Is he our boy?

Is he our boy?

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He got the girl in the end, so no.

I literally do not understand why you people try and force memes so much.

Do you have any original thoughts in your brains at all? Or are you just another drooling dumb fuck?

Gotta beat the dead horse until it's just dust I guess. Fucking kill yourselves, I'm completely serious.

He's ok.

>cries about memes
>not aware that he used one

You're not original either. "fucking kill yourself"

Telling someone to kill themselves is not a meme. Oh my god you a delusional.

I sincerely want all these meme reposting retards to actually die or to actually kill themselves. I don't care how "edge" that makes me, it's the truth. They are utterly worthless if they need to come onto Cred Forums of all places to repost their horrible, unfunny, braindead, shit memes.

Atleast go to reddit or some other garbage website like Neogaf to jerk off over your dead horse memes.

If we all won in the end, sure.

He meant the dead horse meme you fuck

Spectre Knight when

Q2 2017

>I hate memes
>I know I'll go on the image board that gave birth to memes
You sure showed him.

Nice. I just started SK and he was one hell of a fun boss.

That logic makes no sense. I hate you but I still make love to your mother.

>come in expecting shovel knight thread
>instead it's one guy flipping his shit for no reason
Good thread.

>implying that disqualifies him from ***our boy*** status

i want to do lewd things to plague knight

If they ever finish this first game and make a sequel, I think I'd rather pay for expansions rather than wait this long for them to crank it out on goodwill alone.

Well they were stretch goals to be fair. I think Shovel Knight itself still sells enough to keep them stable at least. I know it just released in Japan this year and was pretty well received.

If they had given the content to backers for free but charged everyone else, I would have gladly paid for the expansions. Just sayin.

Same. Pretty sure that's why Wayforward is going that route with Shantae.

Good taste.
Too bad he's taken, though.

One of the most shockingly adorable couples in video games.

>Choosing the girl instead of ultimate power
No, he isn't.

Nigga didn't even need the ultimate power.
Besides, he got to blow up a fucking castle. I'd say that's a better deal.

the girl AND blowing up a a tower, user.
You couldn't resist such an offer

Plague is super cute

Or he could drink the potion and blow up a tower whenever he feels like it. He fucked up hard

>Aw yeah, time to explode shit and fuck with the other knights
>Damn, Mona is pretty cute
>Plague Knight goes full spaghetti
>Spy on her dancing
>Learn to dance yourself
>That entire ending
>That fucking end screen
I never expected to play the most heartwarming game of the year when I booted this up. God I'm so hyped to see what they'll do with Spectre Knight. I hope it goes full tragedy.

I'm very curious how King and Spectre will go. If Plague and Shovel Knight's vanilla campaign have taught me anything, they fucking nail how to do a non intrusive but compelling story.

With Shovel and Plague doing the romance angle, I would not mind at all if Spectre went a different direction and did tragedy.

I hope Spectre goes tragedy, and King goes full comedy. Shovel did have romance, but it seemed more of a redemption arc, where Plague went full romance.

That's fair. I guess I just hope a love story isn't the linchpin of all the plots.

like that has ever stopped me

He got best girl that's for sure. Look at her official arts armpits, they knew what they were doing.

I want Dale North to serenade me. Holy fuck that voice

good taste


there's nowhere near enough plague knight r34

I was super surprised and impressed that Shovel Knight had a such a great plot and characterization without hitting you over the head with it, especially the fact that a lot of it is told through gameplay. Adding the Shield Knight dreams was a stroke of genius. By physically having to catch her you immediately create a connection to Shovel Knight and his plight, and the waves of enemies that pop up with every dream making it harder to do so really make you feel the desperation. So when you get to the end and you finally have to catch her for real now you're feeling exactly like Shovel Knight is feeling. Like, fuck, my heart skipped a beat when I almost didn't catch her. Major props to Yacht Club for that.

>game makes the villains out to be not so bad, just kind of goofy troublemakers with their own goals

Whoa, didn't know this trick.

Wait what the fuck? I had no idea this was a thing.

So what exactly does losing your essence entail? It didn't seem to drag any of them down when they lost it.

>Plague Knight learns to dance and can do it anywhere except in front of Mona, where he's too nervous to do it

Fantastic foreshadowing there.

Kinda wish they did a Polar Knight campaign regardless of Dig The Vote. Maybe that would've explained the past he's had with Shovel Knight and Black Knight.

>You'll never get the cutie alchemist girl to tango with
>You'll never spend your life making new potions and mad acrobatics
>You'll never wear such badass clothing unless you have a lot of money or go to a renaissance fair

Why even fucking live ;_;

Why even live

In some ways I don't think that necessarily needs to elaborated on. I'm happy with the 3 knights chosen, but i'd have loved a Propeller Knight campaign. Hell, i'd have loved one for all the Knights. Imagine Treasure Knight using that anchor Bionic Commando style. Ah well.

So when they do wrap up the Shovel Knight DLC, do people want another Shovel Knight game or something completely new?

>i'd have loved a Propeller Knight campaign.

My relative of african american origin.

He's the best knight by far, I wanted to see how they would design levels with short floating periods and sword fighting.

