like you have to focus, or even look at the screen. I did it while browsing Cred Forums, watching shows, and chatting with online friends who were also playing Pokemon.

That's not at all what you were saying.
If you were, you're terrible at communication

>mfw SM will be doing away with that shit since you can finally improve IVs now
I might actually make some proper teams now.

>Used to make good money trading shiny pokemon to retards
Easy money

Finally the chained shinies from gen 4 i have will be useful.

Well at least in Sun/Moon, you can fix the shinies with Hyper Training. Nothing you can do about nature yet, though

Or Hidden Abilities.

Never understood hype around shinies. I think, I encountered one shiny ever and I simply defeated it. I thought my GBA is breaking and couldn't display right colors.

I JUST saw your post on tubr. Get back to hunting instead of whining.

You need to get a pokemon to level 100 to use that system, that alone means that it will be faster to breed in most situations, and for all we know there may be other parameters limiting this system's uses, it's still gonna be useful for pokemon you can't breed though.

Everyone in tournaments has a perfect IV shiny Landorus. Imagine how much effort that took ;)

I can do both

honestly I should be finishing my animation(s) but Pokemon got back in my system after 3-5 good years of ambivalence. I barely played the past two gens past the E4

Do 100 or so more then work on your animations. Your characters are cute, so I expect to see something good soon.

"competitive" pokemon is a joke

>Spend hours resetting and hunting to get a pokemon with the desired nature/ability
>Planned out weeks in advance what stats you want it to have, what moves it's going to have, how it's going to fit on your team
>Breed for hours to get perfect IVs, nature, egg moves, whatever
>Train up its EVs and level it to 100
>Finally you are ready, everything is perfect
>Go online
>First match: Kid with 6 shiny Arceus'

>First and only shiny ever was a shiny Ho-oh on some shitty half english translated gold rom back in the day


It feels pretty good to beat retards who just put six legendaries in their team. One-shoting primo Groudon or Rayquaza with my Golduck feels so good.

Just chain something, jesus.

Congratulations on beating literal children with your minmaxed setup

Thank you, I'll do my best to teach the little shits a lesson or two.

Godspeed user

That looks like a type bubble, you can't blame someone for not calling it a name when it's barely an image macro.

You can do it OP.
I'm still missing the legendary beasts, the pixies, Dialga and Giratina, Kyurem and the muskedeers.
If SM has shiny locked legends outside Solgaleo/Lunala(which will 90% be but eh) i'm gonna get mad.

Based on the feedback from XY and ORAS they'll either bring shiny hunting for legendaries back normally or lock it forever and limit them to event distribution.

Dont you retards know about PKHex?

Im enjoying flooding wonder trade with perfect iv shiny pokemon while you silly fucks do your "legit" hunting.

i remember when i used to shiny hunt. Lost all interest once I started seeing full shiny teams online which were obviously hacked

>based on feedback
Maybe like 12 years later


Internal feedback. Hardly a relevant feedback, but still.

Lurk more

>Regigigas after 5 resets
>Latias after 14
>Ho-Oh after 24
Feels good

>countless hours wasted resetting at rayquaza and not getting shiny
>countless hours wasted breeding charmander and not getting shiny


You've probably got probabilistic immortality with that kind of luck.

>tfw haven't encountered a shiny since gen 4 besides the ones that script kiddies have wonder traded me

a timeless classic

Nah, shiny rates with ORAS are much better and I have the shiny charm too

shiny hunters, IV breeders and all that other shit is the biggest autism in the universe

There's no excuse too, since comp pokemon is shit

>hacking shinies
These people deserve a special place in hell

Shiny hunting thread?
>the crying at the end

On related note, I'm glad injections exist and I'm glad the autists sperg over it.

>Chase latias in sapphire
>Find a shiny magikarp
>Evolve it for some reason

>Try platinum on emulator
>Find a shiny staraptor in the starting area
>Get bored within the hour and drop the game

I guess it's better than nothing.

Shinies lost value once you could easily hack one it

>that concerned mom
>her gasp

I love shiny hunter autist

It's moments like this where I realize how horrible of a person I am.

