Misunderstood masterpieces: MGSV and MGS4

Misunderstood masterpieces: MGSV and MGS4.

Appreciated modern classics: MGS2

Average straightforward entries: MGS1, MGS3 and MGS:PW.

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I agree with you with everything other than mgs3 being average.

So mad your favourite dev isn't loved like he is, it's ok guys.

Only retards think MGS2 wasn't masturbatory tripe.

Gameplay and technology wise it's a marvel but as a vision it is way more shallow than 2 or 4.

MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 are a category of their own, both in terms of gameplay and actual writing. They're the true masterpieces.

4 and PW is what you get when you fuck up and take canon too much into consideration, but they're both enjoyable and have Metal Gear qualities to them.

V is practically a retarded fucking reboot with an irrelevant (and really fucking stupid) story, lackluster gameplay, etc. People who pretend like it's going to become the second 2 are fucking morons.


Every game in the series.

MGS4 and Ground Zeroes are great.

The Phantom Pain is fucking garbage.

>movie and demo were better than a video game

What the fuck is it with people shitting on 3 nowadays?

I remember it was one of the very few games that got 9/10 in gaming magazines. And back then those ratings actually meant something.

While there is a disproportionate amount of cutscenes to gameplay, I still found that gameplay to be fun and complex.

Yeah, a demo with a better story, dialog, and characters than TPP. Or did you like vocal chord parasites? Also, there isn't some dumbass ruse to make the (unfinished) story needlessly confusing.

The main problem with MGS V is that it's all set up and no payoff.

Story wise? Or are you talking about the game itself, gameplay etc etc?

>lackluster gameplay
It has better gameplay than any other game in the series. If you think otherwise you're straight retarded.

MGS 3 is a good game.
Don't listen to those people.

Both actually.
The story is nothing more than laying the groundwork for the others.
The game itself has no payoff either.

The Skullface mission is memorable for just how awful it is, the Skulls are all a bunch of pushovers and Sahalanthropus is a joke and nothing but tedious as hell, because he has a billion HP.

I don't think otherwise because I'm not a fucking sheep that's been repeating the same shit over and over, as if doing that would make it true.

Anything from 1 through PW is packed with so much detail and well designed gameplay that even suggesting that V is better outs you as a hopeless fucking casual. I bet you never even beat 2 on Hard or anything above, because if you did, you wouldn't spout nonsense.

>I'm not a fucking sheep that's been repeating the same shit over and over

>Anything from 1 through PW is packed with so much detail and well designed gameplay
That's a sheep opinion if I ever heard one.

>trolling means "baiting for replies"

MGS4 is the most retarded game in the series, still a good game by itself but the weakest by far

MGSV is the best game in the series by a alrge margin, the ultimate pleb filter with the most expansive and rewarding gameplay, its almost the Devil May Cry 3 / Bayonetta of stealth games, a game that reawrds the creative players and eliminates the ones without skill

>eliminates the ones without skill
Are you joking? Mgsv is full of concessions for players without skill.

spot on, a bit harsh on mgs1 though. Cred Forums is too stupid to see this.

>its almost the Devil May Cry 3 / Bayonetta of stealth games

I'll admit I almost got a little mad. Almost.

>Just spend like 2 weeks setting up the secret exploit on MGSV that lets you get hundreds of S++
>Have over 150 S++ about to go into each unit. 900 S++ total

And I bet it's not even going to get me past level 140 for any of my units. Inflation really hit MGSV development requirements hard.

The Drebin unlock system was better. At least Drebin didn't make you wait 14 fucking days for every gun you bought. Also you could find lots of guns in the game, while in MGSV EVERYTHING must be developed.

>I remember it was one of the very few games that got 9/10 in gaming magazines
I remember it getting 8/10 until it was re-released (at full price) a year later with better controls. Then it got 9/10.

If that happened today Cred Forums would flip its shit, but I guess it's okay when Kojima does it.

The development system of MGSV is a great analogy for the investment to reward ratio that the game has in general.

>20000 plants, 500000 gold for a weapon to be developed
>It's 5% stronger than the last weapon in it's tree

got a bunch of cool ideas like the stress factor and the camo one, i really enjoyed the cutscenes. But as a stealth game, its extremely easy. I just completed the game with the traquilizer gun, never buying anything from drebin. Also the bossfights were meh tier apart fron the last one, which fits quite nice. I mean, i was expecting an epic fight when rex vs ray happened but i just finished the battle in matters of seconds. Also top tier graphics for its time.
Really enjoyable game, mantained the core aspect of mgs1 (more about looking for stuff or a way to get past an area), a thing that was abandoned by its successors. Controls are kind of garbage to be honest.
Never played it, planning to do it next month, but everyones seems to ve praising so i'll see
I really enjoyed playing it, the bosses are cool and for a psp game, its loaded with content and stuff. Also liked the drawn comic-like cinematics.
A game focused on selling for the normies ad the casuals, hence the lot of action and the less cinematics.
I really enjoyed playing it, the missions are quite ripetitive but its nice playing full stealth finding the best way to complete different missions. The ai could be better but its still quite challenging the more you go on. The best in the series definitely.
Graphics are top tier on pc and the ps3 still can handle them quite good.
Gameplay is definitely the best of the series also,I really liked getting home at evening and just doing random side ops or fultoning entire bases.

You're a complete idiot.

Why do we hate MGS4 again?

PS3 exclusive. Started the whole cinematic meme with it's 90 minute cutscenes.

This is a nice, correct post.

MGSV actually has loads of time on cinematics, the total cutscene runtime (excluding scripted cinematic gameplay sections) goes to about 6 hours, more than the early games, but obviously V has far more potential gameplay since the player can fuck around for days in between story sections.

>better story, dialog, and characters than TPP