Reminder that this game comes out tomorrow

Reminder that this game comes out tomorrow

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Looks like shit.

Reminder that it'll be dead on arrival.

>it's a dinosaur
metal gear: survival evolved

Going to be fucking awesome.


reminder that dreamcastguy pays 3 cents per link

its okay when kojima does it in peace walker with monster hunter

Buy this game Baka gaijin.

>unable to distinguish light hearted shitposting from full on fuckkonami
calm down user, I already have it preordered but that this is totally a dinosaur

credit where credit is due, it ain't an asset flip.

Only for Amerimutts! Thanks for beta testing for us, idiots!!

Is that the guy who spams youtube links, or the guy who makes daily Survive threads?

Death stranding is for Ameriimutt.

but how long until i can yoink it for free?


thanks for the (you)

not Steam though

do it in like the hour it comes out

the one downside of PC mustard rice - no breaking street dates. Not anymore.
>brother pre-ordered Max Payne, received a bonus mousepad
>downloaded and beat Max Payne days before launch
Good times.

the guy who spams youtube links over and over and over

I'm buying it, it's only 50 bux which is cheap for video games where I am from.

He goes to streamers with early copies and spams it there too. Or tries to. He was just chanting "google dreamcastguy" and "omg this sucks".

please tell me you are joking.
that can't be real.

he's probably banned now, he stopped posting halfway through the last thread and all his links got deleted

so does this

I am not sir. Totally sandbagged by everyone else too.

>exclusive items if preorder
>items for playing beta + TPP

this is awesome if the game is successful.

yea, he was spaming earlier, we've got a name for him too marty

Is this game designed around single player or multiplayer? What is the fucking genre of this game?

yeah that sounds right. I couldn't quite remember because why the fuck would I, and youtube streams don't save chat.
>walking around omg so boring

So because some autist spams his channel makes Survive a good game?
It's going to flop.

It's going to flop but not because it's a bad game let's get that out of the way right now.

Either way I'm buying it and plan to enjoy it.

Of course it's going to flop. It's doomed.
Looks like it'll be an okay game though.

No chance I'm buying this at retail. It better become a PS Plus game.

I can't wait to play, it's gonna be great!

defend this

FIB is in this stream trying to tell everybody kojima still works at konami and such.

>tfw cant make posts about excitement because itll look like im a marketer

I cant wait to pirate it

The autists here never impress me and shouldn't influence you either user!

>>Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water.

this is bad how?

how many waves am i defending it against, user?

I mean, the betas blew chunks.
People are shitting on it for good reason, even if there are a couple of retarded kojima drones.


they just loaded up the fox engine and threw some zombie shit in

shut the fuck up and defend this

Which one of you autists is futasnake on Jap stream?


>Animals and plants you collect actually have a purpose in your base
What's wrong with that? That was going to be how it was in TPP before they canned it and shoved all the animals and plants onto a platform nobody goes to.

Thank tortanic for that.

Just like last thread, ignore retards, don't reply to them, let them drown on their own shit.

And holy shit why is every streamer a fucking retard?

Its Halo 4 all over again, only this time without Diet Coke.

Seems pretty well-defended already. Got some fences up, some spikey posts, and a nice elevated position from which to rain down stabby retribution.

You team up with a XOF soldier named Reeve after getting sucked into the wormhole

Okay what the shit I randomly click through the video and every other instance I'm looking at a different menu. Who cares about all the crafting and base management shit, MGSV was good despite it, not because of it, why did they double down on the annoying crap that nobody asked for

How are you going to fight glowing orange zombies if you don't eat your vegetables first?
What the fuck is this game actually about? Is it a wave shooter with base building? Is that the whole premise?

...I never went to the conservation platform. Not once. I literally have no idea what it looks like or what you can do there.

defend this

I would close that hole there in the back middle with another fence. also on the left. then maybe put some turrets on the tower there.

Streamers are retarded, what else is new?

I will in a few days. :3

defend this (you can't)

The one thing I really want a streamer to do is take a good poke at the microtransaction menu so we can see how bad the situation is.

>all those turrets
it defends itself

>open world
>survival mechanics
>constant online needed

no thanks

What do you do in this game?

this should be defensable

I don't need to, see those turrets? It's good.


>>turrets IN FRONT of the fences

its orcs must die in the fox engine

ok hold on
is co-op really just fucking Horde mode from GoW or is it an ACTUAL survival game?

co-op is really just fucking tower defense horde mode yeah. The survival game is single player.

You search for the missing Mother Base soldiers, recruit them, send them on missions like in TPP, collect resources, build your base in Dite, and find out what the wormhole shit actually is.

The vast majority of the original Metal Gear team has been working on this. Just no more attention whoring Kojima.

co-op is not the survival
co-op is tower defense, raid bosses and hunts

Those are some swedish-style defenses.
>open spots in the fence
>that fuckin catwalk around the base for some reason
>ground level turrets, OUTSIDE the fence
>zombies welcome!

You sure? Looks like you have a more permanent basr to maintain

I WISH. It torques me to no end that OMD3 succumbed to the lure of the freemium. Such a good series gone to waste.

the catwalk can be useful to shoot arrows

the game that is 20hrs long
so let me get this straight
The SP is 20hrs long including Cutscene
and the Co-op is just a bunch of mini games
how is this going to live any longer the MGO did?