I was just expecting, after that full 2 minutes of cheering, that he was going to either accidentally crit KO, the power would somehow die, or the save file would be corrupt

>spend half a month trying for shiny giratina
>finally fight one
>paralyze it at the start
>beat it down to red health
>it breaks out of literally very ball I throw and struggles to death

here user this will address your expectation

>not preparing hundreds of balls
you only have yourself to blame

>not having hundreds of balls
>not having a pokemon with spore
>not having the same pokemon with false sweep

you deserve it user

I don't understand how you can shiny hunt and NOT be prepared.

"fail" because you were a fucking retard.

This is the only ones i can excuse because muscle memory is a bitch and also happened to me with Zekrom, thankfully i got it back fast

It killed itself before I ran out of balls

>says someone with no shinys


>that genuinely concerned mom
I feel for Oliver. He isn't even able to fully express his sadness because his mother won't leave him alone to sulk and think about how retarded his practiced strategy was. Fucking moms.

>tfw the only shiny i have ever found in my entire life besided the red gyarados from rage lake was a fucking bellsprout in soulsilver
>and it was in the safari zone
>and the faggot escaped


I'd have trouble evolving one of those.

>mfw mine is a Gloom that was in the grass outside the safari zone

its really easy dont worry
just use that one item and fight stuff with it at night

Shiny eevee hunting sounds fucking awful if someone wanted the entire collection

>not preparing yourself a Pokemon with Pain Split just in case

didnt take too long
about 4 hours for the eevee

>Have 2 shinies, a blastoise and a golem.
>My sd card gets wiped and I lose both of them.

>Found something like 15 shinies over the series
>Caught all but a Drowzee in Silver, but I didnt care cause fuck Drowzee
>Found PKRS twice
I've had pretty damn good luck with shinies without trying. Friend beats me on unlikely events tho. Nigga found a shiny with PKRS. How fucking unlikely is that shit?

nigger you dont even need that, spore is enough to keep the pokemon in check 100% accuracy sleep atack

is a must if you whant to shiny hunt and dont be a retarded like the guys in the videos up in the thread

What I'm saying is shiny Eevee looks fucking great. I still have mine in the original Pokemon Rumble.

yeah true lol

>once again, sum 41 no reason, live in ontario 2005

glad this guy fulfilled his dream

Spore AND Pain Split

>get shiny on a random (not shiny hunting) encounter
>don't give a shit about that Pokemon but feel lucky anyways
>weeks later, find another shiny on a totally random encounter
>but it's the exact same Pokemon I already caught a shiny of earlier
>Find no other shinies

So I have two shiny Whismurs in my box. Thanks Gen 6. I guess.

>not starting a shiny Mystery Dungeon: Explorers collection

mine was an alomomola or w/e the fuck its called.

>shinies post gen 5

Not worth a single fuck.

shiny hunting seems pretty autistic doesnt it? ive seen youtube videos of people supposedly resetting legendary encourenters 4000+ times.

Fuck that. I don't have the patience to shiny hunt.

I was already fatigued trying to find a Ralts with good nature + synchronize in Emerald.

Got a honest shiny Ponyta. And a injected shiny Charmender some asshole wonder traded me.

Now I'm trying to get a 6 IV shiny Sentret with breeding but I need the shiny charm first.

>>Can get a decent shiny of basically any breedable pokemon in a few hours, complete with the correct nature and workable IVs
this is wrong though. Even at peak proba it's still half a day (to weeks) if not more to get a shiny that is also perfect IV and good nature with eggs
You exposed yourself as a noplay """gamer"" that think he belong for reading threads, and never playing.

i soft reset for like 2 weeks at school to get a shiny mewtwo in leaf green. can't find the pic tho.

>correct nature and workable IVs
>perfect IV

>shiny Ponyta
show meeee
all I've gotten so far is this

once found a shiny entei in an emulator for gold. it was completely random and the only entei in the game so i thought that was pretty cool.

also fast forwarding to find relicanth i found a shiny clamperl in sapphire emulator.

ah, here it is!

With proper flawless foreign parents and shiny charm it's really not as hard as you'd think to breed battle-worthy shinies.

