Just end the franchise already

Just end the franchise already.

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gohan calvo when

Wish granted

Fite me.

toei are pimping DB worst than what Disney are doing with Marvel.

>we actually got Goku Blanco

Toei made pic related.
The fully white haired one was Toriyama's idea.

>esto es el fin, Jiren
>it's fucking real

I swear they read that mexican shit and simply copy it becuase they're too bloody devoid of own ideas.

The white haired one is fully mastered Ultra Instinct, the one in the your picture is half mastered.

Toriyama only came up with the fully white haired one.

Or maybe "this is the end" is just an incredibly generic sentence that's used in a fuckload of movies and shows, which is why that sentence became a meme associated to this.

Why do people act like this is meme magic when Toriyama already said he wanted to use white hair?
Yeah, crazy Mexicans predicted Goku would fight the antagonist, how did the madmen know?

Toriyama is a hack

the meme became real with the wrong character

And they made up that half-mastered version themselves. Toriyama only intended UI to have the white-haired version. It's just Toei doing whatever the fuck they want, as usual.


Mastery is mastery, you can't say it's only half.


>Anyone that isn't Vegeta, Goku or the current big bad
>Getting a powerup

Saiyan form with fabulous gradient rainbow hair when?

You told him, user. DB doesn't have a track record of this shit.

Do you have anything to back that up? For all we know UI Omen could show up in the manga too.

could be real


Toriyama is a fucking hack.

Maybe in 2020 when a new series starts.

Yes you can.

3~4 years after Toriyama says he wants to do one, so people forget he ever said it and attribute them making the form to them ripping off all the fanart that spawned from him saying he wants to do it.

Well, SSJ "Broly" Yamcha, a mastery is actually composed of 3 parts.
When you first master the technique, then you HOLD the technique and in the end you really master it.

DB will never be good wholesome action shonen people want it to be. It will always be the platform for simple powers transformations and fights being all about who can launch the bigger energy beam that can supposedly disintegrate solar system but is someone restricted into being solely distributed into the supposedly supreme shock-absorber of a target.
You come up with a new villain who can block the entire cast with his pinky, have them go to training for 2 years in supernatural environments, activate a new power form for Goku and Vegeta and go back and kick the villains shit in before he activates his special transformation, jobs Vegeta and has a final show down with Goku.

Then you have the fans sit around speculate different power combinations and jerk off to the idea of old villains coming back with new plausible transformations.
This is DB, a power level opiate where fights are just scream blasts energy that are allegories for will power with no tech, planning or intelligence.

>he didn't accumulate speed for 12 seconds in the hyperbolic time chamber

It very well could since the manga and anime borrow shit from each other constantly, like how Goku started using SSG all the sudden after he did so in the manga, but there is no design sheet for UI Omen at all, only the actual version.

nd who fucked up our prince?

Base Ultra Instinct was perfect.

His subtle and silent activation of it against Jiren in the most recent episode was a fantastic moment.

I can't believe they ruined it by making him Goku Blanco.

Who hasn't?

>end it
>when the memes are becoming real
But the good part starts now

what's the next color?

That's Bardock tho

>Nazo was Migatte no Gokui Sonic all along

Isnt that gif Bardock though?

Being a Vegetafag is suffering

>DB will never be good wholesome action shonen people want it to be
Except it has been for almost 30 years now.

I still can't believe goku blanco is real. Has there ever been a case of meme magic this big?

la forma blanco..........

>Super Sayan God LGBT+

Cred Forums memed Trump into the white house
Cred Forums reenacted the opening of TDKR.

orange, should be happening just about next episode judging from the pace at which they're revealing them now

last episode will reveal 6 new forms

You retard

Can someone explain these memes to me? Why are we making up all these spanish fake names for DBZ characters?

Of course it's real; Toriyama said it would be after Resurrection F. The only thing stopping him was his idea for Zamasu, so as soon as he was out of the way, it was only a matter of time.

>Super is actually worse than GT

I want off this timeline.

That ended with the cell arc.

Thing is the memes just became real

Do you remember Vegeta's and Nappa's color change or Super Buu's eyes and mouth color change?

>Super is so shit that it's already ending

Except it didn't.
inb4 >b-but I didn't like it

I take it that you haven't seen the webm yet, where the reveal is extremely identical to the fanmade spic animation. It was way too similar to be taken as coincidence

Mexican fandom of DB is the absolute worst one. They also love Gohan to an insane amount for some reason.
Leading into the ToP, Gohan had a moment where he said he's aiming for a new form that nobody has seen. The entirety of Mexico interpreted this as a confirmation that he'll get Super Saiyan White.

>you really master it

He wasn't there when people where so starved for new DB, that AF became a thing.

No it's not

Is there a single vidya character that could defeat him?

But are they the ones who made up all this fanfiction this whole time? Also it seems they are actually making this stuff canon now?

>They also love Gohan to an insane amount for some reason.
The mark of a false flagger, that meme started in Cred Forums, insecure faggots using Mexico as a scape goat for everything they did not like in the franchise.

Gohan has been seen as joke ever after Buu in Mexico, it's the gringos who love Gohan and even think he ever had a chance to be the MC. Goku is god around here.

>It was way too similar to be taken as coincidence
Because the clips in the webm were specifically cut and rearranged to mirror each other. It's not coincidence, but it's also not proof of anything other than the extreme levels of autism at work in the Cred Forums threads.

A good chunk of them were just people fucking around, but if you see one that comes across as unironic, you can bet it was a spic.

Galactic annihilator Flim-Flam after consuming the life force of Scrappy.

Every Mexican I have ever met liked either Gohan or Vegeta the most, no exceptions.

aren't they just taking a break

I hope the next Dragon Ball series follows the fucking manga this time.

Jiren is an unlikeable asshole with a generic backstory that makes him participating in the tournament hypocritical as all fuck.

>austists meme'd gohan blanco
>goku blanco happens

Remember when Goku wanted to pass the torch to the new generation
Remember when Vegeta got over his obsession to surpass Goku and decided to be a family man
Remember when DB had actual villains
Remember when characters used techniques and not just different colored beams or gimmicks
Remember when the Z fighters actually had gains
Remember when Videl had a personality
Remember when the characters actually looked their age and not like teenagers
Remember Goten
Remember Launch

I member

Why is this news for anyone? Toriyama stated right after Golden Freeza, that he intended to make SSGSS white, but blue was a better contrast to Freeza's golden skin. Then he said he'd come up with a new purpose for the white color, which, I guess, was meant to be Goku Black but then they kept changing their plans until now.

Their fanboyism is hilarious then.

You're alone on this on buddy has a point. The action is good, but I feel the choreography for the fights dropped after cell. DBS doesn't compare to the fights in DBZ

>I've been living a lie

Sure you can. Someone with a blue belt in karate would be semi mastered in the discipline. The black belt would be full mastery.

'pebble in shoe' Ed Black

What the fuck went wrong bros?

You mean the fanmade spic animation that ripped and altered scenes directly from DBZ? That animation?

>Remember when Videl had a personality
Jesus, this. She's not even Videl anymore

Chicanos do not count, we grew up along with Goku, from DB to GT and now Super.

It's muricans who love Gohan because they started with DBZ and got the idea Goku was just the father of the MC

>Cred Forums memed Trump into the white house
People actually believe this ? He won because people hated hillary too much. It the exact same reason why TRUEDAU of all people won

You were born autistic.

>Dragon Ball anime was incredibly cheap to localize so most countries including many third world countries had a dub.
>Mexicans absolutely loved DBZ and their fixation of powerlevels caused the Cred Forums-meme where people who fantasize about things like Super Sayian God Cell are called Pedro.
>Mexican anime community is decades behind the western community and certain immature or so called "gaia online" behavior is apparent with most of their forums
>Things like DBZ forums and fan sites being plastered with OC characters and transformations the site creators think were worth showing off to people; where a respect for the canon is tarnished with a powerful urge to spout fan fiction and fan art.
>A result of this culture is Mexicans fans love to "leak" fake shit pretending it's real and there are multiple youtube videos of people posting blatantly fake shit like El Hermano (Jiren's "leaked" Brother)
>Cred Forums thinks the culture is hilarious and starts to make fun of Mexican fan theories such as Grand Priest being the final Villain or Gohan Blanco
>They throw in random characters like Shaggy based on all those "cross over" memes to distort and mock the fan theories of Mexicans

Also, the fixation on Gohan Blanco is because Mexicans really love Gohan. It is true that in the Cell Saga Toriyama was considering having Gohan take in reigns of Goku as the main character but this was quickly decided against. For some reason Mexicans never got over it and are really into the idea that this will still happen. I'm not exactly sure if it's a cultural thing like the son surpassing the father or what. Either way, they all really believed Gohan would enter a white haired sayian form to surpass Goku.