>Just no more attention whoring Kojima
>yfw no directed by kojima, written by kojima, produced by kojima, starring kojima

It won't. It'll live long enough for me to get my kicks though.

I wish this game didn't look so fucking boring. I wanted to get it mostly for the cutscenes and dialogues, but I can't just get it for those alone if the game looks bland.

Beta wasn't fun at all.

Isn't the game online only tho?

>just an easy retrieve and extract, what could go wrong boss :)
>starring Skullface, the Skull Unit and Sahelanthropus

So was MGS5 (after some patches). It didn't stop anyone.

Looks like the tools at your disposal are more creative than what you have in Dead Rising.
I'm not in love with it, but I'm certainly more likely to try this than DR.

It's a permanent base you manage.

Hopefully you're right, seeing a bit of gameplay actually made me want this fucking game, but I'm not paying for shit
I'm actually too poor for that right now,
just bought Vermintide 2 and MonHun World

>everyone making fun of him
this is great

Seriously? If all you're after is cutscenes and dialogues just watch an LP. I'm sure someone will do a supercut "movie" before long.

that's exactly what I'll do, I just wish the game actually looked fun so I could play it instead of watching it on youtube.

>Co-op isn't just survival mode with base building or invading other peoples games to take there stuff as a group, it's just a bunch of mini games

I can't read these japrunes

Damn why can't they make an X patch for MGSV? I like the fob shit but it's ruined on PC.

Can't please everybody.

brown:the game
guest starring: random resource collecting
special mentions: angry dudes with a red horn


>Co-op isn't just survival mode with base building or invading other peoples games to take there stuff as a group, it's just a bunch of mini games
>it's just a bunch of mini games
All my interest in this game has gone. Are you serious?

Nobody fucking knows what the full multiplayer is, the beta had several maps in one mode and autists think that's the entire game

It's a three-wave horde mode with a base you build up, not Tetris Attack.

>OP is not actually baiting
top kek

Why is just a tower defense like game?
I tried three times to play it and every time it was just literally just defending some portal thingo whilst waves of enemies attacked.

Where is the 'survival' element?

in singleplayer

yes, it's just Horde mode from GoW
Pick one boss from the short game to fight
and Hunt one or more guys
that's it
what a disappointment

Didn't the beta just end yesterday?
Why would they release it so soon?

no it's not
you put up barricades to slow down the waves that's it
then when it's done you go back to a lobby and pick another "mission"

The guy who makes daily Survive threads to spam youtube links.



>mfw britbong and no MGS Survive for me until the 22nd

Fuck Konami

People are playing a demo and are dense enough to think they've seen what the full game will offer.

Yes. That's what a horde mode is like. You're describing a horde mode.


Buy the next MGS btw.

that's what i was saying
there is not Building of bases in horde mode
it's just GoW horde mode

It's alright, mate. We have two days to judge what the game will be like before buying it.

There wasn't any only selectable modes though?
Why have a demo if you're only going to show bad parts?

there are thousands of tower defense games and this one isn't really that good.

I'm yet to see anything in the game but tower defense.


Kojimadrone confirmed

how can you look foreword to this after how disappointing this shit is
Co-op is just minigames
Single player is ~20 hrs long that's with Cutscenes

That is the only plus. I hope cdkeys won't inflate their asking price after tomorrow though

Konami is not good at marketing.

MGSV wasn't even 20 hours long

idk I enjoyed the beta. What do you want from me?

Steam says this shit is out on the 21st. When is the actual fucking date?

>No Yoji Shinkawa art to come with the game

The 21st. Maybe. If they do what they did for the beta it'll be midnight GMT a.k.a. exactly 24 hours from now.

>the one mindlessly defending the next Metal Gear game is calling others Kojimadrones


tomorrow for americucks and 22nd for uk

No it's not.

How much of MGSV was filler? 90%?

steam also says it unlocks in 1 day 23 hours, so 7pm eastern on the 21st

>moving the goal post

What the fuck is this?

just as well, HB hasn't given me my fucking key yet

Defend this.

Im expecting it to be fun based on the beta

depends where you live

konami taking inspiration from death stranding

So why no Battle Royale mode?

>not liking tower defense is being a kojimadrone

I was told there would be survival and crafting, I was led to believe it would be like a well fleshed out DayZ not a tower defense game.

I literally could not care less

check this out

Tower defense is a MODE in MULTIPLAYER you fucking dunce

Read the fucking thread

There was no singleplayer though...

Look at this stream and tell me what's happening

>movie the game has almost no playtime

What's an X patch?

Why is the steam release a day after? How does that make any fucking sense?

Also, how then do I select the multiplayer survival mode?

I give it a month.
Probably just too late in development to add it when battle royale got popular.

Can any user here recommend this fucking game for me?
I'm bored as fuck and I'd like to play a Survival game that isn't shit

>no preload

Oh lord here we go.

So they only did singleplayer in Japan?

Post your avatar or screenshots faggots.

US release is on the 20th, JP release is on the 21st, EU release is on the 22nd, steam release is at midnight gmt on the 22nd because of euro release

Make your own purchasing decisions like an adult.

too bad I don't like survival games or tower defense
I hope they have it in them to make another game after this
I mean if this game doesn't sell as much as they want will they just pack it in?

