Give me back my money

give me back my money

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"backing" shit on "crowdfunding" sites

LMFAOing at your pathetic life, wish you'd get aids instead of a game to teach you fo real

They said it'll still be released, just that it's going to take longer than it should've. It's no big deal, have a bit of fucking patience.
And then get angry when it comes out and it's a piece of shit.

its ok, we have PREY

this is why you "back" them by buying their product

Ehh, it happens. Lots of non-crowdfunded games have development problems.

You're harsh (and maybe poor too?). There is some rare stuff that i would back just for a CHANCE for it to be made, even if shittily/slowly/never. Now, backing something like an AAA remake of an already great game, that's retarded.

Yesh but the point of crowfunding is to avoid those issues

Name one crowdfunded game that turned out good. I'll wait.

How much hookers & blow are they doing on their "hiatus" and where?




>Game 2
>Other Game
>i sad GOOD games
now that that's out of the way. let's talk about how these people took money to make a simple remake and then ran away with the development to try and make something nobody asked for.

Wasteland 2

And before you say "I didn't think so", guess what, I can pull the opinion card too.

Shovel Knight


Project management and development problems usually aren't related to the funding source.

Original Sin 1/2

I've backed 3 tg related kickstarters and they all missed their self imposed deadline some by even YEARS (Call of Cthulhu 7th edition's KS was botched so bad it got people fired.) Actual professionals fucked up making a book with words.

I can't even imagine backing videogames with the greater costs and time it takes to make them.

Shovel Knight, Shantae, A Hat in Time but its a real fucking short list. the number of failures outweighs the number of success by a good percentage.

the first big warning sign to me was when they announced they were changing the art style and stuff and it started looking like Prey and shit.

Pillars of Eternity.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I said GOOD

it's on hiatus, goy.
not cancelled.
wait tm for it.

They usually turn out alright for localizing games, specially visual novels.

Grim Dawn

here's your (YOU)

november backer update last year is where you could tell they were going somewhere completely different and fucking it up.

instead of simply remaking the levels in new tech they started in with the 'artistic license' bullshit talk about "what did this level express" and the "essence of the game" instead of just saying "look guys it looks just like the original game but better graphics." what a waste of time and resources and especially backers' money, and since there's no actual process to control the money like standard venture rounds everybody is fucked.

>giving money to scamstarter
kill yourself retard

They dont have to

Its one of those cases where they had a lot of private funding and got small amount trough crowdfunding.

well user just wrecked you fags. guess he's done here.

pic related, he needs to finish


Okay, name a good game or two so we can try to figure out what your standards are


>Backed Barkley 2

Crowdfunding was born to be a good thing, but the lack of control has become rampant and people are clearly not capable of dealing with the workload they set for themselves. Those websites should be legally binding in some way, shape or form. Else people will just keep running away with the money.

Videogames are far from the most scummy things being made on kickstarter.

Skullgirls wasn't crowdfunded, they got millions from a publisher and then after the game was done just begged the fans for additional money to make extra characters. They didn't have much space to fuck up with that.

hollow knight

Still wouldn't have gotten made without crowdfunding.

that project is deader than my sex life

>give me back my money
The dev is literally Jewish


>but game is shit! You can't prove me wrong


I’m still waiting

I remember watching a recent update where they talked about a reception area for a hospital and I thought, "neat"
Then I actually played the first SS and realized there was something terribly wrong with that
Luckily I have no money in it, but I will check it out IF it actually gets finished

Can't you still download System Shock Portable for free? Or was that taken down when it was released on GOG/steam?

>Backing a kickstarter

You deserve what you got faggot

Nah, its still up


this is why i dont support ks out of all the projects that i could see myself giving money only 2 delivered the full thing

also this reboot looks like absolute shit, not really a big fan of system shock myself but i thought anyone could see that, that it looks so poorly made i wouldnt want to play, apparently it is just me

psh nothing personnel kid, just taking a wrong path

Not spending your money on something that has a "chance" to be made =/= poor. It's just being smart lol.