I guess it would have been a bit hard though, and probably would have needed radically different maps with more endless pits.

Oh, a Propeller Knight campaign would've been sick, I just wonder what his playstyle would've been like. Propeller Mario on steroids maybe?

Also hell yeah I want a sequel, perhaps with some new Knights to make the game bigger. A sort of "Super Shovel Knight" emulating the SNES games would be the most probable.

They would've probably had to nerf his flying hard. They'll run into the same issue with Spectre Knight though.

>They would've probably had to nerf his flying hard. They'll run into the same issue with Spectre Knight though.
We already know how Spectre Knight plays, user.

A sequel some day would be cool, but I much rather want their next project to be something entirely new. Personally I voted for the Mario RPG and Zelda styled games in the poll.

You did vote in the poll, right user?

Yeah, for a Contra style game.

The only thing I really don't want is the Shovel Knight kart racer. Mode 7 is dead and gone with good reason.

>hating on mode 7
how do you have taste this bad

Alright, just in case people hadn't seen it yet

Playing it right now.
Fuck you scroll-up level with treadmills
Is it worth it to make another playthrough on NG+?
What character should i pick?

I'd go with Plague Knight, he's more fun to me, using the best bomb for each situation is really satisfying and adds more strategy to the gameplay.

I mean, everything surrounding the creator of this guy, and this guy himself is trash, but I do enjoy what Yacht Club Games did with him.

>You seem like a stand up guy, if you beat me, i'll tell you my best joke!

While I do love the vanilla Shovel Knight campaign, Plague of Shadows trumps it in almost every regard. There's a ton more depth and experimentation in it as well.

Why can't they come up with new concepts instead of "a zelda!" "a mario!"?

Plague Knight is a dirty dirty liar.

>Defeat Plague Knight in his base
>N-n-n-n-no, Shovel Knight cheated

>Defeat the order of no quarter all in one go, including Plague Knight
>N-n-n-n-no, I defeated everyone myself, including Shovel Knight, but then he cheated

What? You mad our 14 year old boy Reize fucked your waifu or something?

> mfw people out here made waifus exclusively for this guy to fuck

>Save everyone after they fall
>Shovel Knight just walks away in Plague Knight's perspective

The only thing I found myself changing about bombs was lob and bounce. That stacking explosion was OP as fuck.

I read all his subtitles in yuri lowenthals voice

I couldn't believe he did that. What an asshole.

shovel knight is a faggot who actually has to chug troupple piss during the fight
plague knight is the real champion and would never wear clothes to look bigger fuck off

>Save everyone as Shovel Knight
>Talk to Treasure Knight
>"No amount of gold is worth the heartache that awaits you."

He really is the deepest

But who will SK waifu?

a cute ghost?

Shield Knight

I really want to know how they'll develop Specter's character. Plague was amazing so i'm pretty hyped

Spectre Knight will not have a waifu because his waifu is dead and the invisibility locket was her gift to him.

Its someone who died, since obviously the locket he is holding and looking for belongs to her.

And he is going to beat the other knights to get their essences for a ritual that would revive her.

a cute ghost waifu then

She's dead user.

They're just genres user, calm your tits.

How long can he live without the enchantress?

Did the Order know who the Enchantress was? I know Black Knight knew, and probably Polar Knight, but did the rest?

You know people that never backed the game will bitch about that though.
"How come the people that backed the game years ago get this content free but us?! That's not fair! It should've went the shovel knight route! For shame WayForward!" Its gonna happen.

could have used terms like "top down hack and slash adventure game where you visit locations, collect items and advance the story"

unless they think their playerbase has actual brain damage and can't make the connections

He was way cooler than shovel Knight
Overall exceeded my expectations wich is rare as fuck in today's world, my only complaint is that there isn't a sequel already so k can keep playing

Long enough to attempt to resurrect his waifu.

Which of course goes wrong so his final boss is going to be zombie/ghost waifu. Then he dies for good and hopes that waifu forgives him in afterlife.

Though in the credits of shovel knight campaign he was just running around and looking for a locket so maybe he doesnt need enchantress to be around to stay alive.

Treasure Knight clearly knew so it might be implied that all of her cohorts knew when you factor in Black Knight.

Gonna? It already has.

>literally everyone else knew but shovel knight

Shovel Knight realized on his own before the fight. He confirms that with Black Knight.

So he knew last out of everyone else


Fuck man, I really hope that isn't the case. They've been doing really well when it comes to differences between Plague and Shovel Knights, so reusing a plot device would really suck. Specter losing his loved one and having the locket being a gift would be a really cool plot though.

I hope it's also not going to happen simultaneously with the other stories.

Same, the essences would be lame.

I dunno, I wanna see how deep the rabbit hole can go

>Specter Knight finds Plague Knight's relics and trades them to Chester for his

Essences would have actually fit better to that resurrection story than in potion making story PK had. But honestly it would just be essences by other name since I doubt they will give the things you have to get from other knights do anything gameplay-wise.

Then there would be treasure knight left, they would have to come up with one more layer to the mix for him.

Meant king knight, fuck.