Nature is always controlled in Gen 6, so that's a non-issue. With flawless parents you're getting at minimum 4 perfect relevant IVs. As long as one of those is your Speed and your main attacking stat isn't something tragic like 5, it's usable.

Once I had the shiny charm and a stock of flawless foreign parents, shiny hunts never took more than a couple days, and some of those were indeed within a few hours. I even got a handful of battle-ready shinies just breeding for IVs and not even shininess.

My kind of thread.

>Actually bothering with this shit
>Not just action replaying any pokemon into a shiny
Started the game with a Shiny Perfect IV Solosis as my "starter" just for the fun of it

Just inject.
I mean, you have a life, use it. Literally everything is less mind numbing than using your time to shiny hunt.

That's why I've abandoned these palette pariahs for unusual hats: actual value, more impressive, and you can just buy one, no need to waste time or money.

Are you implying shinies before gen V were worth something?

>have shiny charm, jap ditto, egg hatching lvl 3 and flame body
>single handedly overpopulate battle resort with defect mawiles for at least two weeks
>still no shiny in sight and not the slighest urge to circle the island ever again but want closure on the hours spent grinding
>"few hours"

fuck you and fuck me for committing to this

I'd love to get an Oval and Shiny Charm but fuuuuuck that. Is there any way to get them easier?

First encounter in pkmn ruby > shiny poochyena > no pokeballs

its ok mightyenas shiny isnt great and its a shit pokemon anyway

> just the way that I had to let it go
> 2005

>tfw the only times I've ever gotten a shiny is only in the wild but they happen to be legitimate crap ones like 2 wingulls, a tentacool, dunsparce and that coral rock thing

I guess I've been lucky finding them in the wild at all but shit

>Multiple sources say otherwise, the only shiny locked leggos are story-relevant ones (Kyogre, Groudon, Deoxys, and Fug)
That's not what he meant. If you encounter a legendary and run away, I'm 99.9% percent sure their values (IVs, nature, gender, and shininess) are locked from that first encounter onward. You should have been soft resetting, not running away from battle and coming back.

Egg number 300 with the Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

I named him Daniel Bryan

Hyper Training.

Lucky bastard

Shitty nature and IVs, tho

I only wanted it for looks

Not true, I got my shiny Latias with OP's method

>Fugs can open doors

Fair enough then. I skipped ORAS because it was complete shit, so I wasn't completely sure. But even then, wouldn't it be quicker to just soft reset?

Nah, there's no cutscene for Eon Ticket Lati, so you can just keep running away, it's probably the quickest way to get a shiny.

Looks pretty sexy bruv, but why breed if not for the perfect stat ratios since its infinitely less time-consuming and mind twistingly boring to just chain grass patches if that's not a factor

I don't remember exactly what it was for, but I was catching a bunch of Patrats and Purrloins on the first route of White 2 to trade them away when one of the Patrats suddenly turned out to be shiny

I'm still not sure how I should feel about that

>tfw finding a shiny Abra in the grass above Cerulean while playing FireRed on a GBA before I even beat Misty.

And actually fucking catching it before it teleported.

>Every shiny I have ever met has been completely completely random when i am not looking for one.
>Always fail to catch it for one reason or another
>4 encounters later I am still shiny-less.

Next time you guys get a shiny, make sure to catch it. Don't be like me.

>favorite Pokemon is Regigigas
>just got the Shiny Charm in W2
>decided to SR for Shiny Regigigas since there was one still left to catch in my game
>motherfucker pops blue in 20 resets
>catch it with a Dusk Ball
>thing's got great nature & stats to boot
I don't even play Pokemon competitively, or even plan on playing S&M, so the point is moot, but it was some pretty nifty luck I got. Thing's been the giganigga of my team ever since.

>i haven't played a game, but i'll call it shit

Bad ivs are a zero issue now that hyper training is a thing in sun moon. Just transfer him up.

I found a shiny zigzagoon in ORAS randomly but accidentally killed it, I only noticed it was shiny just as I saw my attack hit it as I kept hitting A

oh well whatever


I never directly just hacked a pokemon in but I did RNG abuse to predict when I would have to get an egg for it to hatch shiny

That's fine, right?

