Which one is going to have the best open world after it's all said and done?

Which one is going to have the best open world after it's all said and done?

Cyberpunk, as far as we know it takes place in two main cities so it should be pretty packed as opposed to empty fields, like in Red Dead

Rockstar are seriously overrated


Open is Rockstars child and the reason everyone is memeing it up putting it into their games nowadays

Cyberpunk has the most potential, I think it'll be the best if it has lots of verticality , like Blade Runner style of buildings stacked together and being incredibly dense. Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the safest option though

Probably RDR2

Cyberpunk, and I agree with that Rockstar is overrated. There is nothing to do in GTA5 and RDR's worlds. They are empty as fuck and lack any depth. Fucking cops popping up out of nowhere, NPCs literally meant to despawn when you turn around. The only thing I can say for Rockstar is their games can usually guarantee a good 20 hour experience even if its impossible to replay them. Most of GTA3, VC, SA, 4 and 5's missions are awful. They did boring "Go from X to Ywhile character dumps exposition at you" missions before Assassin's Creed really made me hate such things


>as opposed to empty fields, like in Red Dead
Glad to know you've played it user

Please tell us more about your bias.

Depends on what you like.

In the next 6 months we should be able to see all of them in action. Going to be interesting to see which one shows the most potential but I would be lying if I didn't say that when Rockstar does decide to drop their gameplay video for Red Dead Redemption 2, that it will probably be the most impressive.

>Taimanin Asagi open world action game

Let this happen

>A meme console exclusive, probably online focused and full of microtransactions
>A fucking movie console exclusive by an overrated poser
>A multi plat PC focused game in a poppular unexplored setting, by based slavs who brought us Witcher 3

Hmmmmm not sureeeeee

Someone didn't get enough hugs from his grandpa :)

Is this even a question? Hideo Kojima and even CDRED have already said R* are the masters.

I actually did, all the way to his deathbed, we played chess before he died

there's probably like 10% chance Death Stranding and CP2077 even sniff RDR2's sales and success.

>who brought us Witcher 3

gee i cant wait for another 300 hour multiple choice quiz mash x to win visual novel but this time set in THE FUTURE

There are guns now, so it should solve the gameplay issue

And nothing wrong with multiple choices or CDPR writing

>A meme console exclusive
Nope, it will come to PC.
>probably online focused and full of microtransactions
I doubt it and even if that were the case, that didn't stop GTAV from destroying TW3 in every conceivable way

if by "every conceivable way" you mean better sales sure

cyberpunk will never be released

CDRED literally said GTAV was the greatest game ever made

Now I disagree but even your precocious dev thinks they aren't making better games than them.

cdprojekt is definitely cooking something nice

death stranding probably wont be bad either but i dont play sony nigger shit

You're thinking of Butterlord.

2077 if it is ever released
Death Standing will be second best because RDR2 is going to be chock full of microtransaction cancer and multiplayer bullshit

>2-5 minute rides through nothing between locations
Your fucking rocks and trees that has nothing in it does not count as locations fuckwit.

We havent even seen DS and CP yet.