>king knight gets minibosses with chester where he stuffs him in blue chests

>all this talk about lore, item descriptions and shit
>i've just been shoveling everything i could in the face until now

He is Mona's boy. Better stay clear, he's taken.

My headcanon's that Black Knight and Shield Knight are his children, that's why he's seen with BK in PoS' ending and why he follows The Enchantress. It also explains why BK is so concerned about Shield Knight but has no romantic interest. Shovel Knight is just his student.

>monah shows up end game
>try dancing
>he does the finger thing

oh my fuck

I think he knew the whole time and just tried his best not to think about it so he could keep hope that he might be able to save her instead of kill her.

I hope it's reverse, spectre is nothing but comedy behind tragedy and king is tragedy behind comedy.

I thought she had long hair from her sprite in the original, a shame


>a cute ghost waifu then

>those legs

Imagine being plague knight and having her sit on your face.

Wanna know the best part? He does the same thing if you try to dance while one of the mona projectiles are onscresn during the final boss.

Is this that ghost girl from when Scoob and Shag helped that monster girl camp beat the boy's military camp at a game of sports or something?


The man is committed to his shyness.


>guy is shy and doesn't want to peak through the hole to see her
>she just comes through the other side to greet him

Fucking cute

That ghost is cuter than any Hanna-Barbera cartoon has any rights to be

>tfw no alchemist gf

short hair>long hair


>Wanting a dirty green skinned waifu

You could never appreciate true beauty.

Never played plague knight. Is he a villain or a lovable antihero?

He's right you know.

>not bf


what's under plague knight's mask, though
if shovel knight is probably a fish, is plague knight probably a bird?
i mean, the beak of the mask does smile in some of his sprites

Cartoonish villain who doesn't actually do much evil. More self centered than evil, really.

Depends on the character you're playing. If you're playing Shovel Knight, he's a villain. If you're playing Plague Knight, he's the lovable antihero, yet still the protagonist.

Total villain and loves it. One level you enter a town, fight off the guards and let your men take control. You can also blow up your own men for fun.

What mask?

>if shovel knight is probably a fish, is plague knight probably a bird?
Whoa hold up.

He gives no shits about anyone except Mona and himself. He does heroics by accident, but also terrorized people. By the end people regard him as a hero and he just takes it as a sign of people leaving him alone to do research.

>tfw love short haired girls, am manlet, and love tall girls

Goddamn does his entire story make me happy.

Does that mean Chaotic Neutral because those are usually really boring characters.

They're both just people.

Shovel is a pepe
Fuck off retard

Woah that's a really dumb picture.

Chaotic Neutral probably fits him the best.

>implying shovel knight isn't a fish
No, fuck you.

This man wanted me to pretend his image was a dumb image macro but I AM NO SLAVE

>he didn't know

Anyways, I imagine a bird.

>if shovel knight is probably a fish
I, uh, what? Either way I'd say it's just a mask, he's pretty shy. And if it was his face I'd be frightened of his black eyes.

Are you fucking retarded? What the fuck is this?

>Pretend I posted the dumbest image macro ever. I'll delete this post in a minute.


That's a dumb >

>He's never ran his hands through a girls long hair

As much as I absolutely love Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, I do worry for the Spectre Knight's and King Knight's campaigns.

Plague Knight had the huge benefit of having characters that were still present in the base game available to support him. Like Mona. He was able to have his entire secret underground lair under the city, with characters we knew.
But what would they do with Spectre Knight or King Knight? I kind of fear that the entire cast may have already been depleted between Shovel Knight and Plague Knight.

Would they just introduce new never seen before characters? Sure that could work, but I really don't think it would have nearly the same punch as with Plague Knight where we already knew them.
Or would they just not introduce characters and have them be loners for the most part? I doubt that would go as well.

So what could they do? Make King Knight and the Troupple King best buds? Would that be interesting?
Who else is there to explore or elaborate upon? The dancing barkeep lady? Is she really interesting though?

I have no doubts in that the gameplay will be terrific. But all things considered I really do think it will be hard to top Shovel Knight and Plague Knight this time around. I am afraid.


SK is obviously an edgelord.
So probably his sister or love interest died and she was the light in his life.

>Same place as Shovel Knight
That's just another Knight, plus the helmet wouldn't fit.

Spectre Knight is a fucking necromancer, he can whip out entire arsenal of undead characters for his base.

>implying those eyes aren't adorable

>he's never ruffled up a girl's short hair

You don't intimidate me handsome young man gangster police spy agent assassin holding and pointing with two guns.

But those would be mooks. Or even if not, that would still fall under one of the points I brought up. They would be characters we haven't seen before unlike Plague Knight's campaign that took what we knew and elaborated upon it.

King Knight is friends with one of the dancers with the King under the Village to keep intel on his future plans in case he wants to overthrow King Knight, and Chester to hide his items in case he's raided


Ye boi

>yfw the mutual theme of Shovel Knight is Love
>Shovel Knight's story is about going the distance for the one you love
>Plague of Shadows is about learning to be yourself for the one you love
>Specter Knight's story may be about the tragic side of love
>King Knight is probably bout self-love given it's King Knight.

Is someone at Yacht Club a manlet? Or into tall chicks?