DLC char soon:
>el Grande padre
>gohan calvo
>shaggy verde

The choreography always goes to shit when you have to add crap to extend episodes to wait for a new chapter.

just bought xenoverse 2 in the steam sale after enjoying dbfz since launch but wanting more

did i fuck up?

Gohan vs Super Buu, except Jiren is in place of Buu. Bravo Mexicans

challenge accepted

>remember launch
>remember when videl had a personality

It's like some crazy muslim says they are gonna bomb the USA, and then people start memeing and then he actually bombs it and then LOLS MEME MAGIC IS REAL XD

>Based Maijin Buu does nothing
>Based Gotenks does nothing
>Based Piccolo loses to A FUCKING BUG
>All Chadhan did was sacrifice himself to knock off the number three
Atleast Vegeta killed the Lorax.

You're dumb and you know it. DBZ fell into a rut after Frieza. There are elements of old Dragonball still in the show, but it is limited. Buu being able to turn people into snacks, Gotenks and his ghost power, etc.

But Super is constant pallet swaps and "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!" shit.

I'm just sad they didn't save UI until right now. Revealing it early (and using it AGAIN on some fucking mook instead of the big bad), totally takes the climax out of it. Which is sad, because the first intro of UI was kino.

>just bought xenoverse 2 in the steam sale after enjoying dbfz since launch but wanting more
>did i fuck up?
Why ? It's like giving up a free buffet for an 100 $ big mac.

Toriyama is a hacking fuck.

If you wanted it for another fighting game, you fucked up big.
If you just want more Dragon Ball, you're in good hands. Just don't expect deep gameplay.

To be fair every single capeshit movie makes me cry after seeing TDK. Well except for Man of steel

Espera meramente un pinche segundito mi compa, es esto una pinche verga boba madre referencia al JOJO!!!!?

>DBZ fell into a rut after Frieza
Every time I see some shit like "DB should have ended at X" or "DB went to shit with X" it just lets me know that person is a huge retard.

remember when this series was about a kid with a monkey tail going on an adventure

>some fucking mook instead of the big bad),
Do these look like mooks to you user ?

>mooks with tits
golly gee

>Coming back to the franchise after leaving it as a pre teen and reading about Dragon Ball Heroes.

I thought this was the new canon and I was incredibly confused.

I want to touch those monkey tits.

so he has officially surpassed beerus
i think they said that he hasnt mastered it

Every time I see someone deny that DBZ had a qualitative shift after Frieza, I know they're full of shit.

Every arc since frieza has been absolute dog shit
When every fight turns into muh speed lines cuz they 2 fast it's time to end the show. The fags who say The fights are well animated need to neck themselves. Every fight is recycled animations sped up super fast so you can't see. The dialogue in the show is so piss poor. "Goku has recovered some of his stamina, oh no he didn't recover enough stamina" what is this, a shitty video game localization of a tutorial

they're certainly not worthy on the most powerful from we know so far

>Be human scientist
>Artificially enhance humans
>Call them Androids
>Androids are significantly more powerful than the guy who was leagues above the guy who was so powerful he ruled as the emperor of the galaxy
>Androids become outclassed by other villain, then significantly more outclassed by villain's new form
>New villain is introduced after him, is even stronger and is literally a god slayer
>Hero who defeated said villain achieves godly powers and becomes extremely more powerful, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse
>Male Android can contend with him because he trained on a remote island for about 10 years
Was this ever explained in DBFZ or Super?

Toriyama pls

>Red, white, blue, pink recolors
I remember when these things looked different.

I just don't like the circumstances where UI is brought up. Like it's some sort of last second clutch.
Oh no Goku has no energy! But he has enough energy to use a form that far surpasses his previous forms despite not having enough energy to sustain said previous forms.
Also to be fair, that mook fucked up Goku without even reaching her top strength.

No. Because the shows shit and toriyama is a FUCKING HACK

Rev up for that eventual Death Battle part 3
and for Gokufags to all commit sudoku when Superman wins again.

perfect is perfect you can say it's only semi or super.

Then go ahead and explain how it does, retard.

Are you implying you liked Man of shit?

>the new canon
Only in a better timeline. Unfortunately we're stuck with Super.

>11 chapters left of ToP in the manga

>Goku with white hair transformation was only a thing when this meme was a thing on /dbs/!



They were mad when saitama won too. Dbz fags don't get the word unlimited

Xenoverse just started though

I hate Goku

Toriyama has always been a shit writer. But of course it was a different time back then. What hilarious is when people get furious over DBS. This is literally what went down in the previous series as well

God i hope not. I'm hoping they got the message across that Superman is quite literally "i win":the character.

Are you a retard?

Goku is a terrible character that actively ruins the franchise. He should have stayed dead after Cell.

And is going down the same path as Budokai and Tenkaichi. We'll get a third game that is undeniably the best so far and a true joy to play, and then they'll cancel the series right after it and start over with a different developer again.

>we could've had this and kamen rider super saiyans.
what the fuck happened?

Goku losing to Saitama is fucking bullshit though

Saiyama can't destroy earth, so his power level must be below 18,000 (the power of vegeta when he arrived on earth. Vegeta was powerful enough to destroy earth back then)

Goku's power level is said to be beyond omnipotence

>bunch of subjective crap
>half of it isn't even true
Wow. What a compelling argument. I'm so btfo I can't even sit down. Someone call me an ambulance.

DBS has taken everything bad about DBZ and multiplied it by 10.

>Super Saiyan 1 through 3 were all blonde hair but had distinct hair styles
>Super Saiyan God was just Base Goku hair, and Super Saiyan God Blue is just Super Saiyan 1 hair but blue
Somehow only Ultra Instinct, and Future Trunks' Super Saiyan Rage, actually have varied the hair up at all during all of Super so far. And even then, SSR was minor in appearance difference, and now Ultra Instinct is just getting its own recolor.


>Saiyama can't destroy earth
what the fuck made you think that?

>Kamen Rider
More like Super Sentai.

shut up Dr. Gero and go bang your smokin hot wife

Same thing happened to Chi Chi once she got married, Toriyama clearly has some issues with his wife.

>Superman is quite literally "i win":the character.
t. someone who doesn't know crap about superman

Please tell me this isn't the final model

Park ranger

Saitama is a gag character that has unlimited power. He can't be defeated.

Theyre releasing a movie and then continying it i think.

People who hate it don't understand the purpose of the movie imo.

This white haired ultra instinct is such an ass pull. Jirens onslaught somehow has had absolutely no effect on Goku. What a bunch of shit

>implying the universes won't be wished back with an arc in 6 and 11

Never thought that I would see Dragon Ball die in my life time

>Goku losing to Saitama is fucking bullshit though

It isn't though. Saitama is a parody character made to satirise fighters like Dragon Ball. Saitama has unlimited power because that's the fucking point of his character.

Nobody has seen how strong saitama REALLY is. He broke his limiter, meaning he has NO limits. Considering he punched through an extinction event meteor, I think he's plenty strong

At least Chichi being that way can be used as a plot device. Turning Videl into that is just cruel.


That's the one.

I like Gohan

Goku is a boring character who sounds like a fag

>Why is this news for anyone?

Because the Dragon Ball fanbase is extremely retarded and impressionable willingly will believe hearsay and lies over actual valid sources. On top of this, the fanbase sits at an odd spot of many Western fans not liking anime in general and have their own twisted version of what Dragon Ball is suppose to be in their eyes. To some, it's the greatest American action cartoon ever created with totally radical tubular synth-rock and that the original DB is just an "optional comedic prequel"

I'm going to bang his super hot android that looks like his wife.

because toei likes to suck 17's dick

in the manga he's below SS3

Did you not watch GT?

Supers had a lot of shit but also some real fucking gems.

