Persona 5

Who will you be romancing?

>Implying Tae isn't best girl

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has whether or not you can romance anne been clarified? people said at first you couldnt but it was speculated the streamer missed certain trigger

You can, I did yesterday. She gets flustered as fuck when you hug her. These are the girls you can romance.

pretty sure you can romance every girl at rank 9, the game even tells you to choose carefully when you get to

BTW, is it realy required to date Makoto for good ending? or is it also incorrect?, 'cause want to date Futaba.

>Part of the story where Makoto suspects you and your friends are the Phantom Thieves
>She tails you around places like this, hoping you don't notice
>If you move far away, she follows you

Jesus, they're all so ugly.

You don't need to, I think.

Also, Futaba was cuter than expected.

>New person comes into LeBlanc
>She hides behind you if she doesn't have a mask around to wear

t. cuck

Why are they all mad at Potter-kun if these are all the girls?

You can take on out on Valentine's Day, if you cheat, the ones you didn't take on a date confront you.

Makoto because shes cute!

so did the player in manage to date and cheat on all the girls in the same playthrough?

Kill yourself

Multi-harem can happen in 3 and 4, though nine-timing is a record.

>That moment when she gets scared of Futaba with her glasses in the dark

I'm really digging the girl on the far left beca--
>dat glasses qt right side with the cat doll
oh lawd.

Futaba makes the best gift.

>still can't fuck dudes in Persona
>even though best character in the previous game was literally gay
What the fuck japan?

gay buy

>Yusuke: "A lover...? You...have a lover...? Why...didn't you tell me sooner?"


What did he mean by this?


this is all I came in this thread to see. Though i'd have preferred Naruto


Any consequences for gameplay wise by doing this?

This. Look at that perfection.

Who here /futaba/

Just this I think.

What the fuck is this game about?!?!

>cartoon network

is this real

It would be funny if you could turn all of them down and just spend the day like a regular one with Morgana

You can hug girls? Or are these specific actions regarding which girl you choose? I have only seen Tae kissing you.

Makoto loves Protag!


Yes, the show is called Sym-Bionic Titan. It was canceled.

Kanji's whole story revolved around how "effeminate doesn't equal gay", you fucking imbecile. And the final twist was that the boy he was attracted to was a girl in drag all along.

He was wondering why you hadn't told him, since you are friends.

Don't you share share secrets with friends, user?

>going for damaged girls

>Implying I don't agree with you.

Presumptuous, OP.

Here's my personal rankings. Rate taste.

>Main characters can summon "Personas"
>The main character has the ability "Wild Card" which means he can summon multiple Personas while others can only summon one
>The protagonist is forced to move to Tokyo after he punched a man trying to rape a girl (the man was very well connected and she lied to the police because of this)
>Stuff happens and the protagonist discovers he can summon Personas
>You fight against the corrupt to make them confess for their misdeeds as the "Phantom Theives"
>You can do a variety of things outside during your "free time"
>This includes side missions where you get to know your party members and other individuals
>If you do the right things, you can waifu a girl or two

It's pretty great. Try out Persona 3 FES or Persona 4 Golden.


You hug Anne because she was crying. Takemi and you kiss because she initiated it.

Too bad there are too many days with bad weather, so you can't do activies much and just sleep the day off.

I was joking, user, I know. It's just funny how flustered Yusuke can get about things. He'd be husbando material if you could husbando men.

A pantyhose goes with that cute dress? How best is she?

I'm more or less the same:

>Romancing Takemi last night
>If the translation was right, she was talking about a "house appointment"
>Hit on her back
>She blushes and is speechless
>On rank 10, she kisses you in LeBlanc
>You probably fuck her afterwards

She's actually a goth?

Sensei is for _____?

More alternative, I'd say.

so how are the boss fights?

Would you spend Valentine's Day with Makoto?


Social Link/Coop page look really cool now too.

Girls need to have at least shoulder length.

I have to say all the girls this time is cute af
I remember in P4 the chick from the singing clubs is like and eggs with paint on, the other one from the performing club? is literally an alien.
The nurse looks like a tryhard slut while not that sexy, while the young mom failed her plastic surgery or sth

Who is the one on the far left and the one in the weird checkered dress?

