What is the videogame equivalent of this comic?

What is the videogame equivalent of this comic?

Loading an old save on any RPG you haven't played in years.



no more heroes

Planescape: Torment, considering Sigil is quite literally full of inactive portals randomly spread out across the entire city and the key to opening them could be literally anything, from holding a bone to singing a tune to thinking a thought.

You could be walking down an alley and find yourself in a lower plane like The Abyss just because of bad luck. There's even a side quest involving an NPC that accidentally walked through a portal, found herself in that city and now is too scared of getting near anything that could be a portal, like arches, windows or doors.


Does anyone do this more than once in their lifetime?

No sorry I mean armed and dangerous.

Da origin if you ever went back to witch hut would fit it quite well

Psychonauts maybe

>that game over you get for pissing off the lady of pain where even though you're immortal she turns you into minced meat so you can't get up again

that was a dark fucking game

Oh are we talking about gand play where you portal through shit or this type of humor in a game. If it's the ladder I'm sticking with Armed and Dangerous.

Yume Nikki and it's derivatives.

>every single description of TNO hurting himself
>cracking your skull to see if there's anything in there
>carrying your guts in your inventory
>ignus making your ears bleed
>ignus burning your eyes, fingers, guts
>the petrified wizard cursing you
>that one collector eating your finger

Good times.

>all that edgy bullshit

Thank Christ I never played this garbage, it sounds retarded as fuck.

>that one guy who pays you to kill yourself
>you reach up and snap your own neck

Fun shit.

Came to post this. You can end up in the weirdest places if you take the wrong turn. For example, on your way to Balmora you can walk just a few meters and you can enter Red Mountain where all the corprus beasts are.

This. One time I accepted to worship a deity called Aoskar or something like that. The thing is that when I tried to leave the city, the lady of pain appeared and locked me in one of her mazes. It took me a while to leave that place.

What do you have to do for that to happen?

I only got a game over for attacking one of the godsmen. It was in the part of the story when I had to get some items from one of their warehouses (the portal to ravel's lair).


I think you have to worship her doll after being told not to or just go around killing a lot of innocents.

I remember that doll, but how do you worship it? Also I never thought about killing a lot of innocents even if the lore tells me that the lady of pain would appear if that happens.

I like how the lore is shown through gameplay.


Although the writing is shit the story starts kinda like this and the gameplay is ok

Pretty sure you could interact with it.

Thanks, user. I'm an idiot.

Going to Blighttown early by mistake.