So how's that game coming along, Cred Forums?

so how's that game coming along, Cred Forums?

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Why the fuck is greenlight still a thing?

So that indie devs outside of the San Francisco clique can self-publish?

Lmao, your game sucks

Not good. Please help.

why does hillary look like a balding and excited postman pat

working on a map for a quake 1 kind of thing, decided to drop a playercontroller and bounce around in it before i finished it, its kinda fun

Top lad. Thanks!

same as yesterday.

Reminds me of tony hawk

Bro, the NES died 20 years ago.

it was going pretty well until i was prescribed morphine for a work injury, now my heads in a cloud all day and i cant shit or sleep.

Fuck I have a hard time forcing myself to work on it. On anything. On life.

Looks nice - what are you making it with?

I am making a trading card game

Which design of card looks better?

I used stock graphics at this time, it will be replaced by my graphics when I will finish engine

Booth look cereal cardbox cutout tier.

I spent all day yesterday working on internal variable shit
Today i will try to art

Take your shitty android tier game to google play, it will be appreciated there

Squadalaxd is the biggest faggot on steam, he has 29 games in his steam libary yet he comment on every greenlight submission calling it trash.

Greenlight is full of underaged faggots that consider themself "Critics" and downvote everything that doesn't look like a AAA Game and think they are critics because they are subscribed to Cuck Sterling.

Probably because it's the only way they can criticise games without having to spend their pocket money on actuall games


Both look like a minor made them in PowerPoint during lunch break.
Don't waste your time, obviously you aren't good at what you are trying to do. DOGE

>That's now what cuckoldry is
>implying Jim gets to fuck anything

Too derivative of existing card layouts. Try to experiment, user.

If I had to choose, right.


It's a nice attempt if you're gonna distribute it for free once you're done.

Solid music. I'd play that shit