GT on the other hand had absolutely nothing but garbage except for SSJ4's design

A 'serious punch' against a being that could destroy the planet not only countered their planet-buster, but shattered the stratosphere across the entire planet where said planet busting attack only did a minor little trickle in comparison.

That was one attack while still holding back. Saitama is quite literally the unstoppable, overpowered character that is as powerful as he needs to be for the sake of humor.

Its shit though. The characters, plot, writing, etc. are all shit. MoS is overrated for how bad it is.


How much better is the manga compared to the anime?

They're fucking blurs whenever they fight. They literally draw it like he's throwing 2 million punches in 2 seconds by using lines to convey how fast he is. Fuck you blind super fag

best fucking timeline

>original DB is optional

100x better

Not at all

keep crying.

What's there to come back to? Goku is either going to tie or beat down Area 51's OC with a legendary form that not even the gods can tap into, ending a fight that has Goku as the strongest in the multiverse that's setup with a non-combatant ultimate god duo that have Toriyama editor levels of reality bending.

Seeing as Super retreads the last two movies, this means Super has introduced about five new forms for Goku, and there isn't any credible threats at this point. This is like the Goku x Superman debate finally tapped out since we've hit the ceiling for what they can feasibly throw at Goku outside of the four universes that were stronger than the ones in the Tournament of Power. Even then, Goku's still obtained this ultimate fighting stance power that even the gods can't perfect, and now he's getting a new form to showcase his mastery of it, which is a form that makes him have auto-doge & block along with devestating raw power.

Want to know how they can work around this? By having GT's ass pull of Kid Goku happen and saying his body can't handle the strain, suddenly opening up a ton of possible mooks as a threat again. They've memed Goku out of his own genre due to how it's impossible to have a good shonen romp without satisfying action.

Say what you can on shonen's but what makes them popular imo are the unique abilities and skills the characters have. Combined with intense fights. DBS has none of that(UI is literally sage mode). But it shows how far nostalgia can carry something

if you actually think this you must be the biggest retard in this thread

No joke i actually would have enjoyed gohan blanco. Something different besides goku saving the world again

>Now, the franchise went too far
It died after freeza

These fucking nips should be ashamed. What a joke

I don't understand how Gero being a human really affects that. Frieza and his family were genetic freaks born with the power to collapse planets with no training. Most life in the galaxy just didn't have the power level to stop him and submitted to his rule, with the only race that had the potential being Sayians.

Gero was a genius of robotics and also biology and was obsessed with trying to enact revenge on an actual god tier Sayian. Under most circumstances you wouldn't be able to study a Sayian like Gero was able too especially the one Sayian to rediscover the power of a Super Sayian.

Gero was able to make the androids that powerful because he had all the time in the world to analyze one of the most powerful fighters in the galaxy and learn how they tick.
It's like how the Tuffles, who were also technological geniuses managed to do a similiar thing with Baby in GT canon. It was all circumstance of being able to study and seemingly reverse engineer Sayians.


Isn't the white haired one supposed to show up in the next episode? Looked like it in the preview.

>Frieza is born with a power level below an unmastered super Saiyan
>Trains for 4 months and becomes SSB tier

>Android 17 is created with a power level greater than an unmastered super saiyan and literally has unlimited energy
>trains for ten years and becomes SSB tier

Why are people mad about one but not the other

Kys puto

>incredibly generic line
people this fucking braindead actually exist

>the punches are better animated in the mexican version

Goku couldn't beat Saitama for the same reason he couldn't beat Arale. Now Beerus on the other hand might be able to, since it's at least implied he bypasses that rule, possibly because he's a bit of a gag character himself.

android 21 belongs to cell

This has happened a grand total of 4 times. 2 of which is 17 against the wolf furry and the other 2 being parts of UI Goku vs Jiren segments. I can't refute the repeated animation part since that has been a problem in DB animations for a long ass time.

Fuck off pleb.

Don't say that

power levels aren't as exaggerated as the anime (eg: hit being below SSG instead of being SSBKKx10-tier) and goku is smarter (eg: attacking zamasu and black as soon as he realizes they intend to fuse, rather than letting them fuse because fighting is fun)

>jiren actually helps his team instead of standing still

Too much memes. Autists ruin a good thing again.

Why is Toei so fucking incompetent?

Cell is a gay lmao

No, that would be you for thinking the trash that is DBS isn't just a worse DBZ on an even dumber scale
>We need a new form for Goku, what do we do?
>Give him blue hair and call him god

>What's there to come back to?
The angels

saitama is raditz tier

Is that Mexican speak?

ChiChi didn't change much imo. What even was her character in DB ?

Manga Jiren seems like a lot more of an affable team player without all the "strength is power" arrogance. The moment the anime revealed he's just a jerkass that doesn't care for the lives of others anymore and is solely focused on strength, he dropped right into being a generic villain.

once people started putting Rolf and more than one shaggy it started to become pretty shit

>Remember Launch
Toriyama didn't.

>Dragonball didn't end with Z

ummm what

So is Arale, considering her appearance way back in Dragon Ball.

it ends in march, actually

Let's not forget how the people who claim how "person x looks like person y" don't really 'get' that most of Toriyama's characters have many strike similiarties and always have. People who say that Hit looks like Cell facially forget that Cashman debuted a year and a half prior to Cell and has the same facial painting as he does. This goes back to the late 70's with Toriyama's artwork.

Angels are neutral, not evil. That angel was happy because his shithole of a universe got deleted.

>actually cares about other people and isn't an asshole
I'm already liking Jiren a lot more in the manga and he's only been in 2 chapters so far.

Champa probably trained Frieza in that time period, but Android 17 had no one to train with


So he's around his sister's strength but stronger? Like I said earlier, next anime better follow the fucking manga.

Crazy, overzealous, obsessive type, especially over men. She was nowhere near as strict. She never studied herself, she spent most of her time running around half naked fighting or something.

Both have their share of issues, but while the anime got worse and worse too just unforgivable levels, the manga has found a good steady pace and while it still has its share of issues, it's more around the same quality of the Buu saga

Chi Chi went from a shy but well-meaning girl with man problems, to being entirely willing to fight Goku head on to prove her love for him without being a yandere bitch about it or anything like that, to nagging momma that bitches about how Goku doesn't have a job and Gohan needs to study.

It got Gohan a good life, but not much else.

>he dropped right into being a generic villain.

He's not a villain as much as he's the arrogant bitter rival. Much like Tenshinhan was.

>Goku and Vegeta agree to avoid using SSB to save energy for the strongest opponents
>Next episode they go SSB and use their most powerful attack, the final kamehameha to defeat enemies they were dominating as regular super saiyan


>Nink grabs Goku and Goku turns SSB to take him off
>Tupper grabs Goku and Goku never thinks of turning super saiyan

It seems like there's no communication between the writers


Absofuckinglutely. It's amazing how it's said in every fucking DBZ discussion ever and they act like it's their own original unique thought. It's entirely based on a myth too.

Frieza saga is arguably the worst. It dragged on the fucking most and the Goku vs Frieza fight is beyond overrated. It was way too fucking long. People always talk shit about the end of Cell taking 2 episodes but the "5 MINUTES" was literally 5 episodes. And Frieza was the most generic basic villain of Z. It's amazing to me how people complain about Z tropes when Frieza saga introduced a lot of them.

It just should have

>the anime got worse and worse
What? Pre-Black Super was purely awful and only started improving to mediocre levels since.

Goku Calvo Blanco is real.

Super is going to be declared non-canon, right? Essentially, an alternate-dimension spin-off?

that man didnt know what he had

Well, it did. Super is, right now, 4 years behind the last episode of Z

>Remember Launch
Don't care about that bitch. Dragon Ball fags are a pathetic bunch. Yes I remember Devilman, yes I remember General Blue, yes I remember Tao, yes I remember Android 8, yes I remember Nam. What the fuck makes them relevant now? Why do they need to come back? Hell maybe Goku should get King Chappa to help him in the next tournament. He'll surely be relevant in a competition with the strongest warriors in the multiverse. I don't see why he shouldn't compete too. Let's get farmer to come back while we're at it.

This. 17 has gotten so much fucking dicksucking that I won't be surprised when he pops up at the last minute to somehow save the day and help knock Jiren out.

enjoy your dose

no, bitch boy.

At least it gave us best girl.

