Tekken 7

Are you hype for superior limb based combat 7? Spurdos can enjoy it soon.

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fuck yeah i am
we've been utterly swamped with second-rate 2d fightan lately, T7 is the chemo we need.

I'm hype for more SFM characters.

DOA5LR has been around, though.

man I can't wait to get my hands on Tekken 7

You must be joking.
I'm buying it twice. Once for PC and once for PS4.

Is there any beat em' up game with superior limb-based combat?

No, Tekken Force doesn't count.

Even if there will be crossplay?

If there is no crossplay its dead on arrival on PC and not worth buying.

>limb based combat

You mean a button masher?

Just play ttt2

Pretty much bullshit since even SFIV is still alive on PC but crossplay between PC and Xbone will be there anyway.


Thats not what i would call alive.

>Superior limb based combat
I never understood what this meant.
Can someone explain?

I tried to get into DOA5, but its huge emphasis on mix-ups turned me off. I'm just not used to having so many non-guaranteed combos. It seems like every time I try to string two punches together I get Counter Held, but every time I'm getting beat on it's like I'm fighting the Rock Paper Scissors World Champ.

I dunno. DOA just feels really really punishing to learn. If you don't know the moveset of every character by heart, you might as well be playing against a cheating AI or something. You know the only way I found to consistently win in DOA5? Spamming Mila's zoners. Straight kick to stuff approaches, sommersault to punish blockers, and tackling at every possible opportunity. I felt kind of disgusted with myself but it was better than rolling the dice on a combo hit string.

Not to mention the only DOA threads on Cred Forums are shitty waifufests. CGI titties get real boring real fast.

I'm praying for crossplay so that I can drop sfv

>still playing sfv
Each button controls a limb, it's not that important but it's a maymay

tekken is a 4-button fightan, and the 4 buttons are simply your limbs - left punch right punch, left kick right kick.

>been playing the game on the arcades since last year
>Nina fucking comes out
I'm gonna go over and play tomorrow, gonna be a blast

Not him, but if you are on PC you dont have any choice besides SF5 if you actually want a constant stream of opponents and dont want to hassle through discords just to play with someone.

Everything else, except KI (which is win10 exclusive) is completely dead.

too many delays. losing interest.

Every face button on the controller is roughly assigned to one of your character's limbs.On an 360 controller, X is your left arm, Y is your right arm, A is your left leg, B is your right leg.

Of course once you get into combos and the more character specific moves that shit sort of goes out the window, but it tries to stick to that logic as much as it can. If you press A and B your character might do a sommersault or a backflip, or some kind of command sidestep. X+Y is usually a powerful strike with both arms.

Back in the 90s I guess it was part of their selling point as being a more "realistic" alternative to street fighter. It was 3D, not that cartoony shit (nevermind the guy with the 3 foot hair or the talking bear). You don't just press "punch" you're in CONTROL.

Yadda yadda. Personally my favorite control scheme is actually Soul Calibur's. That game has Horizontal, Vertical, Kick, and Guard. Horizontal moves stuff sidesteps, Verticals control distance, Kicks control tempo, and Guarding is self-explanatory. If SC weren't a dead series, I would use it to introduce most people to the fighting genre.

The matchmaking maybe but if you join a discord/ask for games on a general you can find a fuckload of opponents. I personally play Melty Blood and Blazblue and it's pretty alive.

I can explain this as best I can. It can be difficult, seeing as how complex Tekken's combat system is, but I'll do my best.
Take a game like Virtua Fighter. Or Tobal. In VF you get 2 attack buttons(punch and kick) and a block button. In Tobal you get 3 attacks(high, mid, low) and a block button. Now let me explain why both systems are flawed compared to Tekken's limb system.

Virtua Fighter: The problem with this system is it's extremely limited. Unlike Tekken, you can't control which limb you want to attack with. Punch is a generic punch, same for kick. You can only get different variations by having to mix the block button with either of the two attack buttons, which is very limiting. In Tekken, Law can choose what fist he wants to use to punch and start a combo with, in VF you are at the game's mercy, you have to pray the game uses the limb that you want. You have no control.

Where you at?