Got myself good nature 5IV shiny pinsir this way for example

This isn't really related but it is Pokemon.
When new games are released, do comp rules change to "only pokemon in that game" or is anything you can bring through still fair game?

I played literally every main series Pokemon game, besides ORAS. I think I know what I do and don't want from the games by this point, not to mention it's piss easy to find out the necessary info online. So don't pull this "durr how do you know it's bad if you haven't played it" shitposting on me, pal, because it doesn't apply here.

It's pretty common to see pokemon with moves that are unobtainable in newer games in competitive, for example some Move Tutor moves aren't available in later games, or event pokemon with weird moves

SM have their own "pentagon" and it means that if you want to play in official tournaments or rated online battles you won't be able to use any pokemon you transferred over from gen 6 and before through pokemon bank.

but you can bring over your old competitive mons and use them as fathers or mothers to re-breed and then use the kids.

you can use old pokemon as you wish (legendaries too) if you battle with friends though or in custom tournaments

>mfw my first shiny was a spinarak in silver in the first area
>it was nothing but pure luck
god damn did he suck but i sure as hell brought him along for the entire adventure

I hatched a shiny munchlax for a friend a few weeks ago. Still waiting for my fucking Growlithe.

>XY trading features an online exploit that allows you to read egg IDs and trade it to different people to hatch shines for you and them
>GF catches wind of it
>patches the living fuck out of it
>does nothing to fix GTS or Wonder Trading while they're at it
Isn't the point of the online system to make new friends and promote multuculturalism bullshit or something? My 3DS was pumped full of friends after the second day.

>gf reset 2k times for some shiny legendary I don't remember
>on an emulator
Autism was a mistake.

>on an emulator
>where nothing you do even matters

you're right, that's autism

I was mistaken anyway. It wasn't just one legendary pokemon, it was 3.

Never go for a legit autist.

I only very occasionally play pogamans so I don't really know what some of them look like naturally, nevermind the shiny version. When I do play I always worry I'll come across one and not know it's a shiny, is there any other way to tell?

They have shiny sparkles around them when you enter the battle

so if you look at the screen it's easy to see

So you skipped ORAS for being shit but bought BW? That's funny.

>everyone scrambles to get a friend safari with Ditto in it

Are you sure it was a shiny? GS Spinarak is blue instead of green.

They do this.

I remember it doing a tiny sparkle every time i threw it out so i think it was, i was very young so i might remember it wrong.

>tfw some random jap traded me a 6 iv shiny ditto for peanuts at the start of xy

Would never have bothered breeding shit if not for this mystery man

>No shiny Koffing or Hawlucha
I've tried and ended up giving up.

Does PKHex get around the latest 3DS patch? I haven't payed attention for a while, I thought it got phased out

As long as you have Cubic Ninja or some other entrypoint like OoT you can do homebrew just fine. If you're on A9LH you can update to 11.1 and still install games and do homebrew stuff as well.


>Not using PKHex

Stop throwing your life away.

you know the only way to get roaming pokemon shiny is if you first encounter them shiny, in which case you would not have 462 encounters. Besides in gen 6 most of the legendaries are shiny locked.

It's escapism. I just moved on to other forms of escapism. But in essence, I'm still escaping the same things I was back when I was completing the pokedex. In theory, it's not quite as insane as shiny hunting, but it's technically the same thing so I can relate. Their lives probably suck a lot, like, a lot. So I can relate to that.

>hunting shinies
>when you can just use PKHex to make actually viable shiny pokemon
Most shinies look like shit anyway.

Fake, honestly fake. I like the video, but sadly it's fake.

Dunno man, they've really improved with Platinum and onwards they've really listened to the tourney fag audience, probably because there's money in that.

>genuinely concerned
It's called acting

>tfw they allow you to trade over pokemon from pokemon go
>not from other pokemon spin-offs
Fuck that noise

>tfw found a shiny Dewgong
>looks almost exactly the same

It at least means patching up legendaries and imperfect shinies and letting everyone get a perfect ditto.

Get a ghost pokemon fool struggle doesn't work on them

Only time I ever encountered a shiny Pokemon was in the portion of Emerald before you get Pokeballs.