Who the fuck takes death battle seriously anymore ? After seeing fucking Buu lose to kirby, Nastu beating Ace or ichigo losing to naruto ? It being entertainment is just an excuse. It's also pathetic how they act like they actually do actual research without a bias. I think i'm ending my subscription considering the channels content outside of battles are shitty watchmojo tier top ten lists. Only a 12 year old can enjoy screw attack's content

This. The form is foreshadowing that the next transformation is Calvo form.

>first Gohan Blancoposting
>then la creaturaposting
>now Goku Blancoposting
They are evolving.

Aren't they making a new movie?

he's been training and must be around SS2
Goku turned SS3 just so he didn't have to struggle against him. Goku never tried to attack 17 anyways, he was just blocking and dodging while he tried to convince 17 that he wasn't a poacher

Yes, prob near the end tho like normal

I'd feed Android 21 if you catch my drift.

The sooner you come to terms with it, the better. On the bright side, at least we might get another one or two FighterZ games before they try to reinvent that wheel too.

dont remind me
the start of z was so good and promising. life or death mattered. when did it become about colored hair and characters saying "im stronger now lol" just to get surpassed in a few episodes until they get a cooler hair color

That 3D render of some aspie's fan art will never NOT be funny.

Seriously, he's not funny. He's not clever. He has crappy motivations. He doesn't have interesting dynamics in his interactions with other characters.

He wins because the plot demands it. One of the reasons why people are so disappointed with how Super is ending is because it's so predictable. Android 17 and Vegeta's eliminations got to people because they were properly built up, character reinforced, motivations made clear, and the stakes for the character felt as high as you'd expect..

Goku is just some fuck who wants to fight and has never shown interest in anything (or anyone) beyond that.


>Vegeta looks liks Bardock
>Bardock looks like Goku
>Fighterz will soon have 9 Gokus

Unfortunately, that's probably how it will go. I hate when they do this shit. I want to see him from the very beginning. Oh well, at least Ultra Instinct is going to appear for a significant amount of time.

Saitama should be excluded from fights just like characters like bugs and popeye. I think they call it toon force as the reason why they always win ?

You can literally mod an Ultra Instinct Goku or a playable Ultra Instinct transformation into XV2 and it's probably better than the garbage they'll actually release, official VA lines being added aside.

Goku black saga was longer than the Frieza saga you faggot. Frieza saga had the iconic powerup. Fuck you kid, new age db is shit compared to the golden years of sayain/frieza

Doesn't it all lead to Gohan resembling Grandpa Gohan and having to go back in time and raise Goku to be stronger so that in the future Gohan will be stronger?


>Goku vs Frieza fight is beyond overrated
It deserves its iconic status

God fucking dammit we've been over this already

>Bardock turns Super Saiyan in DBFZ.
fucking dropped and chaos dunked into the trash

>Goku uses the Super Dragon Balls and asks to fight stronger opponents
>wakes up as bab while logo pops up saying "Dragon Ball Kai"

How much of a shit show would that cause as far as possibly ending Super?

No it wasn’t you stupid spic

Yes, "Toon Force" "Cartoon Physics" is effectively reality warping where you're subject to all of their shit while the character themselves just comically laughs off all your shit.

Goku smashes Bugs into the ground? Bugs is a flattened pancake but rights himself and is essentially unharmed. Bugs drops a planet on Goku? Goku's dead.

>tfw you think db/z/s/gt is an absolutely incredible setting that is also the ultimate shounen example of wasted potential
IMO few settings, especially Shounen, are as well fleshed out as Dragonball, so it's a goddamn shame to see it all sidelined for transformations and beams.

He only does it for a super like Gohan and Goten do.

What does calvo mean in English?

>Frieza saga is arguably the worst



Odd dose, doc

But thanks, i had a need for it

If the Buu arc got rid of Goten and Goku it would have been a lot better.


Cred Forums created the memes that changed the course of history user.

It's not a matter of length, it's a matter of dragging. Large portions of the saga were fucking boring as hell.

>all the shitty parts are okay because when I was a kid a powerup was everything xD

Only because the hivemind says so. It has major issues.

>t. hiveminder

What a terrible thread. I bet you're all moeshit fags.

What's funny is that this isn't how it'll end.

Goku and Jiren will both knock each other out and Frieza will win because his fucking body is still on the stage. Frieza gets a wish.

Fucking everyone called this months ago.

But that is all in retrospect. Yeah everything dragged on forever, but for me as a kid I was impatient because I actually wanted to see the Frieza fight. Frieza was so unbelievably powerful, we had seen power before in the anime but Frieza was literally the emperor of an evil galactic empire that killed all of the saiyans. We find out the reason Goku is such an unbelievable badass is that he is an alien from a warrior race, and that warrior race was exterminated by this guy.

When Goku finally achieved SSJ and basically defeated Frieza with little effort, it kind of felt to me like he had peaked. Thats why even if the Frieza saga had annoying traits, I feel like it was the height of DBZ, because after that we had three more sagas with drawn out fights and power creep through "Goku training in crazy conditions" to fight some new threat that always required a repeat of the Frieza saga, some new SSJ transformation that ultimately would allow one of the saiyans to win.

>Universe 6 saiyans.
>Best anything.
They were the worst case of hamfisted story telling I've ever seen in anything. They should have stopped at Cabba.

Actually the 5 minutes was 19 episodes.

>yfw Vegeta Calvo becomes a thing instead since Goku Blanco is real


>mfw SSJ3 isn't used because it makes you slow
>mfw Ultra Instinct makes you 2fast
>mfw despite this, Ultra Instinct SSJ3 never ever

I totally fapped to her as a kid. Honestly i would have trade bulma for her almost istantly.

>Only because the hivemind says so
Do you know how things are decided in a community? Nothing is perfect retard, saying something has issues is a non-starter

>Remember when Goku wanted to pass the torch to the new generation
Was never really ever going to be a thing. The fans and editors control the mangaka and they wanted Goku. Be happy the side characters at least got a mention this time around.
>Remember when Vegeta got over his obsession to surpass Goku and decided to be a family man
He still has. It's more of a general, be the best rather than a simple be better than Goku.
>Remember when DB had actual villains
This ended with the Cell saga friendo. Androids were the last moderately good villan. Cell was shit, but still enjoyable.
>Remember when characters used techniques and not just different colored beams or gimmicks
I don't, when was this? Certainly not Dragonball, where every fight that mattered was just goku punching harder.
>Remember when the Z fighters actually had gains
Super's powerlevel shit is really annoing, agreed. How the fuck Roshi was in anyway usable in the tournament survival arc is fucking dumb.
>Remember when Videl had a personality
please don't remind me....it still hurts
>Remember when the characters actually looked their age and not like teenagers
nope, Goku and Vegeta has plot powers protecting their aging, bulma legit looks like an old hag in some scenes, and chi-chi is never on screen anyways.
>Remember Goten
And what would they do with them? The kids are so useless in actual combat since they've never experienced it they would have been completely worthless in this arc. Goten and kid Trunks just have no aptitude for combat. Gohan was the same way, but he had several seasons and quite a few veteran fighters to learn from so it at least makes sense when they pretend he has skill.
>Remember Launch
Tien does.....poor tien.

>toriyama talks about white haired transformation being put on hold
>Gohan's line about higher transformation
>spics and fans in general going crazy as usual with weird forms and Cred Forums following suite
>"This is the end"
>fucking generic teleport dodge gut punch choreography with spics most likely ripped from an earlier Z episode
I hate coincidences. My sides hurt.
Now why the fuck would UI be a transformation if it's just a technique?

Oh, absolutely. Goku and cynical attempt at DB Goku 2.0 were a big reason why the Buu arc was insufferable.

>not a tombstone

Goku has always had that spot without bangs, are you retarded?

>Saiyama can't destroy earth, so his power level must be below 18,000

This is why DB characters are banned from versus threads on Comicvine. The DB fanbase can never give good arguments for their characters that isn't contrived of 'm-muh power level fifty zillion' or bullshit headcanon.

>I never read a Superman comic and only saw a Bruce Timm cartoon of him

>Now why the fuck would UI be a transformation if it's just a technique?
Because last time they tried to sell new base-form Goku merch (Saiyan Beyond God), it flopped horribly. Gotta have a new hair shape/colour if you want to sell.

