Who is

fucking pumped for this?


Can't wait to wear 10 kilos of plastic on my head and pretend to feel alright!

>there's a chance anonymous Cred Forumstard will do something not entirely unlike physical exercise

Nosulous is more impressive

If the VR stuff for Ace Combat 7 is actually interesting, then I may get one. If.

I've tried it, isn't heavy at all user and it really feels like you're in the game.
Good bye real life and hello being Batman.

>falling for the VR jew

I tried it at TGS, it's actually lighter than the Vive.
But I dont know how heavy the Rift is.

>falling for the virginity helmet
>falling for the motion sickness helmet
>falling for the eyestrain helmet
>falling for the chronic derealization helmet

I've noticed everyone who hates on VR just hasn't really tried it. I'm not talking about that VR shit when you put your phone in a helmet and look around either. Real VR is in an entire other league

>buying the one headset that won't have porn for it

Hoping for less motion controlled games desu. I just want to sit on my couch with a dual shock controller in hand.

I am excited for RES 7 for ps VR
Shit is gonna be FUCKED.


cool 240p helmet, can you play 2d crap on it then?


Should I get a rift, vive, or this? What's so different between them?

Plays in 1080 in 120 fps

I did have the Oculus DK2 and shit was in 480p and still didn't even look to bad.

Rift if you play more PC, PS VR if you are more of a console person who wants to play better games in VR.

Why not vive?

I like how everybody is excited for RE7 and Ace Combat 7 and those games are 2017 titles, you won't be able to play them next month and you will sell the headset because no games.

Implying that almost every new game console doesn't have *amazing* games for the first year or maybe even two.

Vive is the Xbox One of VR that no one wants because it's heavy as shit and can only play certain games as of now. If you're more PC go with Rift.
Also Facebook owns Rift and is making virtual Facebook so you can have that to look forward to if you care.

not a single game on ps4 runs above 60fps lmfao

PSVR launch titles that won't suck ass


Whooaaa, two games. At least RE7 is early 2017 (no way it gets released in january, delayed to march at least) but that means several months with only 2 good games.

>Facebook shit
Please tell me it's not mandatory. If it's not, I guess I'll get PSVR and a DK2 or whatever rift that's supposed to be out now

>Vive is the Xbox One of VR
It's the PC VR
>Also Facebook owns Rift and is making virtual Facebook so you can have that to look forward to
More like it's a big fucking negative about the Rift

taco bell thread?

No porn
Forced Facebook login and share the game you are playing on Facebook, hope it's not a porn game
No bullshit, just a good VR headset. Also has porn

I know which one I will get

t. 3dpd woman

That or they only played 5 minutes of a crappy demo with a poorly configured headset.

>forced FB
Are they really gonna do that?

You seriously think they wont?

It's on PC. Cracking that shit and removing it or spoofing the communication and sending the results to dev/null instead of FB won't be hard.

>Just can't enjoy things nowadays without fb, Twitter, and whenever else involved
So vive and PSVR?

They should combine the use of it with motion controls.
Remember motion controls?
Lasted longer than 3D televisions, at least.

I already pretend that I feel alright though...

Bro, get that fucking gameboy. ASAP. No emulator could reproduce the vomit inducing nostalgia that an original Blue and green screen could.

i am actually

getting this, then a 1070, then a ps4pro
in that order over the next couple years. Only if the pro ends up actually being decent.

PSVR will LITERALLY save VR gaming. Any normies who are interested in it are going to be getting this one, not pc shit that costs $1600 overall and is a pain to set up. This won't be the absolute perfect headset, but that's not the point.

And, of course, it has several actual killer apps.

Literally never.

>And, of course, it has several actual killer apps

list 'em

PSVR will go the way if Kinnect, you'll see.

Rez, Rigs, RE7, Ace Combat 7

RE7 is the big one though

Or you could just get a Vive instead

Played at E3, here's the lowdown:

>Batman VR: Shit, tech demo, barely a game.
>FFXV VR: Similar to Batman, just awful experience.
>Rez VR: Just the same game as Rez except you can look around. Fine, but nothing gamechanging.
>Star Trek: Seemed fun but heavily reliant on having a good captain.
>Here They Lie: Actually kind of cool. Walking simulator but had lots of 'world changing around you when you look away' gimmicks. Kind of a surreal horror thing, I liked it.
>Farpoint: Best one I tried. Great 1:1 tracking, responsive, immersive. However, gameplay was generic FPS with generic enemies. Here's hoping it can not be shit.

>Owns multiple of the same console.

Why's that, user?

Oh boy, gimmicks!

>Costs as much as the console
>Probably requires the Pro to not give you instant motion sickness
>Every non tech-demo tier game is playable without it
>Support consists of throwaway VR modes or glorified camera control

This thing is going to be another Kinect

Yeah. I'm extremely pumped for another gimmick that will be forgotten in a few years.

>stacking them that way

>Thinking they're stacked

Guess you never had brothers and sisters?

