Look at this nep

Look at this nep

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post more best girl

that I just fucked

look at you samefag this thread to 500 posts

Looks nice.


I want to _____ Nep.


nepgear is cute, too!





Go away, Nep a best.




Vert game when?

not cute enough, too old

>not cute enough
Wrong, Vert is very cute.
>too old
Blanc is older and she got her own game
Vert bullying has to end.

>tfw looking and masturbating furiously at the same time

Bert a shit.

user if you don't have anything nice to say about my big sister please don't say anything at all.

It's nice to know she'll never get a game or sister.

No option to join her and wash her hair. It's like developers don't even know what people truly want.

muh little sister

she's got a nice body but not much going for her besides

boring and gay. doesn't want dick. either forceful rape or accept your fate. you will never have a loving relationship with her. not to mention she is the embodiment of the shittiest console.

Those aren't nice things at all.

I want to watch Vert tease Blanc until she snaps


To whom it may concern, neptunia is fucking trash, all of it, anyone telling you otherwise is lying, gelbooru has everything this game has to offer, but better

Sorry user that's all there is here is the uncensored though.

>look ma i posted it again!

My wife from a mobile game.

Nep is a qt shitposter

to be fair nep games are not very good but I still find them fun and that's what matters at the end o the day

thanks bro thats what I was looking for

HMS Neptune was for real.

You should ask Idea Factory that.

cutest shitposter

does she shitpost as purple heart?

Pretty loudly at that.

I want to shitpost on n-chan with neppy!


Sup Noire



I want to EJACULATE in Nep.

Which nep has the best panties?


Don't be mean.

isn't it neat?

Wouldn't you like to lick her feet?

Not purple heart or black heart


I love the spant eyed haughty smug look

I am literally going to marry Uni!

go to bed nepgear