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In celebration of KH3 coming out this year, post your least favorite KH world.

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Does that even count as a world?

Almost every world from the first game desu.

Except Hollow Bastion
End of the World, Agrabah and Traverse Town.

It has been a long ass time since I've played KH and KH2.

I guess the Alice in Wonderland world? I remember it being quite lazy in terms of execution, and they had a fuckload of potential there.

Deep Jungle is fucking awfully designed. Port Royal has that awful aesthetic clash. Atlantica 2 goes without saying.

>no Indiana Jones world

I hate:
Deep jungle with a passion
Atlantica in 1 and especially
Monstro because every room looks the same
Pride lands
Every world in ddd except symphony of sorcery

I always forget the PS2 was capable of DoF

>playing kingpoop farts

I have a burning hatred for the piece of shit that was KH1's Atlantica. The rest of them from KH1 were alright, Wonderland was fucking tedious though

Tron World in DDD.

the more I look back on these games the more I really hate the disney worlds and feel like they are complete filler.

I really hope KH3 puts the main plot in the disney worlds

I remember beimg lost on the Tarzan in KH1 one for weeks because i didn't speak amy english

Yes. It was bearable in 2, but the minigames in 1 were awful.

In KH1 I just wanted to get to the part with Cloud and everything else up until hollow bastion was lame

In KH2 I wanted to get to the part with Sephiroth and I didn't really like anything else because honestly if you were a teenage boy and got excited about disney movies you are different and weird to me

In the first PSP one I wanted FF stuff but all they had was Zack, so I dropped the series

>KH3 coming out this year
I still have my doubts

Glad to know I'm not the only one that hates KH1 level design

>Jack Sparrow is now canonically a key blade wielder since anybody who touches one gains their own

Is it your job to post this on EVERY single KH topic.

Is that how it works? I thought Masters could bestow a Keyblade onto one other person of their choice.

Alice in Wonderland, probably.

Only if you are worthy and you touch a master's keyblade I think.

i'm not actually the guy that posts it in the threads, this was my first time. it's the KH version of david lunch and jumping man, along with the indiana jones poster. just accept it user

KH1 - Monstro & Deep Jungle (pains to get around)
KH2 - Atlantica
BBS & DDD - none really stood out as horrible

Imagine being this fucking gay.


you know they wont

Does the Keyblade just change into the world's Keyblade whilst you're in that world for 3? That's what this implies with all those unique attacks from it.

Every single world that isn't in KH1 is bad with the exception of Timeless River.

If you answer with anything but KH1 Atlantica you're completely fucking retarded.

>timeless river

>Does the Keyblade just change into the world's Keyblade whilst you're in that world for 3? That's what this implies with all those unique attacks from it.

Who knows.

Let's have a world with a lot of vertical design, where you swing across vines, and if you fall off, you have to start the whole thing again! And let's have lots of backtracking too, so you have to do it multiple times! Also let's have a jaguar boss that you have to fight like ten times! All for the sake of protecting some gorillas who don't do anything.

This is probably the one time licensing issues improved a series.

>reading comprehension

Tie between Monstro and Wonderland. I dread going through either of those on playthroughs.


Atlantica, in both 1 and 2.

If I absolutely had to pick I guess the Land of Dragons, I hate the timed battles.

Agrabah. It's full of sand. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

If the keyblade deems you worthy, it stays in your hand. If not, it returns to its owner automatically


That's not what I mean. I mean like how Terra passed it onto Riku.

I think that's just a trailer thing, where they show off the keyblade you're gonna get for completing that world.

At what point does Sora wield a hammer in that trailer? Are you blind?

just because you post this every thread doesn't make people care

>tfw no KH collection on Switch
Feels really bad man. I can't be bothered to dig through my boxes to find my PS2 again.

faggots of the cariboyhole was the worst level in pallet and design in the series.

steamboat willie GOAT.

