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Man it sucks that we're a bigger target than those spartans

What fag decided that everything should be purple? I don't want to wear purple. Why can't we wear something cool?


Nigga only the ships are purple. You're wearing blue because you're a low rank shit that doesn't get to make decisions.
>white master race

Since they decided the UNSC's color would be green, Bungie chose purple for the Covenant because purple is the inverted color of green.

wort wort wort

I'm just saying, those heretics have all the cool armor. That burgundy shit. Damn it's so fly.

I did not know that but that's some cool info, user. Thank you.


Nigga get the fucking shit out of your eyes red is the inversion of green. Yellow is the inversion of purple

Fucking heresy. Get out.
and they get goggles and shit. I'm so fucking jelly. Don't tell the hierarchs

I'm a level 112 demon hunter and I don't belong on a space ship I belong on broken land killing legin

>Green is the inversion of Purple

Thanks, Doc

Can someone please keep these unggoy fucking shits out of the rec room? There's methane residue on all of our space-badminton racquets.

Damn fart sniffers are the worst. Just punt them out the airlock.

I tried to but they keep waiving around their sticky little jizz grenades and one of these days they might actually throw it at me. It's like we gave guns to a toddler

Guys some Humans and Demons just boarded us, why the fuck is nobody venting the hanger to space?

What? Why would we do that? It's just some dumb demons. We kill demons all the time.

Because they brought a really, really big one with them this time.

These are the good demons, you know, like the ones that can actually put a dent in our forces.

Wort wort wort

Psh yeah right. Come on guys we're the fucking covenant. Like some asshole demons are really gonna take down an ENTIRE corvette r-right


>tfw your girl likes the demon more than you

>Giving armor designs to the humans



The prophets are lying! We have come in contact with a sacred Oracle, he told us a terrible truth about the rings and the parasite!

this shit again. GET OFF THE STAGE DUMBASS

Flip-skap just has some... Mental problems. More than the average unngoy. So we gave him some shitty armor so he can feel like he's helping.

What we really need to worry about is those new Kig-yars who showed up... They aren't as scrawny as the other ones and they look more like a sangheili instead of a feathered creature. Giant fucking teeth on 'em, too.

Hello. I am 343-guilty spark, monitor of installation 04.

My installation was destroyed by the reclaimers in an extremely naive attempt to contain the infestation that had escaped.

If only the reclaimers had known that the infestation could have been taken care of through proper protocol if they had just allowed me to activate the ring and cleanse my sector!

My memory is shit but why the elits is the enemy in halo 4 again?


Man why has literally everything been downgraded
The design of literally everything in Halo became shit or worse when 343 got their grubby hands on the series.
Also why did Halo 2 have the GOAT models?

Who the fuck keeps letting the beep boop robot in here guys. I think he's broken because he talks complete gibberish. Literally makes no sense.

Yes. Those Kig-yar are mean. One of them bit off Jub-jek's breathing tube and they laughed when he ran around choking. I miss the old small kig-yars.

But didnt the elits bretrayed the Covenant in halo 3 following the arbitur?

Indian user, these anons are faggots, let's get out of here.

>Halo claymation

Don't let the airlock hit you on the way out you bitter faggot

Not all of them. The Swords of sanghelios are the arbiter's.

They were obsessed with the great journey, it was their religion for thousands of years. Of course it didn't die off so easily.

I think I found one

This is shitty reasoning due to 343i being incapable of good writing.

The prophets threw the elites under the bus. They all understood the Great Journey was a lie. 343i didn't know how to actually go on with it so they panicked and kept them as enemies.

Maybe it's because Halo was intended to be a trilogy, not a futuristic CoD type game with a new release every other year.

Halo 2 anniversary is the best example of the classic designs with modern graphics and it looks 10 times better than 343's shit.

(343 didn't make CE anniversary, 2 anniversary, most of halo 4's maps and most of MCC.)

Is this the real reason or just an excuse that 343i have to use elits as enemy again?