You're a special kind of idiot, aren't you?

Are you serious? That Marty guy is nowhere near as bad as fucking Fib. When will that fucking tranny finally off himself

In the end it's me who's gonna choose, but I'd like to hear opinions, is that odd?

>movie the game
>when Survive has longer cutscenes

Okay, so Steam gets it a day late in the U.S. because why exactly?

I'm pretty sure he's got these on macros.

Opinions from Cred Forums? Yeah.

It's going to be a base building, resource hogging, survival grind fest. The beta gamemode is used to obtain resources and kuban for your OWN fucking base you customize based on a top-down view grid system. We don't know if your own bases can be raided by other players just like FOBS or not. But that would be awesome. This game is best played with friends who arn't fucking retarded or will actually invest the time seeing how the UI and controls take a minute to get used too. It's overall a good game. And I already fucking pre-orded it. I don't really give a shit what anyone says but it's probably gonna be my main game for a long time just like MGSV

Reminder that Kojima did literally everything for MGS games. He did all the programming, art, cinematography, writing, everything.

probably means xbone x.

Cred Forums is by far the most moronic video game community I've ever had the displeasure of communicating with. They literally will shit on RE4. That is how shit their taste is

No, all those disasters are the fault of a lot of people, most of which are working on Survive.

before the game is out opinions don't mean shit, it will just be speculation or flat out lies

You cuss too much. Ignore this guy's recommendation no one can trust a potty mouth that bad. Shame on you.

fucking marty is back

None of us forgot you retard. He was also far from the only person working on the series

I liked the beta and the gameplay of wave defense. I imagine it gets a lot harder, and seeing some of the leaks just confirms that. I think single player is going to be a lot better than multi though, sadly. It seems like the whole "resources you collect weigh you down until you return to base to store them" thing actually matters there, as well as oxygen and hunger and thirst.

Wrong. Kojima literally developed every MGS game by himself.

Honestly just turn mgs into monster hunter but scifi with some sneaking

I'm getting the hang of the patterns. Shitposters dangle bait, contrarians argue with hostility, marketers pretend to be human, and when none of them are around things can actually be pretty comfy.

So 75% of the opinions are just trying to get a reaction and not sincerely held.

Anyone have a reason why the Steam release is the 21st? I can't see a reason for it considering how polished and well optimized the fox engine is on PC

The diamond mine map has a lot of resources lying around, some of which are quite heavy. If you go in there with a lot of deployables and heavy weapons then decide to hoover everything up, you can hit that weight limit easily even with the bonus carry weight item.

This FutaSnake tranny can't be real?

>Comes out on the 20th in America!
>except on Steam

Why do publishers do this

Console protectionism.

reminder i dont care and won't play it cuz it looks boring and grindy

Pretty sure that's just dreamcastnigger using an alt.

>giving preference to users who actually pay for the game
Color me surprised.

the stamina system seems to be a pain for exploring

stamina just drains faster in the dust
you can also get skills to reduce the drain

Yeah that's what I mean, in the multiplayer try as I might I was never able to even come close to 90kg, at most 80. In singleplayer I bet you start with a lot less weight you can carry meaning you'll have to pick and choose resources a lot more carefully. I like that sort of progression.

or freeze the float in cheat engine and sprint forever, the way god intended

Okay Konami is insistent that the game is coming out tonight even on Steam so the steam display is just wrong.

Wait a minute


when do gmg codes get sent out?

If it is, it's better than Homecoming.

they are obviously wrong. Steam says 22nd and that's that

You people will actually buy this?

The beta was super fun, I just hope we get original maps and more shit to be put

>it comes out on the 21st!
>1 day and 23 hours remaining

Sure, why not?


probably 21st or 22nd. Even if the game launches gmg is euro so there's a good chance you won't get your keys till the euro release.
It seems like there's less original maps and just more heavily modified places from the main game going by leaks we've seen. I mean I expected that, we've known it was an asset reuse situation from it's announcement. I'm just not getting my hopes up.

I wonder if there are people who complained about MGSV being grindy and repetitive and will still fall for Survive.

And the more sluggish controls on top of that, and the resource management that forces you to open a menu to get the right cure.

Are there at least vehicles in this game?

Considering the fact that there's files for "Red Pyramid" in the game, I'm not surprised

Only a handful of people.
None of these threads ever surpass 100 IPs, and the game, 2 days away from launch, is selling worse than a literally who Sword Art game.

Vehicles are in, walkers were in the beta and the trailer showed the player mowing wanderers down with a jeep


I don't want to because to me this isn't metal gear

There's jeeps. I saw references to horses in code but that may have been a TPP leftover, I guarantee nothing.

I don't mind a bit of grind and repetitiveness, the problem was that in MGSV was all for nothing.

>>sword art online
>>one of the most mainstream and beloved anime franchises in the entire world
>>"literally who"

I don't remember Silent Hill being a game focused on repetitive grinding.

>Preorder on GMG
>Might not even get the key until the 22nd

Is there some special reason the dates are spaced out by single days anyways?

