Are you good at video games, Cred Forums?

Are you good at video games, Cred Forums?

>implying hearthstone is skill based

I'd like to know what their definition of skill based is

Stole my reply first, what a shitload of fuck picture

>skill based

Remember how recently that one guy won a HS tournament with a card that does random amount of random things?

>Minecraft story mode
>skill based

Is there any more proof needed the US is pure cancer?

S.m.h f.a.m.

The best decks don't even run Yogg.

>illusion of skill
>Hearth stone

>still claiming this after Yogg tournament victory


>Minecraft Story Mode

Skill based.

I haven't played one of those games wtf

> puzzle & dragons
> illusion of skills
> all those other games for retards

This card singlehandedly fucked hearthstone for a year or two years or however long it will take to rotate out of standard. RNG is healthy for the game in appropriate doses, but this card might as well read
>Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
>Throw this card down when you're losing to maybe win the game, maybe not, who knows :^)

>minecraft STORY MODE

I'd take YGO deck vomiting over this shit anyday

How is "buy items to progress" illusion of skill?



>skill based

>mobile games
why is this a thread?

>opponent uses Yogg
>summon and buff minions, heal themself
>use Yogg myself
>destroy all minions and kill myself
Every time.

What match was this? I want to watch it.

what the fuck does illusion of skill even mean

To me, someone skilled at a game, or games in general is someone that can adapt to a variety of situations and react accordingly, as opposed to simulating the same scenario over and over again and perfecting it.

That said, I don't think I'm skilled. I can't really adapt.

>game where certain players win more consistently than all other players
>not skill based
I bet you think poker isn't skill based because it depends what you get in your hand

I think they are using the wrong words here. I think they might be trying to describe how some of these games scale themselves in relationship to the player to stop progression regardless of how good the player is. But then again, scaling doesn't necessarily mean that it takes no skill.

>skill based

>Illusion of skill
what? where? how? Sims has never pretended to take skill

I feel like you guys are missing the point that they're all fuckin mobile games.

>Dick around fir 8 turns with Hunter
>play call of the wild turn 8
>win game
>play Druid
>play Raven idol
>win game
>play Shaman
>be cancer
>win game
Super skillbased guys :^)

Four mana seven seven.

>Hearthstone skill based
>Mortal Kombat X not

If someone makes a valid argument to as why this is and changes my mind I will post pictures of me shattering the closest video game disk near me.

The picture claims that Minecraft Story Mode requires skill, I wouldnt get too worked up about it.

Can someone define illusion of skill? I don't play mobile games so I'm curious to how it applies to them.

nice try Blizzard


>Not "money-based"

>caring about skill in any mobile game
the ceiling is so low it doesn't matter

>tfw PAD won't work on your phone

Stupid gooks

Go away, Sakuya.

It just opens up and closes again immediately.

>Puzzle and Dragons
>not skill based

>game where people who payed more money win more consistently than all other players

this tbhh

Depends on how much grinding or P2W is involved in success.

As a litmus test, take star gamers, and given them starter equipment, and see how much their success changes.

It's why people are giving their opinions on Hearthstone and Puzzles and dragons so much shit.

(8 ball pool isnt even skill based desu)

Im mediocre in every game i play. Perhaps slightly better than average in fps games.

Question are Mortal combat or madden any good on mobile?

Are there mobile games that are fun and not cash grabs / loaded with ads.

also are there comfy city building games?

>right 3rd row
What the fuck?

Is it taxidermy?

>skill based

>top grossing
>sims freeplay
well it's not very free then is it?

Captchas are getting much harder.

As you can see, combining cards can be very useful.

All of those games look like they're illusion of skill based.

>Any of those games


not really, I don't dedicate enough time to get good. If I can just beat a single player game, I'm good.
but something like TF2 or Counter Strike, I'm hopeless at. and Starcraft. You guys just have played for so long I stand no chance