What name do you use when playing RPGs?

What name do you use when playing RPGs?

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My most recent party was George, Buck, Slut and ℅€

Tiffany, and I'm always the most masculine man I can create.

Sir Suck-Bucket

penis, usually


I have several in reserve depending on the game, usually I use my own last name and a title.
Like for men I have Longmoan, Henninger, Serpente, Eddy, Edmund and Baldrick. For girls I have Selene, Celosia, Banoba, White and Cait.
I recently saw a Pawn with the name Celosia while using a Rift Stone in Dragon's Dogma, what a strange feeling. It wasn't a very good Pawn but it looked cute.

the name doesn't really matter

A cunning plan, user.

(You) is a pretty good name :^)

I used to think a lot on it, but nowadays I just randomgenerate my names.

If it's a more or less real life setting I usually just pick the most fitting nationality, gender, roll 10 names, and pick the one I liked most:

And if it's fantasy/sf I set some basic shit like length or occasionally the first letter, then generate a table and pick one:

I try to pick names that aren't too out of place for the setting.

Default/official character name whenever there is one, no shame.

in Dragon Quest 1 your stats are influenced by your name

I thought about making a Pawn of him once but all the classes were useful.

Oh yeah? And how does that work out?

>wahh he doesnt roleplay and immerse himself in his video games wahh
fucking retarded. immersion is a dumb meme and so is actually roleplaying. just play for combat, story, etc. not to actually roleplay

Usually my name.

That's great, Dongus.

Retsof, Yob, Yensid, Nilbog and Alucard.

I have a friend that works in a kitchen and absolutely loves cooking.

He also loves long RPGs and shit, so whenever he gets the chance to name characters, he'll name it after various spices and dishes like

MC - Salt
Heroine - Pepper
Cool Guy - Saffron
Black Guy - Fried Chik

Etrian Odyssey is his favorite game series of all time.

In MMOs I play with him, he'll try to max out cooking no matter how useless it is because he wants to see what foods the fantasy game has. He'll name his characters in the MMO after dishes as well, like "GrilledSalmon" or whatever. When I DM a D&D game with him, I have to put in extra detail to the cuisine of the cultures the PCs come across, because he's that fascinated about history and food.


You're a real Toggaf, aren't you?


Eating sentient beings like minotaurs and harpies seems really wrong

They would eat you too.

Calm down and go eat your tendies.

If there's no default name available, I have two go-to names.
Juese (Belmont) in western settings, Osaka (Zerger) in Japanese settings.


I just make up a name that's appropriate to whatever setting I'm playing. It's really not that hard.


Adolf Hitler usually.

i use this


I like the stats my name gets in DQ1.

Max str, high agi, high HP.

But almost the worst possible MP.

Sir Fucksalot

>be used to MMOs
>usually "Master of Disaster" with numbers and stuff
>go back to retro console games
>five-character limit
>get turned on when princess calls me Mastr

Arses, because it's both my name (technically) and a butt joke.