>it's not metal gear because muh koooojimmaaaaa!111

Okay? That has nothing to do with me.

I don't care if it has some parts that look almost decent. "Survival" games where you're collecting shit all the time and having to craft shit are fucking boring. SUPER boring in fact.
Easily the worst part about MGSV was having to go out and collect shit for the sole purpose of collecting shit. I mean, I could play any other game and I would be gunning down enemies non-stop, I could play another Metal Gear and sneak past everyone, knocking out guards, luring people into corners.
What do you do in these games instead?
>hit resource with stick
>collect resource falling out
>hit another resource with stick
>collect resource falling out.
What a thriiiiiiiiilllll~

Because, get ready for it: i enjoy playing video games.

I will to make Kojidrones mad

>most mainstream
>not a single game sold more than 60k copies on Steam
Yeah, the acclaimed sword art, at the level of Dragon Ball, right?

>I could play another Metal Gear and sneak past everyone, knocking out guards, luring people into corners.

Except you do this in Survive too? Do you think there's no stealth in this game?

but user, the pc version of previous games sold like shit after coming out a year after the ps4 version

100% nothing to do with it but ok, even if I had to deal with his name all over it this looks stupid
I asked why not what you think of my reason

It's not Metal Gear because MG is not a zombie survival franchise.

Let me guess, now you are going to pretend I said that MGS doesn't have zombies, instead of me saying "zombie survival game", and you are going to try to argue that MGSV and MGS4 are zombie survival games because they had zombie-like enemies in a handful of missions.

Hopefully you'll STOP FUCKING SHILLING THIS GAME when it does

When will GMG send out the codes?


nah, they'll shill for two more weeks after that, then you'll never hear about it again outside of rando mentions in unrelated threads

>Do you think there's no stealth in this game?
It's absolutely pointless being stealthy in this game.

Ah, right. I forgot about the Walkers.

What even is the point of stealth in Survive, though? You can easily outmaneuver almost every enemy by just walking in the opposite direction. Moreover, it won't matter in the slightest during the tower defense moments.

It isn't an action hack n' slash game either, or open world.

>Metal Gear isn't about ____

You're right, it's about turn based card collection strategy where you fight giant apes and dudes in old kaiser helmets.

Oh something I completely forgot: You can bet your ass they're gonna throw microtransactions like a motherfucker into that game. Those Pachinko/gocha loving faggots are gonna make you pay trough the nose to keep playing and gain resources.

Except Survive is gonna heavily focuse on collecting shit all the fucking time, while in the past metal gear focused on story, stealth and then maybe collecting a little bit of shit on the side. Main focus is the issue. This collecting shit is not needed at all. This is grunt work, not something the player should have to waste his time on.
Like in Dragon Age Inq (I think it was Inq) where you're the big dog, yet you get send out collecting fucking herbs. Nigga I've got better shit to do.

Except it gives you more points, some enemies give you tons more resources if you stealth kill them, you don't get giant waves of enemies crashing down on you, and it costs no resources ammo or durability to stealth kill something.

Oh yeah, those turds that nobody bought.

Looks like the Kojimadrones are angry

Stealth is mandatory, kiddo.

No it's not, it's about sick board combos.


Even the official konami site says 20th tho.

>stealth kill them
No, they give you extra points if you kill them from behind, which can be done by sprinting behind them and quickly dispatching them.

>stealth is mandatory
Unlike you, I played the beta and watched the streams.
Stealth is optional, just like in MGSV.
Of course the same talentless hacks who made that piece of shit developed yet another piece of shit.

I wonder if anyone who worked on MGSV or Survive has ever played a videogame.

>implying we haven't hated on the spinoffs since forever.
Fucking from /mgg/:

like what time specifically

No, you get more points if you STEALTH. KILL. them. Doesn't matter if it's from behind or with a bow or a spear, stealth kill gives more points. Kills from behind just disables detonators and bombers from exploding.

Konami is not good at marketing.

MGS3 has no stealth either. I can just run up to enemies and punch them all the way to the end. Shit game! Checkmate Kojima!

Who do you think you are fooling, MGS drone?
You are eating this turd up because it has Metal Gear on the title.


The beta was pretty shit

>everyone who doesn't want this game must be a drone

Oh true, better listen to Cred Forumseddit who only eats up this game because everyone else on the Internet hates it.

>He said, shit dribbling from his chin after the feast over at a Death Stranding thread, a game that has shown absolutely no gameplay and yet this autismo will gobble it down because it has Kojima in it

And I didn't buy that either, what's your point exactly? Cause it just seems like you're shitposting


>not making your own opinion after playing the beta and reading the reactions from different places

>MGS drone is this mad his worthless franchise is dead

Metal Gear is pure cancer, this is exactly what it deserves.
I know deep inside of you, you know it's true.

Very few people had issues with spin-offs or the like in this series. Fans have been getting non-Kojima games since the Gameboy days or even earlier, some of them were actually well received like Portable Ops and Revengeance. The issue with Survive is different.

>Metal Gear is SHIT I ALWAYS hated it!!



