Homebrew Launcher finally released for the Switch

post yfw switch freeshop soon

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what does that mean, a emulator for pc ?

Cool, I'll still buy the games though when I get one


or that now you can use pirate games?

Ever hear of the homebrew channel for the win and wii u? That's what this is

>omebrew channel

no sorry, tl dr ? pirate games now yes that is ?

>tfw just bought a switch 2 weeks ago and it hass already been hacked
hell yeah nigga i can't wait to gwt breath of the wild and mario odyssey for free

Now it actually needs some good homebrew

homebrew launcher lets you run unathorized software, which means that you could run backups downloaded from the internet and such

This is the only way i'm playing them. I'd buy these games for $30 tops and I will never pay the nintendo tax so it's free or nothing.

>freeshop soon
Too early for soon

I'd love piracy, but honestly, I mostly want emulators on the Switch.

ok thanks

>firmware 3.0
I guess you can play Zelda and uhh

No matter what fags say, having access to eshop piracy this quickly into the switches life is going to do some damage.

same desu, i got ripped off by paying $60 bucks for mk 8 deluxe and splatoon 2, but now i'm gonna wait until they make a freeshop so i can download all them free games and never give a single cent to those kikes ever again

mario rabbids

You can almost hear the Nintendo Soy

Piracy is what made the PSP, PS2 and the 3DS sell very, VERY well.

Why don't you find a cheaper hobby if you need to steal stuff via piracy?

>tfw the vita scene was largely stunted by faggots and "muh morals".

Probably not right away but it provides the environment others can use to create that kind of software for the switch

I said, IF I'm ever going to play them, that's how I'll do it. I don't need shit.

That has to be the single worst attempt at English I've seen this week.


It isn't about not having money, it's about getting games for free because why not? i mean, the only reason i bought a 3ds was because you could get free games on it via the freeshop, and i own a gaming pc with a gtx 1070 and a steam account with over 200+ games

>He expects me to believe he doesn't pirate PC games

Did you heard that by the end of the year to next year we will finally have 3.67? Also 3.65 will be released sooner

Niggers you still had to buy a 300$ system, Technically they weren't "free"

I need piracy. I spent literally 400$ on a Switch with Brap and Mario Fart 8 deluxe and was dissapointed.

fuck off then, moralfag

i pirate whatever game i want, anytime i want, however i want, and you can't do shit about it.

>PS4 and Switch home brew on the horizon

Can't wait for free games!

what kind of logic is this?


based, but why would I want this when Wii u mods are far superior? switch is a port machine

Nice. Time to get a Switch.

Why don't you not give a shit about what other people do for their hobbies? (You)

>the PSP
Are you FUCKING STUPID? Piracy is what killed the PSP.

They don't make their money on hardware.

lol whatever you say, i know a shiton of people who bought the psp just for the homebrew

Nintendo doesn't deserve to get their games stolen. But they also don't deserve to charge $60 all year round for that shit, I refuse to pay it.
I just bought Bayo 2 and paid full price because I know I'll love Bayo 2. I don't have that confidence with Mario and Zelda so I'm never going to buy them. If they had decent sales I might bite but they won't so I'm not going to unless it's Freeshop level easy. That's it.
I didn't run out and get a switch because I'm taking pride in ripping Nintendo off with piracy, I bought it pretty much exclusively for Bayonetta 3 and SMTV. Everything else is whatever.

Exclusives and portability.

I guess that makes sense, you didn't have money to begin with, carry on

Look I hate Nintendo's pricing policy as well but being you are literally being "The Faggot" right now

People say the PSP got killed all the time yet it has a ridiculous amount of good exclusives on top of almost every ps1 game.

Notice the difference between the PSP and the other consoles you mentioned? If a console is already doing well prior to a piracy method being discovered, it barely affects it. However, if a system is not doing so well, like the PSP, then piracy is pretty much the last nail in the coffin. It was the same with the Sega Dreamcast.

They make plenty on hardware, and software

I will, with my free games.

Its Free the same way PS Plus games are free, you gotta pay an entry fee to play them, just not a subscription

>buy console and hack it
>entire library free forever
>pay $60 per year for ps plus
>you get shitty games

>free forever
Until they patch it and you have to wait for another exploit.

That image macro is only saying 'if you rationalize piracy you're The Faggot but if you don't rationalize it it's fine'. I'm not rationalizing it, it's wrong to pirate period even for cost justifications, but I'm still going to do the wrong thing anyway cause I'm still not paying those prices for those games.

>300 dollars upfront for free games for the rest of the console's lifespan
>60 bucks a year for 5 years (average console lifespan) is 300
They're pretty close, but one is illegal and the other is shitty so the first one is better

>make permanent cfw that modifyes the internal system
>can't be patched anymore
that's what they did with the 3ds and luma

how fucking stupid would you have to be to update when they patch it

Oh shit I read your post wrong, i thought you were taking justification in pirating off Nintendo because thats a The Faggot thing to do. But if you don't wanna pay the money but still enjoy the games thats fine

I'll probably get a switch for this reason

Lol sure ya will todd

if someone gives me the link to or name of this JAV i will give them my switch. i'm sick of seeing it and not knowing it

im more interested in the unofficial doom port since id wont make an official one

>$300 for console + $300 for 5 years of ps plus
yep, 1st one

I only pay for the games if I like the developer

>3.0.0 only

You don't have to false flag dude. There's plenty of actual BR's in here that will make that pointless.

>i don't like the developer but i like their games
All devs are greedy jews

Aoi Shirasaki uncensored

>i don't like the developer but i like their games
either find out a way to stop me from pirating your games that works or keep all your bullshit to yourself because i aint giving you squat


Being a poorfag really do fucks with your brain

when did Cred Forums become moralfag-soyboy central?

When did it become a ghetto?
You niggers need to fuck off


Tyrone return those games please

That’s right, unlike Wii U which nobody pirated

Fuck man, I already have all 3 games I wanted.

>either find out a way to stop me from pirating your games
How are they supposed to know what you want fag