>and dont want to hassle through discords

But thats kind of what i said

boy, Tekken 7 is gonna be great

Tobal: Oh boy is this a piece of work. Ok so they decided to give ya 3 attacks, high mid and low. Right away I spot the problem. In Tekken you have to discover what attacks hit at different heights, adding to the depth of the game. In Tobal the game flat out tells you what height to use via the buttons. Ah did he duck? Time to hit the low attack button. Ah he's standing, time to hit high or mid. See how shallow that is? Where's the discovery? In Tekken you don't get buttons telling you what attack hits at what height, you figure it out on your own and it's so satisfying. Tobal is designed with a scrub mentality, someone who can't be arsed to find out for themselves what heights an attack would affect, so they just make the attack buttons designed entirely to tell people that. It's just...
I won't even get into SF and other games that use this archaic "light/medium/hard" attack nonsense. You really need the game to hold your hand and tell you what attacks hit hard or not?
This is why Tekken is the best fighting game competitively, and is the only fighting game truly worthy of the title of a 21st century title, with its highly advanced Superior Limb Based System of Combat, and deep oki and movement system which no fighter yet has managed to compete with. Tekken is truly in a league of its own.

Oh yeah, read too fast. But still I'd rather play a less active game than the shitfest that is sfv

>Of course once you get into combos and the more character specific moves that shit sort of goes out the window,
Yeah, I've always wondered how that would work.
I see people do cuhrazy combos that carry their opponents from one end of the stage to the other and I could never understand how that shit corresponds to each limb as a button.

If there's crossplay then I might only get it for PC.

Has based Lei been confirmed?
I'll buy it anyway since Tekken is my favorite fighting game, and the last one I played was 5. But I'll be mad of Jack Chan isn't in it.

An hour from Tokyo.

I am playing no fighting game right now.

Thats why i am impatiently waiting for T7.

>graphical advantage
>frame rate advantage
>controller type advantage
>modding possibilities
>ease of recording/streaming

>no reason to get PC version

Why do Americans hate Tekken?

All that wont be of much use if there simply is no playerbase on PC.

I bought enough PC fighting games to know how this ends without crossplay.

I pray that there will be crossplay, because i wont buy a console anyways.

How is Jin in this game, senpai?

this game is already dead in japan. people got spoiled by Tag 2 with its bigger cast. also some of the favourites not getting in and putting in more waifus and supers is just plain retarded

dead game, release Tag 3 instead

>no playerbase

Even DoA5 has a player base and that's a terrible excuse for a fighting game. You're just butthurt consolefag, methinks. PC will always be better and there's nothing you can do about it.

>You're just butthurt consolefag

I dont even own a next gen console...
Seems like you are just not all that familiar with how fighting games or their scene works.

>e problem with this system is it's extremely limited. Unlike Tekken, you can't control which limb you want to attack with.
And despite all this complexity, the meta locks all your viable playstyle to literally only one viable way to move.

I don't know man, to me Virtua Fighter seems to make much more use of limbs with its generic kicks and generic punches.


Protip: An average player count of 60 doesnt count as a solid playerbase.

Don't buy into what console-onlys tell you, fighters that are dead on PC are just as dead on console. Tekken and SF are popular enough that they'll have a reasonable userbase on every platform.

not by Capcom
not ADHD enough (even though 7 looks like it wants that market kek)

Atlanta so far is the only community i know that has an active tekken scene

>In Tekken, Law can choose what fist he wants to use to punch and start a combo with, in VF you are at the game's mercy, you have to pray the game uses the limb that you want. You have no control.

>In VF
>You have no control

Way to strawman. Your own link says there were 160 playing 5 minutes ago with a peak of nearly 3,000. Back to your $200 console, peasant. Being able to pick up a fighting game at 9 AM US est time and play with any of 160 random bros is pretty far from dead.

One of the most popular characters in the game, and for good reason. Remember the T5 days of how good a character he is? The one guy who would be easier to use is Shaheen

Nigger, do you spam F5 on Cred Forums waiting to post your weak bait in every thread? Make up some new shit, it's getting old. You get like max 3 replies every time and you have to refresh the bait constantly. Shit's weak, yo.

Damn I miss VF. Fucking Sega killed every single one of their based franchises. VF hurts the most though.


Has it been confirmed?

everyone has a pocket shaheen in 7 lel.


Do you even know what AVERAGE means?

Also thats 160 people worldwide, you most likely have shitloads of lag with 3/4 of those.


>tee hee I posted it again

More like, you're the butthurt mustard fag. The fact is that fighting games playerbase on PC is next to non-existent. Fuck, it even has way less playerbase in SFV, a cross-play title.

Keep throwing typical insults like peasants or whatever, though. I see that you still can't understand that you and your kind's arrogant as fuck behavior is why PC mustard rice are insufferable. Always with your "HURRR DURRR FUCKING PEASANT, MASTER RACE WINS AGAIN. IS THERE EVEN A REASON TO BUY A CONSOLE ANYMORE? DURRR IF YOU OWN A CONSOLE AT ALL AND DON'T/CAN'T BUILD A GAMING PC, THEN YOU'RE A RETARDED, YOU FILTHY CONSOLE PLEB!" high-and-mighty attitude.