Far left is the fortune teller and the other is Hifumi.

Fortune teller is called Chihaya Mifune.

Mifune kinda reminds me of Ai who was best girl in P4. Hifumi has a nice face but that dress isn't working for me.

Takemi still looks like best girl, but they overall look like a big step up from P4. Just hope they aren't as annoying as most of the girls there.


I didn't know the game was one of those weeb dating sims,

you can do this and Ryuji comes over to moan about how he's forever alone

The dress is the best thing about her. Instant waifu pick on first playthrough.

You have shit taste. Though really, competition isn't that hard in Persona 4.

That's just one(albeit a big one) aspect of the game

Ninja fan ? Check out Spin Ninja on Android !

More like Bae

I'm probably gonna romance Chihaya first in memory of Miyu Matsuki.

All she wanted was to marry and I will give her at least this.

he wants to paint you both in the nude

I didn't realise it was her.

>best, purest girl in dead last
What's it like to be a prancing lala homonigger?

>Miyu Matsuki
Did she voice anyone particularly memorable? I'm looking over her body of work and no roles are really jumping out at me. Am I missing something?

Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch
Anna from Shimoneta
Hisui from Tsukihime and notably Carnival Phantasm
She also voiced Choppy from PreCure


Would you go on a beach date with her?

So she voiced a bunch of forgettable side characters and was predominantly known for playing love nectar chick in a mostly forgotten seasonal fodder show.

Her voice is solid, and I won't claim otherwise, but it doesn't seem like much of value was lost. It isn't like she's Sawashiro.

I don't get it
does she not want to hook up with you because you're a student or does she

>died almost year ago
>still has voice in the game
So... The script has been written and finalized since then? How come Atlus USA has been so slow with localization?

because they didn't have the game in any form until after e3, and were working on IV Final at that time anyway

I'm not 100%, but at first I think she's afraid to and leaves and when you Coop her next, she gets all flustered and decides to. She pats her lap and let's your use it as a pillow.

I felt compelled to post this dank edit here.

Maybe they should stop being so incompetent. Fucking Namco managed near-simultaneous release for Vesperia, it's not like working on localization while developement is happening is somehow impossible.

one of the reasons I want to cheat on more than one girl on my next run is to see just how smug Sojiro is in this scene

Which ones are not virgins? I want to weed those out right away.

Can, I say, Potter-kun is more alpha than Yuu from P4? I mean, look at that fucking harem.

Being attracted to someone who you're positive has a penis probably still makes you at least a little gay

It sort of seems like Anne isn't, but she didn't necessarily sleep with Kamoshida

>blue-striped bikini
oh my dick if this ends up being a tease like in P3 i'm gonna kill someone

Who is the Yukiko of p5?

No, it's not a tease. I romanced her yesterday. You make clear moves on her.

I think he is too.


There is none, thank fuck.

also, the fact that High Priestess can't cook doesn't get mentioned even once before she has to apologize on Valentine's Day for not making her chocolate herself

>This comic will never ever be finished


The most tomboyish one

It was a case of
>why the fuck am I attracted to this "boy" so much? Am I gay??? Were all those rumors about my knitting right the whole time??

>oh wait, "he" was actually a girl! Thank jesus, that explains eveything! I KNEW there was something off about "him!" See, fuck you Yosuke, liking knitting doesn't make me gay, fuck off!

Yosuke acts 100x more homo than Kanji anyway, if there's a closeted gay on the IT it's Yosuke

Gonna be a pain in the ass to pick a waifu this time, it's not like in Persona 4 when I knew I would choose Naoto when I started the game because she was cute, had a nice personality and I love reverse traps. This time i like most of the girls, I won't be able to decide until I play it for myself.

Has anyone romanced all his party members, put all of them into his party, and triggered awkward conversations in dungeons like in P4 or P3P?

not yet
only like 2 people even figured out how to date Anne at all

Do they ever mention the age difference? Because that is my fetish, dating an older woman that is.


What, really? I thought she got bored and didn't have motivation to continue. Then again she deleted her entire gallery of her comics, so I dunno.

