Street Fighter V Thread

Ragequit: The Character is out tomorrow. How do you feel about the legion of laggy online Blankas that are coming?

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>not being one of those with the story costume
I fucking hate Blanka but that shit is too good not to play him.

la creatura...

I don't care anymore.
I play Rev2 and Fighterz, have uninstalled this crap since then.

i always thought blanka was as iconic as chunli or the other veteren characters. why does everyone hate him

El goblino...

Yes, yes. We get it. You think some dumb racist caricature is funny.

He is annoying to deal with, forces you to play boring. Luckily they gave him a command throw because why the fuck not?

Iconic in looks but trash in execution/design. Ono uses him to troll everyone. Doubt even he genuinely likes him.

>Always loved Blanka in concept
>never liked the way he felt
>every subsequent release doesn't do it for me either
Hoping tomorrow surprises me but I'm not holding my breath.

Why you no shimmy, Jimmy?

I mean it's not like lag wasn't a problem until Blanka released. . .

Uninstalled that shit a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago

I'm a simple scrub. What exactly does he do that's annoying and forces you to play lame?
Is he plus on everything with big buttons like FANG or is he a bunch of hard-hitting mixups or something like that?

Le 33% face

hey thanks for stopping by to let us know, we were worried about you. How's your day going?

Random blanka balls and unsafe slides, trying to force his way in with hops. You literally just hold down back and jab at appropriate times.
Obviously this changes at the not shitter level, he usually has decent buttons in neutral.

>two years later
>still haven't updated the image
Sad, wasted life. Just end it, user.

You forgot the electricity spam scrub killer

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Oh, yeah. I wonder if that's still a piano input.

Time to go outside and interact with people user

>angry irrelevant euro

Who knows. I've fought countless Ryus in SF4, yet in 5 I've barely come across one.

>this long-winded response
>over memes
Neck yaself famalam

You don't even have a country, man. As disgusting as the U.S., it isn't half as pathetic as your faggy European "Union."


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This is unironically a better response. No need for fucking eight paragraphs.

>legion of laggy online Blankas
Games dead Jim

I just want you to know despite all the mean memes, we are not indifferent to your suffering. We're entertained and motivated by it

>all these butthurt euroshits shit-talking about AMERICA on an AMERICAN website on the AMERICAN invented internet
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Yeah it should be covered in gold now

>AMERICA on an AMERICAN website on the AMERICAN invented internet
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I'm happy Mike didn't live long enough to see Blanka.

Does blanka ball still crossup?

right-wing activism website, shill

where's the dbz image

Cred Forums is apolitical, underage

Whats dbz?


no u

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You don't have to be racist to appreciate racist jokes.


I finna blanka up

>expect Cred Forumsappa
>get Cred Forums
Well, at least it's not retards complaining about DPs.

only in vtrigger 1

Can't wait to see DSP play as him and bitch online.

>still no Necro

Cred Forums is omnipresent

Which is worse? Never having your character put in the game or having him put in the game where they completely change every facet of him and make them absolutely unfun to play AND bottom tier at the same time with no hope of them ever being like their former selves? You still have some hope user. Mine left long ago.T

Thinking about just buying him since I have fuck all for FM now. Which is a damn shame, because I really want him, along with Cody and Sagat. But I should be fine by then, but you never know.

The story costume is the doll one, right? That shit is so good.

>still playing vega
you enjoy torturing yourself?

Who are Vega AND Juri, Alex.

Fuck Capcom. Fucking retards.


I mained him in every game he was in. Even Vanilla SF4 when he was literally the worst character in the game I gleaned some enjoyment out of him. But this? They put a Vega skin over Gen, raped him and called it a day.

So random question. Does Vega get stages he can climb in besides SII? And is he only character that actually gets stage bonuses like that?

I haven't played in forever. They ruined my main?

and Alex, at least in 3S he had some decent matchups. in SFV he's just memes and shit everything

He could do it in Alpha 3 with certain inputs but aside from that it's just early versions of SF2 and SFV. In general, the cage climb really sucks because you have very little control over it and the opponent has time to make a sandwich and come back to counter it. It just looks really cool.

If you liked poking and heavy footsies, yeah. They took that from him and forgot to give him anything else in return.

Yeah, the plushie one.

You must not play online much. Plenty of ryus online and more than a few at my locals.

I'm glad Charlie Blanka is back

Gonna fire up one of my smurf accounts tommorrow to farm lulz off of the small influx of returning players. Gonna be fun on the bun.

If you have a particular problem with any random character you are a fucking scrub and need to get good

Yeah. I'm thinking about just buying him and that costume. Never really played Blanka before so I'm not sure if I'll like him but I've liked what I've seen so far.

Shit, I still need to buy Sakura's other two outfits too. Mad that some of my favorite colors aren't included in the default costume purchase.

Laggy south american Kens are gonna be replaced by laggy south american Blankas. Get some free points though on the first day Blankas who don't know what they are doing.

I feel like I'm missing something but I'm absolutely SHIT at fighting any Vega. But then I'm a Silver/Super-Silver scrub.

They really did fuck up Juri something fierce though. Christ, I feel bad for Jurifags.

She's like the ONE character in the game that I just cannot stand to fucking play at all. Forcing myself through her trials was an ordeal for me.