>all those hours of breeding more or less wasted since IVs can be altered now

I mean, I don't have to do quite as much work now, but still. At least I can finally make that shiny poison heal gligar useful, unless I traded it for stuff. I've forgotten at this point.

Gen 6 has no roamers. The majority of gen 6 legendaries aren't shiny locked except for cover legends, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Zygarde, and the the gen 1 birds,

>Despite still being a Normal-type move, Struggle now does typeless damage, inflicting normal damage to Steel-, Rock-, and Ghost-type Pokémon and being unaffected by STAB.

well color me surprised. I'm sorry user

>gen 6 has no roamers
>what are articuno, zapdos, and moltres

In case you were wondering it also bypasses Wonder Guard and (since gen IV) accuracy checks

There's no escape from Struggle

>I'm sorry user
I-it's okay

>tfw I legit get a shiny every week

And I only play pokemon on weekends.

Something that you fight in a cave, where you can reset IV and nature as you please?

Where the fuck do I get pkhex from these days?

Gen 6 you autismo

>Eon Ticket one stays put until you catch it, you can run from it as much as you want and it resets each time

>TFW caught Latios this way in Alpha Sapphire.
>It was Docile nature.

Eon ticket, wasted.

>Bred perfect shiny charmander built for X
>Go full ribbon faggotry on it.
>Breed non shiny equivalent since a shiny Charizard doesn't settle my autism for having all of Red's Pokemon.

Red better have a new team next time he appears. I've trained competitive versions of everything he's used across all continuities,

>appear to be female

>find a shiny nidoran
>in safari zone

I tried shiny hunting once doing the DexNav thing.. like 2 hours later and say fuck it. Not even worth it.

Something that you fight in a cave, where you can reset IV and nature as you please?

Happened to me. I ended up catching the thing but lost it after I moved it to Colosseom and reset the save file when I wanted to replay it but forgot it was there.

I'm considering breeding a replacement like I did with my shiny Treecko in emerald. (Still have it but it has an impish nature so I bred a timid one)

They only appear in the cave after you chase them around Kalos. Kinda like a roaming Pokemon.

OP here
My only legit shiny was a Teddiursa in Emerald and I lost it and all of my Pokemon before it because I was a shit kid messing around with Gameshark on a whim

I have like 3 shiny Ralts that I'm certain were hacked/ cloned and a shiny Torchic I'm unsure of

>I bread 1262 eggs just to get a shiny ralts
Fuck me, there is a lot of regret in this one.

It took me less than 50 soft resets to find my shiny Latias, eat your heart out, op.


I would totally fuck that.

I also hatched a shiny Mawile while I was taking a shit.

I don't get why you would rather spend two weeks on breeding and training for the sake of a competitive team when you could just inject it and start playing the real game immediately.

There was a time where injecting and PowerSaves weren't a thing.


Same reason you don't use an aimbot

that's the best part of the vid

But why would you waste time breeding when you can immediately start playing the game.

I think I'd kill myself

The one shiny I've ever found was a Nidorino in the safari zone. I think we all know how that one ended.

If it's for competitive purposes, then yeah. People just breed or hunt them for the satisfaction.

That's whatever, if you wanna breed and train for fun, go for it. But there are people who spend months training a team for competitive battling instead of just creating one or just playing Showdown which is way better

If all you're into is battling, just play Pokemon Showdown
Leave the actual games to the people who want to play them

Breeding a competitive team takes like a day at most, shinies aren't necessary for that

The reason for breeding shinies is a reward for your work, just injecting them is meaningless

Yes, also, even if you are lucky enough to breed the shiny, you need some extra luck to get perfect IV's where you want them. The Mawile I found was perfect in everything but attack, she ended up with miserable 7 IV's in attack. I called her Seven just because of that.

>decide to play the pokemon games on emulators without save states
>manage to do this
Technology is amazing.
But the fact I lost a shiny paras still makes me salty.


He was destroyed!

>actual games
You mean the games where you can use only your starter and beat every gym and the Pokemon League?

the best kind of games

Yes exactly
You want to cheat at such an easy game?

Just inject it :^)

No, because competitive IS the real game.

So you'd cheat at the only part of the game that takes actual effort?

