Eat too many food items

>eat too many food items
>your character gets fat

I'm looking forward to the new fable as well OP

>don't eat any food items
>your character becomes too skinny

>weighed myself recently thinking i was 280 max
>i weigh 310 fucking pounds

>lost 30 pounds
>looking better
181 lbs now, feels good

>Getting fat is a powerup

Damn you burger shot

What games other than San Andreas and Fable do this

>weight myself recently thinking I was 130lbs
>i weight 117lbs

lose weight you sack of shit
This guy's getting there, keep at it

Mmm wanna come in for a coffee, CJ?

bro lmao you're almost two of me

250 pounds 6 foot 4 here. The struggle is real but I’m watching my calories and eating less. I’m just glad I’m not a literal land whale like those people on my 600 pound life.

How do you even become that fat?


Im putting on weight intentionally

Youre lookin too skinny, CJ

Fat man's got a gun, bitch.

I'd rather do a drive through than a drive by

is EVERY fucking american fat?

Just wait 30 years when the national average is 300 pounds and the average age is 35.


You lot really need more self-restraint with food. I've lost quite a bit of weight by stopping my intake of artificial foods and I've gone from fucking 195 lbs to 178 lbs in a few months. The problem is that you don't commit due to slow results.

>tfw ur trying to lose weight and you feel super guilty every time you eat something

Well a year ago i was 130 and tall af and now im 190

so no, but i was thin
idk i like the soft i got

maintain your caloric deficit, and it doesn't matter what or when you eat. at least for weight loss

Name FIVE (5) games that do this besides SA or some weebshit. I'll be here waiting.

sure yeah i guess whatever
im so bored of this website

>run around every day in open world games
>never use fast travel
>don't get any skinnier in real life

>posting health and fitness on the video game board
>posting women on the television and film board
>posting politics on every board
Why are you whiteys so fucking retarded?

Well try not to gain any more weight man. Do you wanna look like pic related?

no not that big

im all ass anyway

Well in Fable 3 you have to be fat and ugly in order to access a secret area so....... yeah

>eat too much
>stomach explodes


>be female character
>eat too much and get extra thicc

cool looking game

you mean americans
why are americans so fucking retarded

what game senpai

i replaced 50% of my food intake with kimchi

it sounds retarded but kimchi is actually really healthy (just drink lots of water)

>posting health and fitness in the video game board
But we’re talking about mechanics in video games ITT.
>posting women on the television and film board
We aren’t even on that board.
>posting politics on every board
Blame Cred Forums.
>why are you whiteys so fucking retarded?
And how do you know if we’re white or not? What if half of us are black or Latino or whatever other race? How can you automatically tell what someone’s skin color is by a post they made on a website and nothing more?

well yeah, its fermented, so its a probiotic

try kombucha

On this note, can we discuss the american penis?

y do amerncn do pop ppee
amicn a goblllleel
mcneican n wiiitw