Sell me on a Switch or a PS4 Pro

I already have a decent PC, but I want more.

>switch is just bing bing wahoo on the shitter
>PS4 is just good for exclusives

There’s your sales pitch.

Kind of hard when they both lack games for 2018

>PS4 is just good for exclusives

Switch has BotW, Odyssey and Xenoblade, while you can play Nier on PC and Persona on a PS3.

Not our jobs, you figure it out.

get both

>PS4 is just good for exclusives

What exclusives? These?

Even the Wii U still has more after losing lots to the Switch and 3DS.

>persona 5
>god of war
>last of us 2
>zombie game from e3
>prime 4
>mario tennis if you like this stuff

-Good exclusives
-Different ways to play 3rd party/indie games
-OS is pretty fast at starting up the games

-Weak console so some games will be at 30fps and lower resolution(some will offer you options to this like Rocket League 60fps/720p or 30fps/1080p)
-lack of proper voice-chat
-lack of web browser(accessible through other methods however)

I dont own a PS4 so Ill let another user do that for me

oh and bayo 3 for switch too

>persona 5
On ps3 too.
>god of war
>last of us 2
>zombie game from e3
can't say they are good games, also GoW will suck balls.

Why not both ?

>being much of a poorfag
get another hobby

Nintendo exclusives > PS4 exclusives

You only has a PS4 if you can't afford a good PC. Switch + PC = best combo.

PS4Pro lets you play Monster Hunter.

That's all ya need.

yeah but i put in BotW for switch while its also in wii u. keep in mind, I personally prefer nintendo over sony any day

>PS3 game
>Best game on the console
>Not out
>Not out
>Not out
>Not out

>GOTY runner-up
>Not out
>Not out
>Not out
>No release date
>No release date
>Not out

Sounds like The Waiting Game is what everyone should be playing.

>Real videogame console with the best exclusives, also portable.


>shit pc with cinematic """""games""""".

Go for a switch, user.
It games does not overlap with pc ones.

many of those have release dates

Get a base PS4 model for cheap (not slim) and a Switch, will be worth it

waiting for what


Don't get a Switch right now. There's a massive drought already. No games this year the first half at least. I wish I never bought one until it's library got bigger.

to be fair it launched with 2 of the biggest games of last year, and I mean that more literally than anything: they take ages to complete.

Except he has the entire existing catalogue at his disposal.

Love how you decided to cross out so many games to try and support your argument lmao

PS4 for weeb
Switch for Shooters and portable weeb

Prime 4, SMT and Pokemon do not have release dates

Wow its fucking nothing

>reading comprehension

Yeah no P4, unfortunately

the switch is portable and Sony does not support crossplay at all.

Stop being fucking poor and buy both.

Games crossed out are not exclusive.

Digimon World: Next Order, for example, is crossed out because it's also on Vita, and therefore is not PS4 exclusive.

Here's Xbone's exclusives for comparison.

In your opinion GOTY and in your opinion GOTY runner up lmao


I only listed two games as not having release dates, and it should have been three as I just pointed out, I don't know what the fuck you read.

>Massive drought
We got games out the ass, user.

>hurr durr ports does not count

>b-but streaming is just as g-good ...

you will have to choose between fun games and political agenda down your throat

Don't mind me, just the best PS4 exclusive passing through

w-what is this game called?

>mark Persona 5 off for being a PS3 game
>didn't mark BOTW off for being a Wii U game

>Suddenly, everyone bought and owns a Wii U
>The world population is now only 13.56 million, because everyone owns a Wii U
>Multiplats and ports only don't count when they're on a Nintendo platform, otherwise they're great and you should buy a PS4 for them
Take your pick

Is Gran Turismo Sport good? Forza 7 has shit FFB, Assetto feels sterile and lifeless, Project Cars 2 is decent but pretty buggy (and the choice in cars is boring).

is it so hard to understand Wii U sold like garbage? for many people all those wii u ports are brand new games, even MK8DX outsold zelda on the switch, i doubt all that is double dip