He changes keyblades in the trailer

It is just a ceremonious way of doing it.
It is even in the verse terra says.
In your hand, take this Key.
>So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be.
He also could have just said "ay kid hold this key for a sec" and it would work just the same.

yes, gameplay. Deal with it

the command combo points charge way too fast
two thunders gave him to thunder finishers in less than 3 seconds
makes mob fights a joke

>I really hope KH3 puts the main plot in the disney worlds
They seem to be doing a better job than previous games if the trailers are anything to go by. Xehanort shows up in Toy Story, Vanitas is in Monsters Inc and Marluxia looks like he's in the Tangled world.

you sound like a triggered speedrunner.

You think people like you would be happy that the combat flows faster

Tarzan's world is fucking ass, and I'm sick of 100 Acre Woods all the time.

Did you not pay attention to the trailer? When it charges up a second time it doesn't give you a second finisher, it just overwrites the first one.
I like Bl00dyBizkit too, man, but don't just parrot his views.

do you know what combo points are?
one thunder gave him a thundaja which is basically a screen wipe
in one move he can clear an entire room because the combo points build too fast

i made up that thought on the spot please dont compare me to that emo creep

>do you know what combo points are?

No. Are you making some shit up? I played nearly every KH game and there was no combo point shit.

user, I don't agree with the other guy, but have you not played 0.2 or watched the combat in the trailers? Performing attacks earns you those little arrows on the left towards special moves.

they added it in 0.2
if you hit enough enemies you get a point above ur command deck
get 4 of them and you get a finisher or command style like BBS depending on the moves you used to build up the points

thundaja is the thunder finisher and clears an entire room instantly too my point he aquire it too fast


the only KH game I have not played because I am waiting for 2.8 to be cheap

Kh1 - Atlantica sucked fucking dick, Monstro was annoying and aesthetically displeasing. Never enjoyed in-body levels in games. Like Jabu's belly in OoT or the majority of Bowser's Inside Story

Kh2 - Pride Lands was very forgettable, I liked gimped Atlantica better than Kh1, still sucked tho.

BbS - DisneyTown was whatever. Nothing else stood out as annoying or terrible.

DDD - Honestly just about every world sucked cept for the Fantasia one. Fucking hated this whole carnival themed, rainbow/sherbet colored enemies shit aesthetic they were going for that's plastered throughout this damn game.
And the idea of bigger being better was just a mistake in this game. Oh boy I get to traverse a world much bigger than previous installments worlds, but just as fucking empty, yay!

KH3 - Please for the love of God don't let this "big fucking world" meme kill this game by having it be just as empty and uneventful as the worlds in DDD.
Also Frozen is inevitable and I don't look forward to it

Timeless River is my favourite also. I fucking love it.

someone showed demo screen shots at D23
the tangled world has a town chock full of npcs

I care. Keep at it user, your woes are not going unnoticed

Hopefully some of them serve a purpose, like giving a sidequest, which would be great for KH to do I think. More to do, and it's optional

Pls don't enable this cancer

>KH fan
>doesn't own a PS4

Atlantica. Any iteration of Atlantica. Let it be proclaimed around the world that underwater levels are always, ALWAYS terrible and are borderline guaranteed to be the worst part of any game they're in.

>can see the veins in Jack's hand

Man the PS2 was a beast.
I remember when screenshots of this world came out.

>buying a console for one game

Hundred Acre Wood
Pride Lands
Disney Town
CoR (on level 1)
KH2 Twilight town on repeat playthroughs

now that that's out of the way, what's your least favorite normal world in KH? mine is TWTNW. both times its shown up have had consistently high hype levels

thats the ps4 for ya
>people bought a ps3 for kh3

user I think Kingdom Hearts looks great, but you realize a lot of that is achieved through low poly assets rights? And tricks like only one characters having a non texture face at a time in cutscenes, etc.

It's more an example of pushing the limits of what you have to work with.

Are we just going to ignore that this keyblade has the master of masters eye in it?


it's $20 from FUCKING GAMESTOP right now. its not worth that much if you already own 3D

Why you think riku left that shit

I know but why is nobody speculating about it,

Riku used Soul Eater as an intermediary, and Soul Eater has an eye on it. Now that he's a Master, he doesn't need an intermediary anymore.

