Game has day/night cycle

>Game has day/night cycle

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>It operates in real time

>And only causes cosmetic affects so you don't have to wait around to do something

name 3.14 games that do this

Metropolis Street Racer

>It operates in 200% real time

You just described WoW

>Can't do shit at night because it's actually really fucking dark

i think only vanillas was real time

>day and night cycle matches time of day in the real world
>tfw never seen daytime in the game


Animal crossing

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>FPS has day night cycle

>Day/night cycle
>music changes

that shit is fucking good

>people / wildlife behave accordingly to the actual cycle

>game has day/night cycle
>not implemented fully
>random time of day every time your load a save file

>game plays short but annoying cut-scene every day-night transition.

Animal crossing

This is the real hotness, every time I find this out in a game I'm playing I get a smile on my face.

I haven’t played WoW since Lich King.

Is the day/night cycle no longer in real time anymore?

fucking DQ VIII

pocket monsters

This is why I bought pokemon moon desu

>game has season cycle and day/night cycle

The cycles bug out causing the sun to constantly rise and set fast as fuck.

It's still is, Cataclysm fucked it up by making it day 24/7, but they fixed it

It's not as great as Vanilla, but it's does the job

>tfw had to get pokemon moon to get daytime

>enjoy night for all of 3 seconds
>everything is too dark to get things done
>can't bring myself to cheat
>just idle until day comes

oh well

Arma2 and Arma3 depending on server configuration.

how does Shenmue handle it? do you go into certain seasons after passing a certain point in the story?


Man I remember being blown away as a kid when Pokemon gen 2 did this.

and then when the next gens completely removed it

>Doesn't adjust tint and brightness on tv

>Day/night cycle
>Nights are dark as fuck
>You don't have a flashlight and weapon fire does not illuminate at all.



>but it's does the job
Not really, they fucked the weather and lighting the last time they 'upgraded' and it's been bright as fuck ever since.

Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
But only the tutorial

>game has a blood moon rare occurance
>it happens every 5 minutes

who is this ugly skeleton girl and why is she posted all the time

>has never played a game like Rust

she's like a female version of mogli

>start mission
>game sets itself to the time of day its meant to start

Is this acceptable?

>Different day and night music
Chance Thomas's score in Quest for Glory 5:

i always thought this was fucking awful, literally the first gta to do that bullshit

As long as there is a lengthy cut scene animation of time passing as you get ready

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it's a million times better than having to wait for it to be the proper time so you can accept the mission.

ya i haven't seen it in a while but it annoys me every time


What games are actually dark at night? I know Minecraft and Dragon's Dogma are.

this honestly
I don't even get why this is a problem
why the fuck does it matter if they mission takes place at a certain time of day, it's just how it went down in the plot

Definitely better than "Nope, come back at the right time if you want to do this mission", but I seem to remember that it happened a lot even when the time of day didn't matter.

>Just Cause 2
>Approach Mile High Club
>Sun and moon rocket across the sky at the speed of light until it's midnight

I agree. I have no problem with it. I dont even think it breaks immersion and in fact it might even increase it. After all, if a mission is triggered by something happening or another character doing something, it makes sense it wouldn't happen at JUST the time you arrive. Also, its perfectly reasonable for a character to kind of just be loafing around until the mission starts

>game has a weather system
>it keeps raining all the fucking time

>work all day
>can only play game during nights
>npcs go inside at night
>stuck playing in perpetual loneliness and dark
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well gen 3 did but it's been in every gen since dude

>NPCs age as days and nights pass

>cant see shit at night so you wait it out or use a console command to turn it back to day

>the game is fun

I really like how the Pokemon games do it.
Some real upbeat peppy shit during the day:
And then winding down with a jazzy rendition of the theme:

This shit makes me diamonds.

>game introduces day/night cycle through an update
>2 days later is removed due to slowdown
>never returns

not gonna make an account for this shit to see some pictures. not worth

This, I really wish games would understand that unless its a moonless night you should be able to see moderately ok at night. Full moons give out a fckton of light.

>day and night cycle
>a day ingame is 24 real minutes

It really isnt. Best to not have her ruined for you yeah?

Why did they removed seasons from pokemon, it was so great

GameFreak is the incarnation of people's pessimistic views of video game companies. If they don't feel it's something that'll make them money immediately, they won't do it.
They aren't like any other company. They're worse than Konami and Sonic Team combined. They're horrendous.

>game has day/night cycle in a way that makes the story move forward

WoW has always been 4hr per night/day and they "nerfed" the nights so they're basically just a slightly darker day, you never really notice.

>the game is fun
>it's fun only when you playing with friends

>time of day changes each area you go to

What happened to her jumpsuitedmonster

>skeleton girl
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>Weather changes.

World of Warcraft

>dying light
>metro 2033
>alien isolation
So those last two aren't necessarily "night" but do do darkness and poorly lit areas very well

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>Games that puts attention to detail on small things that further enhances the experience


>Also, its perfectly reasonable for a character to kind of just be loafing around until the mission starts
This is how I always imagined it. Most of the scenes where it skips forward like that are where a character is chilling at home or something.

Gothic 1 & 2.
STALKER Trilogy to some extent.

>and it changes the game not just the lightning

Thanks for reminding me that I never got around to playing QfG V.

>Game has seasons
Other than Pokemon B/W/B2/W2, what games do this? The closest I can think of is GTAV's multiplayer adding snow around Christmas and New Year's.

a lot of city building games

Correct, user. Although not because of that, they're all amongst my favourite games. STALKER especially can get really dark at night, even with foggy weather & lightning!

>game has seasonal cycle

They've also straight up said they don't do what people want because they want to surprise them

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons



>game has cycles

I remembered in Gothic I, one of the bandits outside the Old Camp explictly tells you to no venture into the forest, specially at night. Not paying attention to his advice I venture anyway, only to be killed by a shadowbeast.
And with STALKER, vanilla is OK, but some modders go way overboard and make the game too dark. Is hard to see on daytime already, even with a clear sky (most of the time is raining), but a night is pitch black. Other mods get it right.

>game has game