I got a standard ps4 for free from a friend who didn't want it anymore

I've had fun with shadow of the colossus, last of us, until dawn, bloodborne and a lot of the ps3 exclusives from last gen since i didn't have one. good as a blu ray player too. Even though i got it for free, i'd see the enjoyment i've gotten out of it being worth around 200-250. wouldn't buy full price.

got a switch last spring and have had lots of fun with zelda, mario, and some indies that are cool to play portable. don't know if it's worth it now, but i have faith in nintendo to pull out more good exclusives, and the switch is still near the beginning of its life cycle.

if you have a good gaming PC like i do, i think the switch is a better buy especially for upcoming games. but it depends on what you like to play.

Want to know this as well, also anyone try vr gt

Interesting perspective, considering how much crap Nintendo fans gave the PS4 for rereleasing TLOU on PS4.

please go back to pleddit


zelda was a simultaneous launch.
tlou was a cashbrab. The fucking game wasn't even a year old when sony re-released it for the ps4.

sorry i don't hate video games as much as you

How is he wrong?

>NS already has MORE exclusives than PS4 in the same time.
>Nintendo users actually buy exclusives
>PS4 "exclusives" sell 99.077544% than multiplatform shit like COD or FIFA, and Sony users still use the "muh exclusives" argument even when they buy nothing
>Online works like a charm. PS4 you are paying in gold for a shit service. ( Anyone mentioned that the FIFA tournament, in PS4, was finished in a dam XBox, because of that...)
>NS and his games are 146% quality. If you like games, you will enjoy this console.
>You can go anywhere and play on the go.

Need more OP?

Honestly that's fucking pathetic.

Keyword, they re-released it like a year or two later.

BOTW is on two consoles but it released simultaneously on both. If TLOU had been released on both PS3 and PS4 at the same time, I doubt there'd have been the same amount of backlash.

>...PS4 sell less*

God damnit

Picture is wrong/outdated, Nioh's on PC nowadays.

That just helps my point, though.

PS4 has fuck-all for exclusives, even the Wii U had like 35-40 before it croaked and lost a bunch to other platforms.

>zelda was a simultaneous launch
so was persona 5?
do you even know what you are arguing about?

Oh yeah I definitely agree with you in that you should get a Switch if you already have a gaming PC, but I do think that a PS4 is worth getting for its (few) exclusives when/if you already own both.

>Switch has better exclusives, and games in general
>Switch is portable
>PS4 comes with better controller
>PS4 has more power
>Switch has more exclusives
>PS4 exclusives are too similar to many PC games
Switch is better

>better controller
The DS4 is the worst controller of any PS system ever. thanks to all those worthless gimmicks that only serve to make the battery completely useless.

Pathetic is to see a generation that only enjoy mainstream games with the same formula. If the game is not a AAA shit with a big company behind, open world and 150 mm budget in marketing can't enjoy the game.

People that enjoy games ( pay attention that I didn't use the stupid world "gamer") will enjoy any good game, no matter the company or marketing.

You all generation shit should die and take your "AAA" with you

yeah, but many games you listed to have release dates and they're within a month or two

Not that guy. But it's simple really.
Everyone and their grandmother have a PS3. It was on the market and supported for an entire decade. It ended up being a really successful system sales wise.
Now compare that to the Wii U. One of least sold Nintendo systems in the history of the industry. Most people don't own one.

That said. If you are adversed to getting a Switch, then do go ahead and get it on the Wii U if you'd prefer to.
But there is absolutely no reason to get a PS4 for Persona 5.