This. You would think these retard would learn something after all of the horror stories, but i guess you can never underestimate stupid.

>i think shadowrun turned out okay
>game 1 has a reference to that faggot kluwe 5 minutes into the game

I 100% will admit that even with the creation of good games from, crowdfunding is gigantic cancerous failure. I don't or can't care anymore about all the "what could have been" if crowdfunding was not available. If cuphead can get made with out it, you can lie/cheat/steal your way to making a game too with out crowdfunding.

Demand it from them, not from here.

>tfw I've only backed Little Witch Academia and Hyper Light Drifter
Who else /discerning consumer/ here?

A Hat in Time


Shit like this is why I stopped kickstarting games.

I just kickstart toys now

>buying toys as an adult
r u a paedo

Any merit in going back to play the original?

Once you get over the controls it's pretty fun
Worth at least one playthrough imo

>level design update last november
>hey guys look we made the levels kinda similar!
>we decided to do this and this and change this because reasons

Nothing wrong with being an adult collector.

but yes

> its ok, we have PREY
Yeah, another cheap piece of shit for blind retards which can't see second-hand nature of game. Garbage collector simulator.

Hollow knight is fucking amazing

That's kickstarter slang for "we ran out of money and are never releasing anything". Get a clue.

>Torment: Numenera

That sure turned out good, didn't it?


Honestly i lied the direction they were taking with it even it wasnt like that ugly blue demo.

its not your money anymore.

not how investments work
you pay and pray you make a profit

Don't forget that there's also System Shock 3 in the works, wasn't interested in the reboot anyway

The scam to legit ratio in kickstarter is ridiculous, nice straw man comic.

Expeditions: Conquistador

HERO - Monster Girl Quest 3D

What is "the wrong path"? Aren't they just straight-up remaking the game or did they change the gameplay to be more accessible or whatever and realized it sucked?

No, you said "good".
And you were answered manyfold.

But you chose to be a retard and simply respond retarded to any and every answer with the implication that none of these highly rated and successful games are good, like a dumb retard.
inb4 responding to bait, U mad, hurf durf

The Banner Saga


>Mighty Number 9
>Yuka Laylee
>Broken Age
>Red Ash
>The Arkh Project
>Double Fine
>Mansion Lord
>The Stomping Land
>Code Hero
>Greed Monger
>Unforgotten Quest
>Forsaken Fortress
>Limit Theory
>Tornado Maker
>DCS WWII Europe 1944
>Rocket Ranger Reloaded
>Zombie Playground
>Two Guys Spaceventures

Grand theft auto 5

Kingdom Death Monster

And this is EXACTLY why I don't do crowdfunding. Last year, one of my favorite bands did an Indiegogo campaign for a new album. I didn't contribute because crowdfunding. Sure enough, a few months ago, the guitarist's mother died, and they're just now letting us know that the album is 'on hold.'

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.


Yeah, but it was not an investment, it was a purchase of a chance that the game will release.
Kind of like a lottery, except even moreso than with normal games, where you only gamble on the game being not overhyped and overmarketed shit.

Shit is going down in kickstarter.

lottery dumb then, wait 'til game release and then return game if bad
>console game
shit outta luck for returns

games are hard to make and hard to enjoy

double fine is not a game, and you included broken age which is by double fine.
correct your list, faggot.

Literally nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Broken Age is a little mediocre, but it's not terrible

Also Psychonauts 2 is probably gonna be pretty good since they have Wolpaw back for writing and mechanically the game already looks leaps and bounds better than the first

how hard can it be to remake Shock in Unreal Engine. the maps were like wolfenstein 3d with some slopes, either way, it was a cult game at best that only me and couple other people have ever played

You think you can develop that pictured game with 1.3 million dollars? And that's probably before taxes and reward fulfillment? LOL you threw your money into a gator pit because someone told you you would get 3 wishes

Send me $20,000 and I'll correct my list in 3-5 years.