King has the former king and his handmaidens to deal with. It would be fun if the two griffons had involvement in the story.

>implying tall girl/heroic manlet isn't patrician tier

her right shin is too fucking wide, what the fuck

Is there a single short woman sprite in the entire game? Fuck it I'm just gonna pretend Tinker Knight is secretly a tiny girl.

Oh no, as a manlet into tall chicks i'm all for it. It's just a curiosity.

Have faith, user. Honestly, I was worried that Plague Knight's campaign wouldn't even be fun, and I loved it more than the base game.

The dancers are smallish.

You are trying so hard to look like a "smart guy" on Cred Forums, it's sad.

Oh shit.

I wish Shovel Knight had a Dash he's too slow for my liking

Knights are short for gameplay purposes. Plague Knight was taller as a boss. We'll get short girls once R63 mode is out.

I'm guessing Spectre Knight is gotta go fast mode from the looks of it.

>King Tier
King Knight

>Top Tier
Black Knight
Shovel Knight

>Great Tier
Plague Knight
Treasure Knight
Polar Knight

>Good Tier
Propeller Knight
Mole Knight

>Mediocre Tier
Spectre Knight

>Tinker Tier
Tinker Knight

Have they even mentioned anything about that recently?

You forgot

Tinker Knight (part two)

So is King Knight actually of noble blood, albeit not a king. Or was he just a poor peasant lavishly dreaming of being king?

He's just some asshole who acts like royalty.

>toys for the children
Tinker Knight is a cool dude.

If we had a Tinker Knight campaign, what would happen when we fight Shovel Knight? No mecha?

Shovel Knight gets his own mech.

Fucking love this game. Even the amiibo added some great fun stuff

>Tinker Knight
>without a mech
Are you crazy?

Move Plague up one tier and you got yourself a list.

>fucking women
Women are icky user

Dark Knight? More like Cuck Knight.


Oh user. His creator constantly commissions stories from others that boil down to Reize gaining another love interest. He is also very eager to ERP as Reize on different chat programs. "Women are icky" is the biggest bullshit he tosses around.

I prefer shovel knight to be honest.

>He is also very eager to ERP as Reize on different chat programs
I want to read those chat logs but I don't.

i want to bury my face in that armpit

I wish there were new levels with these updates, I'd even pay for them, the game is too good

>anywhere but trash tier

I agree with the tall girl though

what's wrong with manlets?

They have a disability that prevents them from learning and reaching the top shelf.

>that fuzzy feeling when you get the both endings

well that last one is true, I can testify to that.

It's that strange feeling of happy watching them be together, and sad that you're alone.

Most of them are very insecure and somehow manage to be way more annoying.
If you give them anything, they will just boast with until they die.

There is nothing wrong with normal "manlets". They are just normal, small guys. I don't like to call them manlets, since manlets are subhuman.

There are no normal manlets. If they were normal then they would have normal height. They are genetic trash and a waste of space.

What does Cred Forums think about Jew Knight?


Oh come now user, I don't take up that much space.

They're so cute.


King Knight can be in cahoots with Troupple King and dudes from zeppelin in second village. Scepter Knight, well, he is tricky one. Maybe he can be involved with bakers' ghosthouse?


theories on why Spectre Knight wants the Locket?
I'm guessing it belonged to a lover when he was alive.

That would be the obvious answer. Could be that he wants to use its power to bring him back to life, it makes SK intangible so maybe the opposite works on him.

I was kinda bummed Yacht Club Games wasn't there with Spectre of Torment at PAX, or even giving any new info on it. They were purely promoting Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Did win an autograph for that though, and they gave me a Spectre Knight pin since I was wearing a Shovel Knight shirt.

>They were purely promoting Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Why the fuck would Yacht Club be promoting a game that they havent made?

They're publishing the Striker Pack.

Just think about how slick and smelly it must be.

With sound.

>Plague Knight was taller as a boss
i don't remember there being that much of a difference at all

>make it WHAT!?

I hope spectre knight is comedy behind tragedy and king knight is tragedy behind comedy.

Where can I get the details on this nig? All I found was his fucking own wiki for his characters

>Cred Forums
>Gave birth to [internet] memes
Holy fuck how can someone be this delusional

Strange, that should work.
If not here's the direct link:


Hmm, now it works when I refresh the page. And pasting the web address automatically changed to the cross board link. Oh well, this gives me an excuse to post more gifs.

Spectre Knight campaign now plz

Have fun waiting 'till Spring my friend.

That's only a few months off, I can wait.

I wish.

Though this thread did inspire me to play Plague of Shadows again.


>you will never be this happy

Mode 7 as in the hentai artist? Or is this something entirely different?

>Shovel Knight hentai game

I know I shouldn't get mad at someone for not knowing what Mode 7 is on Cred Forums but fuck man

I'd love to have a personal talk to people making threads like these.
I really wish I knew who they were because I can't imagine such terrible people.

They are like trash mobs in a video game. like a goomba that just walks left and right.

Do you think you are funny? Do you like the (you)s? I wish I had some answers. Why do you sit down and make threads like
>Why haven't you bought her game yet
>Now that the dust has settled...

