This little shit is insufferable

This little shit is insufferable.

True. Laphicet is also shit.

That's why it makes me sort of happy when Raine slaps his shit.

>hates humans by the end of the game
Is he /ourguy/?

I dropped that game because of him. I hate when the characters are children. The in-game models didn't help either

No, that monster loli in Berseria is worse.

The whole game is insufferable


Velvet is worse

Kamoana? I can't stand her voice
>just beat berseria last night
I like velvet, her decent into vergence was great

No you little shit, it's just you.

Oh my, what a cute little boy.

Laphicet is adorable

At least he actually did stuff. Regal and Presea had precisely fuck-all to do with the story

No, fag. He's annoying. The only thing he's good for is starring in doujin where he gets raped, and he can't even do that right.

It would have been much better if it focused more on the town burning and turning villages into demon pits. They tried to awkwardly frame Velvet as the force of good when she clearly wasn't

There were a ton of people in the towns that all said she was evil and needed to be stopped, and she herself said multiple times that she deserves their hate and that her entire quest was selfish and not for the good of the world, any benefit to others that arise from her actions are benefits she doesn't care about and doesn't want to go out of her way to do. How did they try to show her as a force for good?

he's not even the worst character in the game

>Not liking the most based Symphonia character

Rayne is a bitch

>asshole who only cares for himself and uses the party for his own selfish goals


>Has reasons for doing it
>Can grow in to a character that actually likes the party and eventually trusts them if you're not a faggot towards him

>>Can grow in to a character that actually likes the party

he goes back to his asshole ways the moment he rejoins. If you let the prick rejoin.



>mfw I killed him

and image did not attach

I didn't mind him as a character, but his hair pisses me off. Cut those two long strands, what the fuck, asshole.

>being a strandlet
They hold his magic powers

Shit taste alert.

I thought it was pretty interesting how he raises the point that nobody in the party can really judge regal for the stuff he's done because he's killed dozens of people in self defence

also the skit where everyone realizes that there's gonna come a time where everyone in the party besides him is long dead

He's one of the most interesting characters in the game. I love the skit where he realizess that by the time he becomes an adult, every single one of his friends will be long dead.

That was sone of the original premises for the Ssymphonia sequel, before it wass turned into a low budget asset flip to beta tesst the monster capture system: It was supposed to be a full fledged mainline Tales game, taking place between Symphonia and Phantasia, and Genis would be an old man, and the only returning character

Zelos is an asshole by nature, but he's YOUR asshole.

He's also the only one to not doubt Lloyd in Symphonia 2.

>Skits in tales games then
>Actually interesting backstory, world building and character developing stuff with the odd silly gag one that was usually hidden really well

>Skits in tales games now
>Shipping, memes, forced running jokes

what went wrong?

>He's also the only one to not doubt Lloyd in Symphonia 2.

>hating Genis and/or Zelos

Shit taste

Is a non character and doesn't count.

literally a mikleo clone

but pretty inconsequential compared to lloyd, colette, kratos, and zelos

Genis, Sheena and Colette all refuse to doubt Lloyd. Zelos is the only one who goes to Emil's face and tells him that if he goes for Lloyd, he'll back up his buddy though.

t sheenafag

Sheena is by far the best romantic option for Lloyd though

>not raine

>tfw Emil starts badmouthing Llyod and Zelos who was friendly up to that point tells him to fuck off without hesitation
One of the only good parts in that shitshow of a game.

I played this game because people hyped it up as the pinnacle of Tales games and by the end I wanted to blow my fucking brains out. What a dated piece of garbage mechanically and narratively.

symphonia has the best combat of any tales game. unlike the 2D games it doesn't devolve into spamming spells to eat up the whole screen and unlike later 3D games it doesn't devolve into "run circles around the enemy, then when they whiff a move juggle them for a minute"

playing this game on mania is actually involved, because you can't free run you have to take into account positiong a lot more, doing stuff like pushing enemies, using moves to jump over them, making sure your casters don't get cornered, ect ect

it's also very open by modern console jrpg standards, you can do a lot of the plot events in whatever order you want, which combined with the FF7-style relationship mechanics gives the game a lot of replay value

Is this pasta?

>Someone has an opinion I don't, they must be trolling

You must be a double retard then. Posting about why my feelings are wrong and then posting yours sure makes my feelings that the game is horseshit sure feel incorrect!

Old and used.

WRONG! I'm a Rainefag.

>symphonia has the best combat of any tales game.
That's not Vesperia.

I will fight you motherfucker. Phi is best boy and alpha as fuck

>How did they try to show her as a force for good?
He might be talking from a sense of the "good guys" using nothing but horribly oppressive methods to try and fix the world while Velvet's crew was all about freedom and individuality and acceptance, which are typically traits portrayed as good.

The combat in that game was so broken I love it.
>100% up-time invincibility on Repede
>Yuri's combo master skill
>bla bla bla TIDAL WAVE
It's a shame we'll never get to play TOV PS3 edition

Nice to see someone who also likes these two. Zelos has a lot of fans but Genis gets no love, they're my favorite ToS characters. Also
>that reaction image
Patrician taste