Grow up, pal. Seriously.

It actually is pretty intuitive once you get used to it. The characters are all right-handed, and because it's a 3D fighter they stay that way no matter which side they're on, so Left Punch is usually for jabs and other fast, weak attacks. Right Punch gives your hooks, straights, uppercuts, all the more powerful, less safe punches. Left Kick is probably the least-used face button. These moves are kind of a grab bag but they're generally used for stuffing enemy movement or aggression because they tend to track well side-to-side. Right Kick is more of your standard leg-faire, with all your favorite roundhouses and heel kicks and that sort of thing.

Everyone also has plenty of natural combo strings like LP, RP, LP for a 1-2-3 combo, and you can usually replace the last LP with an LK for different damage and properties. The average Tekken character has something like 80 entries in their movelist, and most of those are variations on these combo strings. They're also full of what you'd call "command normals" in SF, so Forward LP is completely different from Down-Forward LP, which is completely different from Down-LP (though that's usually just Crouching-LP, and let's not talk about "While Standing" moves).

So a simple combo might look like this:

1. Down-Forward RP, uppercut launches them
2. LP>RP>LP+RP, a 1-2-3 string that juggles them for a bit before smashing them on the ground, bouncing them slightly and extending the combo
3. Down-Back RK>LK, a low sweep that chains into a powerful kick. On a standing opponent the second kick is super risky, but it's great in a combo and launches them high enough for...
4. Running RK, a long-range kick that knocks the enemy far away, allowing them to recover safely and reset the match, but usually dealing the most damage compared to your other options.

All of that can be supplemented with different combinations of fillers, bounders, and finishers as the situation calls for it, not to mention the joy of walls.

>I never played VF

What's the point of different limbs if they hit the same spot? Also VF uses the actual character models for hitboxes, so sweep kicks can miss if the other dude's leg was in the air, unlike Tekken that uses hitboxes.

I'd rather play SC than Tekken. How sad Namco killed it off even though SCV sold more than TTT2.

America is 2D land, completely different scenario compared to the other continents

He's so easy to use. Every move he has is low-risk and easy to string.

same. I started in T2 and I just don't like the current Tekken. too scruby. introducing Bound was a mistake, too much damage

SCV doesn't have an arcade counterpart.

>tfw you want to buy the PC version, but your specs will more likely not run it.


u mad

I see this image posted constantly and I still have no idea of what it's trying to say.


SFV + Tekken 7 master race reporting in


Sfm when?

Enjoy dat ded playerbase.

U mad. :^)

SCV and TTT2 sold around the same

The difference is that one is a big budget main entry, the other is a limited spin off made mostly for hardcore players.

See why Namco choosed Tekken?

SC ain't dead though, when T7 will become a hit you'll see


More like lowest possible plebeain race
Everyone who still plays that garbage is either paid by capcom, mentally challenged or has no quality standards and self respect.

So, no sound argument at all from you against my observation that you're butthurt from ded playerbase on fighting games on PC?

SC will come back once T7 drops. It'll always be second-string, but I don't think they've given up on it. Their Facebook page is too active for it. They keep posting character contests, fan polls, etc. They're trying to gauge public interest in the series and its characters. Sure, it's no hard evidence, but if Bamco had given up on SC completely I highly doubt they would waste money on even a single social media kid for it.

Just wait. SC5 faltered because they had to rush it to release before TTT2. I think every problem that game had was due to the rush, and it's still my favorite fighting game of all time. Let them take all the time in the world if that's what it takes to get SC6 right.

Also enjoy your new Raven.

>T7 will become a hit
>already a low playerbase even at Greentekken cmpared to Tag 2

Too many Mishimas.

You seem upset that i enjoy the best 2D and 3D serise of fighting games

>You're just butthurt consolefag, methinks. PC will always be better and there's nothing you can do about it.

You sound pretty defensive. It's like you can't accept the fact that in terms of fighting game playerbase, PC can't be superior to console. Did your illusion get shattered so hard with there being a thing that console can do better that made you realize PC isn't so master race after all?

I'd rather have Kunimitsu back desu

But I will main Master Raven and Kunimitsu in Tekken Tag Tournament 3.

That is exactly why a console gamne getting ported to PC is a bad thing.

Community goes to shit. Tekken threads could've had civil threads that just talk about the games and that's it. With PC version, there always will be mustards coming in to look down on anyone who's playing the game on a console, saying shit like "You're a stupid console plebeian, no reason to not play this on PC!" or thinking that not building a gaming PC automatically speaks volume of your intelligence and label anyone who doesn't game on PC as "retarded".