Do you plan this ahead of time or does it occur spontaneously to you?
Is it already part of your shitposting routine or is it your first time?

What kind of person are you? How old? How do you earn your money? Where do you even live (if you even exist)?
Why do you consciously choose to make bland threads that are destined to go off topic? Do you want to make this a worse place on purpose or do you have some twisted views and believe you're doing something good?

What do you feel when you see other shitpost threads? Are you envious that you didn't post it earlier to get the (you)s? Are you angry because you fail to realise that you're just as bad?

>tfw i've developed a slight crush on plague knight
>tfw i wouldn't be able to have him even if he were real because of mona
>tfw there's hardly any good porn on him
>and absolutely none of muh fetish

>Down Thrust


I think Ken Levine is gonna sue somebody.

Well excuse me if I browse /d/ and /aco/ more than Cred Forums nowadays.

did someone say dark souls?


He probably just didn't know its name. I've played plenty of games that use it but I wouldn't have been able to tell you what it's called.

Wish I could post the 8mb version.
Plague of Shadows was the best fucking surprise.
Getting a good reason to come back and play the game with an even more fun character was great.

>Plague Knight's campaign isn't an alternate story, but a side story during the events of the main campaign
>Plague Knight was responsible for the tower getting majorly fucked up

I found that really goddamn cool

Don't forget, thanks to the Plague Knight campaign we got THIS

I hope we get ones for Specter and King Knight as well.

Thinking the same thing, user.

remove the following
>dust settles
>why is this allowed
>why haven't you bought
>what went right/wrong
>is he our boy (new apparently)
And you have some okay threads

Elder god tier DLC

Do you not understand this place or something?

Name 1 (one) meme not created by Cred Forums.


Oh shit. This explains why Shovel Knight spanks him twice even when you "win."

grumpy cat

>gets the girl
>who cares and understands him

Fucking unrealistic trash.

Cats were created by Cred Forums in 2004 as part of Richard Dawkins Project L.O.L.. Therefore, all cat related memes are their descendants.



It's a video game user.

except it does

He's an idol to us all. Truly the our boy all us boys should look up to.

>tfw I have literally all of this

Shovel is just fucking with him

Oh my gosh

What fetish?

Plague Knight DLC is among the best DLC out there. God bless yacht club

but we can't look up to him. Only down at him.

Or right in the eye.

And i'm guilty of doing what happens in that comic at least once.

>a villain made a better MC than the name of the game
Makes me have a lot of respect for Yacht Club that this is free.


I went as Plague Knight last Halloween. Pretty proud of the costume but there aren't any good photos.


Do you have any terrible photos?

My nigga. Short hair is love.


For me it's just one of those fetishes that you don't even want to apply every time.

It's irrelevant. After all, no one cared who he was 'til he put on the mask.

how would that even work

magic and plague knight's mask not really being a mask

The eyes were a pain to see through but a bunch of people said I scared them, so it was worth it.

I'm more worried they'll try the same thing again.

I fucking love how surprising and charming the plot of plague knight was. I wasn't expecting a love story from my goofy evil genius campaign. It would be nice if they did something similar as far as tonal/subject matter shift goes, perhaps with the same elements of a knight (Shovel, plague) and a lady (Shield, Mona).

Perhaps something a bit more tragic and sad for spectre? It's a bit obvious but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

What would King Knight's thing be? Redemption arc?

King Knight should be acquire a throne and fuck the rest


Pleg Knut


And that's all I have. I'm not sure has the artist made more since.

Thanks for posting these comics, they're really cute.

>yacht club asks on twitter what sort of game they should make next
>semi-jokingly suggest a doom/heretic clone
>they say the new doom is so good they wouldn't even try
>mfw no heretic clone set in the shovel knight universe made by people who "get it"

Yeah, I really dig 'em.

Thanks for existing, user.


new oc knight right here



>it makes SK intangible so maybe the opposite works on him.
I like where this is going

Fresh oc

Do you actually know what your saying when you say mode 7?
It literally is a term that only applies to the super nintendo.


I really hope they end up doing their own version of a top-down action game like Zelda for their next big game

still better than braid

I think they mean Mode 7 style. Shovel Knight is 8-bit styled but it's not technically 8-bit.

sup woolie

King and Spectre better have animations like this.

Would anyone really want a Heretic clone in this day and age?

because heretic is awesome?

I don't know what they mean by Mega Man, Shovel Knight's already like Mega Man. And a Mario style platformer seems like a bit of a downgrade. I remember the devs said they wanted Shovel Knight 2 to be like what Mega Man X was to Mega Man so that'll be fun.

King's animation should be him pulling out a mirror and looking at himself

Shovel Knight had it made.

I wouldn't say it was explicitly a Mega Man game

Shovel Knight was a combination of a multitude of different games. You had the overworld of SMB3 (and traveling boss battles), level design of Megaman, game mechanics like Duck Tales (outside of more abilities kind of like Megaman) and towns from Zelda 2

The "abilities" are more like Castlevania items than Mega Man copy abilities. Yeah, they more or less correspond to the boss's abilities or themes but you find them instead of the weapons being given to you. You even use them like you used Castlevania items on NES.