In my opinion it depends on how you look at it. Is it a masterpiece and something on the level of TDK ? No way, but as a capeshit movie and a live adaptation of a fictional comic character it does the job well. Of course metropolis would be destroyed and of course Zod had to die. Superman isn't perfect like he was in the comics, heck he isn't even superman yet !

Its so painfully obvious that you didnt read the manga.
Complaining about the 5 minutes shows it.
Is Cell saga your favorite? just asking.

need a new one, bleach and naruto aint even relevant anymore.

Nope, Kefla was best girl.

>caring about Tiny Toons version of DBZ

Fuck off

>mfw SSJ3 isn't used because it makes you slow
More like they can't be bothered to animate it

>Literally Goku Blanco completado

>last episode of DBS hits
>it is only voiced in Spanish

Here's a question.

What happened to all the blood? I've been rewatching old DBZ episodes and holy hell it can get violent.

Meanwhile Super is meant to be pushing it so far beyond the boundary of Z's power that it's a speck in comparison but all we get is a bit of clothing damage and anime black lines to show scuffs.

Super Saiyan White would have been cool if we didn't have fucking Red, Blue & Pink already

Basic Ultra Instinct already looked so good

this show looks like shit


Inconsistent bullshit. UI is not a Saiyan only technique yet somehow a technique anyone can attain (but mainly gods) gives him a SS transformation.

The Cell saga dragged on way too fucking long. Nothing compares to that arc's length.

>adult Goku doesn't have that spot
You retard.

>SSJ3 isn't used because it makes you slow
Nigga, SS3 isn't used because it uses energy like a V1 Hummer guzzles gas. It isn't slow at all.


>Bardock turns Super Saiyan in DBFZ.
you realized that already happened in a movie right?

He's the original "Legendary Super Saiyan" that freeza was taught to fear.

Although then you'd have to find a reason as to why Gohan would even be involved in the arc. I guess you could have Vegeta kind of act like a mentor because he was sick of seeing the son of his rival be so weak.

>but for me as a kid
All you needed to say. And anyway you could have said the same thing about King Piccolo as a villain.

>Do you know how things are decided in a community?
By reddit apparently, redditard.

>muh manga
We're talking about the show. That is entirely separate. It doesn't change the fact that Frieza is generic.

"Original" is a stretch now woth the new movie coming put

Sure, if you've got shit taste.

Lets go by the facts
>Superman is stronger than Goku in every concievable field
>Kirby is more durable and has a lot more technique and experience than Buu, which ultimately outmatch brute strenght/KI

Natsu vs Ace is a complete Stallmate, there should have been no winner, lightning would stale or have no effect on a logia

Ichigo would have won simply by the fact that he is a shinigami

Its not bias, they lack of proper researchers and ultimately base themselves around vsBattleWiki polls

>What happened to all the blood?
They cut it out so that it doesn't get censored around the world like Z did.

I don't see it.

that's wrong
plus that movie isn't canon

>Frieza gets his wish
>Zeno decides to simply veto it and erases Frieza because
I can see that happening, given how much of a hateboner Toei seems to have for Frieza.

>We're talking about the show. That is entirely separate
>entirely separate

Thank God she's dead. Too bad Keflafags are still alive though.

It doesn't matter


All the DBZ movies and spin off specials aren't canon though. Right?

but seriously though, what kind of writing do you really expect from dragon ball?

Super is aimed at children, and as such changes were made.

What would legendary pussy feel like?

Wait, isn't the new movie about the mystery of the first SSG?

>Inb4 somehow it's still Bardock.

Are you blind?

Pretty much
I guess rating boards and timeslots fucked things up
>Used to get a 6 year old kid have his neck kicked in, lying in a pile of his own blood, severed limbs, etc
>now we barely get bruised lips or deep cuts, the most brutal shit was grape flavoured kai or a black eye
Kai had to censor baby Goku's junk anyway.

but, they are going to soon

on hiatus, to get a replacement for bulma

>that's wrong
not according to the movie
>that movie isn't canon
none of the movies are.

right. the only ones that WERE canon were battle of gods and resurrection f. Now that the pos that is super exists, they're not canon anymore either.

kirby isn't more durable than fucking Buu and he doesn't have more techniques
the original bardock special is canon

Ask yourself what pussy feels like first buddy

Why is there no blood in Super? None of the punches and attacks in DBS have any weight to them anymore.

No one's getting sliced in half, getting Kakyoin'd, chopped to bits or exploding in this shit.

>Goku being raised by his own son
Jesus Christ

That would be hilarious if Bardock just kept getting pushed around time.

>Cred Forumseddit posts

They already got the replacement.
Super is out because of shit ratings and shit dvd/bd sales.

It's already been shown beings with enough power to rival the gods can shrug off destruction effects.

Beerus being the strongest GoD might still be able to get Frieza, but who knows. We have no idea the power gap between the gods, just the Beerus and Quitela were able to survive to the end of their battle royal.

There was no reason to ever go beyond that UI look already introduced. The real reason has already stated, though: marketing and merchandise.

It's the same reason why we went from the Green Lantern corps to a rainbow of colors to collect


>god usopp

they haven't replaced her yet?


> I've been rewatching old DBZ episodes and holy hell it can get violent.

DBZ was pretty tame in terms of violence compared to many anime out there at the time. If you're really seeking blood, there's vast amounts of of shows that do it better and have a better impact of it (no magic beans or wish orbs to undo damage ect).

That is not why that's the case. That's bullshit. The major reason is due to Japanese censorship changing over the past several decades primarily in the late 90's and early 2000's. On top of this, Fuji TV and many other channels no longer allow anime to be broadcasted in the afternoons anymore. Last anime to broadcast in the afternoon on Fuji TV was One Piece in 2002.

she does butt stuff only
she likes it to hurt a little

Zamasu got split in half by Trunks, if that's an consolation.

Pretty much this. Saitama's just more of a walking punchline for shit like youtube.com/watch?v=D-PnRiH7fPg

>All you needed to say. And anyway you could have said the same thing about King Piccolo as a villain.

I mean, I'd say that Dragonball is a more consistently quality series, but I'm just saying for DBZ the Frieza Saga ushered in its own reproduction in every subsequent arc. The only reason I differentiate it is because SSJ felt significant and new as a transformation. Every other variation of SSJ doesn't. The story made it sound like SSJ was some once in a hundred generations thing, and every saiyan in the show is reaching insane SSJ transformations. That is where the weird dissonance and power creep feels most pronounced.

>How the fuck Roshi was in anyway usable in the tournament survival arc is fucking dumb.
because he's been hiding his powerlevel since day one. he's actually the most powerful being in the entire multiverse, he just doesn't want to show off because he wants goku to believe he can surpass his master. goku is like a nephew to him, roshi doesn't have much family

think about all the training that characters do in dragon ball. all of the physical exercise. well, roshi has been masturbating every day of his entire life to porn mags and exercise videos. and just like in real life, the more you do it, the more you increase your resistance to that kind of pleasure. so every day he needs to tighten his grip further, and stroke more furiously, or else he can't climax. roshi has masturbated so much, he could punch a hole through the fabric of reality if he really felt like it

They've already got a replacement for Bulma. Technically, dragon ball as a show should have ended. It's taboo in Japan to continue something with a replacement voice actor after another has died.

Granted, Dragon Ball is probably big enough to survive something like that.

Okay and there's still hair there

Xenoverse picture in OP is literally just blank model


So is this implying El Grande Padre is some sort of out-of time version of Goten?

Just like kai is irrelevant. Yes. Unless you're specifically talking about them, but 99% of non-japanese originally consumed DBZ through the original run.

Jesus, that sucks. Japan is shit tier now.

>Remember when Goku wanted to pass the torch to the new generation

I'll give you this one.

>Remember when Vegeta got over his obsession to surpass Goku and decided to be a family man

You mean the most recent episode of Super?

>Remember when DB had actual villains

Black was a great villain and Jiren is an intentional subversion.

>Remember when characters used techniques and not just different colored beams or gimmicks

Super's been better at this than Z was. Although I'll agree that original was the best at it.

>Remember when the Z fighters actually had gains

It was established in Z that bigger doesn't equal better. Get over it, Broly fag.

>Remember when Videl had a personality

Yeah. Yeah I do. I miss her too.