Idort here, the answer depends on what games you want to play.
I honestly prefer my multiplayer multiplats on PS4 since the playerbase is more consistent. Titanfall, Battlefield, and most fighting games, they're all dead on PC but totally alive on PS4. PS4 also has a lot of great exclusives like Yakuza and Bloodborne. Paid online is a bit shit but it pays for itself with enough quality free* games to not feel like a total scam.
Switch on the other hand is only worthwhile for the exclusives. I love my Switch, but if it didn't have exclusives, I wouldn't buy it, while I would buy the PS4 regardless of exclusives because it's simply the best multiplayer platform. Do you like Mario, Zelda, and other Nintendo games? If yes, the Switch is worth it.
The Switch also has portability but honestly, it's not that great. It can run a lot of multiplats but it runs them very poorly at both low resoultions and low framerates. The prices for games is also insane. Doom and Skyrim for $60 while both are $15 on PC. Any gaming dedicated laptop probably outclasses it too.
The Switch also has a problem with exclusive quality, some of the games border on shovelware. Games like Splatoon 2, Arms, and Mario + Rabbids are low quality 3/10 games that the community memes into popularity because it's Nintendo. Zelda, Odyssey, and Xenoblade are definitely good though.
Neither system looks that great in terms of exclusives so far this year but I'm more excited for the PS4 lineup. God of War and Spiderman might be good while the Switch so far just has Wii U ports and C-list IPs like another Yoshi game. That certainly can change though.
I should also mention that the Switch's network features are abysmal. As in, it hardly functions.
tl;dr PS4 benefits: probably more cost effective in the long run, better multiplayer games, bigger variety of exclusives and more of them right now. Switch is better if you're really interested in Switch exclusives.

I got both during the last black friday. Switch was the more enjoyable purchase but I haven't played much of both.

OP didn't say anything about owning a PS3 though.

>But there is absolutely no reason to get a PS4 for Persona 5
agreed, one game alone should never be enough to buy a console

You forgot to talk about the Xbox.

>thanks to all those worthless gimmicks that only serve to make the battery completely useless.
This honestly bothers me a lot.
To be blunt. It's almost insulting how they can sell their controllers for $60 and then have such garbage battery life.
People like to give Nintendo's controllers shit for being $10 average than the others, but the battery life of their controllers are amazing. If I could extend the battery life for my dualshocks and xbox controllers by paying an extra $10 for each of them. I'd do it in an instant.

The way the system sold just under 100 million units, while having being supported on the market for about the entire decade.
Leaves you able to assume that the OP has one already, with a high enough accuracy for it to be reliable enough.

If he is an exception it's more effective for him to state so after the fact. Instead of everyone assuming he doesn't have one in spite of being statistically very likely to have one.

It sold 87, but the point still stands.


Nintendo exclusives, portability, and versatility.

Fucking 3dpd.
Why is Cred Forums so obsessed with 3d pig disgusting porn? Or 3dpd in general.
At the very least post patrician 2d porn if you're posting porn. Like the rest of the site.

P5 released back in 2015

If you want to play more normie appeal multiplats with other people, ps4 is the way to go.
If you want nintendo games, get the switch.
they both cost about the same now I think, so there's not too big a difference. Maybe the pro costs $400 instead of 300 though, I don't remember.

Personally I play my PS4 more, but that's just cause I have a vita too and use that to play it around the house. if I didn't have one, I'd probably play my switch a lot more.

Theres Touhou games on switch? Fuck this system is too good

Do you?

P5 came out in fucking 2016 for PS3 and got re-released for PS4 in 2017, you simpering shitwit.

>b-b-but Japan doesn't count!

I'm telling you it's the current generation Vita but people are actually throwing money at the console.

Because unlike the Vita, the company is actually supporting it.