How well thia game didi on japan?

Same here

Naoto was my favorite in P4, P3 was Mitsuru, in this one, I'm just not sure who. Probably gonna pick either Makoto or Tae, but that one reporter(?) chick with the orange glasses looks really good too

Please be in London.

>Yosuke acts 100x more homo than Kanji anyway, if there's a closeted gay on the IT it's Yosuke
Yosuke was literately gay before they removed it. Look up Persona 4 on The Cutting Room Floor. There's recorded dialogue where he confesses to you and you can S-Link him romantically.

It's not even hard though? You just choose to hug her. Unless I was lucky.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think she refers to the fact that you're a high school student during that scene.


Those conversations were funny. I still remember something about taking off socks in Yu's room and both Chie and Yukiko having entered his room before.

Highest selling 1st week sales of the series.

I'm a guy, and I'm only interested in cute girls that are older than me.

Alright, that is good enough then. My first girlfriend was a "christmas cake" that was 8 years older than me(I was 20 at the time and she was 28) ever since then I just can't find younger girls or girls my own age attractive.

337k on the first week. Sold 70% of it's shipments so far. So it did well.

Mifune, the fortune teller if possible. Possibly Makoto if not.

I wish I could have dated a hot, older woman around that age when I was in high school. It probably would have been nice.


Wait, how old are you now?

I don't think they'll censor it. They know the market for Persona. Plus it's a man dating older women, that's not "victim" worthy to them either.


W-what was it like?

I don't think they will censor it unless there's amassive outrage before release like this guy is implying, which I don't think will happen, Persona is to niche for major games sites to pick up on it, I think it wil lbe released uncensored and then the shitstorm will ensue.

Well, she was much shorter than me and looked pretty young. It was like a normal relationship except that she was older and more experienced than me(both sexually and other stuff aswell).

Not to mention that it was partly thanks to shitstorm that Persona 3 got the sales that it did. All that stuff about kids summoning demons by shooting themselves.

Aww, that would only make you 4 younger than me anyways.

Is dumblr shaming women who date younger guys?

>Spider web dress.

Let's be real here. The only true controversy that'll pop up is the Christian press going nuts about a game where Satan kills God.

The games press will just whine about how Persona 5 shames gays and trannies and doesn't represent gays right.

You're not even a girl anyway. I'm not interested in traps.

>The underlying message will resonate very well with GamerGate

you can't hug her unless you make a couple of specific choices beforehand

>Let's be real here. The only true controversy that'll pop up is the Christian press going nuts about a game where Satan kills God

Are there even transsexuals in it?

>Christian press going nuts about a game where Satan kills God.
on Christmas at that

I have a feeling Yusuke's existence alone will cause some sort of shitstorm in one way or another.

>not liking Yukiko

No, but you can work in a crossdressing bar.

The okama bar.

The only shitstorm is that Yusuke isn't gay and doesn't have a gay route. However there is no explicit "gayness" like Kanji's to be misinterpreted.

Potter: bitch get the fuck out of my face before I have to slap you again!
Wow rude



You aren't wrong.
It's gonne get messy bit I'm alright with that. Zelots need to be taken the piss out of.

that's just how he rolls

Persona games are the one single video game series that make me remember my wasted teenage years and how I didn't hang around with girls or friends because I chose to sit every fucking day infront of my PC for the last 10 years.

>That Anne outfit.
God damn.

What the the others?

Futaba, will hold her hand and have consensual sex in the missionary position with the intent of procreation.

W-was she cute? Did s-she ever get insecure about the age difference?

Definitely not Anne

Yes to both, but at the same time she liked that I was younger and a virgin because that meant that she could "train me" in how to have sex, and that was kinda like her fetish.

As in other costumes? all unifroms from previous Personas and if..., Raidou, Catherine, butlers and maids, Christmas, Shadow Ops, swimsuits and dancing wear.
All DLC. There are no costumes in game even though there is a costume slot.

>voiced by Sugita
Fuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeeees

...I really hope we get the JP voices.

I ship it too.
Gotta go full wingman with that shit.



Even Apocalypse didn't get controversy about YHVH. In fact, Krishna got some controversy from a minority and that was it.

