Godlike gunplay

Any game with better gunplay feeling than Max Payne 3?

it still amaze me that they could make a game based in any place on this gay earth but they chose brazil more bland impossible

i don't know if it's better, but F.E.A.R. had some fun gunplay, at least i thought so

literally the only game where you can shoot favelaniggers in HD

you hate those bastards so much you wanna shoot them?

i dont even want to be reminded that they exist

dude are you a favelanigger?

This is one of my favorite games, but I only just now noticed the chunk missing from his ear.

On topic, no, it's the best.

Binary Domain

New Doom and Wolfenstein games deliver nice feedback

Have played them all except Binary Domain. It's mainly fighting robots, isn't it?

>Have game with some of the best gunplay of all time
>Still can't figure out how to make shooting baddies fun in GTA

Yeah, you can target specific body parts and get a reaction, like RE4. Blow off their legs and they'll crawl Terminator-style at you. A headshot makes them malfunction and shoot their own allies, ect.

This beauty

Hate that it's literally 50% cut-scenes, you have to wait aeons to skip. Gameplay itself remains unchallenged

I think they wanted to expand something out of just NYC and I was iffy when I played it but it really didn't matter. Even though he was in Brazil it still felt like a Max Payne game. I think it's one of the better titles.

Max Payne 2

i didnt like that you had do use ironsights

The guns in this game felt splendid. They especially sounded great.

>great gameplay
>but endless cutscenes
who thought this was a good idea?

It's console exclusive though


No. Maybe Resident Evil 6.

FPS is for PC. Emulation is a pain in the ass tbqh

No unfortunately

Try not sucking.

Are you 12?


No sucking on my part whatsoever. Controllers lack prescision to make the shooting fun and emulation is just as it is. It doesn't work properly a lot of the time

No one mentioning how good the guns in this felt?
Tense and visceral, maybe a little over the top but fuck you guns are scary

You can look up videos of people playing non-emulatable console exclusive shooters displaying pinpoint accuracy right now. You just suck.

So I've been playing MHW with the Chain Blitz. Reminds me alot of the Cybertron game's style of play and maybe Uncharted. Is there a word for that type of shooter? Like a really loose third person view with ample mobility?

How can it be 'one of the better titles' when there's only three? It's not like there's a lot of room for 'diversity in series rankings'. There's three entries.

garbage post, only Vanquish has good gunplay out of the games you listed

You clearly misunderstand the word fun. Sooner or later one gets accustomed to bad controls and it starts to work better but I don't have the time for that shit. Give me something that's fun learning ingame, not a stupid messy control system

I absolutely loved how the shotguns actually behaves like a shotgun and are capable of tearing off a man's skull even from far away. But I felt like the shooting wasn't that satisfying in contrast to the melee which is visceral and has great visual feedback.

9 year old me played CoD/MoH/Black on consoles without complaint about “muh dead zones”

Git gud

I really liked the multiplayer on this one because the heavy weight to the guns and characters

That's a poor man's choice, dude. If there is one, the pc version is usually superior. Also, somewhat should kick your fucking parents in the teeth

I had a problem with trying to find a game that was as fucking kino as this.
only ones that come to mind are f.e.a.r. and wolf:tno/tob

So you do suck and don't have the time to get better. Why didn't you just say that?

Really liked the original Prey. Give it a try, gunplay is fun

Max Payne 3 is a fucking masterpiece gameplay wise. I adore everything about that game, I even enjoy the cutscenes every time I see them.

Good taste my man.

>No. Maybe Resident Evil 6.

Are you kidding? I quit the game specifically because all the guns felt like shit, especially when compared to 4

I remember playing it on 360 and getting nauseous on one of the portal segments never went back to it.
might give it a try someday

K2 is unironically one of the most immersive FPSs I've ever played. Wish I could play it for the first time again, surpassed even the bullshot E3 trailer.

I didn't hate Shadowfall, and I understand they were going for a spy game type tone, but the game really lost a lot of the series' identity when they made everything so floaty.

Most shit can be overcome but the thing is, it shouldn't be there in the first place. Never said I was bad on console. Actually started out on 360 back in the day and played years, before getting a decent PC. Just feels much smoother playing a game. Stop excusing that bs

F.E.A.R. probably. It's the only other shooter series I can think of that has the fun slow-mo gunplay.

The banter between Max and Passos is just so damned good, that exchange at the elevator in the football stadium level should have won an award.

There's nothing to excuse, if you aren't used to it then learn to adjust to it. I know people that suck ass with KBM and only wanna use pad, but I'm not gonna turn around and say KBM inherently sucks.

Dead Space


Underrated as all hell

my nigga

Soso game but amazing gunplay

>amazing anything
game has objectivley bad gunplay

I love FEAR, but I was thinking it could use some changes
>Better environments
>Less enemy health
>More emphasis on movement, with faster walking speed
>Maybe slow-mo regenerates when you get a kill
>More enemies to make up for the previous points making the game easier
Then I realized I think I'm describing Max Payne. Should I play Max Payne? Do the older ones hold up? I've played 3, but only on console, I didn't realize you could shoot-dodge to go into slowmo even if your slowmo bar is empty, and that was a while ago, so I might enjoy it more now on PC.

ew, no

I liked the game, but it could have been better. Too many of the guns feel weak, which is especially annoying with the low max ammo, and enemies don't really react enough to your shots. It doesn't help that bodies disappear immediately.

There are plenty mods for the older one, you can overhaul them. Can transform the second into sth. very close to the third one

One of my favorites many years ago.... The only thing I disliked was that you could not sprint or dive for cover. Other than that it was excellent

I remember mafia 2 having a nice gunplay as well

Better gunplay than the first one, worse storytelling however. Gunplay isn't that phenomenal but the spooky arms make for it