OP asked about the Switch and PS4, but I'll do it since I enjoy talking about consoles
Xbone is good, hell, maybe even great if you don't have or don't want W10. But if you do, the only good exclusives are Halo 5 and MCC, maybe Sunset Overdrive, with the latest Forza and Gears games being on PC. Now, Halo 5 and MCC are definitely 9/10 games, and SO is pretty good too, but those and Halo Wars 2 (since it's dead on PC) are the only things that are worth playing on Xbone if you have W10. The earlier Forza games are also fun, but the newer ones are better, practically the same game with a different map, and on PC.
Backwards compatability is cool but of the four games I wanted to play BC (Nier, Crackdown 1 & 2, and Halo Reach) only one was actually playable on Xbone, Halo Reach.
Xbone still beats PC in player count but it's not as dramatic as PS4. The paid online BS is also pretty good with the free* games, but recently it's been worse than PS4. If I ever quit Halo I'd drop the sub, and I'm going to drop it anyways whenever Halo 6 comes out (if it's on PC too).
Xbone X is the highest spec console there is, but it still doesn't come close to a good PC. Definitely a good choice for a console only person without an Xbone already though.
I don't really know if I'd recommend the Xbone to anyone with a W10 PC unless they're a huge Halo fan. Otherwise it's a decent console and this year looks much better in terms of exclusives* (that are going to be on W10) than last year.
The Vita didn't have any good exclusives besides weebshit, which isn't appealing to most people. And even in terms of weebshit, they didn't get any big names besides Persona (and even then it's a port and a dancing spinoff)

If you have a PC, just get a Switch for its exclusives and ignore PS4 exclusives since all the worthwhile ones will come to PC anyway.

the vita got a lot of support year 1. This year looks more like the vita's year 2, for the switch. A whole lot of indie stuff, and nothing else.

>P5 released back in 2015
>P5 came out in fucking 2016


>b-b-but Japan doesn't count!
it doesn't in the context of the discussion

Honestly play my Switch more than my PS4. in terms of use my PS4 is about 70% tv and streaming and 30% video games at this point.

>and nothing else
They're stretching out their first party games, it's like one first party game every 1 or 2 months. Don't overexaggerate when we got a Kirby and Mario Tennis game coming real soon, among other games.

They could go the entire year without releasing anything except Pokemon and they'd make bank. And even if most people here don't care about it you're delusional if you think Labo won't be huge.

Owning a good PC is cringe-worthy if it was built specifically with gaming in mind. Work only.
Buy a console.
PS4 has a lot of good JRPGs and your average games in naughty dog, square enix, bethseda. KH3 should be having a release date for this year while FF7 has been announced for a date that's TBD.
Buy a switch because for Zelda, Fire Emblem, Mario games. They're never a disappointment to play. Nintendo makes consistently good games. I can't remember a time when they made a game that wasn't to standard.

>real soon
do they have ACTUAL release dates or no?
And I'd hardly call a mario tennis game something people clamor for. They sold so poorly they just stopped making them for a few years.
Kirby though I forgot about.

I just bought a ps4 pro for $300, I already own a PC and Switch. Pretty much just bought it for the exclusives and for multimedia shit. It pretty much comes down to exclusives. I've already played all the Switch games that matter, my PC is a LoL and PUBG machine at this point, and I wanted to catch up on shit like Last of Us and Bloodborne that I never played. Also it's the only way I'll get to play RDR2 and KH3.

I mean, most of the wii accessories weren't huge, and that had a much larger install base. I don't remember anyone using wii motion plus. I think red steel 2, and that wii sports sequel, that's all I can remember.

Get both, the end.

back to neoshit or where ever you crawled out of sony shill

>Last of Us and Bloodborne
My first two games when I bought the system last year. Very good games.
Literally bought the system for this. 1.5+2.5 are on there which were fantastic.

Kirby is 3/16
And this Mario Tennis is going to have a story mode so perhaps this one will be a lot more than lackluster.

Yeah, I plan on rebuying1.5+2.5 pretty soon to replay them. It's been ages since I have. I'm also debating MHW, I want to wait for the PC port so I can play with friends but my system sure as shit won't run it at 4K so I might as well just pick I up for the Pro if I can find a good deal.