She's too fucking cute.


>All costumes are DLC, even though there is a costume slot.
P4G was all the more fun because of the costumes.

Have they mentioned a date for PC yet?

>...I really hope we get the JP voices.

eat the meat bowl challenge you fucking pussy

>All DLC. There are no costumes in game even though there is a costume slot.
God damn it. Why do they keep doing this, first they add costumes in FES, then remove them in P4, then add them in Golden, and now just have them as DLC?
Do the party members at least comment on the stuff you make them wear?

Really? I was lucky then. I guess Google Translate does help.

W-weren't you the user that asked for more photos of Takemi and used the same gif?

Apocalypse didn't have the world cheering on thieves to summon Satan on Christmas Eve and head shot God user.

Apocalypse also didn't get the nickname "How Satan Saved Christmas."

The costumes were free DLC in Japan. Chances are it'll be packaged in for the west or free DLC as well.


I don't think so.

Also forgot about SMT IV

>The costumes were free DLC in Japan.
Only P3 and P4 if you preordered. Other costumes aren't officially out yet, someone at /pg/ found out they're already on the disc and hacked them in.

What's going to be Phantom's "canon" personality when they start making anime spinoffs and P5Q?

Why does that person speak bubble have a bunch of scribbles


>W-weren't you the user that asked for more photos of Takemi and used the same gif?
The gif is pretty common image depicting boner. Also, not sure who you were referring to but more Takemi is always welcome.


they already did an anime spinoff before the game came out

Rivers in the Desert is so good it's a shame it's not the actual final battle theme.

Can i somehow decide who is behind me?

Is she laughing to his hilarious face?
Is she oblivious to the fact that Naruto want to grab those titties?

W-what a coincidence then. She really is best girl though.

>Out at a restaurant with her
>Mention you want to touch her hand
>Shw blushes about it

it does play during the grail fight and is considered the final boss music by the devs, that final scenario was clearly one of the things that got added with the delay from 2015

it's random



No, she's laughing cause he's a pervert. He makes that motion then laughs and runs up to him and grabs him and basically says "You're such a little perv aren'tcha?" in a very flirtatious manner

Anne doesn't treat Ryuji like shit and freak out all the time when he does stuff like that.

Is this clothing that a student council president should be wearing?

I ran into her while seeing a shrine with Anne.


Is somebody going to get exposed for two-timing?

>Free DLC.
Oh, that's alright then. Made my blood boil thinking i'd have to buy costumes.

What ended up happening with the whole "Goro betrays you" thing?

> flirtatious
> don't know the pains of the Japanese brother zone


It happened before I dated either of them. She did ask me what our relationship was though. When I was with Makoto, I ran into Hifumi, she was about to leave quickly, but Makoto invited her to spend time with the two of us.

It'd be pretty funny if you could get caught two-timing like that though.

there are two Goros, only one is real but both are batshit and murder people

The Phantom Thieves knew not to trust him from the start. When Morgana talks about getting pancakes, he comes from around the corner mentioning they should all get pancakes, however only those who have been in a Palace can understand her, so they realised he's been there before. Something like that, anyway.

Is it true that Igor is the final boss?

Is Makoto supposed to be an ojou-san or a tomboy? I can't tell

how come you know about the pancake thing that happens late in game but not about Morgana saying he's male early in and him trying to fuck Anne for most of the game?

it turns out he let something slip in an earlier scene that immediately tipped everyone off, so Potter used a makeshift palace to make him believe that he'd killed him.

However, it then turned out that Goro knew that they knew, but didn't give a shit anyway, literally his only goal is to make his father (the head of that organization they mentioned in the trailers) prime minister and then murder him for all the evil shit he's made him do by taking his heart. He maybe gets killed by his own Shadow in his father's dungeon.

not the real Igor, it's a false aspect of YHVH who gave both Potter and Goro the wild card and pit the two against each other to see who would win. The real Igor with some lines from his original VA comes back once he's exposed.

She's supposed to be boring.

I wasn't sure if Morgana was a guy or not and I had the pancake moment spoiled for me. I've done the pancake part in the TV studio though.