I made an opinion long ago, MGS is a cancer that needs to die.
The industry doesn't deserve to be poluted with it's presence.
MGSV was already enough of a piece of shit, let alone some zombie game.
At least now it's only like 20 of you, instead of the 200 dribbling retards who spammed LE NUCLEAR XD" 3 years ago.

thanks for the heads up konami

jesus fucking christ

>Konami tries to re-use assets from MGSV in a new concept game
>realizes they can't without everyone complaining
>decides to put Metal Gear on the title without Solid, similar to other spinoff titles
>maintains distance from the series by not even being in the same universe

No one should be playing it for Metal Gear anyways, they should play it for a game in the Fox Engine that wasn't half-baked.

No, it's not different. Survive is its own spinoff thing like Acid and Rising. And last I checked MGR was really well liked on Cred Forums.

You're so dumb you think Solid and Survive are the same. Do you see "Solid" anywhere in this game's title? Hu hu, didn't think so.

No, Death Stranding and MGS are two sides of the same coin that's going to be put our of circulation.

MGS is a relic from the past, and Death Stranding is a movie game, another relic from the past, both need to die.

>think survive looks retarded
>by default I have to like DS

Boy how hard are you gonna force this just to make yourself feel better?

>weeb avatar
And your opinion is no completely muted

>And last I checked MGR was really well liked on Cred Forums.
Yes, because Cred Forumseddit has shit taste.
Only Cred Forums could eat up baby's first hack and slash, probably because if they played Bayonetta they would end up crying.

>Do you see "Solid" anywhere in this game's title?
No, I see Metal Gear, thus, it's automatic trash.
Metal Gear has to die.
I don't think anyone with some sense wouldn't agree, even the biggest fanboys agree that after MGS3 this franchise has been dissapointment after dissapointment.

And that is the sound of defeat.

>mgr and bayonetta are different
every platinum game is just a reskin of the rest

>nu-Cred Forums will shit on MGR now because of muh kojima

could've ended it there, nothing good has come out of following the crowd, especially so in the last few years

>Kojimadrones think they are fooling anyone by calling others Kojimadrones when all what they are doing is mindlessly defending the next Metal Gear

I like mgs4 significantly more than mgs3.

MGR is NOT metal gear! it's SHIT



>muh kojima
i only ever see one side mentioning kojima in these threads. really activates my almonds

What are you talking about? I was just explaining the issue with Survive is that it doesn't have anything to do with it being a spin-off, because we've got games like that before and they were well received. So the problem is not that this plays differently, or that it's not directed by Kojima.

That's the only differense the MG drones have for their latest disaster.
Reminder that these people are the same ones who defended MGSV when it came out, and now pretend to hate Kojima just to keep defending their worthless, dead franchise.

How is Survive not a spinoff? It literally takes place in a different dimension. Your stupid Snake mythology isn't even being touched.

MGR was way more involved with MGS than Survive yet you're SO butthurt over it.

>the thread has sides
I'd say about 60-70% of us are just shitposting

wonder what the shit tier kojimalets are going to be like once it releases
>checking youtube comments and the communkity hub of survive
is everyone suddenly retarted, gets to define metal gear and believes that kojima just poofed it out of thin air like a god and did nothing wrong?

>>How is Survive not a spinoff
>reading comprehension

I'm going to be laughing at MGS being dead.
This franchise has harmed the industry far more than DLC and games like Call of Duty have and it's finally going to be put down like an ill dog.
I hope everyone who has ever worked in MGS, including Kojima, Shinkawa and whoever the fuck is directing Survive lose their jobs for what they have done.

That guy has a hard on for hating everything metal gear and thinks mass effect is better.

>Survive is RUINING metal gear!!

>takes place in an alternate dimension
>no existing MGS characters are in it, all of them are new people
>does not change any events in MGSV and beyond

>Survive is RUINING metal gear!!

Is it bad that I thought the Survive beta was fun?

I had tons of fun and I can't wait to play in about 4 hours

No, it's going to give it what it deserves.
It will flop, and kill the franchise, which is something awesome.

Nice bait idiot.

MGSV killed the franchise when Kojima blew the budget on stupid shit instead of the game

kiefer isn't stupid, he's an alcoholic

No, I think every single franchise is better than Metal Gear.
MG embodies everything wrong with this industry.
>obnoxious focus on the story
>garbage gameplay
>hack director tied to it
>rips shit off from absolutely everyone
>two entries are unironical Ubisoft-esque open world games about grinding shit
>scam DLCs
>paid demos
>card game cashgrab games
>Hollywood actors as VAs

It's trash and it's a good example of how to NOT make a videogame.

What a great game. Love it to death. Please buy it.

MGSV killed the fanbase, but MG Survive's flop will ensure there's no more MGS games in the future.

But user, we needed Kiefer Sutherland around to give just alright line delivery as Big Boss for millions so Kojima could hang out with celebrities

>>garbage gameplay
>From the series that essentially started the TECHNOLOGY thread concept

Kojimalets BTFO

Oh yeah, you can call in a RAY for like 5 seconds, the franchise is saved.

>metal gear ray
name one time ray hasn't jobbed

>Ray shows up in MGR for 5 seconds

>Ray shows up in MGSurvive

>muh technology
Yeah, the gameplay being garbage is completely overshadowed by little melting ice cubes, right?
Maybe if they didn't waste time with all that pointless trash they could have made those games fun.
And, mostly, if they didn't spend 90% of the development making cutscenes.
Then again, seeing the result of MGSV, an actual gameplay focused game, I really doubt even doing that would result in a fun game.

that's easy, in the tanker

>play game
>call in heavy support
>instead of Ray, Excelsus (or any other MG) shows UP instead

Calling it now.