I want to be big and strong like elite too, how to bulk ezily pls

t. drone

Not all of them. They're hyper-religious fanatics.

It's like the middle East, no matter how many times a terrorist group gets fucking rekt there, a new one will always spring up.

To be honest it would be more unbelievable if the entire covenant just HAD disbanded totally 100% peacefully after 3. That makes no sense.


Fuk u and ur containnent

*stealth honking*

Both. The covenant was finally defeated for good in halo 5, by the arbiter and his Swords of sanghelios.

But don't worry, now there's a new excuse for halo 6. Cortana is helping out and taking care of all the species in the galaxy in exchange for their allegiance. So basically the covenant in halo 6 will be "cortana's covenant"


They sure did have a lot of personality back in Halo 2.
Now all the covenant species are just ugly scaled cunts.
Thanks 343.

That's what happens when you get the gears of war artists to design your aliens

They add pointless teeth and claws and scales and make everything look "big and evil" just because they're the antagonists

So does the prometheans were a mistake?

Hey you guys forgot this

Why do some energy swords become camoflauged and others don't when active camouflage is active? Who's issuing the shitty camouflage variants that don't cover up your bug blue sword? Also, how do I touch myself? I mean, where's my penis?

The leadership was dead, and the warrior caste was distinctly split between Brutes and Elites.

Peacefully disbanded would be unbelievable. But they'd be too worried about killing each other to become the new leaders (not to mention figuring out however to lead after thousands of years of just following) instead of going after humans.

Look up JulM'dama, he was the leader.

There was fighting with the brutes, but some of them joined into the Storm covenant as well. The majority of them mysteriously went back to their homeworld. They are returning in halo wars 2.


What did the humans mean by this?

They weren't going after humans at first. They were continuing worship of their "gods" the forerunners. Arbiter's crew started a civil war with them as well, they both wanted control of their homeworld Sanghelios.

We only fight them in Halo 4 because they run into chief at Requiem, one of their "holy" sites. Naturally they just try to kill the lone human drifting in space, but he's the chief, so he kills them instead.

Once the Didact is awakened, (he's a forerunner) they follow his leadership. He's the one with all the power, and he's the one who hates humans.

Did someone tell the demon that was a dud?


>cleanse my sector
>implying one ring going off doesn't signal the others to do the same

Not falling for it faggot.

Why prometheans hate humans wasnt them humans as well?

Because 343, that's why.

You wish to activate all the installations at once, reclaimer?

Splendid! Once my Ring is finished re-building, we can travel to Installation 00, or in your terms, "the Ark" and fire off all remaining halo installations from there, remotely. Then we will be done with this dreadful infestation!

At least Creative Assembly is giving us a proper enemy to fight in HW2. Scavenger Brutes + Covvie outcasts is a much better faction than Covvies - 343 edition.

Holy Oracle! Surely the sacred rings do more than cleanse the filth of the parasite from your temples. What of the forerunners? What of the great journey? Soon we will use the Ring's divine power and finally ascend along the path to your great creators.

Do they ever explain how or from where comes the floods?



A long time ago there was aliens that were like the forerunners of the forerunners. So naturally they were named precursors.

Long story short, they got buttmad, ground themselves up into dust for some reason, then 100,000 years ago ancient humans (who were space faring and in a war with the forerunners) found the dust and fed it to their alien-doggies. The alien doggies got friendlier so they kept feeding it the dust. Until one day a dog went crazy and bit a human and it spread like a classic zombie infection and turned into the flood

Pretty fucking retarded, right? Some things are better left as a mystery instead of having every little detail explained. I liked it better when we thought the flood came from outside of the galaxy.

I spected that they were like a boew that got out of control like the t-virus or some shit

What is the worst ending to any Halo game and why is it Halo 5?
Also am I the only one who is extremely let down that the Chief and Arby didn't get a reunion scene, not to mention the absolute dogshit reunion between Chief and Halsey?