Is this the gonna be the state of P5 threads for the next 5 months...?


Do you need characters to strictly conform to one archetype all the time?

She's supposed to be CUTE

Priestesses are always boring

She's a cute ojou-san with the tendency to be very awkward and cute! She literately follows you like this, assuming you won't notice when she suspects you of being a Phantom Thief.

>That last part
So I guess the next Velvet Room attendant will speak for Igor mostly next time then?

Yukiko without the crazy part. She isn't even getting fired up in battles, the trailer part was a one time thing. Dumbed down Yukiko personality.

Wait, why bother waiting until after dad is prime minister before killing him if you could do it at any time?

Anyone knows how major the diffrences are between PS3 and PS4 versions? I can deal with downscaled models but if anything got cut I need to start saving up for a PS4.

They're probably just going to make a brand new velvet room with new characters since both of Igor's Japanese VAs are dead now.

Nothing got cut. PS3 just has longer loading time.

]>The real Igor with some lines from his original VA comes back once he's exposed.
That is actually a clever twist of utilizing the new VA.

Lower resolution, longer load times.

more specifically, the part of him that Shidou fucked up thinks that murdering all these people, and then Shidou once he's in a position of power will eventually lead to justice. Second, Shidou doesn't actually know Goro's his son and probably doesn't even remember his mother who he used once and then abandoned completely, he was planning on revealing this to him right before he killed him, sort of like a Count of Monte Cristo kind of deal

Aww kinda hoped she'd have a tiny bit of tomboyishness.

Goro had the wild card?

Sweet, I can handle this.

Makoto is so cute

If only she didnt turn out to be a used goods slut

Yeah. He has Cu Chu, Cerberus, Robin Hood (his own persona he uses when he joins the party) and Loki(his own Persona he uses when you fight him)

the new va died?

He only uses Robin Hood and Loki, but Loki can be used to control the Shadows around him so he doesn't really need to recruit anyone else

Makoto never slept with anyone, Kaneshiro threatens to make her pay with her body but never follows through since they take his heart before that can happen

Huh, I always picture her as someone who is experienced and would tease the fuck out of Potter-kun like Sayaka did in P4.
But this blushing like high school is also fine in my book.

She isn't. That photo was blackmail the Yakuza took to blackmail her and the gang. Their is blackmail photos of the rest too.

>2017 western release

I wish i could murder people to relief myself and not going to jail for it

Igor doesn't have a new VA.

The voice actor that did the games and anime before now died, and the one that did some of the drama CD work died before that.

I think he was referring to his old VA from P2 as well as the one from P3 and P4.

So he is literally male Izanami?

>>Implying Tae isn't best girl

Nice damage control there makotofags

Face it, your waifu is a whore

What's Hifumis personality like?

she wants to be a nun or some shit

>being raped means that you're a slut
Ebin meme, Ahmed

>fucking a hot soon-to-be noun in the church
That's my fetish.

no, he's a false god that doesn't know of the existence of other gods whose plan was to destroy the world and remake it if Goro won or maintain the current status quo eternally (which apparently means "turn the world into Mementos") if Potter won.

Izanami would've just kept making new windows in Inaba and the Persona users she made would've kept the fog out forever if she wasn't stopped, she was basically a non-threat.

When I hit on her/confessed, she reacted like this (it's hard to tell because of the photo, but she's blushing) and starts to stutter afterwards. She's a bit more direct afterwards when on rank 10, she kisses you. Best girl of Persona 5.

Pretty quite. I ran into her while I was with Makoto, she said hello, was about to walk off seemingly awkward until Makoto stopped her to talk to her. You hang out with her at a church and she plays what appears to be Japanese chess.

Which girl has the biggest ass

Izanami's plan was literally the exact same as this, just replace "destroy the world" with "envelop the world in the Fog/merge it with the TV world and everyone turns into shadows, if Adachi won"

Futaba's hips don't lie.