>hand a hobo money
>hobo buy booze
>M-My money!!

Shadowrun Returns had miles upon miles of problems, the most glaring one being that it was built around playing on a tablet before realizing post launch what a horrible idea that turned out to be. Dragonfall and Hong Kong was the studio learning from their lesson

not everything is triple a

>If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
Crowdfunding does not sound all that good, chump.
Sure that is the sensible thing to do, the problem is, if there are only sensible people and nobody takes the risk, nobody will get the game eventually.

The risk is that the game might not release, or not be up to scratch, the reward is that there is a fairly high chance that you get a game you most certainly will not get otherwise.

You know, I'm not even sure what they want to do at this point. It says the following at the top

>System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel

but then the update makes it sound like a remaster

Man, they should remake Bioforge and Alone in the Dark Trilogy

>give me money so that I will not look like an idiot

Is Shadowrun Returns still worth the time?

>this post

you don't get your full amount refunded so in the case of the game i dont get why you just wouldn't let it ride. your refund only would consist of a portion of any remaining funds proportional to your pledge amount minus an 8% transaction fee.

No one Said about Darkest Dungeon
A shame

No, just jump to Dragonfall and maybe Hong Kong.

This is the entire point.

They got way too much money on their hands and with freedom comes incompetence if you are not really fit for a job.

They started mindlessly adding their own vision into the project and got way over their heads until the money was over and nothing was really made.

Shovel Knight
That was DLC.

Let's be generous and say 800,000 dollars is left over after their kickstarter. That takes care of 1 or 2 people working out of their basement purely out of love, and then you better expect to wait 5 years minimum for a game. Once you get other employees involved and are paying wages, 1 million dollars disappears like fucking nothing. People don't realize how much games cost.

Turned out "WELL", not "good". Learn English.

>People don't realize how much games cost.

He clearly meant "turned out a good game". You literally have the reading comprehension of a 6 years old.

I mean I've seen development costs for some games be less than 1.3mil (Chivalry Medieval Warfare) but this team had bit off more than they could chew with this project, they were trying to use an indie budget for a game that's critically acclaimed. They should of approach Sony or Microsoft for more funding, I don't know the internal issues they're experiencing but either it's problem with creative direction that the team disagrees with or it's related to finances, either way I think it was naive of the developers.


why not ? the most expensive thing would be paying for the creation / licensing of all the necessary textures/meshes/animations. which doesn't even come close to a million. you just use whatever baked in features are available from your engine and don't waste time and money writing shit like lighting systems / shaders / net code and its not hard at all. writing game code itself is pretty easy.

They all say that. It doesn't mean it's going to happen.

You sound like you haven't played it once. Keep it vague and people won't notice.

>Barkley 2

Don't forget this one

>There is some rare stuff that i would back just for a CHANCE for it to be made
And that's what you did, and now it's not getting made. Guess you're a fucking loser on this one.

Freedom Planet

>You sound like you haven't played it once. Keep it vague and people won't notice.
>Garbage collector simulator.
That sounds pretty fucking spot on to me user, although he could have added water fountain simulator as well.

>still trusting the crowdfunding meme
you have no one to blame but yourself

You you can't pick the good projects from the bad you really do have only yourself to blame. I've gotten about 6 great games from crowdfunding and only 1 mediocre game

Absolutely. If you liked Ultima underworld or similar games you're in for a treat.



>they rebooted the project instead of finishing it on the scale they promised
>already ran out of funds

You forgot spacebase df9.

A half-assed bug-ridden shitfest of a game they preys on nostalgia and plays like shit.
Oh wait that's every other reply that isn't me. Guess I'm out of ideas.


>give me back my money
why? kickstarter is not a pre-order system

Maybe post games that are actually good and that won't happen.

Friday the 13th is starting to shape up.