If you're gonna get a PS4 then just get the base/slim version instead. The Pro isn't worth the money because a) the "improved" graphics are a game by game basis with only a small handful actually gaining a noticeable benefit from the increased power and b) the fucking thing turns into a jet turbine the moment you decide to use any of the exclusive Pro features whether it's in game or not. The only good thing about the Pro is that playing games with Pro features off makes it slightly quieter than a normal PS4.
You might also be thinking "if I get a Pro that means games will have better framerate", but like I said before it's entirely dependent on the game having such a mode. Most Pro-enhanced games either gain some extra post-processing or a resolution boost which doesn't mean shit if you don't have a really good 4K TV. The only game off the top of my head that actually has gains better framerate is Monster Hunter World, but for that one you have to choose between better graphics or better framerate which is gay.

I also suggest if you are getting a base model, get the non-glossy ones which were launch consoles

considering you can get a ps4 slim for 200 dollaroos. it seems kind of insane to buy a pro for double that. I went with the slim. Maybe i will regret it later, but i feel like by the time games really NEED to be played on the pro hardware we will have ps5 out, and they will just come out on that.

Sport has always online and for some insanely fucking retarded reason you need to pay microtransactions or else half the cars have shitty PS2 models and textures. Pretty fucking gay the game even does that

There is a switch emulator in the works already. Get a ps4

>just wait 5 to 10 years.

I bought a switch yesterday despite the soy memes and bing bing wahoo - never even owned a nintendo console before, and my previous console to this was xbox360

I bought BoTW and XBC2.

I put 7 hours into XBC2 in one sitting even though it was mostly a dick purchase. Game is really enjoyable.

Wishing I had only bought one game or the other to start with, and another game like mario kart where I can just play a few races instead of being immersed in these massive worlds.

Switch is pretty cool though not even soy. Can play on the shitter, on my couch, in bed, on my balcony. Sure is comfy.

get ps4. ton to play and will get all the big future releases in gaming. my switch is solely used to collect dust. i bought it for xenoblade. worst entry in the series, terrible buyer's remorse.

>have a switch and a decent PC
>thinking of getting a PS4, but at the same time I have a shitload of 360 games and my 360 doesn't work anymore

so, what do

>>PS4 is just good for exclusives
So good no one barely buys them.

I guarantee you there will be a less of a wait for announced exclusives on the Switch than the PS4. Like a third of the wait.

>have Switch
>want another console
>can get a PC, PS4 Pro+4K TV, or Xbone X+4K TV
>also have a backlog of games to complete
What the fuck do, Cred Forums?

I have a Switch and a PC but I want a PS4. I can't play Persona and Kingdom Hearts on PC or Switch so that's my reasoning for buying a PS4.

Which is a complete shame because a good handful of them are definitely worth playing. On the plus side this also means that they degrade heavily in value so you can pick up a shitload of them new for cheap in as little as a month after release, it's what I do for Yakuza games.

Probably the Sony.
If youre a big fan of Mario then switch for sure but ps4 pro just had better games and more online games.
Grab bloodborne obviously, uncharted 4 I know its hated here but holy shit its good might as well grab the collection. Monster hunter world, persona 5. Ps4 has a tonne of good games that are either exclusives or best experienced on a console. Switch has Zelda that you can play on PC anyway

>I can't play Persona
What did you do with your PS3?
Please don't say you were stupid enough to sell it.


I had a Wii, 360, and PC instead lmao.

I was expecting some bullshit but this is pretty cool.

Still have my PS2 with P3 and P4 though lmao

Oh so you were one of those. Figures.

Why dont you do your own fucking research you worthless sack of shit, Kill yourself.

>PS4 is just good for exclusives

Everyone goes through their Call of Duty /Halo faze my dude

Only Americans. And not even all Americans.

If you want Sony exclusives and current-gen weeb games that aren't on PC get a PS4.

If you want Nintendo exclusives and a few other games with the benefit of portability get a Switch.

Oh so PC is much better right?

Europe buys more COD than America now.

After playing BOTW, Odyssey, and Xenoblade my switch has been collecting dust since december.
I still have decent backlog of 3rd party nip games on my ps4.
If I didn't already have a switch I'd say wait for all those 3rd party switch exclusives that started development last year to come out.