I was going to meme-type "who really gives a shit? Kangaskhan is rarer, you can get Chansey in Cerulean Cave" but then i checked and in FRLG this isn't the case anymore.

>autistically catching Pokemon and breeding them for perfect IV's is worth your time

Shiny Hunting is pure, unadulterated autism.

Whoever gets into it seriously has at least a bit of it.

If you know what you're doing with held items, it takes no time at all
I don't give a shit about a couple of out of place IVs since Hyper Training is going to be a thing that exists next gen

It also takes less time for me to just create the team.

>find a shiny Ponyta in Mt. Silver playing Gold Version as a kid
>years later find a shiny Rapidash on Mt. Silver playing Heartgold

Ponyta is the only shiny I've actually gone out of my way to hatch, all of my other shinies are completely luck-based.

Hey Cred Forums, I have a very serious problem. I’m fucking crying because of how stupid I am.

Okay, so my girlfriend was supposed to come over to my house today because I was going to go take her to a movie. She lives about 20 minutes away, and the movie we were supposed to see started at 4:15, which was in about 40 minutes. I figured “cool, I’ll just play Pokemon while I wait”.

So I’m playing Pokemon, and having a pretty damn good time. Anyway, she finally does show up, except she’s crying as she walks into my room. Instead of doing the right thing by comforting her, I half-focus on my game and her. She starts telling me her cat died, and just as she was getting into it, I get into a random encounter in my game.

A shiny pidgey. Holy shit. (For those of you who don’t know/care, shiny Pokemon have less than a 1/1,000 chance of appearing; 1/8192 to be exact.). I stare into my screen in amazement, yelling “holy shit, YES”, interrupting her mid-story. She sobs more, and she starts to yell “You don’t even fucking care! YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME!” I’m still looking at my screen, still focusing on catching my shiny Pidgey, when she walks over, and tosses the game against the wall. I run over and pick up my DS hoping that nothing has changed on screen, and quickly noticed that she broke it. My system and my shiny Pidgey, gone forever.

I start screaming every obscenity I know, and started flailing my arms around. I didn’t know she was behind me, and apparently I backhanded her in the face while I was being a dumbass and swinging my fists around. She yells out “FUCK YOU”, and runs out of my house in tears.

What have I done? I’ve fucked up so badly, and I need to know how to approach her. I don’t want a game of Pokemon to be responsible for ruining my best relationship ever. Help me, Cred Forums.

Why do anything when you can just pay someone else to do it?

Man you sure exposed yourself as a retard. You should try playing Pokémon.

this pasta is getting stale

That's not the point you might as well use a save game editor if you don't want to put the effort in

Don't think I've seen this in over 6 years.

IIRC wasn't there an item you could buy for a ridiculous amount Battle Points that changed a pokémon's ability in X/Y? I don't know if it can unlock HAs since I never bother with the Maison/Tower/Cheating Frontier parts of the games



First time reading this but I can already tell the story needs a little updating though.


Just put a 3DS instead and it'll be a little more up to date.

Ability Capsule, yes
It doesn't include Hidden Abilities and I rightly don't really understand how to get them. So I don't bother

Threads about new information for the new games is one thing, but this kind of blogging thread is the exact reason was created.

>Playing pokemon LG
>get the random eevee from that one guy in celadon.
>Never bother to check it until post game.
>Found out that fucker was shiny

Hey, that happened to me but with Pinsir.
And Kangaskhan.

Nigga gimme a tutorial to do that.

I want to do a recolection of all shinies in Colosseum/GoD, but I don't know how to get that link working.

>people who use Lake of Rage Gyarados because they've never found any other shiny pokemon.

It's a special version of VBA and Dolphin done by some guy.
Just search around.

I dunno, I think it's worth using just by virtue of it being red, which as we all know is the best colour

This is something that only an autist could do , congratz

I heavily disagree. The entire point of shinies is that it's unique. So when one is mass produced it's not unique at all.

Nigger, I wasn't implying that it's unique at all. Everyone gets one. All I'm saying is that when I'm presented with a choice of colour, red > blue

I don't really like shiny pokemon to be honest. Most of them are mediocre at best and watching that intro every time you send it out gets real fucking old.