Any of the bottom row would be perfect. Fuck.

>Shovel Kart
Seriously nigga?

Holy fuck, yes. SART is still the only recent kart racer that's any fun.

Gracias amigo

>people didnt want Shovel Kart

On one hand I kind of feel like a Mario Shovel Knight would be too similar to regular Shovel Knight. Since I am assuming it would basically be Shovel Knight without enemies and bosses.

But then I consider the high pace of a Mario platformer, and the bouncing and stuff that you already do in Mario but with Shovel Knight / Ducktales / whatever mechanics, and I am already becoming excited. Change relics for Mario style suit power ups and I'd be even more over the idea.

Oh well. I doubt it'll ever happen and the other ideas sound great too. I still can't help but to think that the Mario RPG style game would be the best suited for fleshing out a full world and a vast cast of characters. Both of which appear to be things they've been good at handling. So that was my personal pick, a kind of a let down to see it in the second row but I guess I am not that surprised.

Among the top 3 I just hope that the Metroid style game wins. Axiom Verge was great fun and I have a feeling that Yacht Club Games could do a game just as good if not better. The whole Shovel and Treasure theme also lends itself well a Metroid style game with hidden secrets, passages, and sequence breaking and so on.

Shovel Knight 2 would naturally be great. But I personally think it would be nice with something a little different in between to keep things fresh and to give regular Shovel Knight some breathing room.

Original Mario Kart didn't age all that well guys, you'll have to come to terms with that

Plus there's only so much you can do with a Mode-7-styled racing game. Would be a waste of Yacht Club's talents I think


Their "Metroid" and "Zelda" games wouldn't even necessarily be Shovel Knight games. People from their studio have talked about wanting to make games that aren't at all related to Shovel Knight so that they don't get painted into the corner as 'the Shovel Knight guys.'

Good. I like shovel knight but I think it would be good for them to try something new once the last update releases.

>Their "Metroid" and "Zelda" games wouldn't even necessarily be Shovel Knight games.
A'ight. Neat. I really wouldn't mind a Shovel Knight Metroid or Zelda, but chances are the games would be better if they weren't. Go ahead and seize the opportunity to make another brand/franchise that can have the opportunity to grow beloved on its own.

>Shovel Knight's already like Mega Man
Not that guy but I've honestly never really got this either. Any resemblances to Mega Man appear to be very shallow if even that. Though at the same time I don't really feel like Shovel Knight has any obligation to be like Mega Man either.

But I mean, as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned it really is overbearingly DuckTales.
You've got a Super Mario 3 world map and Zelda II towns, but that's mostly just cosmetics.
As for Mega Man resemblances? You've got bosses, but so did dozens and dozens of games. The visuals of the boss fights and health doesn't even match up to Mega Man. If anything having boss health at the top of the screen beside your own in a separate stat bar is more reminiscent of Castlevania than Mega Man even if it looks distinctly different from Castlevania too.
The relics and Plague Knight bombs too for that matter, aren't related to or even rewards for defeating the bosses. Very unlike Mega Man. The way you can select and change between them from the menu at any given time is quite like Mega Man though, but the similarities kind of end there. Most prominently they all share the same power source and that have separate power bars.
On a sidenote, the way you don't find the relics randomly in the stages automatically replacing the one you currently have if any, also makes it quite distinct from Castlevania too.

As far as actually tangible resemblances are concerned, it really mostly is DuckTales. From all the treasure and gems everywhere to physics and style of platforming as well.

Fuck off Nisio


Anons, this is a really important question.
How does a manlet fuck a tall girl?

Dunno, it's never been done.

Yes it has.

Watch amazon porn

They piston the pussy with their hips while sucking firmly on the nipples with their mouth. Their short, so they can do it.

It's an inspiration story for us.

With a booster seat.

>Anyone isn't Roy being "OUR BOY"

The fuck outta here. Roy will always be our boy.

Roy was never my boy. You can keep your Smash memes.

Roy was always the worst addition to smash. A Literally who clone of a literally who.

Plague Knight is 2 cute

Roy at least had the fire gimmick and a tad different than Marth in 4. Lucina is the same in every aspect besides the tipper mechanic.

Literally a worse Marth. Roy's a better addition.

How about Roy in Melee.

Roy is also the worst character in his own game.

Better than Lucina doesn't nullify the fact he's the third Marth. Fire is just a flashy distraction, no real gameplay implications.

Pichu was worse, but he was really fucking close.

Yeah, but we're talking Smash here.

He's the 2nd Marth, he debuted in Melee.

>He's the 2nd Marth, he debuted in Melee.
And even then that was 2 Marths too many.

>but we're talking smash here
Who fucking cares about smash?
Plague Knight is the best character in his game, and Roy is stupid faggot shit in both his own game and in smash.
Roy can never be our boy.

Are you fucking my ass here, m8? We waited a year for Plague Knight and now we're waiting a year and a half for Spectre Knight. Mechanically, an entirely different game could be built around Plague Knight's moveset, but the levels and most bosses were all the same. What's taking them so long?

