Name one (1) game where the protag vs. final boss battle can't just be boiled down into DEX vs. STR, respectively...

Name one (1) game where the protag vs. final boss battle can't just be boiled down into DEX vs. STR, respectively. Besides pic related, of course.

Exactly, you can't.



Alright faggot, in Killer is Dead, which one is which?

Vergil still has a million HP more than you.

But this is an obvious STR vs DEX battle?

Anything vs Anything, if you're on NG+.

>Undertale fags desperately trying to remain relevant

Hasnt it been long enough for you to realize the mistake you done liking that piece of shit?

Literally any FF game, newfag.

And you have a million more ways to do damage to him.


All you was doing was attacking them to keep them talking. wtf you on mate?


DEX vs INT after that.


It's still a STR vs. DEX battle, just with the typical roles reversed.

Earthbound's final battle is ??? vs FTH

based boss, I dare anyone to name a more hateable boss

If you hover your cursor over the black bar, you can read the text beneath it.


And Mother 3's final battle is STR vs. END

Whatever the Exile is (technically CHA) vs WIS

Also this really doesn't work in most RPGs, since the villains tend to be casters of some kind.

HP =/= STR

dex vs dex?


i.e. DEX vs. STR

these undertail bait threads are getting more abstract, you guys are good at this

have fun with this thread friends

He's faster, has more health and deal more damage
It's stat vs player skill

This game's pretty much the definition of STR vs. DEX

Too add to this, Vergil 3 uses a combination of Dante's and his own unique Yamato attacks, in addition to his Summon Swords. He can teleport around like crazy, but you can too with Trickster.

What's that one game where the final boss is a rhythm game out of nowhere?

The Simpsons Game

I think Dante as a more STR+DEX while Vergil is INT+DEX.

Drakengard 1 and 3

Adventure Game "final bosses" are generally INT vs. something.

Two different DEX builds sound about right.

Most games with a potential for PvP (strategy games, RPGs, card games, fightan gaems).

Also Asura's Wrath.

You have to understand, user...

Normal people. They like all sorts of things. They like watching movies. They like spending time with friends. They like playing all sorts of vidya.

Undertale fans, though...? They talk about how great Undertale is, both here and on Cred Forums. They talk about how it’s only hated because it’s popular and how victimized they are. They draw fanart, write fanfiction, and jack off to porn of the characters.

They do this all day, every day. And have been since the game came out.

This is why they defend Undertale the way they do. When they get right down to it... they have nothing else.

The same can be said for other fandoms. At least shit like FNaF and MLP have more stuff being released. Undertale has literally just the one game.

you have to understand...

you don't have to put a line break...

between every sentence...

or clause...


your post...

>that tumblr response

You have to go back.

INT vs the might of Facts and Proof.

dude what?
This is literally dex vs str
He dies in one hit, he just dodges all of your hits but the last one
He only does one damage but... per millisecond

Reminder that Chara did LITERALLY nothing wrong!

I think I'm at the objective and this is INT vs INT

He's weak as fuck but avoids everything and keeps throwing tons shit at you to wear you down, meanwhile you just need to stab him once, sounds like dex vs str

>Making fun of someone by using their own idiosyncrasies is tumblr

Wow... so this... is the power... of shitposting....


Back to pleddit with your memes

The final boss of red steel

>ff takes tactics
>ff isn't just a mindless grind from plot point to plot point
>ff is good
Phhhht, yeah right user, get real.

I'm glad I've found Undertale. What a dramatic, story-driven RPG. Got it on Steam.

>can't just be boiled down into DEX vs. STR
>literally have to use your dexterity so you don't get hit by the strong enemy
>literally DEX vs. STR

Undertale's understandardIQ moron fanboys strike again.

People who can't read.

If English is not your first language you should go back to no that does not stand for "intelligence"

Stop making Undertale threads, IRC.

>Hey guys, post some examples that contradict this statement.
>Besides the one I just posted (because it's obvious).
What am I misinterpreting here?

VIT vs STR, retard

I like skelebros

They're saying that the one you posted doesn't contradict the statement, even though you posted it as an example of one that does.

God Hand vs Devil Hand

I think you should be making the comparison of a game that takes RPG stats into mind and applies them. You know, an actual RPG. As in not Undertale.

>Dramatic, storydriven RPG

Like many other RPGs?

vegas have more waifu mods since 3 years ago? getting bored with wow and feeling a single player itch again.

Also considering black desert but I tried about a year ago and couldn't get past the tutorial.