You fucking bet that I'm dating the nurse
>"b-but she's not pure!"
Doesn't matter. As long as she isn't positive, I'm gonna slam that shit and claim her for my own
Really though, virgins are nice but if you have someone with prior experience that isn't an actual slut/cucker, then wow is it wild

>she plays what appears to be Japanese chess

Not really, because she does the fog thing once every 50 years and just gives Personas out to people that catch her interest and sees what they do. She gave Izanagis to 3 people in P4, but only two of them managed to manifest it at all

> was literally the exact same
> just change things

Yaldaboath also doesn't give a shit about the rules and tells Potter to fuck off when he starts remaking the world into his perfect paradise of order.

He doesn't care about the will of humanity and isn't shaped by it.

Nigga is straight YHVH.

they all look pretty flat.

Thought so. I just wasn't sure. Apparently that's hard as shit in Yakuza.

She's better than you think she is. She's actually really endearing, you'll love her.

Yeah, why the fuck would you turn down someone like her in real life if she fucked someone before? As long as she wasn't the town bicycle, it's all good.

>He doesn't care about the will of humanity and isn't shaped by it.
Then what's all this business about "wait to enact master plan for when Goro wins" all about?

She looks like a fetus syndrome victim desu.

Does Potter speak much? Seems like a waste to hire Jun Fukuyama and just have him repeatedly mutter YOSH.

Not like we'll be getting his voice anyway though

speaking of, surely the Big 4 have to know that he's Demiurge instead of their actual boss, so why the hell are they following him? Is it like SMT2 where they're fucking idiots except Gabriel doesn't bail them out this time?

he's playing a game with humanity, he's at the very top of the food chain (or so he believes) and the characters in 5 are his chess pieces that move on their own

He only talks in battle and maybe twice in cutscenes from what I remember. And, well, yoshes or makes some sort of sound when you examine something.

He says something when you save too.

It's just the sweet lies of a false god bullshit. The second Potter uncovers the grail Yaldaboath tells him to fuck off, teleports him back to Shibuya, builds a nocturne style dungeon, and makes Potter fight the 4 archangels before you can fight the grail again.

Then he immediately starts blowing up the world, turning everyone into mementos, and talking about how chaos begets order and how he's going to create a true world of order to rule over.

He even straight up says it was never humanity's choice. The fate of humanity was always up to him, he's just playing a game.

He talks in the anime too.
Who knows if the game a gets a movie or drama cd, then I'm sure we will hear more of his voice.

He talks constantly
whenever you try to open your save menu, whenever you hold L1 and activate Mind's Eye, whenever you initiate a battle, calls out a name whenever you switch personas, use a skill, win a battle, and he has some dialogue when he reveals to the world that he isn't dead

Fukuyama also voices Arsene who talks in the Awakening, when you try to fuse him, at the end of the game when the flashback is about to end, and one more time after you've gotten past the bad ending.

Does the pic related happen only with the first girl you romance?

well, you go through the nocturne dungeon to get to the grail in the first place and then have to climb up the bones to get to the second grail fight, but the rest is right.

happens whenever you hang out with someone you're dating

She went full SJW around when Dual Destinies came out. She got mad over the Robin subplot and she also deleted all her old comics. Cucumber Quest is the only one still up

the gameplay ends on 12/24

anything past is just cut scenes and time skips

>happens whenever you hang out with someone you're dating
Shit, that'ts pretty neat. Love all these small touch they put into the game.


they also got the area where Potter lives pretty much 1:1 with the real place (except for the name)


>happens when you hang with one you are dating
Ok, cool. Thanks.

Also, do you know was something supposed to happen during Christmas Eve with the one you are dating with?

But then why bother giving Potter and Goro wildcards at all if their actions and conflict never factored into his decision?

shits and giggles

>has a crowd of butches surrounding him
>is just a lazy fuccboi and not a sportsgod

Doesn't make sense, why do Japanese anime/game creators ignore the fact that Japanese women love Japanese athletes? Junpei should have been one of the strongest pussymagnets in the entire franchise.

Oh my god, it is too! I spent a lot of time in there levelling up my charisma.