This time around I think they're working on all expansions at once. And even though Plague took a long time, he's mechanically night-and-day different. If that's how long that much polish takes, I'll wait it gladly.

That I can agree with. Plague is the best so far and even with Specter and King, I believe he'll be the best after.

Also did Roy get some power-up late game to make him not shit?

Sadly not kidding. It's on their Twitter.

Yacht Club's said themselves that this is much bigger than Plague Knight was, so they can take their time


>did roy get some power-up late game to make him not shit
He was shit the entire fucking game, both gameplay and story-wise.

I hadn't heard that, but I'm glad.

At this point I should probably make a Shovel Knight folder.

My heart does, but I know that's nostalgia and their talents are better served making a anons DID vote for the Contra game right?

I know who Woolie is, but who the fuck is Nisio?

>yfw genderswap mode gives Troupple queen a giant pair of knockers


I am betting they'll do it.

When did this play.

It didn't, it's just included with the soundtrack.

For some reason it didn't even hit me that they might be gender swapping every since character in the game. I just assumed it out be Shovel Knight and the main bosses

Just a bonus song.

>Telling someone to kill themselves is not a meme.
>Beating a dead horse
What a fucking idiot.

Was Xiaolin Showdown the best show on Cartoon Network?

Not even close

No, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was.


It was pretty good. But only occasionally hit high notes, and tried a little too obviously to sell toys instead of focus on a good story.

The Clone Wars or Clone Wars, because those are two completely different show. They're both very good however.

There were Xiaolin Showdown toys?

>tried a little too obviously to sell toys

I'd agree with that if it had ever actually seen any toys.

>There were Xiaolin Showdown toys?
I assume so. The way the show was structured they made it clear they were selling something. It was extremely, how you say, Toyetic? Freakazoid taught me that.

I was big into it and I don't remember seeing any. Maybe they just didn't sell them here, but considering I had KND toys that seems weird.

Have the game on Wii U but also want the physical 3DS release. Yes or no?

Also, Shovel Knight amiibo. Yes or no?


Too tedious and hard for today's gamers

>Shovel Kart
>Implying I'll be doing anything until GRIP/Sonic All-Stars Racing: Transformed / MK8 gets kicked out of the "best kartan" seat.
>Or you know, Outrun 2006 or something

>Solstice is too difficult for me holy shit I'm retarded but what a GOAT soundtrack

>Also, Shovel Knight amiibo. Yes or no?
You already have the game on Wii-U? Then absolutely. It's a whole new way to play the game.

It's also the only amiibo I bothered to purchase, since what it unlocks is substantial. Unlike most Nintendo-made ones.

I might buy a Link down the road, so I can unlock that Hyrule Warriors weapon though.

>Shovel Knight
>Plague of Shadows
>Specter of Torment
>King of Vanity?

>Not Decadent Dandy

You missed a pattern.

>DLC about Plague Knight: "Plague of "
>DLC about Specter Knight: "Specter of "

I mean if King Knight goes full retard and changes that, them I'm all for it.

>King of Decadence

Can't say the customizable knight interests me that much but I was never one for customizing characters. I'm more the type to take established characters and abilities and try my hardest to do weird shit with them. I totally recommend getting Link for the spinner, though. That weapon is stupid amounts of fun.

I want to fuck King Knight!

Custom Knight is more than the customizability though. He unlocks new abilities as he levels up too. Some belong to Plague Knight, some haven't existed in any other form that we've yet seen, which could be abilities for upcoming characters maybe.

Also unlocks coop mode, if you have someone to do that with.

Is the Amiibo all the Wii U version gets? If so that kinda sucks considering the other versions got theirs for free and the Amiibo is the cost of the game itself.

I want to kneel before him with my head bowed down and pledge my allegiance to him before kissing his ring as a sign of fealty!

It also has the inventory screen available at all times without pausing, so there's that.

Oh shit, I forgot about that. Okay, that does sound pretty good. Co-op isn't much of a sell for me since the majority of platforming games with multiplayer just make stages more of a chore to complete. I wish more games could be like Tropical Freeze or Battleblock Theater.

I think I heard them say they offered to put Nintendo characters in, like the Kratos and Battletoads cameos, but Nintendo shot them down. Would not surprise me. Would have been nice.

Still kinda weak that we don't get a Nintendo themed level.

Didn't the 3ds version also have that?

Preaching to the choir.

That sounds like Ninty enough to be true. Real shame, a boss fight against Kirby or someone would've been cool.

Well, yeah. But having the same bonuses across Nintendo platforms means the same people are getting your money anyways.

This sounds so plausible that it ould equally be false. Nintendo.

That does not surprise me in the least. Remember when they turned down Kirby for the Nintendo rep in Racing Transformed?

I don't believe Yacht Club would pass up the opportunity to put a Nintendo mascot in their game. And they almost certainly offered after Kratos and Battletoads got made. You're right to take it with a grain of salt, but this course of events almost certainly came up whether they told anyone or not.

thanks for the thoughtful response

T'weren't nuthin. It's good to see people skeptical now and then. Too much gets said around here that people just take for the facts.