Tekken is slow simple and boring compared to other fighters

>My dad is stronger than your dad

this thread

So you do lack self respect and are mentally challenged.


Always the problem with them.

Yes, PC is the better platform, good for them. But they don't need to be an arrogant dick about it.

>has a player base

Player base technically existing doesn't excuse it for being really small to the point of next to non-existent.

When that user said "no player base", he meant it in a way of "no player base compared to console vesion".

I started playing doa5 2 days ago, coming from tekken it's really hard to get into.
Playing with the doa equivalent of my tekken main and trying to find my favorite moves is fun though.

It's so easy to spot butthurt KoFfags

MKX PC community seemed like pretty cool guys.

But then again they had to suffer through a garbage port by High Voltage Studios so it's not like they could brag.

Air juggle simulator 7

2 days ago? Is there even anyone left to play with?

I don't play online
I'm a casual

T7 broke franchise records and became the most succesfull Tekken at the arcades in just few month, last year.

1 year and 6 months later, T7 remains the most played arcade game in the world.

Greentekken is korean, maybe TTT2 was bigger there, but not in Japan and the other countries where T7 is currently available.

Still, the console market is a whole nother thing and T7 isn't a spinoff, it's a main numbered Tekken with huge budget, story mode and SP content.

What? T7 was demolishing every other game and the only reason places like Green didn't have more cabinets was because the game is stupidly expensive as said by the very people in Green during streams.

I dont play KOF, but nice assumption i guess.
That someone doesnt willingly shallow garbage just because its made by capcom or called SF, doesnt mean they are fans or a rival franchise.

Not everyone is a cum gargling corporate loyalist like you.

>overwatch babbies calling others plebs

Do you realize that's not how the argument started? Here's the instigating post:

>If there is no crossplay its dead on arrival on PC and not worth buying.
followed by
>All that wont be of much use if there simply is no playerbase on PC.

Which is not true and only intended to stir shit.

can't hant the bant

>orporate loyalist
>Literally said i am buying Tekken a game made by another company
Nice assumption i guess.

At this point only a 100% capcom loyalist would still play SF5.

Any one else would have enough self respect to not touch a product of that quality level.

>posting a funny image means i play that game

Does you posting spurdo mean you are a 12 year old finn?

Do you even know on how many levels of retardation your statement is on?

I thought Cred Forums would lose its shit with how bad T7FR looks on the PS4

Aren't half of these posts recycled from previous threads

>Q1/Q2 2017

>overwatch babby backpedaling

Check the link.

Is virtua fighter fun? What was the last version, vf4 on ps2?

>Unlike Tekken, you can't control which limb you want to attack with.

Imagine being so casual that you think that "controlling which limb you attack with" is a thing that actually exists in a game about activating hitboxes.

It doesn't matter if the animation on the screen is of your character throwing their left hand or their right hand. What matters is, how big is the hitbox, how long does it take to activate, how long is it active, and how long is the recovery. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how fighting games work.

>downsyndromer downsyndroming around

>Friend tells me they have a T7 cabinet at the community college he goes to
>College I go to only has Smash 4, Madden, and shovelware

>Also enjoy your new Raven.

Already mained.

>Playing DOA games

Apex Kek.

Why did they turn Raven into a woman again? Not that I'm complaining.


>Replace Wesley Snipes with a rejected Taiminin Asagi design

Japan has shit taste.

Because fucking nobody played male Raven.

Because Raven was such a lame character they thought they would put tits on him to try and make him more popular. See bruce and josie.

>hat was the last version, vf4 on ps2?

Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown on PS3 and X360.

>No bant at all

Can't hand the bant.


So can we expect a male Lucky Chloe in Tekken 8?

Lucky Chris?

Because hot girls are better.

It's not going to happen but I hope they give her a bald option.

Black women like Skin and Gail Ann Dorsey can pull the bald look off surprisingly well.

Lucky Chloe is fucking everywhere, so no.

how can a ho expect to fight and not have her perfect hair get ruined?

Problem with SC is that it turned into high fantasy.

the game needs a "beta" or something. the wait hurts me.

What about a male Zafina then, I know nobody played her.

>lithe and flexible egyptian fuckboy twink

no, no boys ever
only girls now
black girls

this is literally the most butthurt post I have seen today, good job

>No boys
Well at least I got men.

But still Tekken could use some qt boys.

Shame Leo turned out to be a butch lesbian.


Except she's not. She's the lowest-tier character in the game and the graphs posted on the official Tekken 7 arcade page show that she is always in the bottom ten in terms of usage globally, which most speculate is because she is horrendously hard to win with.

Your ass is not a valid source.

I bought a PS4 for T7 and it doesn't look very good

Big mistake, amigo.