But you are the ones who tried to force the LE RULES OF LE NATURE XD meme, drones.
You are the ones who constantly try to defend this worthless, dead franchise in here.
You are the ones who see fanservice as a positive.
You are the ones who want more story.
You are a bunch of drones, it's just instead of being Kojimadrones, you are just MGS drones, anything that has the Metal Gear name in it you will eat it up and try to defend it to the end.
Fortunately, MGSV killed the worthless MGS fanbase, so Survive will flop and your beloved franchise will be dead.
Would have been more fun if Kojima was involved and it flopped anyway.

>wait 1 more days for new pc to arrive
>mgsurvive going to be realise same day
fuck me i don't know, i liked mgsv very much but i can't decide if i should buy mgsurvive or not

Is this what being on the autism spectrum is like? It's probably a mild form of Aspergers

>tries to kill solid

Hope you find happiness one day user!

new stream is up
www.twitch dot tv/pride7243

atleast it had a bigger impact on the MG world compared to ST-84, ray was the go to metal gear for PMCs

And you are the ones calling others Kojimadrones?

wtf I love movie games now

If you liked mgsv, then you'll more than likely enjoy the single player for survive. I'd still say wait for it to hit $30 or $20 even, since I have a feeling it'll drop pretty fast unless it's a sleeper hit or something. Or just pirate it, whatever.

Are servers not accepting non-JP users yet or something? Every stream is moonspeak.

It's like these nerds have severe PTSD.

>i liked mgsv very much
Kill yourself.

>It's this easy to make someone mad
Jesus Christ this place really does have no hope

japan still likes physical copies and has more small stores that break the street date

Just spoil the story already
post the links

fair 'nuff

You are really surprised people hate MGS?
It's been absolute cancer from it's birth to it's death.

I saw some dude upload a video of him using scripts for cheat engine and just spamming auto turrets and his shotties.
Blatant hacking is blatant.
servers should be up. so if you got your game early, you can play. (Needs Day 1 patch though.)

Snake has AIDS

nobody's far enough in yet. Don't worry, shitposters will spam spoilers the moment they become available.

Go seek professional help user, blindly hating entertainment is not good for you.

I want to read what Caramel has to say. I don't care if he was wrong or not.

user, he died

It's not blind hate, videogames that focus on story, that leave gameplay as a secondary thing, that have microtransactions, that have paid demos and that waste money hiring hacks from Hollywood are bad videogames that deserve to fail.

You're in another dimension, large monsters from dimensions that also discovered wormhole technology are there as well, it's revealed that the dimension you're in is actually one of many wanderer controlled dimensions, you have to fight them off from reaching the "real" dimension, where they still think big boss (don't know about venom) is taking care of business. Game ends with you all fighting beside a ray against some big monsters. babby mantis shows up briefly in a cutscene.

user how can I explain to you in a non-shocking way...
Well, he ded

>have to wait until the 22nd



>videogames that focus on story
>that's bad somehow
Leave this thread. Now.

he's lieing

>videogames that focus on story,

What's your opinion on planescape torment?

Autism at its peak. Go back to the 80s, grandpa. Mario Bros. is calling to keep you safe from stories in video games.


If only the stories were good, it would make sense, but videogame writers are always talentless hacks at the level of MLP fanfiction writers, so it doesn't make any sense focusing on that.
Besides that, ANY game that puts gameplay on the background is automatic garbage.

Nothing, the gameplay is mediocre, although more entertaining than MGSV's, but it still has too much focus on the story.

Sorry you got triggered, MGS drone, but maybe if MGS had focused on making decent gameplay it wouldn't be a franchise that's 2 days away from dying.

so it's basically just dead rising with and MGS theme.

why can't we just have a single thread where we actually talk about the damn game?
can't dreamcastguy just go to sleep or something?

He's currently having a melt down in one of the Japanese streams.

What video games do you like user? You sound like such a patrician.

Dude the game isn't even out yet can you cool it for another 24-48 hours at least.

dead rising had giant "The Mist"style cthulhu monsters?

first time hearing about this

The entire concept of mother base management and the collection and crafting grind that comes with it is the worst thing that ever happened to metal gear.

The entire game takes place inside the mind of a captured soldier being turned into a member of the Skull unit.

>omg you get to customize your base??? SHIT GAME SHIT GAME REEEEEEEE

Go away Cred Forumseddit

You have to use the controller for more than 5 minutes at the time, so you won't like them.

I'm about to see the most cancerous franchise in videogame history die.
I'm not going to have another chance to do this.

Jesus you really do have Aspergers don't you?

Snake kills Dumbledore

Well, the game's not proper out yet. Makes it hard to have a meaningful discussion.

datamine user/cheatengine-san, you in here?
Some dude uploaded a video of him hacking infinite auto turrets and shotgun (in chamber)

Oh wow, namecalling, that's bad.
At least you gave up on defending your failure of a franchise.

