ITT: your sister's favorite vidya

ITT: your sister's favorite vidya


> assassin's creed - all of them

She still plays it. Also the sims I guess.

Sims 3
Second was sonic the werewolf-hog or special God of War

Your sis is pretty cool user


This and Dragon's Lair 3D for some reason.

Persona 3

Your sister must be an unbearable cunt.


>tfw no sister

Me and your sister should fug

We used to play before she moved out and got married

Alpha Protocol, but I don't have any good pictures, so here's her second-favourite

Girls can't love other girls, user!


If this isn't your answer you didn't have a sister who played video games.

sims 3

this and gen 3 Pokemon on the game boy. She was really based but then turned into a Stacy and I will never forgive her for it

>he didn't protect her smile
Only yourself to blame, user

>Girls can't love other girls, user!


Mario Party 5

why i have 300 hours clocked in on steam

It's alright, user. We're here to suffer, after all.

Male or female Pawn?

My dick

My sister is a 33yo recovering opiate and benzo addict. I don't think she vidya other than

why so reactionary