See this is on sale

>see this is on sale
>remember hearing good things about it
>get to first combat encounter
>my gun is dogshit while the enemy using the same gun kills me in a few shots
Wow, that is fun, realistic and fair rolled into one.
Gimme one reason why I shouldn't refund this shit.

You should, because you're stupid.

you already made this thread faggot

>fun, realistic and fair rolled into one.
unironically this

my little user doesn't need to start stalker threads with bait, we're not down the reaches of forgotten shit that is Gothic yet

Refund it because you're an idiot.

proper sequel when?

How is it realistic

You're having literally the same experience everyone else has, the beginning is intentionally hard but it teaches you tactics you need to learn
Power through and give it a few more hours
It's starts getting good the first time you go underground

Git gud you fucking casual

because a single gunshot can often kill a human, particularly a shotgun blast to the face at point-blank range.

every weapons at the start is intentionally bad and you won't see the good stuff until you reach the city area
see those generic handguns everyone has? trash
the smg is slightly better but needs the ammo
the short shotty will take you far but shells are rare at the beginning
the knife is pretty good so use it

>he fell for the stalker meme

What tactics do you use when you are in a room with another guy and you both have pistols? Am I suppose duck in and out of cover taking potshots?
That sounds real fun

>dying in vanilla
Holy shit, eat a bullet.

He should eat an uranium bullet

That is my point exactly, I would be fine with taking alot of damage if the human enemies took the same amount but me taking more just because I'm the protag is bull - shit

the first pistol and sawed off are purposefully shit as a pleb filter, not even joking

every enemy at the starts goes down with 1-2 headshots from the shitty handgun, it just has terrible accuracy so you won't see it do much good



I'm OP from that thread actually and I was just salty that Fox wouldn't stop running into the wall after I saved him. What I played of the game, I actually really liked.

Whoa I suck dick at gaming, so it must be the game's fault for not holding my hand like a fucking retard.

why would a video game be "realistic"?

>Am I suppose duck in and out of cover taking potshots?
Unless you can gun him down with a quickness that would be the obvious option, yes. I'm not sure what you're expecting.

There is a good documentary that came out recently on youtube about why stalker is such a mess. Quick rundown: devs reworked the game numerous times and didn't exactly know what they wanted to do with it. Eventually they just had to release what they had.

because there's fun in seeing how a normal human being would handle a situation like vidya world

there's also lean left/right

Burst fire or set your gun to semiauto and don't move when you're shooting also get your ass behind cover and git gud

Slav magic is not easily accessible. Prove that you're not a pleb and it shall bestow its wonders upon thee.

Are we posts made by russian hackers or american russiaboos?

You would normally get decent guns later in the game