I preordered. It's currently 16th on Steam global top sellers. MGSV was amazing. 384 hours

>dodging the question because he either doesn't play video games or is scared of criticism

Got the answer I needed, thanks

I was talking shit to him in the comments for a while, fun stuff.

Sure, but I'm good. I wouldn't do that shit on release outside of NG+ solo.

2 Days here in NA...

>16th on Steam global top sellers
>2 days away from release
Dead on arrival.

crack when?

this game looks cool i dont care what you spergs have to say about it


Which one?

same here
fucking tranny

Anything is better than Homecoming

right now, in my pants

Interestingly it's in a better position that Vermintide 2 which I also preordered. Gonna be a funnnnn month.

Same, which stream is caramel at?

gibe FutaSnake stream

I like homecoming and Downpour. It's better then the shitty team silent games.

Didn't say it was a hard bar to meet.

Same. He had infinite ammo on machine guns script too. And funny thing was, his steam name was displayed in the video. If Konami sees it, he gets nuked.
Once the game is out?

Who is caramel and does anyone care?

And then people proceed to point out how Survive has longer cutscenes than V and how that's a good thing.
You MGS drones are just desperate to defend your franchise while is on it's death bed and everyone laughing at it.

Literally all Pyramid Head would do was repetitive grinding, that's why he was so creepy

>more content is bad

>haha it's not a cutscene simulator
>actually has more cutscenes and longer ones

Did you just damage control it right now?
How fucking sad and shameless are you, drones?

I can't wait any longer

You're the real Kojimadrone

bro i dont even give a fuck about the single player it looks like a cool game to pick up and play with friends. i won't be watching any cutscenes unless theres one in the beginning you cant skip.

you wish you could smash this much

user have you ever thought that maybe you're talking to multiple people with different tastes and opinions?
Get help for your social disorder

>blindly defends the next MGS
>calls others Kojimadrones
>meanwhile this thread is calling some dude autistic for shitting on all of MGS and trying to defend the franchise
You are not fooling anyone.

yes you can


He's a good actor though pretending to know what Survive is all about yet nobody has played the full game yet.

This is his supposed steam, no name but someone could probably figure it out.

Nigga was going full autism in a previous thread, watch as he denies he took this screencap.

no seriously dude you are a fucking kojimadrone. you're the one blindly hating it because it has cutscenes that are not even part of the main focus of the game which is co-op multiplayer

>Not a real MG/MGS game

>4000 screenshots
Jesus Christ why?




>you are a kojimadrone
>btw MGS is a perfect franchise and the newest entry which I haven't played is perfect too

I'm getting fatal bullet instead!

>konami taking inspiration from death stranding
More like Konami making death stranding with gameplay.

i didnt say it was perfect? it looks fun. you're obviously some sperg who cares so much about their "perfect franchise" of Metal Gear being tarnished by a spinoff game that is obviously not related to the main story of metal gear

Ing go do the way is also duwang monster hard!

why would you ever buy this shit, user, and no this isn't some SEA translation, it's the one on the PSN you can buy right now.

I keep wanting to want Fatal Bullet and then I watch someone play it.
>NPCs gibbering at the player every five seconds
>bullet sponge enemies that do not react, at all, to being shot
>constantly have to interact with Jesus Kirito and his harem army
Schacthack needs to get a move on. I want PSO2 offline.

No, I care about the demise of Metal Gear.
You fucks were already extra cancerous during the 3 years since MGSV was announced until it came out which, fortunately, turned out to be a massive dissapointment which killed the shitty fanbase and even your shithole full of drones in /vg/

> that is obviously not related to the main story of metal gear
It should be.
Survive should fuck over all the story of MGS as a last fuck you to the dwindling MGS fanbase, since story is all you retards care about.

kys bro

didn't quietfag kill /mgg/

>the Virgin "gamer"

wtf I love MGS now

MGSV being a piece of shit not worth discussing did, obviously.
What were they going to talk about, le chapter 3?
Le ruse?

I feel this game will be a underground thing

>complains about toxic fanbase
>is literally 100x more toxic
>no self awareness at all. zero.

no gayposting killed it

>using shitty reddit memes.
user I think the loser is you.

Looks boring

>doesn't know how to greentext
fuck off nu Cred Forums


Get the fuck out with your Tumblrina buzzwords.
And no, i'm complaining about muh toxic, just that you are a bunch of drooling retards who ate up a worthless franchise because of a bunch of trailers with le ebin 80s song in the background.

And i'm here because now your franchise is about to fuck off forever.

Nice argument.

You do realize you're trying to make us believe you know what Survive is when you haven't even played it yourself.

>i'm a kojimadrone mad that i didnt get exactly the game i wanted and deserved
uh i dont give a fuck about the story but you assume i do for some reason. this game appeals to me because it DOESNT have a story and i dont have to play 4 other games to know whats going on. i'm not a drone i'm some guy that thinks this game looks fun and i'm just wondering why there are so many angry spergs trying to boycott it but you have answered my questions

>i-i swear you are the kojimadrone, but all MGS games are perfect and the next one too...

A kojimadrone, or an MGS drone, irrelevant, you are drones, the most cancerous around, and your franchise is about to die.