I'm still pissed Sony made them use Kratos as who they could use for the Sony-exclusive boss fight

They wanted Sir Dan

Sony has terrible taste in their own characters.

>In all of this, Microsoft of all companies was the most chill in working with Yacht Club Games.


Now all they need to do is finally start making Battletoads games themselves.

That whole Battletoads stage was so fucking amazing

That would be Samurai Jack, any other answer is fucking wrong.

Megas XLR

Patrician choice, but it still doesn't quite beat jack.

The amiibo didn't add anything. It unlocks files that are already downloaded and you paid for when you bought the game. Amiibos are cancer.

They put that content in the game via an update when they released their amiibo. It wasn't in the game when it first launched and it actually does add a substantial amount of content for Shovel Knight.

I get how people can want Plague Knight and Specter Knight, but why did anyone vote King Knight? Pretty much all the other knights were way more interesting.

Keep in mind this was based on designs only when the KS vote happened, and people had early exposure to King Knight since he got the prototype demo stage. The odds were slightly tipped in his favor.

no fuck off. Stop shilling your shitty discord.

>if moot wasn't a wanker this post would've been quints
But really, everything will be daijobou.

Huh. Really wish I had paid more attention to the KS back in the day. I could've backed and gotten some cool shit.

>implying I want to be around you fucks when I'll be free


Are you me?

>tfw I never kickstarted shovel knight
>but I bought it later
>and then bought it again for a friend
Going back, I still wouldn't have kickstarted it, but goddamn is that game fantastic, and every penny I sank into it paid itself off tenfold.

Plague knight, especially, drove me to go unlockable hunting just to play around with him more.

human speech.

>if you do nothing, you get the win

>Shovel Knight is released
Played Shovel Knight's campaign. Loved it.

>The Plague Knight update is released
Re-played Shovel Knight's campaign, then played Plague Knight's campaign. Loved it.

Who else here will re-play both Shovel Knight's campaign and Plague Knight's campaign at the release of the next update before starting the new campaign?
I am looking forward to it.

I like the idea of King Knight because he's a total dick and I want to see his story and personality play out. i think they'll get really creative with his playstyle too.

>yfw Specter Knight's campaign ends with him finally letting go of the trauma of losing his lover or whatever and his obsession with staying alive through his dark powers, allowing himself to move on to the next life. Possibly with the Tower of Fate crumbling down around him
>yfw The End screen is him and his love reunited

Yes. Yes I am.

I just pirated this on both 2DS and PC, am I gonna want it as a fullscreen PC game? The art and all looks really nice, or will it still be just as good on the tiny 2DS?

It actually makes a lot of sense since Polar Knight and Shield Knight both have a beauty mark around the same place on their face.

You got me.


he's a straight up villain who blows up homes and villages as necessary, but he doesn't go out of his way to kill people and only does shit to accomplish his own, self-contained ends. he has no need to conquer the world in order to do potion shit, so he doesn't. He has to fight his allies to steal their essence, so he does. he wants to woo his waifu....and takes the most roundabout way to do it.

>he wants to woo his waifu....and takes the most roundabout way to do it.

Yeah, he's got serious self-esteem issues. It's kind of highlighted throughout the game where pretty much every knight he fights takes time to belittle him.


With a lot of struggling?

I dunno, I've only fucked short girls

yeah, I know. Plague knight is great, I'm just describing his alignment.

>pretty much every knight he fights takes time to belittle him
>most of them he just brushes off
>except for
>Specter Knight: "So, reaper meets reaper. But you are no kindred spirit. What have you come to harvest, foolish alchemist?"
>Plague Knight: "Hahaha! If only you could see me yawning under this mask! Ooooooh, spooky ghost! Whee hee haa haaaa!"
>Specter Knight: "Hss.... A mask indeed. As befits a hollow, blustering fool. You hide only from yourself!"
>Plague Knight: " ... "

The edgelord cuts deep.

I need it.

>Nintendo is highly protective of all their brands
>Only Disney, the conquerer, has been able to sway them
>Oh, and SEGA every other year for their shitty sports games with Sonic

Just saying, if I own the console, the game, and 2 controllers, how the fuck does a plastic toy come into the mix. How is that anything other than money grubbing. It's bullshit.

Literally the exact same way. You know you don't stand up while having sex, right?

Which fight is superior, Kratos or Battletoads?

Bought it last month, love it but I wish there was more shovel knight merchandise

Of course it does.
He'd need to get a boy to keep it.

>tfw you need the amiibo in order to play co-op

It is very weird for a company that gives away DLCs for free to make such a move as locking a basic game feature behind a toy.

Nintendo funded the development of Co-op mode in exchange for having it exclusive and as an amiibo feature

Could someone not very good at platformers still enjoy Shovel Knight? I've always wanted to give it a try since it's praised so highly.

now kiss
unless you're a faggot or something

You'll have a bit of a job trying to beat it. It's not the hardest game out there but the platforming gets tricky as balls later with destructible platforms, sinking rainbow spewing platforms you have to activate, and a lot of bouncing off enemies and hazards.

It's not a very hard game. It may be styled after Megaman gameplay-wise but it doesn't come close to that same difficulty. I'd say give it a try.

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Good ol' Setz