Autism, dear
They're facing upwards

>vr is a gimmick!
hoo boy this meme, how retarded does one have to be to fall for it?

Not enough power for VR ... you need double the power with high frame rates and consles struggle with a single image in silky smooth 23 fps

Not him but my fat PS3 had YLOD (did a reflow few times and it works but have to be careful about overheating) so I bought a slim.
Few weeks later a friend of a friend offered his fat PS3 for a few bucks (one of the oldest ones with card reader and 4 usbs still supporting other OS) so I bought it, got Yellow Dog Linux on it and messed with Cell for a while.
That's how It happened to me.

Bullshit, it just means they can't go for 8000x6000 ''''''fotorealism''''' if they want performance.

nigger you don`t understand, VR is literaly twice the workload for every single frame, you would need to go to minecraft level graphics and very short vievranges to amke it work

Why don't you come back in a year or two and tell me?

Isnt re7 coming to pc, why wouldnt it have rift and vive support

You don't have to repeat that shit, just think about what I posted.
Look at how WoW looks and how it runs on toasters that won't even run latest Microsoft Office.
That's the way for 3000FPS for each eye.

I have a PSVR preordered with a bunch of games. So far I have;
>Batman VR
>VR Worlds
>Loading Human
>Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Waiting on Battlezone and Here They Lie to get boxed copies before I order those.

I am not a shill, I swear.

I couldn't resist.

I assume you are a gainfully employed autist?
Thats a lot of money to blow on autism when it isn't even anime figs.
Also the vive is great but there really aren't many games available for it.
The motion controls are actually amazing, its like those old light gun games on fucking steroids.
I hope somebody ports and releases all the old arcade games I used to love.

enjoy vomiting uncontrollably

I sell piracy enablers from an online shop, do 3D printing, and make a salary from a mailing company.
I want a vive but I want to get it at a good price.
I have $2000+ worth of figs, mostly figma

> vive
> most expensive, no games, waggle, heaviest

No they won't. Integration is already in and it's exactly the same as Steam's FB integration. As in, it's just an option to use to login, it doesn't even nag you to connect unlike Steam's desire for your cell phone number.

>most expensive
Highest quality
>no games
There are no games for any of the VR headsets
Implying it's bad
Stop being a weak babby

wow, your counterpoints...

Anyone using the waggle meme these days is just shitposting.
Nobody who has actually tried it could seriously think that.

Epic troll m8, I r8 it 8/8

What are you on about? The guy's comeback arguments are weak as fuck.

Vive also has the worst screen, no integrated sound, and the graphically weakest games because of it's performance issues.
And before someone tries to correct the record and point out that the PSVR screen is technically lower rez than Vive's, PSVR is full RGB unlike Vive's shitty pentile, and the Vive's screen is just cheap. Too bright colors are a little off, lense shape makes only the center viewing area get any benefit of higher resolution.

Is John Carmack still a CTO of rift


i just don't fucking care and i own all the 8th gen systems AND a pc.

it just would have been cool like 20 years ago, but now seems boring.

why should i pay $1600-$2000 for a pc that can power a rift or vive plus the rift/vive itself, as opposed to $400 for something that works out of the box with the ps4 me and 45 million other normies already have, which requires no special setup or dicking with configurations, and has plenty of first-party support?

getting a AAA game up and running on a console is already a way better experience than any inevitably-fucked-up pc port. VR is going to widen that gap by a ridiculous amount.

no saturn
no turbo grafx

what a fucking pleb

I just started collecting this year, user.

>$1600-$2000 for a pc that can power a rift or vive
More like $800-$900,you silly nigger.

Calm down, he's probably Australian, if he is then 1600-2000 wouldn't be an unreasonable estimate for a VR capable PC.

1600-2000 refers to the pc plus the VR device itself

that's the investment for 99% of people

on the other hand 45 million people already have a ps4, making their additional required investment $400.
Rift and Vive are non-items to them.

>>Vive is the Xbox One of VR
>It's the PC VR
You skipped "of"

Fuck off with your DOA gimmick, you fucking shill.

seems alright.


Can I just walk into a GameStop and buy one without having pre-ordered?

Why are there so much Vive shills who spread lies about Oculus? There is no FB login, even as an option. You have an Oculus account. Also crisper image and better more intuitive (we'll see) motion controllers.

Well, that, and I bought a PS4 to play games, not to find out that over half the games they are making are for another device that I have to buy. Its a bit ridiculous to expect people to be made of money.

Most of those Vive "shills" are just shitposters that haven't ever used VR. All the Vive owners I play with are reasonable people, who readily acknowledge the strengths and weakness of each headset.

Think people get scared of FB jew over your shoulder senpai.

rigs looks like a cool game. and i'm curious about tekken 7 compatibility. but ultimately i'll wait till the price drops.


>not to find out that over half the games they are making are for another device that I have to buy

Unless they will literally make a PSVR exclusive god of war or shit like this i don't know what you mean.

What PSVR game makes you mad and you would like it on the normal one?