Who's up for a battlestation thread.

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Why didn't you just buy a full keyboard, you dingus.

Embraced the widescreen moniter meme I see

I really want a widescreen monitor. Is the change that big? do you think it was beneficial?

It's useful for software. Gaming not so much. I'm looking to get a second that will sit above it on a mount though.

>the "I will never get laid" room

>the "I will die a virgin" bedroom

akh! suk! zo!

But user I live with my boyfriend. We sleep in the same bed. This is just our game-room/my study room

I sleep on the mat with the pillow and blanket on the chair. I made the desk myself. The sword is scary cheap, but it's a gift so i luv it. i do routine on the ring, bar, mat, ladder. i forgot about the large window with wooden blinds on the other wall, but that's worth the effort to fix when we can just imagine how great it is.

i have that same coffee mug. it must be from target or walmart.

were you the guy who commented that like a month ago too? otherwise there is ANOTHER user with the same cup lmfao


What's with the weird Australian flag hanging next to your TV?
is it a Rugby jersey?

where's your pad?

I lost virtually all respect for you once I saw that Genji mouse and unbelievably gay mousepad and bedsheets

i'm not that guy, there is another user!

Look closer.

The Mouse was a gift, the mousepad was from the pokemon center when I last went to Japan and the "bedsheet" is my dog's blanket. (pic related)

It's my Swimming uniform from the 2016 Olympics

This is mine.


>Doesn't realise that user is Cam McEvoy, an Ausfag olympic swimmer

Finally decided to post my spot

i like the pink

what does your gf think of all that?

Ask your mom.


Wallpaper plz?

youre giving him too much credit

>Not upgrading to MHWorld

160 hours into Monster Hunter World, it's lonely in Xbox land but it's still a fun game though i do wish there was more content, Deviljho cannot come soon enough.

Host my stream bro

i like your sword
very pretty

man, i did such a mistake by not buying an ikea table. instead i got this glass table like a fucking scrub.

whats the name of this kind of table?

get your fap tissues off the fucking xbox you monster

>that crooked picture leaning to one side...
where do you live I WANT TO FIX IT,
then slap you for your insolence

those arn't there anymore, it was for my son to clean his nose with.

i don't need fap tissues i have a perfectly good wife for that.

Lilty best race

I need to clean my mousepad.

Your headphone pads please? Thanks.



Don't do it, I'm OP. This is the one I bought.

It's heavy as fuck. Right now I'm just using it as a topper on my old desk.


could you or anyone recommend a good L shape table?
something like this would be killer.

Why is an olympian on Cred Forums?

"Brainwavz." I think these are the ones: ear pads

They're pretty good but I kind of wish I'd gotten velour instead of pleather.

>on an anonymous Alaskan juice bottling workshop, nobody knows you're a snake

I'm thirsty for (You)s.

Literally just took an updated pic today...

your wife is sitting a little close to that screen, I can't imagine that's good for your eyes

nice, sort of jelly


>that image
Get cancer



who bought you those chocolates?

it would be good for my situation i need an L shape table so i can use the extra side to draw. dont be a faggot and realize we all need different shit.

Why not?

I did. At clearance prices. Not like anybody would actually be interested in me.

i saw them at the grocery store today and i was thinking the same thing.


Post the doll, I want a closeup

I was about to do the same thing earlier today. Was at Hyvee and a dozen roses were only 8dollars, down from the 30dollar hike. I was about to bite the bullet just to cheer up my room a little, but fuck, it'd just be an awful reminder that I have a shit personality and apperance and nobody will ever love me.

don't worry user, i have a gf that would rather hang out with anyone other than me unless she's lonely. there are worse things than being alone.

this is a thread about tables, cmon son

How many boards do you access on this site? I saw you in Cred Forums and /fa/ and now Cred Forums

>I need something that isn't like this
>I want an L shaped
>proceeds to show a shitty L desk with two desks put together to make an L
Yea, you are retarded, don't reproduce ya fucking sand nigger.

I'm jealous of your sleepy nep figurine, how much did it cost you? Last time i checked they were going for 600 dollars plus shipping, i mean it's really nice and all but i would only pay that money for a blanc one.

why do you care?

Because your life is fucking worthless and you have made nothing but poor decisions your entire life. Hurry up and fucking die.

I usually hang around on Cred Forums, /vg/, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /asp/ and /toy/ I've never been on /fa/

you use your wife as a tissue? you really are a monster

>ignored and then forgotten.

is that a loli doll? love it.

it was 25% off

holy shit kill yourself bro you pathetic weak little man

post room.

Stretch out your snapheisers a lil bit more user; Jesus Christ.