I'm waiting for Nomura to address all of this

1: Deep Jungle since the whole world is going back and forth and is really boring.
2: Atlantica, I don't know anyone that unironically enjoys it, especially on repeat playthroughs.
Re:CoM: Hollow Bastion, Wizards are shit.
BBS: Olympus Colloseum, it's like 3 or 4 screens and only one is new.
358/2 Days: Wonderland, has many annoying missions.
3D: Pinnochio's world, I didn't want to go back to Monstro again.

Never played coded.

The Master of Master is like the most enigmatic character in the series after he was introduced, his keyblade is the one xehanort uses and we KNOW that, however we also know that his keyblade has his eye on it and that it was put there so he could see the future.

Theres several other keyblades with his eye on it and nobody is curious about it?

Most of those weapons/Keyblades were linked to Xehanort in some way. We can assume that Xehanort has some link to the Master of Masters himself.

Chaos Ripper and End of Pain are the odd ones, since it's kind of impossible to say where they came from. They're both received by completing optional side quests which means that, until we get some proper explanation for them, the keychains for them literally just popped outta nowhere after Terra and Sora/Riku completed a completely arbitrary task.

Hated pretty much every world in DDD especially Tron's. His looked really cool in 2 and Legacy's aestetic was boring as fuck in it.

Flowmotion made everything in DDD empty as shit.

It's between Agrabah (KH2), Atlantica, or Radiant Garden (BBS).
Fuck all that.

>358/2 Days: Wonderland, has many annoying missions.
Fuck that place too.

Most of the KH2 worlds. Pride Lands, Atlantica, World That Never Was, fucking AGRABAH, what a load of shit.

>it's $20 from FUCKING GAMESTOP right now.

Walmart still has it for like $40

>tfw i really enjoyed 3D just because i got to have a full party of nothing but frogs wearing different suits
>tfw stuck with donald and goofy again this game instead of my ballin' frogsquad
No, fuck you, I'm not memeing because of Pepe. Fuck Pepe, I just like frogs and the frog Dream Eaters in 3D were absolutely adorable. Same goes for the really cute ghosts with the knives and forks.
Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind if they brought the dumb nintendogs minigame back as a purely optional thing but with every enemy, including heartless and shit. KH enemies are too goddamn cute.

Probably Wonderland or the Jungle from KH1

The first KH at least tried a bit. Pinocchio intriguing riku, and Triton warning of keyblade warriors bringing ruin, Hook's ship was more about the main plot with peter pan just happening to cameo.

KH2 dropped all that and it was 100% filler. Just retold the disney movies but much worse

They do, if they stick with the Hercules thing they're doing

Yeah the "just retell the movie" thing gets really old.

KH1 had cool unpredictable shit like Beast showing up to help you in Hollow Bastion.

I have so much hatred for the Mulan world.

Apparently KH3 is working on having seperate (at least, moetly seperate) plots from the actual movies. We've already gotten confirmation that the BH6 world takes place after the end of the actual movie, Toy Story looks like it's between 2 and 3, and even if Monster's Inc looks like the only possible exception to that with Boo still being in disguise, "Laugh Power" shows up in the trailer so who knows.
Plus, Maleficent and Pete are actually going around and interacting with other Disney villains again.

>I have so much hatred for the Mulan world.
>lose condition of a morale bar

Yeah, I forgot how much I hated that world. Like half of the KH2 worlds were shit.

Some in the later games are good. I liked Ventus's Cinderella and the Phantasia world. But maybe it was 90% relief at the worlds not being as shit as the KH2 ones.

Not to mention Vantias being in Monsters Inc world.

KH2 is kind of a conundrum in that the combat is fucking great, but the worlds are fucking garbage.
The only parts of the game with actual good level design and fights that take advantage of the combat system are CoR and maybe PR.

>coming out this year

Thinking back and Traverse Town and Wonderland were alright in the first game. With Olympus being neutral. All the other ones had some pain in the ass part of them that was annoying as shit.

CoR is awesome and the rest of the game blows.

>Kerchak survives in Tarzan's World
>Hades never gets truly defeated, can easily keep coming back
>Genie Jafar isn't immediately undone by his third wish and becomes a boss fight, making Iago handle the lamp
>Beast in Hollow Bastion

KH1 definitely had some nice ideas. I'm happy KH3 is bringing original stories with Disney characters back, and giving them relevance (Sora has to go see Hercules to remember how to be a hero).