>Remember when the characters actually looked their age and not like teenager
>Remember Goten
>Remember Launch


It's not.

>shit ratings
toei has a whole dragonball department now because of it

They have.

And present Zamasu got fucking atomized onscreen.

I can definitely see Frieza wishing for something that is clearly a fucking no-no and Zeno doing exactly that.

However, I disagree that Toei has a hateboner for Freiza. They know they've only created 1 villain with lasting appeal in all this time. After Frieza none of the others have really stuck.

Is this why Tien gets shat on now?

is this turd worth watching?
it has like 120 episodes I have no idea why so many people talk about it, is it actually good despite the shitty animation?

Forgot my image.

No, Tien gets shat on because he's Chinese.

kirby is literally indestructible, even by self destructing he suffers no damage, stop being retarded, Buu has no durability at all, he has plenty of regeneration and thats about it

Seriously, they made nearly $3B on Dragonball ALONE in 2017.

I thought when a voice actress dies the character had to die?

Would Buu go on a rampage if Satan died of old age?

Because it's censored.
And even then, Z was lame as fuck compared to what was coming, but then again, don't expect DB retards to watch anything but DB.

>is this turd worth watching?
>why so many people talk about it,
It's dragonball and the shit that's been pulled with this entry gets people talking

Goten Negro Blanco.

That started in the Saiyan Saga, and then Frieza put it into astronomical numbers. It scaled normally between villains once it was made a thing with power levels.

Oh yeah, that too. Despite there not being any blood, that was a very violent scene to watch. The guy was screaming in agony.

all might would destroy every character in DB


Unironically better than DBS right now

Something something time slot
Something something kids show
Something something yeah One Piece still has blood, but it's toned way down compared to the manga

Super strugles to get 5 points since zamasu arc.
Not to mention the goku vs jiren special got 3.5
Dont get me wrong. As a franchise DB its selling like hot cakes but the Super department doesnt do for them anymore.

>Super is out because of shit ratings and shit dvd/bd sales.
Super is out because it has already done it's job.
It has revitalized DB and is now Bamco's most profitable franchise, no need for DBS to go on.

This makes me so happy, I love 17 and his sister but found it stupid that his power boost was so significant in the anime, if he was really that strong he could have killed buu and saved everyone the trouble, fucking Toei can't do anything right.


this pic is so retarded

I don't know what to tell you man. At least the punches Jiren inflicted on Goku and Vegeta in episode 128 seemed to carry weight.

Fuck off with your reddit memes.

not always
it doesn't happen with anime based on manga, because the mangaka probably doesn't give a shit about the seiyuu and the anime team can't just completely ignore a manga character

roshi and satan's original seiyuus also died

And yet Frieza has been treated like absolute shit, to a point that he literally popped up for 15 seconds two episodes ago just to job again.

I don't think so. Buu expelled all of the evil inside of him. He still has a temper and is a manchild, but it's very clear that he isn't evil and will never become evil again.

>is this turd worth watching
Just Goku vs Hit, a decent amount of the Black arc and Master Roshi's episode in the ToP, that's it pretty much

Roshi's power level is directly proportional to how much porn he watches or women he hangs around without fapping or having sex.

He had just happened to be in a very long no fap period at the time of the tournament.

Its going on break because they're too far ahead of the manga and they're moving the staff over to the next movie project.

Whoever started this "shit got cancelled" meme is a great shitposter.

Yup, especially with how no nonsense 17 is. Someone that strong would've slaughtered Babidi, Buu utterly.

>DBZ was pretty tame in terms of violence compared to many anime out there at the time
Yeah it wasn't going to shit like HnK or the amount of Gory OVAs that made up the 80's/90's but really the difference is there when comparing Z and Super
Can we just go back to pumping out movies like the 90s

People need to stop spreading this shit. Super's ending because they're working on other Dragonball shit.
>After Frieza none of the others have really stuck.
All the shit Broly's gotten tends to contradict that.

Oh my god...

I just want them, once at least, to take two fighting game characters and use frame analysis instead of bullshit "lore."

Take Ryu of SFV and Jotaro Kujo of All Star Battle. Determine what a "frame" constitutes for both games, what sort of mechanics the games have, and such. Examine mechanics like V Trigger and Rumble Mode. Who has the better neutral game? Do either of them have any comboes/combo breaking?

I just want them to look at the pure mechanics instead of just the lore.

So are Goku and Chi Chi

Kirby isn't indestructible

retarded headcanon

Goku is the MC.
Nobody likes Chi Chi.

Cell is the worst arc, and precisely where all the shows negative traits came to fruition.

Buu arc was a relief, a resurgence of creativity and classic DB-style fights that the show desperately needed, not to mention much better choreography than anything in the Cell arc.

Majin Vegeta VS SSJ2 Goku
Mystic Gohan VS Super Buu
Vegito VS Buuhan
SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta VS Kid Buu

Those fights were all better choreographed than any Cell arc fight, all more creative than any Cell arc fight, and displayed a more interesting variety of characters and fighting techniques than any Cell arc fight.

Cell arc is the closest thing to the cancer we see in Super. Fights comprised of ATATATATATATA and beam struggles, pointless transformations from Trunks and Vegeta, a villain with no originality (except for First Form, First Form is dope) in his fighting style, and the most mediocre final showdown in the original series. If you think SSJ2 Gohan VS Cell is a good fight, you haven't watched it in the last year or two. Only the context surrounding the fight is interesting. The ONLY good fight in that arc is Piccolo VS 17, where both fighter's creativity is put on full display and melee fights actually look like fights instead of ATATATATATA


Hell, Goku Black arc of all things had better choreography than the Perfect Cell fights. Cell is only good for his top banter.

> It's taboo in Japan to continue something with a replacement voice actor after another has died.

You're full of fucking shit. You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about and it goes to show you don't watch much anime outside of DBZ. Please explain to me why Lupin The Third, Kitarō, Gundam 0079 revivals, Cyborg 009, Cutie Honey, Time Bokan and countless other shows are constantly revived with new series or specials that include new voice actors? On top of the fact that several old Dragon Ball actors have already died. The actors who played Tenshinhan, Korin and Mr. Satan both died as well. Ichirō Nagai who played Korin also plays a major character in Sazae-san, a cartoon that's been running in Japan since 1969. Do not spread outright lies like this.

the future looks good

>the Super department
The point of the anime is being advertisment for DB Heroes and Dokkan Battle, were pretty much all the profits from DB come from.
The anime itself and DVD sales can barely do shit compared to those two.

A waddle-dee can KO Kirby in any game it's featured in.
Hercule Satan can KO Buu in any game they both are featured in.

What will Dragon Ball do when they run out of different colours for the Super Saiyan forms?

I do

>Its going on break because they're too far ahead of the manga
They really need to make it weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly, but that's never going to happen with V-Jump editors infesting Dragon Ball Room.
It's fucking insane that even at it's slow pace the anime has outrun the manga to such an extent despite the manga being ahead of the anime before the current arc started.


Finally, someone else says it. Thank you. Cell saga had its moments, but it dragged on and went overboard with the super saiyan shit.

>Can we just go back to pumping out movies like the 90s
The movies are all garbage.
It's obvious no one working at DB can write plots that start and end in less than 1 hour, so it's all rushed to hell.

Do you have a source for this? This is the first I have heard.

what the fuck happened to toriko?

It started off strong, setting up arcs, setting up characters....and then "oh yeah our appetites are evil and acacia wants to eat everyone"

The fact that Toriyama didn't make any concept art for UI Omen, only for the full power version.
The only concept art for UI Omen is Yamamuro's.

Man, I really wish they didn't fuck up the anime, that really killed Toriko's chances overall
Manga ending was a wild ride at least


not meme magic, people have been drawing white hair saiyans since before GT. all it took was some super cheesy half-assed assembly line anime portrayal of DB to make it happen.

Being defeated doesnt mean he isnt indestructible, nothing has ever come close to killing the pinkball, and he already fought a few dimensional fellas and eldrich demons
Furthermore both his description and the Soul OS machine say this

Sounds like Frieza to go on a full on chimp out the moment he starts losing then proceeds to get bodied

Oozaru>Super Saiyan shit

>Jiren is an intentional subversion
you can't be serious

So we're going to have to see blanco instinct be reused 3 times in a row?
So they don't need a visual appearance to just say he mastered offensive shit if that's what's going on in the anime?
I still miss the tails really, why did Toriyama remove it by the 23 tournament arc?