>one game
ok kyle maybe you should go to bed

>try the game out after seeing all the RULES OF NATURE fags
>play a few levels
>suddenly the end of the game
>at armstrong already
>he is literally based
>niggerfaggot jack the stripper kills him but immediatley takes his place

so any plans in the works to assassinate david cage?

What did he mean by this?

>your franchise is about to die
You don't know what you're talking about the game isn't out yet. You're making yourself look like a fool.

Ok kid, whatever helps you sleep at night.

beta was fun

He's too busy finishing off his own career, so no.
Too bad he doesn't have any fanboys around to laugh at them.

You actually think this is going to sell when MGSV killed the MGS fanbase, leaving only the biggest drones around?
When it's not even in the top 10 two days away from release?
When the beta averaged at 3k concurrent players, even though there was no paywall?
Nah, this is dead on arrival.
It's going to get the same reception every single MGS should have recieved.

This one faggot is like !Akemi. Christ. Give it up user. Metal Gear isn't going away any time soon.

What part of "Nobody has played the game yet" do you not understand?

He can't hear you over the sound of choking on 40 dicks desu.

>Metal Gear isn't going away any time soon.
Oh yeah, don't worry, i'm sure some day they'll release some smartphone card game.

how long until it's out?

Either now, 24 hours, or 48 hours from now. It's unclear. The store page, steam page and twitter account have all given different estimates.

I'm sure people will suddenly gain interest in the last few hours for no reason at all.

Why is this such a clusterfuck?

Konami is bad at marketing.

That's pretty cool, desu. Love giant creepy Lovecraft monsters. Is there more surprising stuff like that in the game or is that it?

Good man.

Can you make a cute woman in this or is it all super serious

Define cute

Not super cute, but cute enough.

It's a Metal Gear game, it's ALWAYS serious.

Hahahaha, just got to this thread.
Funny how that guy said that nobody gave a shit about my nick.
Nice try, cucks.

I'm making a bald woman with no eyebrows and a scarred up face. gives me a boner

Seems pretty well defended already. 8/10 Base


Like this I guess. The graphics don't fit for cute I suppose for MGSurvive
MGS2 is best MGS

Nah, this game's character creator is crap.

grey fox or olga?

You need sliderfu

Neither. Looked like MRG Raiden but with an Olga-like helmet

Time of day, friend

Looks like a whore with too much makeup.

Proofs or gtfo

That's a good thing

>MGS2 is best MGS
It really is. I'm old enough to remember the marketing campaign pre-launch... not a word about Raiden, nobody knew he was the main character. They did this to show how easy it is to control information, which happened to be a central theme in the game itself.

Me too but im worried its just going to get cracked a couple days later since FF12 did.

Isnt that the non remastered hollow fragment game with the shitty translation?

>Wormholes are also capable of pulling things from different timelines
>mfw Survive is MGS Greatest Hits

This game apparently “interacts” with MGSV in some way if you have TPP.

You’re all about to get rused.

Yeah I dont think I'm feeling that. She looks like a discount Olga, who wasn't very pretty with hair that short
I don't understand the whore meme when a character is pretty but okay. "Too much make-up" I understand hearing about but I really don't care if the characters face doesnt have imperfections. Men can look handsome with 0 make-up, women for the most part don't look too great without long eyelashes, lipstick etc

you mean the eyepatch cosmetic you get for owning tpp?

That's been the pitch. I wish it were the truth. That's what DS3 was and it was good fun.

You get cosmetics if you have a TPP save.

you send the soldiers back to TPP.

>game isn't even on top sellers list
the fuck



Thats pointless since they will all be fucking dead by the FOBautists that will be raiding all the unactive players that moved over to Survive.

>he expected this to sell

Legit spooky, I hope we actually get to fight it and not just shoot it with a helicopter.

>Metal Gear Solid Parody. The Game
Fuck, this would have been perfect for Kojima.

beta was pretty fun so yeah I expected it to sell
especially with all the trash you see on that list regularly.

>console players have MH World
>PC players have Kingdome Come
Why would anyone buy this instead of those?

You people do know that a MGS3 Fox Engine Remake will be anounced at E3, right?

16th top seller globally

top sellers list depends on where you live, if its not on there for you then not much people have bought it in your area

Kojimadrones will torch every thread about it

But it is?

Franchise's dead, yo.

I hope this pulls a KC and sells really well; the tears would be delicious.

>something metal gear related will be at e3, nonbelievers btfo kiddo
spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can

Its why I'm gonna be having so much fun playing solo in aussie desu

I get how you feel about it being cracked. It makes your purchase feel completely wasted because it's now available for free. I don't game on my pc though so I dont think about that. I'm considering not getting it for this. Heck I'm not sure


It won't because KC is a game with actual effort put into it and stands out among RPGs.
This is zombie survival game #1859073958037109

id prefer an MG 1 or two remake,
>MGS3 does get remade
>no MGO

Death Stranding, Parallel Dimensions, Wormholes, Ito, Kojima, Tentacle mosnsters, PT, Silent Hills.

I told you people it was all connect. It was all part of the ruse. It starts to unravel now, with Survive.

It won't precisely because everyone is playing KC.

Reminder that it is fucking shit.
It has nothing good about Phantom Pain, on top of shitty gameplay