2 > 1 > CoM > BBS > .2 > 3D > 358/2 > Re:C

prove me wrong

>coded worse than days
Opinion instantly discarded.

I have hope. Looking at the trailers for KH3, you see a lot of dialogue with main villains in disney worlds.

I mean, just seeing Vanitas holding a scream canister just blows my mind.

Then what fucking reason do you have to own a Switch?

Most hated would be
>Deep Jungle
>Dwarves as Ventus
>Disney Town as all 3
>Neverland as all 3
>Tron's World

CoM just has the worlds as backgrounds so there aren't really any better or worse ones.
Days is kind of the same. The worlds all have similar missions and each one has their own shitty mission.

>BBS above 0.2
>BBS above 3D
>358/2 better than literally anything
Actual order incoming:
1 ≥ 2 > CoM = Re:Coded > 0.2 > 3D ≥ BBS > 358/2 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Unchained/Union X

The first Kingdom Hearts was easily my favorite, but I can't remember loving any of the worlds beyond the non-Disney ones looking back.

It always bothered me how empty they felt beyond the two or three main Disney characters you talked to in each one.

And they're all good.

Does anyone have that old "agrabah general" image that used to get posted when 358/2 came out?

I hate the Deep Space world because of it's wasted fucking potential
I didn't even really play it I just want a good mainline Lilo and Stitch Hawaiian level

>Monsters Inc uses scream(fear) for power
>Vantias is a physical embodiment of all negative emotions
Huh I just got the connection for why that world is perfect for him to appear in.

I was really hoping Hawaii was going to be one of the worlds. Since we see Stitch take off in Deep Space at the end of BBS I was hoping he would make his way to earth by 3.

deep jungle in KH1 is such a fucking mess

Lilo and Stitch is underrated. Was never a big fan of how some characters like Stitch were just used as quick throwaway cameos that don't really have any explanation or payoff.

will they meet again v
will we get best pantsu again

I don't particularly hate any world in 1, but the most boring one would have to be Monstro. Best battle music though.

Pride Lands. Atlantica may be obnoxious to play through, but it's just a minigame world that could be skipped whereas Pride Lands was mandatory and had boring empty rooms that were a drag to explore.

Disney Town. Too small and I wasn't a fan of some of the minigames. The Pinball room was pretty cool though.

The Grid. Each room was way too visually similar making it both annoying and unnecessarily difficult to explore.

Can you imagine?
A Hawaiin level but there are areas where you switch to being on board an alien space ship
Cousin-shaped heartless
Stitch in your party, but other Cousins show up at random to help you
Gantu miniboss and 628 boss

No because they no longer have the rights to use Tarzan in the games. Which is why it is no longer used or referenced.

little mermaid

>chilling on the beach and remembering what was left behind

Why did it take 16 years for Hercules to become a party member?

he was technically a party member in bbs for a little bit
>someone did it again

Have you ever played DDD? It makes KH1 look like the most alive game in existance.

So what are the odds of the rest of FFIX's cast showing up somewhere?

None of the worlds in KH3 look like they're gonna be a slog to go through, they all seem like they're gonna be equally fun, which is rare for a KH game.

I'm super behind on actually playing spin-offs.

FFIX gets ignored pretty fucking hard by Kingdom Hearts. I wouldn't hold your breath my dude

in 0.2 'combo points' seemed to have an arbitrary aspect to them

Outside of BBS I can't recommend any of them.
Even BBS only gets the pass because melding gets fun later on.

>That gif is now finally accurate.

vivi in kh2

>combo points

They aren't locking keyblade transformations behind that are they? Shotlock and stronger magic are fine but the gae wouldn't be fun if you had keybalde transformation tied to that. It should be tied to the keyblade if they aren't going to have drive meter.

I played partway through Chain of Memories. Got sick of cards and looked up the story online.

Got most of the way through 358 Days. Got sick of ice cream and looked up the story online.

I'm surprised they haven't confirmed a Hawaii world with how popular Stitch is. 2 didn't even end Stitch's arc, he just kind of fucks off.