>The ONLY good fight in that arc is Piccolo VS 17

Nobody likes post-Cell Chi Chi cause of that fucking bun. Super shows us outright that when her hair's down she hasn't aged a fucking day.

This is bait. Superman was never perfect. How can you be this dense?

I love 17 and 18 but after watching History of Trunks, I really wish Akira would have left them as the villains of that arc over Cell. The only shining moment Cell had was when he was a man-eating bug.

mega nerd

He wasn't even 'losing' though, since he hadn't even fought Jiren by that point. Earlier on in fact he made it a point that he needed Goku to fight Jiren.

> In the Super History Book, released on January 21, 2016 as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Ball franchise, Toriyama finally explains the reason why he did away with Saiyans' tails. He explains that it was confusing for him how Saiyans dressed themselves with the tail on, and these sorts of minutia annoyed him to no end, enticing him to get rid of Saiyans' tails

le GT is better


I agree that's she's a bitch, but the last time we see her before Goku runs off to the cell games shows her caring side. But it is annoying how she turn Gohan into a pussy

If Kirby is so goddamn indestructible, then why can't I just walk past this pillar of fire?

I liked 18 vs Vegeta.
Why is Atlus so autistic when it comes to Igor's VA though?
>P5 finally replaces him after making him mute
>it was a tweest and we'll just reused other lines

>cell saga is the worst
>first form is the best
wew lad this memebase

You Americans have no passion for dbz like Mexico does. We translated all the song to Spanish, have the best dub, and wtf do guys have? Rock the dragon? Me rio de ti :P

Of course she has a caring side, we see that caring side a lot. The problem is that her personality did a literal 180. And then Toriyama was asshole enough to do it to best girl Videl also.

How is that confusing? Just have the clothes made with an opening for the tail
He fucking did this just fine with Goku in the very beginning of the entire franchise

Portugal has the best worst dub though. It's also the funniest

For real though, how in the hell is it so popular over in LA anyway? Thought for sure if you went gung ho for an anime it'd be to hop on the Arrancar train.

I said it was taboo, I didn't say it was an end all. Business is still business after all and nothing coming out of Japan has been as successful as Dragon Ball.

You said it yourself. It's a revival, a revisit and that's to the creator's discretion. You're reading too hard into things you assblasted dolt.

You guys at least got the infinitely better version of GT. Not only was Dan Dan Kokoro the best song in the franchise, GT's American soundtrack was not good, and completely changed the tone(from what I heard of it).

If you watched the movies for plot then you're fucking retarded.

Indestructible, as in will never be destroyed
It doesnt change the fact that he still feels pain and can get burned, fact is, he never gets a single scratch

>Majin Vegeta VS SSJ2 Goku
>Mystic Gohan VS Super Buu
>Vegito VS Buuhan
>SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta VS Kid Buu

Just reading this made me autistic

Man they turned her into bitch, but in retrospect some of it makes sense after a while
Goku didn't even go off to do the events of DB until age 12 and shit wasn't so serious until King Piccolo, meanwhile Gohan before turning 13 went though the shit that was Saiyans, Namek and Androids from age 4
Probably aired a lot there, plus it's a kungfu guy blasting beams and fighting people, what kid wouldn't like that



both are shit

>GT's American soundtrack was not good, and completely changed the tone(from what I heard of it).
It was wannabe-Bruce Falconer, which should say a lot. And they changed the whole optimistic and adventurous theme approach into a new song that's like, a dark industrial rock with a black guy rap.


Portuguese, can confirm

It's clearly a bullshit excuse he threw out just so he'd stop being asked about it. He probably just didn't care about that aspect of the Saiyans anymore.

The one thing I truly hated about the Android arc is that you never knew who the main antagonist was. With every Dragon Ball arc, you knew who the main antagonist was.

Saying wew lads doesn't make him wrong. The plot in the cell arc was retarded. Cell was that kid playing super heroes who's power was to have every power.
>muh healing
>muh super saiyan
>muh special beam cannon
Was shit and you know it

fuck off

>Kirby is more durable and has a lot more technique and experience than Buu, which ultimately outmatch brute strenght/KI
While I don't mind the games kirby fags are insufferable sometimes. What's kirby going to do if Buu attacks him from behind ? What speed feats does he have ?? And what proof do you have of him being invincible ? He can be eradicated just like any other character in his universe.
>Natsu vs Ace is a complete Stallmate, there should have been no winner, lightning would stale or have no effect on a logia
I Still think ace should've won because of Haki. Amament makes Nastu's attacks useless and It's honestly stupid to think that he's the only yonkou commander in W.B's crew without it. Not to mention he's in the son of the pirate king.
>Its not bias, they lack of proper researchers and ultimately base themselves around vsBattleWiki polls
it's still bothers me how they act like they actually put effort into making a realistic fight and are proud of the out come


Close, too much effort. He admitted outright that the reason behind Super Saiyan being blond was he didn't want to ink Goku's hair anymore.

It's not a Toriyama transformation, but SSJ4 really is the transformation that got the most thought put into it.

Gohan Blancofags BTFO

>11 chapters left of ToP in the manga

And that's precisely why it's one of the best transformations.

How is that shit? That's his entire point of being, and how he became to be was great. It was the only villain with any thought put behind it, and it goes all the way back to the early days of DB where Goku single handedly brought down RR. And now he has the DNA of all the Major characters and villains and it shines through. This fan base is so fucking shitty man. Every other villain was just evil with a bloodlust, and wanting immortality and Buu was just chaotic evil. Wooow.

Was the purpose to make a boring, desaturated slog of a film? Because if so, they succeeded 100%.

Where can i read the manga if its better than the anime? Also i never read any manga, did db and z had really different stuff as well?

Dragon Balll Super is fan fiction for sell more toys and videogames

Dragon Ball died with Z just like Star Wars died with Episode 6

Just let it go

No, it wasn't. Faulconer's score was good. I hate how it is still cool to hate on it. When will that meme die.

Manga is overall better but some shit is hit and miss. Zamasu's game plan changes from becoming the multiverse to just going batshit with a ton of Zamasu copies is one of the changes for the worse IMO.

When Japanese elitism dies. So never.

fuck off

>Kirby is more durable and has a lot more technique and experience than Buu, which ultimately outmatch brute strenght/KI
While I don't mind the games kirby fags are insufferable sometimes. What's kirby going to do if Buu attacks him from behind ? What speed feats does he have ?? And what proof do you have of him being invincible ? He can be eradicated just like any other character in his universe.
>Natsu vs Ace is a complete Stallmate, there should have been no winner, lightning would stale or have no effect on a logia
I Still think ace should've won because of Haki. Amament makes Nastu's attacks useless and It's honestly stupid to think that he's the only yonkou commander in W.B's crew without it. Not to mention he's in the son of the pirate king.
>Its not bias, they lack of proper researchers and ultimately base themselves around vsBattleWiki polls
it's still bothers me how they act like they actually put effort into making a realistic fight and are proud of the outcome

According to spics.

Censorship is a weird and wonky subject in Japanese television. For decades dating back to the 60's politicians and moral groups have asked for television censorship and the only reason it never came to be was due to some convoluted reasons. It was only after a few stunts in the 90's from rogue murderers and incidents like the Pokemon seizure fiasco that really got the ball rolling on censoring things like violence on television. Let's make no mistake, Japan wasn't some wonderhouse full of unlimited creative freedom. Hell selling hentai can be illegal in most areas and is only allowed due to grey areas in the law. Read up Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan. japantimes.co.jp/culture/2013/01/06/books/book-reviews/complex-tales-of-censorship-in-20th-century-japan/#.WotheHxG1hE

The fuck ? It said my first message was aborted. Oh well

I don't even like the japanese OST much, but Faulconer only has a few standout tracks like Hell's Bells. Otherwise the whole industrial/techno bend he tried to add to the series is really just not very fitting to me.

Don't bother, both the manga and anime are shit.

Thank his editor for not wantingh to make 17 and 18 the actual vilains, fuck those editors

We got an angry spic here

>While I don't mind the games kirby fags are insufferable sometimes

Says the DBfag who tells people to fuck off. Go figure people don't like talking verse threads with you kind.