Since when is there an anime? Is it QUALITY like the p4a, or trash like p4Ga?

yeah, you hang out but it's tense because Potter has to explain to them that he's going to be arrested. He can't actually bring himself to say it, but the girl catches on and eventually takes off for the night

He doesn't actually start intervening with the result of the game until the PT gets to the bottom of Mementos and finds the grail, at which point he tries to kill everyone

He uses loki to buff demons here, then right after the demons are dead he switches back to robin hood then back to loki

so yes i guess he does

Any Cameo aside Igor?
Does Morgana have a real form or some kind of secret?

Why not? He's making order out of chaos. Shenanigans are chaos.

He even had a back up plan with fake Igor, and Justine/Caroline. They were designed to lead Potter to failure.

Then Potter fucked it all up.


So how would his gameplan go if Potter defeated Goro but never found the grail? What if Goro won?

So the Demiurge here isn't YHWH?

Goro wins any time you get the bad end.

It aired like a week or so before the game was released. Just an OVA, one episode
There is some QUALITY. Focuses on one request from Kaitouch. It's honestly pretty boring.

We stand by the quality of our dubs.

Assuming you haven't seen the Persona 5: The Day Breakers that came a few days before the game release. The anime is made bu different company than the one Atlus uses for their games.
I think it was ok.

Morgana's secret is that the real Igor made him, and gave him to Potter so Goro would essentially be fucked right from the outset

If Potter beat Goro, nothing would've happened on the surface level and the world would've just been turned into Mementos as it's shown when people still can't perceive what's happening, the game would've ended like that. If Goro won, he would've erased the world like he tries to do when you find the grail.

no, he's a fabrication, but the angels are apparently too stupid to figure that out

That doesn't answer my question

How does Yhargarblargh's plan to destroy the world proceed in the event that Potter wins but doesn't find him, or when Goro wins?

Rise and Kanamin posters, Tanaka sells stuff on dark web, UFO Catcher has a Junes theme remix playing when you're using it and there is some sort of Teddie doll you can put in your room. We don't know if there's more.

Isn't turning the world into Mementos a type of erasing it?

Wait, so who made the fabrication?

people's desire to be slaves

no, erasing the world in this case means actually removing every last person from the face of the planet like he does to the PT before Lavenza (and then to a bunch of people as the PT are trying to get back to the grail), prior to that the world is showing signs of Mementos but almost no one is able to see it and no one is spontaneously turning into black particles

the status quo itself

>Rise and Kanamin posters
I assume their old posters from P4D?
How many years have passed since the end of P4 anyway for this game?

new ones actually
Most likely 4 years. The date stays 20XX until the end but days/dates line up with either 2016 or 2022.

they're both new ones
P5 takes place in 20XX so we honestly have no clue, though we have a couple of options

oh and you can hang that Rise poster in your room, dunno if Kanamin's too.

Atlus telling us the next room will be the Sapphire Room.

So it's like Nyx and Izanami

Does their SL rank go down though?

It wouldn't matter either way, you fight the final boss in December and after that just get cutscenes.

Like 4 fucking years.

Damn if Kanami was romanceable in this game all would be forgiven

they're all given form by different aspects of humanity, but the big thing about Yaldy is that even just through his final form's design he's something fundamentally unnatural, inorganic and inhuman, which is basically social commentary in of itself

>fundamentally unnatural, inorganic and inhuman
How? Humans naturally want to live comfortably, it's even more natural than Erebus.

No. It's far closer to Philemon and Nyarlathotep.

Yaldy isn't stability, Yaldy is the crippling force manipulating society through stability, which is what the grail is feeding off of for his immortality. Everyone is trapped in a cage, they're still miserable, but they're too afraid to break out.

It's a general criticism most modern Japanese philosophers and reformist have regarding the state of Japanese society.

Hence why there are a number of people that are curious as to how they'll even translate most of the game.

It's based on the belief that the system currently in use in Japanese society exists not for the sake of the people but for the sake of maintaining itself. People exist solely to ensure the system continues rather than living their lives.

Atlus always used A-1 since 3 they just decided to use a different animation studio one time only for the cut scenes in 5. They'll go back to using A-1 for the next game or a different studio that heavily associates with Aniplex

I'll be romancing my irl gf, you fucking loser.

What do accessories that claim to improve your intelligence actually do? It's not like Strength+2 or Magic+2 or anything, it just says it in text.

The teacher with sex hair.

