According to Cred Forums.. They don't like open world games

According to Cred Forums.. They don't like open world games.

I guess stalker 2 will be linear and not open world.

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STALKER was never good in the first place. Only slavaboos like it.

STALKER is not an open world series though.

>ever being released

pick one

I never knew why people love stalker games. Other than the setting and armor design the games are pretty shit.


Lmaoin @ you right now as we speak.

Stalker was more of a hub based shooter kinda sorta. I wouldn't call it truly open world.

Bold statement


Good setting, decent gunplay, good sound design, sense of STALKAN is fun. Also genuinely cool looking enemies. The game gets even better with mods. Faction wars are the shit.

honestly it's better this way

i'd rather have a 0% chance of getting stalker 2 than a 1% chance that bethesda will be invovled

When it was released it was a good game. Not only that it was an amazing looking game. Unmodded it aged like fucking milk, but still, you're underrage.

>decent gunplay
Not really. The shooting is really repetitive since 90% of enemies are people and the best weapons are rifles from the beginning of the game to the end.

Gunplay is only good against human enemies...mutants = shotguns = point click and forget. The shooting is "really repetitive" in every single game because its know...shooting. What a weird empty complaint.

Rifles are the most versatile weapon, not the best.

> first reply is an edgy contrarian opinion

never change Cred Forums

STALKER was never very open, the story was quite linear and the maps despite being large also weren't really meant to be explored out of order

It wasn't though.
When it came out it was a pale shadow of the 2003 E3 trailer and almost all of the interesting features had been removed.

It wasn't even an actual open world and the anomalies were all over the place instead of occasionally appearing at random places.
And while it does create neat atmosphere at times it's still very lackluster.

The only thing I really liked were the cutscenes.

>The shooting is "really repetitive" in every single game because its know...shooting
There are a lot of great fps games that's not repetitive. This comes from enemy variety because you have to use different weapons against them to kill them without losing lot of health.

>different weapons to kill them without losing lots of health
You're comparing AFPS to STALKER, I get it now.

It's not contrarian.
The stalker fan community is very vocal but overall quite small.

Your penis is very vocal but overall quite small.

I was thinking about game like Half-Life actually

At what area size does a game start to be considered open world?
I bet if those levels were smaller no one would even think about it in such a way.

>user stomping his foot because people don't like his slav simulator

Half-Life is an AFPS though...and the only times you need to use specific weapons are explosions on big enemies which aren't actually needed and most can be skipped intentionally or otherwise.

Comparing Half-Life to Stalker is honestly kind of stupid. If you don't understand Stalker is going for the realism aspect Idk what to tell you. If that's not for you, whatever.

I also play Half-Life religiously, so it doubly confuses me how you can try to compare it to Stalker.

It doesn't matter if the areas connect with each other and you can move between them freely

It's not about size but the ability to go (almost) anywhere at any time.

The AI in stalker is dynamic enough for it to not be a problem especially if you don't save scum like a mad man so the game requires some strategy. I still get spooked by bandits when sneaking around during gun fights.

Holy shit, are people on Cred Forums actually starting to form their own opinions instead of parroting buzzwords like "comfy" and "atmosphere"? STALKER was one of the most forgettable games I've ever played

>the best weapons are rifles from the beginning of the game

Tell that to my 9x39mm series and not online and see what happens.

>huge damage difference between weapons that use the same caliber
Also AFPS stands for arena fps.

Fuck you.

>9x39mm PAB-9 is a type of rifle ammunition featured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
Straight from the wiki

Yeah and Half-Life is an Arena FPS.

You can't call Quake 1 an AFPS and not Half-Life lol.

I also forget that if you try to make a realism game it has to be literally 1:1 realistic otherwise it gets torn apart by autistic shitters.

>ITT: people who played on normal and got btfo in the first bandit camp by some cheekies with rusty weapons

Don't let us stop you from enjoying your meme game, user


You mean rifles as a whole are best weapons or "rifles from the beginning of the game" are best weapons, i.e. AKs.

Yeah I did and in the end of the game I was a one man army with 50 medkits having no problem getting to the monolith armed with my vintar because the difficulty of Stalker games is that terrible.

I bet you got a bad ending

>I've had no problems with the game after I used the best weapon in the game

Yeah no shit.

Helloo cheekibreeki


I bought the Stalker package on Steam on a whim and got a refund

You didn't even finish the game ?
Come on user

You didn't play on Master.

Well you fucked up.

I did first (Strelok wished to be rich), then I reloaded my save turned in the other way in the hallway and got the good ending. Getting teleported around was getting really boring after a while especially since the enemies were weaker compared to the ones inside.

I got both endings m8.
I love my meme game

I'm Russian and i absofuckinglutely love the first stalker game, the second was feces, the third was good.

>Stalker is a "meme" game now, apparently

What isn't a meme game for you fuckers? Some obscure sekret club game that only 2 people have played?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, objectively the best Stalker game by miles, wasn't open world. It was a game of hubs.

>sekret club
m8 are you ?

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, objectively the best Stalker game by miles
This. CoP's world felt way too safe, I remember being able to sprint from A to B barely paying attention to what was around me

>Instead of parroting positive opinion he parrots negative opinion

Like pottery barn

>always have listened that STALKER was one of THOSE games

>the Steam comunity sucks its dick a lot and the few bad comments about it are for its difficulty or age

>hype over 9000

>see this thread


same, but I played too much. Shitty graphics, gameplay and everything was shit

you have shit taste, and I suspect samefagging because it's rare so much faggots are vocal about their awful taste

This to be honest. The only good and playable way is SoC with Complete.

>shooting is repetitive
So is masturbating.


I would really like to know what they think when they say "repetitive" and what do they consider not repetitive.
Seems to me like anything longer than the 4 hour campaign of an average COD game is "repetitive" for them.

try it out and form your own opinion on it, just be sure to get the game set up right before beginning

Stalker is a meme game, but being a meme game does not mean its bad.

Examples of other good meme games are MGR, Dwarf Fortress, and Dark Souls

STALKER kicks bethshit's Fallout meme-games right in their asses. Then again making a better game than Bethesda does isn't hard--modders routinely put out better content than anybody working for Todd does.

Writing-wise it's a different kind of beast from New Vegas, but both are good in their own ways.

The actual cause of the Zone is more like something out of an animu though.

"According to Cred Forums"

Dont let a few people troll you into thinking that they're the majority

There are people out there who actually played SoC with Complete installed and think they're quallified to have an opinion on the series.

For example, one dude from 4playerpodcast. It was fucking painful seeing him talk about the experience when Complete guarantees it's fucked.

As for people who say:
>lel I uninstalled after 5 minutes
They are casual shitters baiting for replies, so don't give them any.

As a Russian I never liked it, but probably because I am a hipster since it was insanely popular when it came out.

>zooms in when he aims