The PS4 remakes save you the trouble and just flat out remove the game and show you the story instead.

we can all agree the story for KH2 was shit but the gameplay was a huge improvement from 1

the most likely to appear characters would be Noctis and Lightning
any other FF character that's popular these days apart from Cloud?

What gif?

idk man, the toy story world and the monsters inc world seem too similar to me
they should've gone with a different pixar movie this time, like bug's life or inside out

We don't know. Spellweaver was locked behind them in 0.2, but so far we don't really have any idea how it works in 3. We also have no idea how Summons work, either.

Someone drew a gif with Sora on the island with max stats, it's posted on the KH general sometimes.

in both games

Neverland because it's short as fuck, the interior rooms have the worst camera moments in the game, and flying is underutilized.
Port Royal for having uncanny valley graphics, a nearly line-for-line rehash of the movie script, and terrible gimmicky pirate enemies.
Keyblade Graveyard because of how tiny it is compared to the final levels in other games.
La Cité des Cloches because it wasted Frollo. So much potential squandered.

I have to clarify and say that KH1 overall has the best world/level design despite all of its obvious shortcomings. Instead of building/refining on its ideas KH2 just made everything flat and boring. BBS is a bit better but not great. DDD went overboard with the flowmotion, hopefully KH3 will fix what went wrong.

i really liked this world. comfy theme, several episodes to the story that seem disconnected, kind of like everyone has amnesia and doesn't know where they are or why they're there, but they just go with it. plus the ending there with the rainbow made me emotional for some reason, nothing else in that game got me like that, probably due to nostalgia for winnie the pooh.

so even though the gameplay segments sucked, hundred acre wood was 10/10 for feel and atmosphere, IMO

good taste
the pride lands were ok to me cause grinding for items there was fun as fuck and you could run and shit and the music was comfy

I know it's something people talk about all the time, but I still really want a Star Wars world. Rescuing Leia, fighting Vader and some Heartless/Organization boss with Old Ben. Then when you come back you do the trench run with Luke against a Heartless Death Star.

The final gummi mission in 2 is legally distinct star wars anyway, I'm surprised they didn't shoe-horn it in.

hated monstro in KH1, but the jungle was much worse.

maybe its just because i don't remember it as well, but i don't think i hated any of KH2. i guess the pirates of the carribean stuff just because it seemed so out of place. it's actual execution was fine though

what if Nomura's big surprise at the end of the game is a huge ass war where every single party member that's helped sora and riku along the franchise appears and helps the seven lights fuck shit up? that'd be amazing desu, imagine 20+ party members

It's far from the worst. I like how in KH1 the minigames are incorporated into the core mechanics instead of being their own separate thing, it's far from perfect but it added a lot of charm in my opinion. KH2's is a bit pointless and feels more sterile, but it's not awful.

Have you been living under a rock? All the Keyblades have transformations now

There's a big character shot in DDD I think

i have no opinion on the matter but keep in mind it was a gameplay demo so perhaps they had it charge faster just for the trailer?

definitely monstro or deep jungle. i could've sworn the monkeys talked in the actual tarzan movie but they didn't here and the whole level design was a mess. monstro just because of the aesthetic and annoying maze like design. 100 acre wood though will always be my favorite, grew up watching winnie the pooh and he'll always be my fave disney character

>120 hours
What drives a man to do this.

I honestly don't. I don't like Star Wars and don't want it to be put in this series.

Hollow Bastion, too spoopy and eerie for my 7yo self and too boring at the same time, and also wonderland
I think I enjoyed all of them, maybe Agrabah not so much
all were good
hated all of them honestly, fantasia was ok though

Poop's world, Atlantica KH1(KH2 was qte so didnt matter much imo), Pirates(despite that amazing battle theme), Pridelands was a chore, revisiting worlds of KH1 in ReCom.

Re:coded is literally the best Command Deck game
>BbS over DDD which improved everything
>BbS over 0.2

I can get behind this although I enjoy Uχ more than Days, by a wide margin.


yeah, but I mean every party member from every disney world included, as well as summons as stuff
think of it as some kind of disney army