You wake up in the Fade

You wake up in the Fade

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kill myself

Ill kill all the fucking demons.
Them make my home in the fade.

Bang one of those succubi that Bioware designed before going full PC.

that's not possible, I have the Skip the Fade mod


DA:O was actually pretty okay, not a suckfest like all of it's sequels

Immediately seek out the nearest weapon or sharp object and violently disembowel myself to not have to deal with the fucking Fade again

>tfw the fade was my favorite part

The Fade wasn't that bad tbqh. free XP and stat ups

I know I played all of the origins, but I can't remember the fade well enough. All I can think of is a Desire Demon, so yeah, I'm in.

But user, this is the fade.

One of the highlights of the game. Fuck the retards that don't know how to enjoy it.

>Run around aggroing everybody in golem form
>Get them circled around me
>Throw a boulder at myself
>Knock everyone down
>Stun everyone
>Switch to burning man form
>Cast a fireball on myself
>Everyone is dead

>Run into another golem
>Rockem Sockem Robots

>Good old fashioned charting your path in a winding labrynth RPG goodness

>Some of the best character moments in the entire game, especially Sten's

Hating the Fade is tantamount to falling for Navi is annoying memes. The real bad part of the game is the Deep Roads

what's so wrong about the fade part?
i didn't love it but it wasn't horrible anyway... no part of that game was horrible if i remember it right

Cred Forums is the fade


It's boring as fuck.

Oh, I should mention that for the first greentext that you resist throwing a boulder at yourself and casting a fireball at yourself

It basically has nothing to do with the game or the story at all. It's a filler episode with boring, monotonous shit. It's not challenging, engaging, or interesting. It's just a huge waste of time. The game's pace is vastly improved by skipping it completely.

>want to replay dragon age after 7 years
>an user reminds you of the fade

This desu

First Playthrough is like whatever, that place was challenging.

Other playthroughs it's a fucking drag that forces you to give up.

Not sure, I never had a problem with it but people act like it's the worst thing ever. Honestly the whole Dwarf city and caverns were way worse in my opinion

Deep Roads was worse 2bh

The whole game was a fucking drag. It gets a free pass from Cred Forums because 2 and I are way worse.

Fade is a dream world filled with demons that can actually kill you.
So I would end up dead or fuck a Desire Demon.

You must have not been around when DA:O was released. Cred Forums's opinion hasn't changed. It's not that Origins is better than 2 and Inquisition. It's that Origins was good. It was released at an ideal time for it to get a lot of publicity and recognition, and it made a lot of people hopeful for the next installment. 2 shredded any hope for the series.

Back when I played DA:O I had untreated ADHD, yet I enjoyed the Fade sections a lot
What's wrong with americans hating everything that can't be finished in 5 minutes?


>disagree with your oh so precious opinion
>hurrr newfag



It's the only reasonable conclusion people can reach when you claim Cred Forums was behaving differently than how it actually was at the time. You would only make that claim if you weren't here.

The part where you are a mage without mana potions and you realize there's no way to get any more mana potions was pretty horrible

The deep roads are so bad they have boss rank trash mobs. Fuck off Hamburger Helper

It's main attraction is how different it looks and the new mechanics, it goes on a bit too long so the novelty can wear off before some people are finished with it. Loved it the first time but oin a second playthrough it was a bit of a chore and going through the motions.


it takes like 10 minutes at most, whats the problem?

>Have to run errands around the city
>Go back and forth between the same places a hundred times
>Unsatisfying conclusion to the dwarf noble origin
>deep roads is the worst
Only good part is when you get to the broodmother

You conveniently remember what you want to remember, and that's okay.

Find the nearest pleasure demon.

Cred Forums's always loved this game you idiot. Arguing about Loghain morality and motives has been a pastime for years

This user is right though Cred Forums liked origins despite how ultimately generic it was. It was definitely helped along by a relatively dry market for isometric RPGs but that doesn't change how it was initiall recieved. And of course while the board isn't a hivemind it was still a pretty net positive reaction with a hopeful look towards 2.

You're the one confusing the facts. You're the one making the claim that the way Cred Forums acts now is different from how it was without a proper explanation or any evidence. If your claim defies the status quo the burden of proof lies on you to convince people you're telling the truth.

In other words shut the fuck up about shit you weren't here to witness yourself.

What's with all the Dragon Age threads recently? Is it the sale? Did Bioware announce Dragon Age: Origins 2?

Any new release of a popular WRPG spawns a lot of discussion about older WRPGs.

>want to replay the game
>remember every section in the game

name a good part, you cant

This for sure. Fuck this overrated shitheap of a game. Here's where the rot set in.

I never had an issue with the fade.

Then I installed the mod to remove to save some time on a play through.
No regrets. Its made everything better. Everything. The fade adds nothing to the game.

Am I the only one who dreads the long boring opening sequence way more than the fade? The entire tutorial shit all the way up until you leave Lothering.

No I don't I rolled a dwarf lmao.

Titty spirit lady. I like the deep roads, but fucking hell its wiping my ass with sandpaper.

City elf origin and the Ashes fetch quest was ok.

The game is 10x more enjoyable when you use cheat engine's speedhack function.

>The fade adds nothing to the game.
Full plebeian

This level is the only reason I haven't replayed this game. I had to get my Jewish friend to beat it for me