Let's be fair, so was Cell. He outright said once he was done with earth he was going to trave the galaxy blowing shit up for giggles. DBZ villains are one dimensional by nature. It's rather telling that until fucking Zamasu, the """deepest""" DB villain we ever got was fucking BROLY.

People who think GT is worse: how?
GT dropped the ball but was a natural progression of time for the series, Goku was the only Z-fighter that cared about fighting and was actively training Uub. So when they all jobbed to Super 17 and Baby at least it was consistant.
Super is a parody of itself at this point, yet somehow GT is worse when it actually tried to be different. Super is the fucking Ready Player One of Dragon ball and you fucking lap it up.

>Zamasu's game plan changes from becoming the multiverse to just going batshit with a ton of Zamasu copies is one of the changes for the worse IMO
Shit taste.
Him merging with the universe was retarded.
Him splitting into infinite clones posed a problem that spanned outside of that timeline of that universe while also being a side effect of a mortal and an immortal version of the same soul merging under a temporary fusion that didn't involve a stupid giant purple jerkoff hand.

>GT dropped the ball
Unintended pun right there

Both the Faulconer score and the OST had their highs and lows for the soundtrack

Star wars died with episode 1 boi

is this new form goku obtains by training wiht Mr. Badass himself Randy Pitchford


White hair really is the final one. Toryiama said decades ago that the super sayian hair colors were based on the colors of fire, so white is basically the highest level of intensity.

>watching anything other than DB or Z in japanese with no subs and skipping through all the filler to the fights

Actually his editor is why they were added. Toriyama's original plan for the main villains were fucking 19 & Gero. His editor called to ask what in the blue balls he was smoking, so he added 17 & 18. His editor then called again to ask why the fuck the big bads were teenagers, and thus we got Cell.

>yet somehow GT is worse when it actually tried to be different
GT tried being OG DB and it failed, so it tried being Z, and then after 60 episodes it got cancelled.

So if Goku went super saiyan during UI, would his hair actually be white instead of that light grey?
What about RR? Being a manlet must be the most horrific thing inflicted on a man living in not-asia

>What's kirby going to do if Buu attacks him from behind ?
Literally tank the hit, if it was to turn him into chocolate, he would simply crouch, he has enough attack speed to counter up close moves as fighter too, either way, physical hits aint gonna kill Kirby

>Amament makes Nastu's attacks useless and It's honestly stupid to think that he's the only yonkou commander in W.B's crew without it.

While this is logically true, there is absolutely nothing confirming that Ace has Armament Haki, only Haki we know he has is Conqueror's

>realistic fight
I dont think Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro or Goomba vs Koopa were really serious fights, its just for entertainment purposes that they do it

Faulconer's score was fine; the problem was with the sound direction. The need to constantly have some form of music playing in the background was fucking awful.

Gonna have to agree to disagree there friend. I personally thought Merged Zamasu was better for getting across the stakes at hand.

I agree while I was glad Gero and the fatass weren't the main villains I was disappointed 17 and 18 got sidelined so fast.

>Super Saiyan being blond was he didn't want to ink Goku's hair anymore.

Not to mention that the reason why he got rid of tails from Saiyans is because he had a hard time drawing them. Most plot elements of DBZ pertain around Toriyama cutting corners. And let's not be too harsh on the guy, his work schedule for creating this manga was ten years straight and he never caught a break he had to release a new chapter every other week. Ink, write, and draw EVERYTHING on top of other demands he had at the time like drawing art for videogames, commercials, and various other works like Cashman ect.

>Implying we won't get Goku Ultraviolet

Oh yeah right, but as that other user said 17 and 18 after watching the trunks origins special make really cool vilains, and i would've prefer if it stayed that way too, but you're completely right, kim jong un and gero were the original

>Zamasu's game plan changes from becoming the multiverse
That was never actually his plan though. It just kind of happens out of nowhere.

I didn't mind Gero. Guy should've just sent out androids 1-8 before getting blown up by 17 and 18

>super shit

It's actually Raditz that looks like Bardock

you're extremely fixated with mexicans. this is a worldwide thing, but mostly in latin america, not just mexico. and lmao "cultural thing". they're internet jokes, only a fucking goon like you would think it's meant to be serious.

So will the ultimate form be invisible hair, ie bald?

Oda's been doing it for 20 years and his story is almost air tight and entirely consistant.

Being a park ranger is a hard job. I mean, looking after those trees is tough. The animals are fucked too. Combine that with the poachers coming every now and aga- okay fuck it I don’t know what to say.

You forgot to add Broly above Super Mario Blanco, but it's okay, your mistake is understandable.

What timeline am I in

Oh, but it's very fitting. And it holds up today. Z's absolutely does not. Unless you grew up with it.

He does have a point with latinos having a hardon for animes and power levels, mostly saint seiya and dragon ball

True, it would have been cool if he lasted longer and sent out an Android army while 17 and 18 were his Buus who would betray him and become the main antagonist but oh well.

Frieza's flashback and Minus are Bardock's only canon appearances.

Faulkoner is better than the jap crap soundtrack.

>human eye can't see uv rays
>we really are getting goku calvo

I grew up with Faulconer and I disagree.

Because he could REEEE that universe and then sit there doing nothing forever afterwards? Infinite immortal Merged Zamasus with the capability to travel to all timelines of all universes at the same time is a far greater threat and would have been catastrophic had Zeno not deleted all of them when he did.

Why is blood so taboo in modern society. The fact that if the blood is a different color like purple or blue makes no one bat an eye is absolutely absurd


There you go. And yes its better than the anime. See if you can find the full color version when you get to DBZ, looks fantastic.

And all he did was bleed sparkles and white stuff

Deal with it Pedro

>Bruce was only hired by Funimation had barely any budget and just found someone local and cheap

It was awful and the only reason you 'like' it is because you grew up with it. It's why anyone outside of America looks at is as strange. Yeah sure some of it sounds good standalone but when used in the show the entire tone and transition of the music is just a god damn mess. DBZ would go from serious to goofy in matter of minutes and Bruce's music did not transition those moments well. A lot of people always remember the SSJ3 transformation, Perfect cell theme, Ginyu standoff but will never remember the inbetweens, fillers, or non-combat moments where the music got so sappy and corny constantly changing and constantly needing to play even during what were suppose to be silent moments. To this day, the dub of the retarded sounded stereotypical Canadian truckdrivers having their truck stolen by the Androids is still in my head. God that dub has a shitload of issues...

I meant that as in he's not supposed to be a "villain". He's a hero who is acting counter to Goku, but he's not "evil".

The past few episodes he's been a bit too menacing, but I imagine that's just the anime team hamming it up rather than how he's actually supposed to be written.

>Toryiama says openly that he was going to make a white haired form but didn't because it would clash with Zamasu so he's keeping it for later
>this spawns the Gohan Blanco memes
>Toryiama does as he said and brings out the white haired form now that Zamasu ain't around

Not to say he isn't a hack, but are you people braindamaged?

>Let's be fair, so was Cell.
Uh but he wasn't? He was barely evil, he was just a bad guy by nature. He was more about having fun and cared more about proving his perfection. First you say Cell is the worst villain then when I point out that he is the only multi-faceted unique villain then you pull the "oh they're all pretty one-sided lol" nigga please. it's amazing too when people shit on him, in favor of other villains, which Cell has personality traits of loll

Cell was the perfect villain, fittingly, he was a culmination of every major villain up to that point and RR army's reckoning.

>Green Lantern corps to a rainbow of colors to collect
Come on man. The Red lantern oath is probably my favorite. I do kinda agree because I feel the indigo lanterns were unnecessary

I want to rape Kale.

>intense gut punching was invented by Gohan Blanco fanart

Yeah except all the other times it happened throughout DB and DBZ.


And not super.

>Black was a great villain
And then they fused

>Bruce's music did not transition those moments well
Yeah, they did. He had a lot serene music to go with the slow, more lighthearted moments like everyone relaxing at Kame House or Goku and Gohan chilling before the Cell Games.

Jesus, DBS can't even do gut punches right.

It's not that it's taboo, they just think it's taboo.

Has there ever been a spic shonen rip off produced within the last 30 years?
All they do is just use the DB universe