What's your opinion on the Velvet room attendant(s)?

Can you fug them?

not margaret/10

She looks even cuter than Elizabeth and especially Margaret

Catherine cutscenes were made by 4°C, Persona 5 cutscene by Prod I.G.

They only use A-1 and Aniplex-related studios for promo material because those are budget studios who work fast. Hashino said in an interview that he approached Prod I.G. three years ago because he wanted quality (not QUALITY)

How do you get that qt3.14?

you get all the way to the end of the game and watch Caroline and Justine struggle to kill you on fake Igor's orders

Welp, cutscenes in P4G were horrible and full of quality too.

decapitate twins using the guillotine fusion

So you kill the twins and get a cuter replacement?

Sounds good

Can I date the old man?

she's both of them put together and Potter's actual attendant, she voices all the social link opening and closing stuff and is stuck in butterfly form like Philemon for most of the game

>dat Persona 3 DLC battle theme

>You can execute, isolate, and sacrifice demons instead of just fusing.


I want to learn how to hack these costumes in. Could you tell me more about this?

>for most of the game
That's a shame

just look at this man reminiscing about his youth. he probably spent all day working hard to build up the crummy cafe shop he still works at to this day. And then this asshole young kid, who he out of the graciousness of his heart live upstairs in his attic, brings home an entire harem of angry young women all ready to fight over who gets to fuck him.

what a life.

Tell me about the male social links. Are they good?

>grail fight
Which fight is that?


the one on Christmas
first you fight the grail at the end of Mementos, then the Grail gets pissed and teleports you to Shibuya and tries to erase PTs. You end up in the fake VR, manage to break out of your cell, help the rest of the team get out of their cells, Tokyo turns into something out of SMT, you fight the grail again and the it turns into a perfume bottl-I mean Demiurge

Oh that sounds nifty af. Thanks, user.

Ryuji gives you the ability to insta-kill enemies on the map if you perform a surprise attack
Yusuke can draw Skill Cards fo you
Morgana lets you craft items such as lockpicks in your room
Yuki unlocks free quests and gives permanent bonus EXP for benched party members
Iwai gives discounts on what he sells
Sojiro teaches you how to cook SP recovery items
Toranosuke gives you the ability to negociate with demons higher leveled than you
Get Smoked improves your gun abilities
Igor unlocks basic featues such as fusion, Thrid Eye and additional Persona slots
I don't know what Goro gives

Considering that NG+ carries the bonus abilitiies given by Coop, I'd recommend doing all male party members, then Yuki and Toranosuke first.

>Slapping him away
Does he ever get a break?

What's the Izanagi-no-Ookami / Orpheus Telos of P5?


Seems to be Satanael.

I dont know. The whole romancing fake girls thing kinda loses its charm when u get a real girlfriend and fuck her.

Just cant enjoy it anymore. Probably wont even buy P5

Santa Claus

What a cuck

way to be a beta pussy whip dog

>Lupin turns into a literal Satan

Really makes you think.

Did you enjoy Goro's wild ride?
Even when it ended anticlimactically?

Why are the girls here so much better than 4's? The only meh one seems like Makoto.

All of the initial persona are humans that defied the laws of man. All of the ultimate persona are mythological figures/deities that defied the laws of heaven.

Also Satanael is gnostic lucifer. The final cutscene even has Satanael falling from the heaven in Lucifer's SMT2 pose.

>Thinking Christfags have any sway like that anymore

Like poultry.


>Str based ultisona.
Based game.

Also that design is cool.


what's it like to have such great taste

Are you me? Great taste.

Is the PS3 version okay?
I don't know if I'm ready to buy a PS4 for one game.

I thought it was acceptable in Japan to get a bit of action on the side if you're a man, no?

Gonna do Sadayo but I haven't gotten her link yet since I only just started with Madarame's palace

It's next to perfect
Compared my copy with a friend who got the PS4 version and the only difference I could tell was resolution.
It was originally a PS3 only game so there's no reason for P5 to have problems

Why are the persona designs in this game SO FUCKING GOOD

Jusus Christ, I feel raped just by looking at those eyes... she literally is the best loli ever